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Justin Bieber enjoying his new music BELIEVE?


"On a jet to nowhere" - Justin Bieber

I wonder which song he’s listening to. Must be a slow song. I can’t wait until “Believe” comes out. Can you?

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  • Sarah


    • simi

      omg same im gonin crazy waitin

  • Sarah


    • hello

      no you didntt!!!!!!!!! sarah did duh!!

      • Anonymous

        ummmm it the same sarah..smart ass..

      • Anonymous

        hey i realy hate new JUSTIN! 🙁

  • nope im counting down the days

    • simi


  • tiffany

    all i want to do is say WAKE UP JUSTIN!!!!!

    • Why? What the hell did he do? -.-‘

  • Anonymous

    Yaaaaay can’t wait.. =D

  • bieberlove


  • dia from Finland :D

    can’t wait… not fair that u enjoying that urself :p <3

  • Anonymous

    Justin you are tooo young for selena gomez but enjoy

    • Anonymous

      He not too young foy selena he 17 old she 19 old it fine

      • Marianna

        what the girl is 19 years and i hate selll! oh ican wait the song what is it what ever……..But its bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrringggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MoreBiebs

    I have never been so excited for November in my life!! 😀 <33

  • im so siked for this new album that is comeing out ! and he looks superb in this pic! hahahaha 🙂

  • gabby

    I love that pic of him he looks good and I can’t wait for his album

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    omgg he looks sooo hot in this picture !! 😀 cant wait to hear his new album woooop!!

  • trinity

    i just wont to say is do not get selena preganat.

    • Anonymous

      Why you say I won’t say than you say it duhh

      • Lilly

        she meant to say “want” so the comment is actually supposed to be like this “all i want to say is dont get Selena pregnant” -.-“

  • Can’t wait but have to. It’s nice to have something to look forward to in a boring month as November. #believe

  • jennifer lopez

    wow sometimes i think thats girl r jealous of selena gomez u just want to be wit justin b.

    • bella

      ikr like let them be happy! when justins happy im happy<3

      • Ti Ti

        I agree. If he’s happy, then we should be too. I mean would we want people obsessing over us and following us around if we had a boyfriend? Would we want people to be so mean and spread rumors about things that doesnt happen? I know how that feels. It happens to me on a daily basis in school. And trust me, its not a good feeling. It practicly tore my relationship apart…….That could be what we’re doing to him and Selena…….is that want we want?

        • Ti Ti

          But anywayz………i cant wait for the album! (:

  • believenov

    i can’t wait for his new album, i hope a single coming soon

  • Belieber !

    Can’t Wait ! <3

  • cookieface

    there’s a new album coming out ?

  • cookieface

    hay yall should put the release of new singles and albums
    just turned a bielieber months ago so not allways on the ball
    with the new stuff

  • cookieface

    CRAP ): fogot that moma & daddy don’t really like bieber’s songs
    can’t get posters ,cd’s, hiz concerts but i’m hopping to get a bieber
    doll 4 Christmas this year oh i just got a idea i’ll download hiz songs
    oh i’m smart oh goss if i tell them i wonna bieber doll 4 Christmas
    my daddy will pick and tease it makes me fell wierd and momma
    already thinks i spend all my time pulling up Crap WITCH I DON”T
    cuz there’s more to life than just bieber

  • OMG

    i really cant wait to hear new music from him! Pls release new singles like about few months before the album releases! i luv u Justin<3<3<3

  • What dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


  • Mariah

    I Love you justin!!!!! 3 more months my sweet baby <3

    • Anonymous

      I love u too …?

    • Anonymous

      I love u too

  • morgan

    Can’t Wait To Get Believe<3 ilove justindrewbieber<3

  • natalie luvs jb!

    when is justin beiber believe cumin out

  • alina

    jb love your new songs

  • alina

    believable new songs @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@,<,<<<<<3333333<3,,<,3

  • ixcell

    so, i’ll wanna that justin ever sing in my country.
    dominican republic