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justin bieber selena gomez concert oc

Selena brings Justin on stage to perform at her Costa Mesa, CA concert

Selena Gomez had a concert last night (July 24, 2011)in Costa Mesa, California, in Orange Country and she brought Justin out to make a special appearance.

What do y’all think?

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  • believenov

    i think justin sounded great here!!!! and i think everybody should accept the fact that they are dating, we don’t know if it’s real or for publicity, and we will never know so i think , so everybody should stop hating on selena and be concentrate on justin and his stuff like his new album and support his music, because that why at first we love justin for his music

    • Sarah

      You are totally and completely right! I have been trying to tell people that all the time, and I could never had said it better myself. Everything you said it completely true, I have no idea why people are hating on Selena. She is a human like us too. People can be so nast without even thinking of the people they are insulting. It is honestly selfish. I love Justin. And believe it or not, I love Justin too! Not being rude to any “Justin Lovers” but the only girl that I believe he actually deserves, is Selena. I f they are happy, let them be happy!
      Nuff said 🙂

      • Squeeky

        i totally agree with both of you. We may love Justin and love his music and wish to be with him but we will never be with him and anyone famous . Selena and Justin make a great couple and make each other happy. Justin deceivers Selena because they are both great and happy together . I am a Justin Bieber fan & a Selena Gomez fan and they both are great!!!!!!!!!………………………

        • lauren

          i agree!! and i’m going to selena gomez’s tour i realllllllly hope he guest appears at that one…

        • me loves selena and justin

          I am so agree to all of you . the people needs to stop hate Selena . Justin is really happy with her . Selena is so talented just like Justin so the people I hope the will stop the hate .

    • Jelena4ever

      I sooo agree. I mean i hope its real but if its not then okay thts fine and i hope they do get married someday, but for now i just wish people would let them be happy!

    • i am not supporting justin biebers music or his career, i will support selena gomez music and her career instand off justin bieber , i love her better , and the reason why i like selena gomez better than justin bieber is because i just hope that selena marie gomez can just read this some time soon is that , , selena gomez ,, and to me i just think that selena gomez is a full bloody women , and way better talent than justin bieber to me ,,, love david conway

  • Shell

    I think its great! Love seeing them so happy 🙂

  • ilyJUSTIN

    haha coolies

  • awwwwwwwwww how cute!!!!!!!!

  • Ellen Bieber

    He’s Just sooo sweet he even brought her 2 disney land

    • Jokoya

      U dummy. She works for disney they’ve been there a million times and can go for free he didn’t “take” her to disney. Her bday was lame as hell

      • Randomgirl


        • soamina

          LMAO!! true that

        • believenov

          yes but i think it was more fun than justin birthday

        • i am not making any more comments here , love david b conway

  • Lulu


  • biebs forever

    He sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he voice is gettig better and better every time i hear it…even though i didnt know it was possible it is. 🙂
    love you selena and justin

  • bek nye videjov

  • I LOVE **********—–+++++–…….,,,,,@

  • courtney bieber

    THE.LAST.NOTE *___* hes AMZING! and as for the hug. As long as HE’S happy then i couldnt be happier <3

  • Anonymous

    awwwww…so sweet:) love them..♥

  • Ashley

    I absolutely LOVED this!! Justin’s voice sounds better than ever.. OMG I think I just fell in love with him all over again!!! =D

  • justinbiebergrl8

    All are all right i mean yeah i LOVE JUSTIN SO MUCHHHHH!(: and i like selena soo i think people should stop hating on them… i really think so… i mean even tough some people on here i don’t like them dating i kinda with alll…i want justin to be happy because if he isnt happy then…. yeah(: soo….

  • tiffany

    justin singing justin good love that song and love them both

  • Rebecca

    Omg they are the cutest couple I have ever seen :O he so deserves her like…they need each other 🙂 there’s no point hating on Selena its not going to break them up anytime soon I think so give up…if you really do love Justin why are you making him upset? Ever think about it that way….I wouldn’t say so. I didn’t really like it at the start to and I got over it because I know I will never get close to him and they make each other really happy 🙂 Jelena are REAL!! 😀

  • christina

    they’re cute but seriously at the same time are ANNOYING AS FUCK

  • Anonymous


  • i will hate her just by selena marie gomez love david b conway

    • dear justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments tonight , and can you try to read my comments please and give me a reply thank you , the reason why i just hate selena gomez just because off why did she have to date him justin bieber , i just hope that they will break up soon , love david conway

  • Katie

    ohhhh my goodness he is sooooooooooooooo SEXYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! and they are totally cute everyone needs to stop hatin and face reality

  • ahhh he sounds soooooo cute wen he screams

  • Anonymous



    awwww i think that was very nice of her lol her fans were probably crazy !!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

  • I think he only preformed to sell tickets. This show was not even close to sold out, so now since he made an appearance everyone is going to buy tickets to upcoming shows in hopes of seeing him preform. He may preform maybe once or twice again but there is no way he will preform more than several times with his South America tour coming up in October and then his album release in November. This is simply an act to get more people to buy tickets to Selena’s show in hopes they will see Justin. Still though, great performance by Justin and yellow looks very good on the 17-year-old Canadian.

    • Patricia

      I completely agree with you. Its all a marketing scam to sell more tickets. You read my mind.

    • Jelena

      actually they sold out every ticket! :/ so it wasn’t for selling out the tickets!

      • Jasmin

        I was at this show and it was almost completely full! They are not doing this just so people could buy more tickets! Justin and Selena are going out for god sakes! She could invite him to any concert she wants if it’s sold out or not. Justin will not make the audience number go up or down for Selena’s concerts. Selena Gomez fans will go anyways because they love Selena!

        • oh I know im not saying Selena doesn’t have good fans I’m just saying that now Justin Bieber fans will buy tickets to her show with hopes that they will see him. So then ticket sales will increase.

  • Cortney

    This is why I love him <3 so amazing

  • Chloe

    why is he singing cry me a river!?! isnt he supposed to be singing a happy love song, or one of his own songs? really thats a terrible song to sing while surprising your girlfriend…

    • Sweet_Elegant

      The first song was for her And the second one was for the fans! Its no surprise that #SorryJustin is a TT now! #JustSayin!

    • soamina

      yeah i know right!!! what i think besides there fake reletionship is that he knows she isnt the right girl and that shes still waiting out there somewhere,hes always leaving signs to that perfect girl,and if he sings this song well its that hes trying to say that they dont really love each other!! <3 ^^

      • Wanda

        Hes in love with someone else and she left. Shes not down with the fame. He was practically screaming. Powerful.

    • Barf

      Hes in love with someone else and she left.

  • Anonymous

    awwww thtz L-O-V-E LOVE cute,sweet,beautiful pure love

  • Anonymous

    I am the only one who thinks he sounds bad…?

  • Patricia

    I love hearing Justin sing, he always sounds so good. But this was nothing more than a marketing scam to sell more concert tickets. They want girls to think that maybe Justin will sing at more shows and buy tickets. This really shows that selena’s team doesn’t have much faith in her ” singing ” career if they’re doing this. selena is coming to my city next month, but Im not going. I wouldn’t want to waste my time. And that hug between them was really awkward.

    • exactly 🙂

      • soamina

        yep !! you said it!! lol

    • Tameer

      Omg he sounded awful. And he hugged her like she was his homeboy. Did any one else notice that?

  • Lauren

    I think it is so cute that she brought him out on to stage at her concert! They are so cute together! They should be together forever!:)

  • Sweet_Elegant

    The first song was for her And the second one was for the fans! Its no surprise that #SorryJustin is a TT now! #JustSayin

  • camilla

    1.JB & SELENA are such a nice down to earth ppl
    2. they love each other
    3. they arent crazy as Lilo or demi
    4. yes..i do believe theres pressure on them to sale more
    5. they are going through a transition time on their carreers…so they make it or just fade out
    6.so…if selena goes hard on tour it makes her stronger…and when JB comes with the new record it would be even harder…(YEAH PLUS WE LOVE HIM)
    7.IF WE WANT THEM IN OUR LIFES IN THE FUTURE…we have to support them
    so they can make the transition time.
    8. jb deserves to be on the bussiness now and like 15 years more
    and YES THIS IS FUCKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmin

    Justin and Selena are so great for each other. Everybody who is hating on Selena should really stop. It’s his choice who he wants to be with and if Selena Gomez haters hate then your not a true belieber. Beliebers accept Justin’s choices! Justin is SO cute, btw! Selena is a really sweet girl, too! I luv Justin and Selena.

  • hamed

    I can just say,it is awesome.love you selena & Justin.

  • Rebekah

    Awwwwww how sweet!!

  • Dazza

    omg. his voice is getting sexier and sexier by the day. its so sweet of him to do all this to Selena 🙂 and finally theyre making their relationship public, i think Selena’s moved on from all the hate comments, and learnt to try and ignore them. good on her 🙂 Justin, we love you <333

  • mizz bieber


  • Anonymous

    Thar sounds absolutly horrible…. I like his singing but this ine is just not good!

  • Anonymous

    I mean’t to say without all the mistake because my finger is running away without me is, Him singing that song was just terrible….He was all over the place with it..Stick to your music beib…..that kind judt isn’t for you

  • Random Beileber

    Justin is an AMAZING singer!! I LOVE HIM SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! He is by far the best singer alive! He is AMAZING live!!!! I love you Justin Drew!! I love his cover of Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake.