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Selena Gomez perfume follows Justin Bieber’s “SOMEDAY” success

Wow her fame is soaring! Selena Gomez is coming out with a perfume too. Here is a clip of the official press release:

Adrenalina (otc-pink:AENA.PK), an extreme sports and adventure-themed lifestyle brand, today announced its plans to expand their identity and enter the world of fragrances. The company has signed a fragrance license agreement with multi-faceted entertainer, Selena Gomez. Adrenalina alongside Gomez will develop, manufacture, and distribute the singer and actress’s fragrance throughout the world. Gomez’s debut fragrance is expected to be released in the spring of 2012. Ilia Lekach, chairman and C.E.O. of Adrenalina, said, β€œWe are incredibly enthused to be working with Ms. Gomez and will reveal more details pertaining to the fragrance as we get closer to the launch date.

I can’t believe how popular Selena is now. The only people who have their own perfumes are A-list celebrities like Beyonce, Britney, and Bieber.

Are you gonna buy her perfume?

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  • ilyJUSTIN


    • Anonymous

      They lik a nice together

      • justinbiber

        i relly hate you selena gomez for date kiss hug are hot boy justinbiber

        • justinbiber

          and justinbiber is grate for us fanes he relly like us so much

        • belieber

          lool you can’t even spell bieber ^^^

        • belieber 2

          true true so true what a dork

        • hannah

          i know

        • hahah<3

        • wanna have sex

          sex is awsome and i said this because selena cheated on u with taylor luatner on friday at 8;00

        • Leslie

          how do u know that?

        • Anonymous

          wtf??? Justin Bieber likes her…and if he saw your post….i dnt think he’d smile…would he??? Leave Selena alone.

      • Anonymous

        i think so too just wish he would be my boyfriend

        • Anonymous

          justin biebers waiting on me he told me himself were bf and gf

        • in what world? o in know……… in never ever going to happen world! lmao

        • iiBeliebeIn1D

          hahaha lmao! ikr!! :L

  • hamed

    what is first?????

    • Hannah

      when someone is the 1st to comment

      • Anonymous

        no one likes u miley its seleana’s time now so go live a life while u can

        • Anonymous

          in ur dreams bc. She cute to

        • peroswn

          miley doeswnt even have anything to do with this site!!!!!!!!

  • daswkdbskafn

    Nop won’t buy it, don’t have too much money and I haven’t buy someday yet (hahaha)

    • I Like Justin Bieber Someday Thank You

      From Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny

      • MrsBieber

        I Have it and love it I wear it everyday
        And it smells soooooo nice!!!

  • diana


  • Naomi

    HELL NAW! JB’s perfume was expensive enough!

  • jezica

    Im gagging from this pic. Buy her stinky perfume? Absolutely not. Subtract justin bieber from the equation. Selena ya got nothing.

    • Sophie

      Hellz naw she doesn’t! he said so himself! he DM’d a fan on Twitter saying it was all a publicity thing!

    • .. Hannah

      why does everyone hate if your a true fan you would just be happy for him?

      If your hating on Selena your hating on Justin too do you want to see him upset?

    • belieber 2

      thats so true girlfriend i seriously HATE selena gomez THEY SHUD DEFINITELY BRAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • britt

      OMG! someone finally gets my point!!!

  • jezica

    Ps love how she is all over him and he is completely into whatever is on the tv! πŸ™‚

  • vivianne

    N TO THE O NO .

  • Patricia

    If it smells good, I’ll buy it πŸ™‚

  • no comments by david b conway

    • Anonymous

      y not make a comment scared

  • I haven’t bought Someday yet though i want to.It’s probably expensive so it’ll take me a long time to get enough money to buy it,let alone SelG’s perfume.I want her’s too

  • I wonder where they were when they took this pic…hmmm…probably at Justin’s house cuz those 2 boys are possibly his brothers…wait I think he only has one brother(Jaxson)and one sister(Jasmyn).Idk

    • Anonymous

      she sold her man.

  • Hannah

    nooooooooooo. Someday was expensive enough for me. my mom probally wouldnt let me get Selena’s perfume. but i dont really want Selenas perfume. #nohate

  • Anonymous

    hell no. she is just tryin to get publicity off of him and his perfume

    • Anonymous

      i hate to look at seleana’s face muchless her 2 buy her perfume noway

    • Anonymous

      hell yeah, i hate her shes only using him for fame like nick and taylor
      does anyone else notice that she came out with hers after he did

  • CS

    it’s so soooooooper thet Selena make’s her own parfume, that be greate can’t wait !!!!

    • Anonymous

      no offence but ur an idiot

      • Sophie

        lol! i love how you say ‘no offence’ and insult her xD

  • cla

    omg a parfume????? please ,who will buy it?

    • Anonymous

      an idiot that will buy it

      • Anonymous

        i love selena gomez i think shes awesome
        holly vidas?

        • Anonymous

          she is soooooooooooooo sooooooooo soooo awesome

  • hell to the no

  • Johail

    i dont know…im saving money for justin biebers perfume…and i dont know im starting not to like her..i think she is using him. BUT if justin is happy im happy πŸ™‚ jelena <3

    • belieber 2


    • Anonymous

      watch when justin makes one mastake disney will make her brake up with him and brake his heart. shes already trying to pick out who his friends are

    • Anonymous

      i ahte selena like at first i liked her but then i say that she was coping miley cyrus and taylor swift and she even choose agianst demi when she went to rehab what a great friend

    • grace

      ya come on people be happy for him i dont like him but its not fair 2 justin if u hhate his gf

  • bieberlover

    um…………..nnnnooooooooooo…………..i havent even gotten jb perfume yet and i really dont wanna smell like selena.

  • Claireee :)

    Two words:
    HELL NO.

  • That Girl

    naww. πŸ˜› not a big fan. dont really care for her work, sorry. “/ but Justin’s perfume SMELLS SOOOOOO good! i bought one, & i instantly fell in LOVE with it. <3 the smell stays for like a few hours tho "/ ehh

  • Rawrrr ;]

    I’m saving up for Someday & Taylor Swift’s Perfume. And thats a really stupid move for her. At least wait a couple years.

    • Anonymous

      im going to save my money to buy taylor swift perfume right now i have 19 dollars so im saving my money to buy taylor swift perfume someday love holly(:

  • Nae

    How about hell no, I’d rather invest my money in McDonalds food lol. But Justin’s perfumer Someday smells life freakin heaven on earth, no joke and it actually lasts for awhile

  • its mee

    FUUUUKKK NO!!!! >:0

    • replier

      dont fuck then,

  • zrxdcfghv

    of course il buy it if it smells good, but to all u haters, dont u wanna smell like justins gf? just sayinn

    • grace

      i have 2 agree

  • Selena Rocks! FTW

    That’s cool πŸ™‚ now they can put each of their perfume’s next to each other πŸ˜€ I wonder what’s her’s gonna look like.

  • never. js

    • .. Hannah

      NEVER say NEVER!

  • valery

    before selena was like much of a sidekick disney actress now both of them are helping promote eachother kinda sweet but lame

    • Anonymous

      if jb didn’t luv seleana she wouldn’t be famous at all sorry no offence seleana

      • Sophie

        why saying no offence when it’s actually true?

  • Anonymous

    hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee selenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gomezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • grace

      whats the point of hating when we r accutally adding fuel 2 the fire

  • Yesss I will be buying her perfume<3

  • place send to this mobile namber

    i love 3

    • Anonymous

      i want to buy taylor swift perfume if i new how much if its a lot of money its worth it i love taylor swift i think sjes an awesome singer this holly vidas?

  • Anonymous

    i love taylor swift im saving my money to buy taylor swift perfume when it comes out im going to buy it before it solds out(:
    love holly may vidas my whole name

    • Anonymous

      i cant wait to it comes out

  • jade

    you and selena r very nice tell selena cant wait for new prank stars tried to meet ya this summer cant maybe next year

  • Anonymous

    stop hatin on her wow just cuz she dating justin u will not like it if u were dating justin n people hated on u so just shut up justing will NEVER EVER LIKE U OR DATE U GUYS SOME JUST DEAL WITH the fact that there 2geter now just stop it u guys make me sick just be4 they were dating u guys liked her so stop it u guy r way 2 ugly 4 justin that y JUSTINS GIRL WANT 2 BROKE UP WITH HIM CUZ OF U UGLY PEOPLE IT GOOD 2 BE A FAN BUT NOT a HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY DENISSE: 2: ALL OF THE HATERS

    • Anonymous


    • Sophie

      Did you ever notice how the word ‘ugly’ starts with the letter ‘U’? yeah! Justin said he WOULD date a fan actually! And i didn’t like since BEFORE she was with Justin kay? So get your facts straight! Substract Justin from the picture,and Selena is NOTHING! Just an attention seeker! And (a little off topic here lol) I just saw some recent pictures of her in one of Justin’s plaid shirts.She did the exact same thing with one of Nick Jonas’ shirts -.- what a stupid girl -.-

      • .. Hannah

        NO he would okay yeah I love him so much but what’s the point in hating on Selena when there both happy? i happy if justins happy aren’t you?

    • Anonymous

      u 1 of then 2 i bet so shut up u the hater 2

  • Anonymous

    love u jb and for all u haters leave selena gomez alone its not her fult jb likes her

    • .. Hannah

      i no he does not deserve all this hate:L Much love for justin!<3

  • Anonymous

    Wow, now she wants a perfume? RIGHT AFTER JB RELESED HIS? WTF????

  • google

    i dont want to spend my money on jb perfume. i would like to buy avril lavigne’s perfume

  • @JustinBieber

    TY for buying. keep promo us πŸ™‚ its from JB. follow my twitter @justinbieber

    • Anonymous

      i love justin bieber so much (: xoxoxoxoxo

  • all the ppl thatz hateing over salena gomez just fuck off ppl need just 2 deal with justin bieber an salena gomez just becuse thay together dont mean shit an salena gomez an justin bieber thay look good together but i love justin bieber xoxoxoxo

  • selena rox

    u people r soooooooooooooo stupid 4 hating selena gomez im her biggest fan and y would u b mean to her when u r obsessed with jb and u love him so much and u wanna b mean 2 his gf and u think he will date u. he doesnt even know u and if he knew u r calling selena names u really think he’ll wanna date u. selena is awesome and they r the best and if u loved him u shouldnt b mean 2 selena. and its only the truth!!!!!!!

  • jacy bieber :D

    i aint buying it…….>.>

  • Anonymous

    i hate her like shes kinda a good singer with help and kinda preety with makeup on but the fact that shes copies everyone (miley,taylor,vanessa ect.) now shes using justin for fame “Selena’s fame is shooting through the roof right now and her purfume is looking like it is going to get the same responce as someday” shes gonna brake his heart

  • Anonymous

    i think shes fake torward him shes an actress she can act kinda good but in the pics of her having lunch with him they dont look very happy they look miserable

  • Anonymous

    i just looked at selenas part and she is annoyed becauseof justin bieber q.
    “what was it like to get a special visit from ur bf?” and ahe said “its not realy about that its about me and my tour” not even thnking him for visiting or answering the q.

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber was so sexy in that new csi las vegas episode it sucks he dies. but hes a sexy bad boy

  • Brenna

    i love justin and i dont care for selena that much, but i dont hate her.. i think selena has changed justin.. hes becoming further away from his fans than he used to be

  • i love u justin and selena i think u guys r so cute together!

  • It’s a B-e-a-Utiful,Dream to thinkk that Someone as Talented&&Sweet&&SEXY will ever date himm or better yet marry him.! I admit Thats my dream to but..He has his Somebody To Love..I don’t think they’ll last because..Selena is not good enough for him”Js” shes a ‘Fame Hog’ I don’t hate JELENA.’ butt..Bieber Can have pretyy muchh Anyone he wants<3Much Love&&Support to himm<3

    • My mistake i mean”~Someone As Talented&&Sweet&&Sexy..Like him..That one of us will ever date him~”

  • princess z

    you look sweet in that pic

  • I wont buy her perfume and wowww she is so jealous of her own boyfriend just because,justin has,a,perfume she,wants to have,one 2 hoe get a fucking life and,stop being so friking,stupid omgh im so pisst,at selena,gomez right know,i,used to love,her,know I hate her im done,with her and I,feel bad for justin bieber cause,shes just using im for poblicity just like,she did witt taylor lautner,and,who knows who,else she did it 2 damn I kant,belive,im,saying,thiss,put, selena,your a hore

  • Gaby mp

    Of course I`m gonna buy her new perfume

    • justinbiber


      • Anonymous

        I love u to JUSTINBIBER

        • mee!

        • Hi Selena Gomez, i did helped u out to make your pefume on your site. I owned both of your cds and dvds as well. I saw u at wem in october signing cds and posters and hugging people as well. PS. i saw your concert as well at rexall on october 16th 2011. And i love u.

      • Anonymous

        Mee to but I love him more then yOu

      • Anonymous

        i love him MORE

    • Ashley Bieber

      she mostly wasnt that famouse but she dated jusitn now she is like with taylor lautner when twilight ame big like nick jonas when jonas brothers got big

      • you mad bro? Selena was already mega famous before she dated Justin, she was in Wizards of Waverly Place, lots of Disney Movies not mention being famous off of barney which was way before Justin was discovered.

        • pulay

          she wasn’t famous ..except for disney lovers… apart from being on disney we didnt see her everywhere like now. I was a fan of her her videos didn’t have much views, the radio doesnt play her songs, the newspaper didnt write about her at all..never see her but after dating 3 famous guys she’s huge although shes talentless.WOW

        • Jessss

          uhh no selena was not that famous she only had 2 million followers on twitter and everyone only knew her from her show. Ever since shes dated justin shes gotten like 7 millon folllowers and it seems like shes everywhere now. Im not hating , i like Selena a lot. I think shes awesome but im just saying…

        • rebeka

          ano ryt wtf are they on abot she wasnt famous pffft :O

        • andrew…pssshhhh yeah right!!!! only to like 8 year olds!!!

        • Anonymous

          Agreed she should leave Justin bieber alone

        • Skylar

          I’m going to buy Selena Perume because I’m her bigs fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!and I don’t like just bieber but I will give him a chanes because i like Selenas bigs fan as I said!!!!!!!!! And all you haters Selena is the best

      • rebeka

        she was always really famous ??:S

      • gwen

        she was still famose before she dated justin bieber and i guess she is a little bit more famouse but she was still my faverote before she dated justin and she is still my faverote will with justin love you selena and justin… jelena or justlena

      • Anonymous

        She is only famous cause of justin bieber not on her own. Get a real life selena and stop messing with other people’s lives no one likes u.

    • justin: sep sep epooooooooooooooo t€ sondeey 627

    • Anonymous

      People should stop talking shit about justin bieber and most of all selena gomez. Personally I think selena is amazing and I don’t hate justin. People should back off and leave them alon all they want to be is normal.

      • weird

        Thank you they arnt bad people. People leave them alone both of them but most impotantly Selena

    • Skylar

      I’m going to buy selena perfume be

  • justinbiber


    • i hate you selina justin is dating victoria justis send him to fly

    • ohhh kan a se neykdd

    • i know u for a long time.

  • justinbiber


    • Anonymous

      Oh whatever

      • Anonymous

        Like ur really Justin fuck u go get a life and stop messing with other people’s!!!!!!

    • selena rox

      u think your really justsin bieber but u cant even spell his name

      • shut up neather do you

      • justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn can Δ± can Δ± πŸ˜€

      • weird


      • weird


    • i hate justin bieber he is not so cute stupid

      • rebeka

        y u on here then :S

      • u shouln’t be saying that bad H word on this site either or you’ll be banned off this site then u can’t come back on this site.

    • heaven-lee

      really i love you

  • hi guys


    seelnas homez is a whorey slutt

    • selena rox

      wow just like you

    • Anonymous

      Leave selena Alone!!! You don’t see her talking about you oh maybe because your a jealous no body!

      • #1 bielieber

        awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww justin and selena look soooooooooooooooooooo cute together and people should stop being mean to her what did she ever do to u LAY OFF SHE GOT JUSTIN SOOOOOOOOO STOP HATING

      • weird

        iTS TRUE. When people say mean things to people they are really jelous. its not fair to them so dont do it dorks. like i said their not bad people.

  • Anonymous

    Of course i will buy her perfume I love Selena!

  • amarah

    i would buy her perfume over anything i love selena she is my rollmodel

    • JelenaSupporter

      ikr i love selena gomez! She is my rollmodel,idol,and insperation! And justin is my insperation too…lol ha i cant wait for her purfume!! πŸ˜€

  • carolina

    justn bieber i β™₯ you with all my heart

    • tbieber

      woww you guys act like Jusin actually takes time out of the day to come on here and read your comments… highly doubt he does.

      • gwen

        he probably does he is really sweet and loves all his fans i was on twitter and he messaged me back and said he love me and that he thanks me for saying i love him so bazinga punk he loves his fanes

  • ROSA


    • don’t like justin hes daiting victoria justis and hes also guy

  • Charlie


    • gwen

      i love them both so back of bazinga punk

  • i hope it smells just as good and awsome as justins!

  • bone ash of the Nakita justin naco is as much a part finguiendo see it face to create tender but not really a friend told me ke ke was stupid for what he did not name the pregnancy when he was with selena gomez and i think you love him as poor a thousand times prefer stupid lady gaga this stupid bastard ke

  • brianna bieber

    i would buy justins perfume because he is a freakkin sex bomb!!!!!!!!!

  • dear:molly
    sana maging tayu ulit pag-naging tayu ulit hinding hindi na kita
    iiwan pa kahit san kapa pumunta tandaan moyan TEKA may tanung lang aku bakit kaba na ki pag brake saken ano ba ang wala sa aken na meron
    sa ATOYS mo ha anu ba talaga ang problema may nagawaba ako sayu
    na ayaw mo o yung tungkol kay JANELLA kaya kanagalit saken ha
    sana malaman mo na hinding hindi kita kinaka limutan promise ko yan

  • jasmine


  • landice

    i wanna buy both there purfumes when i get the money!!!!! πŸ™‚ I SUPPORT JELENA

  • bieberbabee

    i’m not buying her perfume.

    • Anonymous

      Hay this is justness you so hot .

    • Crystal leblanc


    • gwen

      you are so mean so shutup bazinga punk she is amazing i am sooooooooooo buying her purfume i already have justins it smells nice love you justin

  • Omg I love you so much I which you worry min bab

  • Omg saleenr is so Cool man and you are so hot I love you with all my hate man you the best from me kk love you so much I just won’t to met you so bad can I met you plz

  • I was confused it selena gomez is your sister are girlfriend

  • las fotos estan reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lindas…….a justin loooooooooooooo amiooooooooooooooooooo

  • wow she woulddd…shes not gunna get that much out of it….

    • Anonymous

      everyone comes out with a perfume..?


    hello justin my name is tyasia and i am 10 years you and selana belong to gether i really like you byePS.as a frend

  • Bieliber FAN!!!!!


  • i love jilena

  • Awww I like that photo

  • kayyyyre

    justin is hottttttttttt

    ~kayre leno ogob

  • Lindsay

    shes such a little copy cat…..

    • gwen

      back of she is not a copy cat like every one has a perfume so if you call her a copy cat then you have to call justin a copy cat so bazinga punk

      p.s. i love you justin jelena forever

  • Lindsay

    you know you have like NO fans anymore right and 98% of Justin fans hate you now…. just making sure you know

  • i have to gett selena’s perfume

  • i really love u even more than i love your girlfriend selena gomez

  • The one and only Mrs.Bieber

    Im gonna buy her perfume and I already got JB’s

  • omg i love u justin bieber please come to lithuania

  • Anonymous

    i bet her perfume is gonna stink like her

  • selena gomez

    wow guys i can belive this

  • makenna

    boys litsen up im single reply and put age

    • Anonymous


  • selena gomez

    hay makenna i thought you were dating justin

  • makenna

    he hasent

  • makenna

    he hasnt asked you yet

  • makenna

    he hasnt asked me yet

  • makenna

    oh wait he just txted me and asked i said yes

  • selena gomez


  • I Am only 11 years old but I am a Belieber! I haven’t been on for a while.. But anyways.. I to know if any of you have Justin Bieber’s phone number. Well if not I doo!!!! See, I was on this website and its really popular.. And a famous person leaked it… But I can’t tell! It would be rude and then eveyone would know his number and call him 24/7 , The day I called him when it leaked He was taking calls for the next hour. And was one of the girls that talked to him!! He only talks to you for 10-14 munites cause he has other people to talk too !!! I love Justin.. And I also know that Justin did not have sex with this ”Mariah Yeater” girl. He already has a girlfriend!! ”Selena Gomez” They are really cute together -Love, Taylor(: I Love Bieber

  • Its Taylor again I just got Justin Biebers water bottle, 5 new posters, ringtone for mistletoe, his bracelets, new clothes of him, all of his nailpolish collection, his perfume, phone cover, bed set for my pillows, blankets and sheets, I have a big card board of him.!!!!!! And moree reply if you wanna know what else!!!!!!!!

  • que hermoso

  • Biebfan4ever

    nooooooo! why would I wanna buy that piece of junk? she stole justin from all his fans! yiu know, if selena wasnt around, maybe justin would date one of his fans! I will deffetily buy justin biebers someday purfume!

    • selena_jb

      shut up, selena is awesome. i like justin, but you people need to sto hatin on selena!! she did nothing wrong, and its not like youre actually gonna meet bieber and marry him. you hurt selena, you hurt justin.
      think about it. if you actually do meet bieber, he’ll could think youre a big selfish bitch for hating selena just cause shes dating him. but who knows? not me, not you, no one.

  • Guro

    No, I’m not gonna buy her perfume.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    fuck everthing about selena because she is a btch

    • Anonymous

      how is she is bitch?
      stop hating.
      its gets you nowhere in life.
      so shut the fuck up and get a real life.

  • Anonymous

    of COURSE im buying her perfume, shes my idol!!!!
    love you selena!!<3

  • Anonymous

    selena gomez is amazing, she was famous before justin, i will admit she got more famous when she started dating justin, but that is only bcoz beiber fans are jealous of her as she is dating the guy they like… GROW UP!!! selena is a great person and so is justin, i support jelena and you guys should too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      haha i tink i know who this is… πŸ™‚ haha yeah your totally right selena haters just need to grow up and stop being a jealous group of litttle bitches…. that is all

  • cirkeline

    i love you selena gomez and you to justin bieber.

  • TimBelieberBoy

    For example, Miley is MUCH more popular and relevant than Selena and she doesn’t have a perfume and so don’t a lot of A-listers who kick Selena’s ass with their fame!

  • Dehilia Bieber

    Hey everyone, hi justin n selena

  • T.bieber

    Omg so buying selena gomez’s purfume carnt wait to get it do exciter


  • Anonymous

    yall real lame how yall going to hate selena gomez cause she got justin B yall really cant get mad they is a pretty couple and im happy for them…. also selena is wonderful

  • dijamantina

    n gras los tas gas gsas k yhntdbeas

    • dijamantina

      justin bieber +dijamantina dijnisov
      justin biebr +didi dijnisov