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justin bieber selena gomez 2011

Selena Gomez is more famous than Justin Bieber!

Until this week, only four acts had ruled the still-young Social 50 chart: Rihanna, the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. But now, we have a new No. 1 artist: Selena Gomez.

And, in an ironic twist, Gomez takes the crown by bumping her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, out of the top slot, and sends him to No. 2.

Gomez skips 5 to 1 this week thanks to online buzz generated by the release of her third album, “When the Sun Goes Down,” on June 28.

The Social 50 ranks the most active artists on the world’s leading social networking sites — YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and iLike — using a formula blending weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays.

What did it take for Gomez to dethrone the Biebs?

First, all of the promotion leading up to her album’s release, along with the success of its single “Love You Like a Love Song” helped. The latter has already garnered 10 million views on Vevo. In addition, the July 1 premiere of her romantic comedy “Monte Carlo” didn’t hurt either.

There’s also a candid YouTube video — uploaded on June 28 — where Gomez met her longtime crush, “Transformers” star Shia LaBeouf. It has since earned 6.1 million views, respectively (a 146% week-to-week increase). That same day, she also performed another of the new album’s hit singles, “Who Says,” on “Regis and Kelly.” (Also that same day, her “Track-by-Track” video interview with Billboard.com debuted.)

These events, among a dozen others, helped Gomez garner 27,000 new YouTube subscribers; 209,000 Facebook fans and 110,000 Twitter followers.


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  • kara

    yay im the first ahaha <3 justin bieber!!

    • Light Angel

      Lol…… Im second. Selena is great I like her 🙂

      • Anonymous

        selena is pretty

  • Slutena is terrible. She is obviously only popular because of Justin! She is a famewhore!!

    • yes!!! im with u..she is a fame whore..she usin him cuz she cant get as famous as he is cuz he got famous in just months but she tried bcomin famous since she was in barney!!

      • kathleen

        i now all bieber fans need to tell him get him back on track to the jb we now n love 🙂

      • Lexi:)

        uh..helloo?? wizards of waverly place, her song naturally, she wasnt trying to get famous since barney! she was already famous before justin came into this buisness!

    • no offense but erin bieber is just jelous

    • Anonymous

      she was famous before justin bieber u got that if anyone is a slut i say it would be u and if ur a boy then your a man whore

      • Anonymous

        Justin is a slut and a whore. Get off Selena’s case!! I agree 100% with whoever said that.

  • Jenny

    I think she is popular now with all her promotions and new things coming out while justin hasnt had much new stuff lately (I still love justin more<3) I think when justins new album is release there will be a lot more buzz centered around him, and he will be back on top

    • katie

      i agree!

    • l love selena gomez she prety more famous than jb

  • Understanding

    I believe half of her success was because htat she’s dating Jb. i mean, she’s awesome herself but honestly, I started paying more attention to her after she started dating Jb. so I believe many of his fans did the same as I did, because we are happy how Justin had found his love and I love to see the happy couple together (:

    • Lily Smith

      totally agree if you look at the picture above this article you can see JB staring so affectionately at selena it is so cute!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 JELENA XX:P

  • emma

    this is what annoys me. she should only get attention for her work. not for who she’s dating..

    • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here i do feel that she is using her power to control over wowp tv studio and using walt disney production company as well , and just look at the problems that selena gomez might be losing her future career , and just look at the down fall of her new album , called the sun goes down , and she what,s to quit singing all together how dumb is that , and selena gomez also whats the second tv movie seaqule 2 / tv movie off wizards of waverly place 2 seaqule just to be cancell , im just talking about selena gomez the big fat failure that she is now , and just look at the failure off her motion picture off monte carol right now , and she what,s to date justin bieber right now and just from past as well just with justin bieber how celver is that , please try to think about selena gomez failure just before you judge her about her boy friend , and she is using him just to be on tv still , and she might not have a career next 2012 ,,,,,, love david b conway

      • page 2 / and my last comment here , just about selena gomez , she is the one that doesn,t have no feeling,s in her boones for her last season 4 , on wizards of waverly place tv series , just because she hates her goodie good old image of sweet and inncent alex russo , that,s why she sucks in actting , may be that,s why she is not an actress at all , may be she was normal little 15 years of age kid , and walt disney production company ,, is the one that creatting her selena gomez just to be a actress and singer ,, and she doesn,t what to be one any more ,,, and by looking at selena gomez now she is chumben ,,,, love david b conway

  • Becky

    when Justin and selena first started to date i didnt mind. I thought they were cute together 😉 But now I can see her using him witch annoys me :/ And i love her acting but the problem is she CANT sing :O every single one of her songs sounds all autotuned! and her voice sounds a little diffrent in every single one of her song i dont think she should be singing she should stick to acting.

    • Paola

      I agree ^

    • Sasha

      I agree with you 100%

  • hamed

    selena is popular,because she use Justin’s position and now she has become popular.

    • kel

      you clearly know nothing about selena’s career

  • Brianna

    Justin Bieber is more famous!

    • hamed

      this is not that thing that say.

  • because of justin helped her thats why selena is dating him

  • Jessalyn

    Shes only famous because of him… If she wasn’t dating Justin then not many people would pay attettion to her please i never heard of her until justin was photographed dry humping her like a poodle… And you cant lie about thatShes using him and its a shame he cant notice that hes gonna get so heartbroken

    • nikki

      ur so full of crap i can smell it from my computer.

      • britt

        i agree with nikki

    • Paola

      I agree with you Jessalyn. Sometimes I think its just for publicity like its all planned. Some of the pictures they take kissing, one of them has their eyes open looking directly at the camera. & like the pics at Hawaii there was no paps, so Justin’s crew took em’. & at the Billboards Justin tried kissing her and she forgot so they had to try to kiss again. Its obvious its all planned just for selena to get more fans since her show is ending. Idk but there’s something suspicious about all that.

  • belieber

    If it’s not because of Justin, then why didn’t “Another Cinderella Story” and her earlier tracks make her a big star? By dating Justin, she got all the attention she needed. #muchlove #nohateatall

    • nikki

      uh, hello, “Naturally”? one of her biggest hits, and guess what: before Justin. Oh and Wizards of Waverly Place, hit series. the Wizards movie is like the 2nd most viewed premiere for a disney movie. All that success happened way before Justin.

      • Sasha

        But the papz wasn’t constantly on her azz and she was VERY irrelevant before she started dating Justin. She gained 5 million followers ever since she started dating him. #nohate

    • because she suck,s at it on thoses thing,s just by disney stuff they make at walt disney company , love david b conway

  • SHE IS SO NOT MORE POPULAR THAN HIM! it pisses me off to see ppl saying shes more popular shes only poopular cause she going out with justin bieber and thats giving her a reputation. since when have you heard on the new radio or something that selena did something and u didnt hear justins name!

    • sheisafamemonster

      THANK YOU! AGREED 100000%

    • angelina

      I hear her name all the time on the radio or anywhere else without Justin’s name. She may not be more popular than him, but she has been popular for a while. Yeah, she may be using justin a little but it’s not the first time someone in a celeb couple uses the other for fame. Get over it. And shes not only “poopular” because of justin, that’s bullsh-t and you know it.

  • WOW

    all i have to say is that other beliebers (the crazy, jealous, psycho ones) have made me be ashamed to be a belieber. so thank you very much for showing me how much of a whiny, spoiled little brat Justin actually is. ew i still cant believe i actually was a fan of his. just ewww.

  • Brooke

    People are really f-ing dumb. Selena is NOT famous because of Justin. In case you haven’t noticed, Selena was around before justin even posted his first youtube video. Yeah, he may have blown up to be huge, but his fame will fade as soon as his balls drop. Selena on the other hand is an incredible talent and she doesn’t need to date Justin to be successful.

    • Nae

      Alright first of all chill out, that ball dropping comment was unnecessary. I’m not gonna lie Selena is a good actress on Disney, but she can not sing. And let’s be honest, yes she has her own fame but a lot of it is because of Justin.

      • Sasha

        I agree with you Nae.

      • ME:)

        i agree

  • Aoife..x

    i think dating justin helps but her music is really good like who says and love you like a love song is amaze so its obviously not just cause of justin 🙂

  • sheisafamemonster

    She is famous because of her hate. She is famous for the drama. For dating Justin Bieber, and getting hate. If she didn’t get the boost from Justin barely anyone would’ve cared about “Who says” or “when the sun goes down”.

    Im not surprised that his fame is slipping either. Look at how much he’s changed, and how sourly he treats his fans unless it’s an anniversary of something, or he wants us to go out and get something. I miss the one who wasn’t embarrassed that we were so dedicated.

    I don’t believe that she is more famous than him however. I just don’t find it to be true. Just because you are high on the charts for a few weeks, DOES NOT put you in the talent section of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Katy Perry. Those people have pure, unautotuned talent. Something that Selena doesn’t have. She doesn’t sound good at all live, and that’s a quality that Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna have. They aren’t singing because of Disney Channel. They worked hard for it. They worked hard to get noticed.

    OK Selena got her fame, now can she please dispose of Justin? It’s annoying as heck for me that everywhere I turn to read something about him, I see her face or name somewhere on the page. She has her fame, now can she leave him alone so we can get back the Bieber we loved? If he isn’t entirely gone?

    Just my opinion. No need to attack me for it. =0)

    • Brooke

      I agree with most of it. But the part of the “unautotuned” voices. thats a load of crap. every artist, even Justin, uses autotune. And the part of “she has her fame now let him go” was stupid. I honestly think they are in love and its stupid to be jealous of that because, guess what, none of his fans are going to date him. just sayin’.

      • sheisafamemonster

        I’m not jealous of her, and I don’t want to date Justin Bieber. I never have wanted to…

        • Brooke

          Oh really? than why do you want her to “dispose of Justin”. If you weren’t jealous and were really his fan you wouldn’t be annoyed of hearing her name attached to his.

    • Sasha

      I agree.

      • Anonymous

        can we have sex a am justin and i love u r hot sexy and naked like i want u to be that way bady

  • jennifer

    i think that selena turned more popular than justin,if this story is even true,that it was a little bit cuz of justin but too cuz they liked her songs:)luv u justin

  • Maggie Ching


    • brandy

      If you hate him so much then why are you on a fan site that is juston pain stupid

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never really been a fan of hers so please don’t judge me when I say
    SELENA MARIE GOMEZ IS USING JUSTIN DREW BIEBER FOR HIS FAME. Because just think about it, she’s had a lot more movies that came out in theatres this isn’t the first one. She always does this! Remember Nick and Taylor? I mean, how can u date ur friends ex? And now (I’ve heard) she’s trying to date that guy from Glee that was in Monte Carlo. And we all know how big Glee is. This is just what I think of her. She’s actually very beautiful and successful on her own, she doesn’t need to use guys for fame. Jelena is also really cute, I just don’t think she loves him as much as he loves her.

    • Sasha

      U spoke exactly wat was on my mind.

    • Someone

      i agree

  • Lexi:)

    i dont think sees becoming more popular cause of justin
    cause i love her new album its way better than her other songs before so..i dont think justin is helping her become more popular and plus justin would be popular too with selena both of them nah idk

  • Anonymous

    Surprise, surprise…i think she is becoming more famous because of her movie & music but her dating Justin is kinda giving her a boost…

  • kel

    her dating justin is old news. this is not why shes more popular.
    shes more popular because of her career choices and now shes seen a little bit more maturely.
    shes been in the business since she was a little girl, and her career has been a steady uphill ever since.
    justin came into the business a few years ago, and got alot of attention, but now it is starting to fade.
    so selena is not famous because of justin. thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard.

    • Faby garcia;P

      Yeah I fricking agree with this chick;P

    • Katie

      I absolutely agree!

  • No i dont think that selena now is popular than justin
    and justin will always bee more popular than selena but i like selena and i love justin

  • ...

    Selena is a great singer, but there are other people who deserve her fame more than she does, beacause they sing better.. I mean, there are other singers who sings so much better than Selena. She should stick with accting.

  • Faby garcia;P

    Kay, so people think that Selena Gomez got more popular because she is dating Justin bieber? I don’t know why you weirdos think that! Well actually yeah I do know(; it’s because you ‘beliebers’ are jealous and most of you guys are fricking sending her death threats which is pretty wrong because you are sending death threats to Justin biebers girl friend…what ‘beliebers’ you guys are…

  • the only disney star i love more than miss selena marie gomez is her ex friend demi lovato she can sing much better than miss selena gomez , love david b conway

  • page 2 / and the reason why demi lovato can sing better than miss selena gomez , just because with demi lovato she has more raw talent than miss selena marie gomez , i do think that justin bieber should date demi lovato instand off miss selena gomez ,,, love david b conway

  • Somehow I wanna to say Selena is using Justin Bieber to earn more fame. But I knew that Justin Bieber loves Selena with 99% of his heart. I know he loves her. But, because of the loves, Justin Bieber might lose his jobs. Selena gomez is now known by everyone because of Justin Bieber. So, as a belieber, I will not say anything about Justin’s love. I will just support him & give him courage when he needs. 😀 I love you, Bieber. <3
    Your truly belieber, Chai Li

  • Nae

    Alright lets clear up some things:
    1. Not all beliebers send Selena death threats, I have never sent anybody that kind of abuse and I know tons of others don’t either so don’t just assume
    2. Not all of beliebers are jealous of Selena, I don’t care whether you believe me or not but I don’t want to nor would I ever date Justin. I don’t like him because of his looks, I like him because he’s talented. I just don’t like them as a couple.
    3. Not all beliebers hate Selena, I personally love her on WOWP. Yes I am a little suspicious of the fact she just happens to date guys at the prime of their careers but I have no real personal problem with her. She’s a nice girl.
    4. Unless you guys are blind you have to realize Selena does get more publicity because of Justin. YES she does have her own fame, I’m not taking that away from her. But 3/4 of the time I do see her in the press about her it’s because she was with Justin.
    Alright I’m done haha.

    • Sasha

      Took the words straight out of my mouth.

  • desiree

    no she not

  • someone

    i knew that she used justin just for publicity! she never liked justin! and now that she’s popular, she’ll probably break up with justin and that’ll be sad. and then when she looses all of her fans, it’s going to be because of her breaking justin’s heart. i dont like selena anymore! and anyways, bieber’s face in that picture is like ” are you happy now. your in first place. bumped me down to second” if justin breaks selena’s heart then i wouldnt care because she deserved it! i h8 you selena!


    Does anyone know jb’s fan phone number 2011 i tried looking for it and i cant find it??????? 🙁

  • flora

    i love selena but she is popular because of justin!!!!

  • anon

    BULLSHIT! SELENA ISNT FIRST. i love selena im a fan and a beliber but i dont think this is true.

  • ...

    And to everyone that said she never liked justin and just using him your wrong like seriously who cant like him his hot!

  • Kelsee

    I am sick and tired of the Selena Gomez hate!I am 8 years old,and think that it’s quit stupid of you uncivillized haters.Selena Gomez was popular and known waaaay before Justing Bieber even made his first video ”One Time”!And Justin is so beautiful,why would Selena ”use him” to get more fame?Listen,she can get more fame with or without a boyfriend!If anybody who has a good heart,and are in their right minds,please reply to me so people can see how a civillized group is suppose to act!And at my young age I have to tell teens and adults how to behave,how crazy is that?VERY CRAZY!!!!

  • amina


  • Ashley

    I like Selena alot but I will be completely honest here…. I wouldn’t be as interested in her work nor would I hear as much about her if she weren’t dating Justin. I’m not hating at all. Like I said, I like Selena, but that’s how it is for me and i’m sure it’s like that for some others as well.

  • selena isenia

    love selena 2 and my name is selena isenia

  • Anonymous

    if she wasnt dating justin, she’d still be that disney girl. not a lot of people knew her until she started dating him.

  • JB

    someday JB will down by SG…that should not be happen…

  • disagreed

    Hate her cause of using Justin to be a famous…..in fact i never hear her sing before, only Justin’s song will be on radio all the time. She does not pretty at all. Their relationships will not longer cause of Selena. A person who a ability will not relying on other to be a famous person…….take a hand put on your chest and ask from your heart…is it true?

  • Anna

    shes just using Justin.. you know the one when they’re at Hawaii? ya Selena was like ew i don’t wanna kiss when they where kissing at Hawaii and she was in the shorts with a knitted shirt the were kissing but here kiss was like not even a real kiss she just touched his lips—-but Justin sure liked the kiss!

  • Gaby mp

    I don’t know if she is more popular, but if Selena is more popular I don’t think it is for Justin
    Love u Selena!!!

  • i am Number 1 FAN OF SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!!!

    • lolitta

      me 2

  • <3 U SELENA!!

  • lolitta

    selena gomez is already popular because of hermovies,albums and musicvedio


    YOURE ALL WRONG! well some of you, lol, Because on Sept 20, its all gonna change! Demi will be #1, Justin will be #2 and Selena can go back to the land of i-cant-sing at #54 while Demi &Justin are partying in La La Land. Lol my imagination is WILD! DAYUM SWAG!


    Sheisafamemonster is absolutley correct. Lets give a standing ovation lol


    Selena IS more popular because of him! In Australia, nobody ever cared about her til they started dating! We only cared bout Justin, Demi, Taylor, Rihanna, Jason Derulo, Jessica Mauboy ect. Selenators… Ugh just STOP!

  • daniela

    i think selena is more popular than justin. why does everyone think selena is popular because of justin

    • sonam ch


  • jbs number one fan

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! justin is way more popular!

    • hi justin bieble i told you with a selena gomez that your girl friends
      i so go your concert next week with my boyfriends and my friends

    • sonam ch

      nooooooooooooooooooooooo.not at all.we can say that they both are popular

  • sonam ch

    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!guys what hapened if selena is more popular then justin or justin is more popular then selena.The important thing is that they are together now and this is absolutely true without any doubt ok so stop thinking these kind of questions.my opinion maybe help you?

  • Angelica


  • Whatever. She is popular because she proved herself to the masses. We don’t have to hype about the justin and selena relationship.

  • Rebecca

    whatever. We know that selena is using justin bieber. It’s not hard to tell. She dates nick jonas, when the jonas bros r famous. then taylor lautner when twilight is famous. She hangs out with demi lovato when camp rock was new. then dumps her and goes 4 taylor swift when she starts to become famous. Then she flirts with corey from glee, when glee was the “thing”. So then she dates JB. Selena is only using people to keep herself under the spotlight. otherwise people will forget about her. JB doesnt deserve her.

  • Rebecca

    She is totally only dating JB because she wants to be in the spotlight. Dah. When there is a new Hotty in town. she will dump JB and go for the new hotty. Doesnt any1 see the pattern???

  • Selenator

    Oh gosh. I dont think she is. She wouldnt do that

    • Rebecca

      Look, u r blinded. She ONLY dates guys who r MEGA MEGA famous, jut to keep her under the spotlight. In her lifetime she has dated many of the MEGA famous boys, like Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner and JB, and she dated them all ONLY when they were MEGA famous. SEE THE PATTERN. She only wants attention and publicity.

      • futureMrsBieber

        I totally agree with u, selena is a little bit of a spotlight freak, and her songs r crap. so of course she wants attention, but y use Justin bieber as her target to get spotlight. I dont thing she actually loves him

  • Selena has never been famous on her own. She was just a little bit known. Very little bit. Then she started dating Nick Jonas and the whole drama with Miley Cyrus’s 7 things video and all got her some attention. And noow Justin! it’s famous people who made her famous, like Miley, Nick and Justin. Selena isn’t a star. She was just lucky to be made a star by real stars.


  • navin

    selena was famous befour jb. she done good job in wizard of wearly place. i love selena gomez.