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Selena Gomez is still wearing Justin Bieber’s plaid shirt

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are sharing shirts now! The teen heartthrob, whose favorite color is purple, stepped out hand-in-hand with his girlfriend SelGo on July 1, 2011 in NYC wearing a purple plaid button down.

A week later, Selena was snapped wearing an identical shirt as she greeted fans at the ITV studios in London. Who do you think wore the shirt best? Sound off in the comments section below.

Prior to wearing her boyfriend’s shirt around, Selena was caught a few months ago doing a walk of shame (aka leaving her boyfriend’s house in the morning wearing the same outfit from the day before).

Back in early June, Justin, 17, walked Selena out to her car in the early morning hours, and the 18-year-old Disney star was wearing the same white and black stripped shirt she wore the day before! While visiting the “Baby” singer’s family in Canada, Justin’s grandparents let the couple spend the night under the same roof.


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  • Mrs.Justin.Drew.Bieber

    She looks like she’s having a hangover in both those pictures.

    • EJNGUJSDng

      Sorry we can’t look perfect everyday? Geez. Its not like we have to look good everyday.

      • Lunia


        • hayla

          lol you guys crack me up!

        • sometimes they scare me! but nobodys perfect, were only human

    • i just wish that miss selena gomez , just do,nt date justin bieber any more , love david

      • wohhh, looks like someones been drinking their hatterade.

    • Anonymous

      she really does and she has on nurse shoes but i am still a fan of her & jb

  • bieberfan

    I love justin no matter what happens gets selena pregnate or whatever I love him for his singing and his effort not for his personal life that is his bisnus (sorry for spelling some stuff wrong)

    • Brooke

      If he gets Selena prego my life is over!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VivienBelieber

    omg , SWEEEEEET (:

    iLOVE Jelena !♥

    • Anna

      selena not jelena

      • Anonymous

        jelena is justin and selena combined together

    • mayo

      ok look u guys r all stupid
      1st- to the ones dat r all going ga-ga over !jelena!!! u have better things to do than chasing celebs that r alredy in a relationship they don’t know you, so why wasting ur time learning about them when u can face ur studies get a better education nd don’t end up as a homeless hobo
      2nd- to those losers that now hate sg and jb. u r lowlife shallow losers that r just jealous bcoz some1 got (JB) that doesn’t mean that just because she’s two years older than him she can’t be with him and that really doesn’t make her a whore so i want u guys to shut d fuck up if u don’t have anything nice to say. Besides i know some married couples that are older than another with 10 years nd never thought of getting a divorce

      • jennifer

        ok then y are u in this page if ur not knowing about there relationship:/

  • Giani Bieber

    they both wore it best

  • Your mom.

    Oh, please. She’s just using him for publicity.

    • love justin bieber

      you are the birch shut up you are a fucking hater why u comment if you dont like it

      • Rebecca

        yea!!!! and because of bitches like you that keep calling the relation ship fake and only for publicity, so they cant be happy together!!!

        • hey no 1 nos if its fake or not, so u both could be rong, u both could be right, one of u could be rong? idk?

    • bieber fever

      no shit im with u

    • Jessica xD

      Yesssss ! That’s trueeee .

  • biebergurlll

    aww i luvv Jelena!!

  • Laura

    Aww they are adorable 🙂 There’s nothing as comforting as wearing your boyfriends clothes when you can’t be with him…she must miss him a lot 🙁

    • Brooke


  • hamed

    This is all the things that selena can do to show justin she love him,but this is not a fact.(:-/ )

  • kel

    cute, cuter and cutest

  • Jessalyn

    Their realtionship is getting annoying now.

    • MoreBiebs

      and why is that? ’cause it’s lasting longer than u want it to? ’cause their getting closer and falling more and more in love? Or just ’cause you’re tired of hearing about it?

      • Jessalyn

        Yeah i’m tired of hearing about it Idk why I still go on this website because everything here involves those two it should only be about Justin he is the one I’m supporting. And if your about to call me jelouse and a fake belieber i’m not jelouse of selena i want him to be happy and I could care less about her anyway

        • belieber baby

          i totally agree with you Jessalyn!

  • im not making new comments any more right now im just helping you out just by giving you the up dates here , just incase that i do what to make any more new comments i will come back here , im hurt that the google account is bloging me here , love david b conway

    • Dasia

      David, Umm i never understand what ur talkin ’bout. no offense but ur kind weird….sry

      • Hii

        Lol Agreed Dasia

  • jbloveforeversj



    I’M A BELIEBER ;’>

  • Ashley

    Ok, I get it wearing your boyfriend’s clothes and such is cute, this is cute…but does anyone else find it just a little odd that she had ALL THREE of Justin’s items at once? I’m not hating or anything, I’m just curious.

    • bieberlover

      ya it is really weird………….*thinks* very weird but i still dont like her lol

  • love justin bieber

    aaawwwwwww she is wearing the ame cloth she miss him so much i love you jelena so much so sweet…. >33333

  • aaaaaaaawww selena so cute in justin’s stuff and the plaid shirt is so beaytiful on her

  • Ashleigh

    well uh i don’t really care? Hah.

    • Sammy

      Agreed 🙂

      • bieber fever

        agreed again

    • peace

      Agreed once more.

  • BieberMyBoyBlue

    It does suit her that shirt. Maybe if she got a female version, it might. But i dont think purple is her colour.

  • fernanda selenatika bieber

    I love selena gomez justin is great and I love him too
    justin come to chile please

  • 1# bieber fan in the world

    justin looks better in that paid shirt!! now who’s with mw?

    • belieber

      I AM ;D ;D ;D Justin’s hotter in that plaid shirt. In fact, he looks hot in EVERYTHING ;D

      • bieber fever

        agreed 😀

  • Leigh

    Justin did 😉 <3

  • Andrea

    Mabey she bought another shirt that looks exsacly like Justins.. Like Demi & Joe..

  • jennifer

    well ithink that justin wore it better cuz justin always looks so cute in purple:)and it looked a littlebit big on selena but i still love them both<333

  • hamed

    there was someone in the past comments,she said:she is selena.Is there anyone can tell me she is right or… ?

  • hayla

    i didnt know he bought her that purse lol well duh…….im not suppose to

  • Purple

    Awww ~ Sweet ♥

  • naima

    Is it me or is that the ugliest pocketbook uve every seen? 6 grand? He could have got her a friggin coach bag and it wouldve looked better than that GAWDY god awful piece of cows ass. Shes wearing his shirt to prove ownership. Its not because she misses him. They went from almost having sex in hawaii in front of the camera to playing pattycake in the hamptons? Lmao im sorry justins a weirdo I love him but hes straight up weird. and what “shows of affection” does he do when shes away? Partying with usher. And WE all know how HE is. Justin got some that night. Sorry selena.

  • destiny jb girl

    really selena? your still wearing justin plaid shirt but im not being mean or anything but that plaid shirt that your wearing is cute !

  • jussy belieber

    i am an HUGE bieber fan and i’ve always lookd up 2 selena but now shes older and like an adult and i’m not so sure i like her but really shes getting SUPER annoying i’m not sure its true but justin said in an inervew like a couple days after his 17th b-day when selena said a belieber punched her -she didnt- justin got really mad and said she ruiend his b-day and wat christian beatales said on twitter about her was not all true but some and it hurt him (jb) he then said ‘And yeah Selena can be a bitch.’ so i dont kno i think she likes all the publisity from justin but then again she says she hates cameras in her face.

    omg this jelena thing is confusing,annoying,weird,ocword and im at the point when i just cant wait till they brake up and he gose back 2 his fans for comfort. i love justin sooooooo much and i know i cant have him so im just gunna say hes happy rite now with her so i wont say anything cuz its his life he can date who ever he pleases. and if they do get married and that bull crap then i’ll just admir justin no one ever said i had 2 like selena and im not gunna insalt her cuz thats not me (unless i get mood swings.i can be a real bitch)

    so justin im happy ur happy but i’m gunna be true im not a selena fan but i do respect her and your love 4 her.

    ———wow who knew i cud type like that im usually on my feet or using my voice lol——————–

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE YOUUUUUUU JUSTINNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ShanniaG!!

    If we think there relationship is fake then we can its our ipinion, just like u guys got urs!!

  • bieber fever

    selena is a bitch shes just using justin for publicity shes a fucking mole dog, but i kno justin loves her, i loove justin bieber sooo much and i am glad he is happy with selena but it wont last this is just my opinion she will end up huting him.

    • its mee

      so with you on that!!!:]

    • selena haterrr

      yer soooooo right!


  • Anonymous

    Justin looks better in it

  • Gabby

    They are so cute! 🙂 Haters, shut up. Seriously. If you were really justins fan you would been happy for him because he is happy. Selena ia a nice girl. There happy, leave it alone.

  • Anonymous

    selena and justin loo so cute together

    • love selena and justin

      selena and justin look so cute together

      • rekeisha

        yeh they realy do look cute together i wish i was selena

  • love selena

    ilove you selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    there dating what more can u expect ……love birds

  • anonymous

    justin and selena look good together. most people don’t like selena now. but not me, i love her even more now! selena and justin rock!!!!!

  • rekeisha

    justin dont study ppl and tell seleana hi and i dont hate her

  • Awwww its so sweet how boyfriends and girlfriends help each other and buy gifts for each other gosh <3

  • selena haterrr

    ever since selena started dating justin bieber she has changed. and i love justin bieber but since he started dating selena he has changed too. he used to be this sweet nice guy but now hes a bitch. selena changed him. i hate that bitchhhh!

  • they both look good in that shirt ..
    nice shirt btw ..

  • may be they will do patch up againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn