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Justin Bieber’s new album will feature Kanye West, Drake, Chris Brown?

Justin Bieber has hired a slew of stars to collaborate on his new album, including Chris Brown and hip-hop heavyweights Kanye West and Drake.

The teenage pop star is currently working on the follow-up to his hugely successful 2010 record My World 2.0, which topped charts across the globe.

He previously collaborated with Brown on a track called Next 2 You for the R&B singer’s F.A.M.E. album, and they were spotted taking part in a studio session in Los Angeles together on Monday. Drake is also said to be teaming up with the star.

Singer/songwriter Kevin Cossom reveals Bieber’s new tracks have “a more edgy vibe”, while the teenager’s manager, Scooter Braun, has also confirmed West’s involvement, telling Rap-up.com, “Him (Bieber) and Kanye had a call today about a song they’re trying to work on together. Kanye wants to produce a bunch of songs for the new album.”


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    yaaayyyyyy first to commentttt anywayz i think tha album will be awzome cuz come on itz got great artists in it itz gonna be a blast

  • Terri

    Kanye West? Dude destroys anything he’s involved with. Blech.

    • jenny

      YAY another kanye hater! i personally dont think he should be on the album

      • Anonymous

        you both obviously dont know good music when you hear, Kanye is one of the best in the game he makes everything hes on way better

  • BeckyLovesJB

    Stop teasing me . Seriously !!
    I just wanna hear the songs NOW lol

  • Mrs.Justin.Drew.Bieber

    I can’t wait for this album cause it features 3 AMAZING artists(:

  • Nae

    Justin with Chris again, and now Drake? Dear God I don’t if my hormones can handle all this lol.

  • ghadgsdg

    ughhh i wish he would do a chill album, maybe something with chris brown but mostly like acoustic and like not stupid “edgy” stuff :/ he’s changed a lot…. 🙁

  • Sam

    when will this album be going to release. plzz can anybody tells me about this

    • BeckyLovesJB

      I think he said before that it would be around november for the album .. But hopefully he’l have a single soon 🙂

  • Sam

    I am very eager to hear this all new songs

  • Trinity

    Thats amazing that there will be a lot of variety.<3

  • karen

    love you justin you are the best in the world that i never see

  • karen

    you are so cute babe i dont care if you are with selena gomez its your life everybody need to get a life <3 you are a cool person love you karen

  • thalia

    I love this

  • I love that song next2u!

  • I know I’m late on commenting, but I just have to say I can’t WAIT for the album! He got some VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD ARTIST on the album that I always listen too. I got a good feeling that this album is going to be on the more urban side as far as Music (MY KIND OF MUSIC!), you know, like R&B Soul and Hip Hop. Not none of that POP sh*t (excuse my language) that he was doing before, even though I do like most of his songs. It’s just that, I’m tired of all this Pop, Techno & Auto-Tune mess that everyone is doing. Music is not the same no more like how it use to be back in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.

    I’m loving where the type of direction he’s going for, as far as his music. Justin got that R&B/Soul type of voice and having these artist on the album is going to be very good. Exspecially if Kanye West & Drake is going to be producing his album, because they make some hot tracks.