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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez go rock climbing in New York City

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are taking their love to new heights…literally! The couple went rock climbing yesterday and we spoke to an instructor and eyewitness who saw them and say they had great communication!

Jusin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez are making sure they are getting plenty of adventure time together – which is exactly what they did when the pair went rock climbing at The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers in New York City June 30. Rock climbing instructor Andres tells HollywoodLife.com, “Justin and Selena took a semi-private lesson which lasted about one hour,” adding that good communication is the key to successful rock climbing. Are Justin and Selena working on their communication skills? If so, what better way then to have fun climbing a rock wall?

“Justin was a pro and very daring,” an eyewitness tells HollywoodLife.com. “His main concern was making sure Selena felt safe and protected. They both had a blast. Even though Justin is on the small side, he is very strong!” Our walls are about 45 feet height, but where Justin and Selena were climbing, the walls are about 35-37 feet high.


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  • Giani Bieber


    • Anonymous

      I know there so cute together

    • THE.biggest.Belieber

      yaaa he seems soooo sweet and theyre so cute and rly happy together!

      • Missie


        • Anonymous

          agree there soo adorable <3 hope they stay together 4 ever…#supportingjelena

    • yaaa u r rite……….

  • Djilan

    wheres justin all i see is selena i dont get there relationship if they really love each other why would they have communication problems its supposed to be natural if u knew this person for a long time i dont really think selena loves justin as much as he loves her cause if she did she wouldnt be afraid to say they are dating u should be proud to date justin he the most amazing guy ever if i was dating justin i would tell the whole world how much i love him (if he didnt mind) this is my opinion please dont be mean sorry so being so long have alot to say

    • Anonymous

      But by what Selena is saying when she is asked I’m pretty sure she isn’t saying. I think the people on her team and justin’s team are telling them not to say. Justin hasn’t given a straight answer either.

    • Aye

      are you retarded?! it said they had GREAT COMMUNICATION ahh durr

    • djilan

      sorry aye i read it wrong forget about the communication stuff


    yea BUDDY rolling like a big shot cheve jack up with a nascar pit stop fresh paint job”CHECK” fresh paint job ”CHECK”yay 4th person to say sumthing wait i forgot wat i waz goin say bout tha topic

  • jessi

    uuggghh i know if i was a true belieber then id be happy for theem and blah blah blah but i aamm . in a different kind of waay . im happy that justins happy it’s jusst i dont want him 2 geett hurrt . like justin i caan teell reeaaally liikes selena like a lott . but she doesnt seem 2 be giving off the saame amount of love 2 justin in the things i have seeen . liike she could be a lot different wheen theyre not in public . and alssoo , i think selena is partly out for faame and publicity , possibly 2 launch her new album and new movie . idk its just my opinion pleeaasse no meeaan comments i just wanted people 2 see what im seeing .

    • Nae

      I feel the excact same way. I’m glad Justin’s happy and even though I’m not the biggest fan of Jelena I’ve never gave them a hard time. I just don’t want her to hurt him, you have to admit she does jump from famous guy to famous guy.

    • justinbiebergrl8

      i get what were saying.. i dont think selena doesnt even like justin.. i wish he would date a fan that would be so cool. 🙂 and do u think he is going to propose to her on her birthday which is july 19? i mean i dont think soo… i think there going to break up soon. i love justin and i am true belieber and everythingg! 🙂

  • i dont see justin in the pictures i only see selena can someone tell me were is justin in the pictures

    • johail

      theres more pictures its just that they did not put all of them here go to youtube and search it up.

  • Chelsie Bieber

    i dont see justin in either of the picctures

  • courtneyluvsJB

    whp gets all dressed up with hoop earrings to go rock climbing? Ik she want to “impress” Justin and everythign but he likes gorls who just be themselves. Not beauty quuenns. and don say im jealous cause you;d be 100% WRONG!

  • Patricia

    I never believe anything that Hollywood Life says cause they have a track record of lying. If they were there together, why isn’t Justin in the pictures too? I think that selena went by herself and they just made up this whole story to get more publicity for Jelena.


    im justin biebers #1 fan!!!!

  • im justin bieber #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jennifer

    its good that justin and selena are together cuz that means that he’s happy and him being happy makes me happy too and a bigger fan than im already am:)please dont be hating on this ,i love him so much dont worry selena im not gonnah take him from u haha,LOVE U JUSTIN hope u and selena last for a very long time:)<333

  • awwwwww…………they r so cute 2gether………………

  • hi ilove you justin

  • hi justin uo love me

  • gad naet justin

  • j

    justin bieber you have a beautiful girlfriend