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justinbieber selenagomez beckham 2011

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez may perform for the Beckhams

Pop superstar Justin Bieber exclusively tells Closer magazine he’ll perform a private concert for the Beckham boys – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz – and plans to dedicate a song to the family’s new addition, Harper Seven.

Justin, 17, a friend of the Beckhams who met the boys at one of his concerts last year, even said his girlfriend, actress, Selena Gomez, 19, may join him at the Beckham’s LA mansion.

“I’ve agreed to give the boys a private concert at their house – if David gives me some private soccer lessons!” Justin reveals.

“David’s an amazing dad, and he told me how happy it would make the boys, so I had to say yes. “Maybe now they have a girl, Selena will have to come too, and dedicate a song to Harper.

“David tells me my records are always played in their household, and David and Victoria are both really cool, so I’m happy to oblige.”

The teen pop sensation – who last week notched up an incredible 11 million followers on Twitter – even believes the couple will have one more child, despite Victoria having claimed her brood was complete.

“David and Victoria are great parents, they will do anything for their kids,” says Justin. “People thought they would stop now they have a daughter but I’m not so sure, they both love kids so much I can see them having one more.”


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  • ilyJUSTIN

    Very cute pic of justin 🙂

    • Anonymous

      i know rit!!!! 🙂


    someone lookz pretty mad just sayin but itz still hamsome

  • Sascha

    Where do you always get those sexy pics from?

  • shayla

    lol david beckham and victoria…………. does anyone find it ironic all those names beck ,david and, victoria all are from victorious!

  • Patricia

    Wow those Beckham kids are so lucky, but please don’t bring selena cause she can’t sing. Btw David Beckham is a major hottie 😉

  • selena gentry

    awww how sweet of them 🙂

    • Anonymous

      se no pu b lucy justin loev

    • Anonymous

      seg no lucy boys justin
      up justin bier

  • angel

    justin is cute really2x cute and handsome………….