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What did Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber do on her birthday?

Justin treats his lady right on her big day — what a gentleman!

Selena Gomez‘s 19th birthday was on July 22, and her boyfriend Justin Bieber made sure she had a fun and cozy time!

Justin, 17, started the day by giving her a birthday shoutout on Twitter, writing, “Happy Birthday @SelenaGomez gonna be a special day.” Little did she know what he would have in store!

They started their journey by heading to a donut shop in California. A picture was snapped of them by up-and-rising singer Camryn, who tweeted the pic and wrote, “just hanging out with @selenagomez & @justinbieber at the donut shop. #NBD.”

Later, Justin posted a casual shot of him giving Selena a big kiss with the message, “Happy bday baby.” It was too cute!

They couple ended the evening with a meal at fancy Japanese restaurant Geisha House in Hollywood.



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  • bob

    they were also spotted at disneyland in la

    • somebody told me that Justin was going to Selena to marry him on her b-day

      • hamed

        it’s just like the other days,have a sex,but it was a special sex on her birthday.

        • Jade Golden

          Hi selena I am your bigest fan.
          My name is Jade Golden

      • who told you that

      • Any fool knows that ain’t true

      • #1 fan

        thats not going 2 ever happen!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I heard thatw wasnt true!

      • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

        lol so happy that it isnt true

    • dear web site hi my name is david conway and today i just what to say im so sorry for just for my bad haver all week and now i do,nt blame any one just what to read my commments any more , i just feel bad about it , the next time i make any comments here , i will keep it on topic , im asking today discared my old comments just from birthday , and my last comment i did yesterday , every one here is just tired off me here to much , and i will try to make it up again ,, im so sorry just for every thing , and yes can give you my permition to take off my old post comments i know every one here hates me to much , love david b conway

      • Anonymous

        Really dude

      • Brian Conway

        ya fucking gimp

  • hamed

    special part of this day is at midnight,a magic … with each other,happy birth day selena,and We know you and Justin did some thing,wow,great.

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite , hi my name is david conway , i just hope that is all they did and not sex , love david

  • Lmao at bieber

    Are you broke or something? Ill be damed if im dating the richest most famous pop star in the world and all I get is a box of donuts, a mickey mouse sweatshirt and some raw fish. Lol. Youre kidding right? And fans are jealous of her because?

    • Anonymous

      Moronic imbecile!

    • amen! Same here like how the fuck was that romantic lol

  • hamed

    hey,I must tell you(lmao at bieber) ,I’m not jealous.got it?

  • emiliee

    where did he post the picture because it’s not on twitter?

    • connor

      its down below you doosh bag

  • melanie

    happy bday selena !!!!


    thank god you didnt brack up with selena gomez thats wat i thort was gonna happen


    happy birthday selena

  • justin bieber is your name on facebook justin biebezz?

  • claudia

    Right, so as most of you probably know I don’t believe that Jelena is a real relationship. I think it started off real, the broke up, but continued to date for publicity and to help Selena with her career. Anyway, as you all know Justin and Selena have never really admitted in an interview that they were dating. Especially Justin who always said ‘I like to keep my personal life private.’ Or words to that effect. The whole world knew they were dating since photo’s of them ‘leaked’ almost every single day, and I think its safe to say that they are one of the most photographed couples, regardless of the fact that they haven’t even been together a year.
    So, it was Selena’s birthday yesterday and all of Justin’s crew tweeted her Happy Birthday, apart from 2. His parents. Now, maybe i’m giving this to much thought, but i’ve always been under the impression that Pattie and Jeremy were never really supportive of the whole relationship, regardless of whether its real or not. It even go to the extent where at one point Jeremy unfollowed his son on twitter, to later following him again. Anyway, that’s a different story. So, Justin tweeted Selena happy birthday, which was understandable as they are in a ‘relationship’, but I have a few questions about the tweet. 1. Why tweet her Happy Birthday when he was with her the whole day? 2. Why is the tweet from the web? This means you have to use a computer/laptop, and i’m pretty sure Justin was at Disneyland yesterday with Selena. 3. Why did the tweet have capitals? When we all know that Justin rarely capitalises things, rarely uses fullstops and likes to put random hashtags. One answer: Scooter.
    We all know that Scooter’s been a big part in the whole Jelena drama, him and Selena’s mom got the two to meet, and him and his girlfriend, Carin, even went with Jelena on their ‘romantic vacation.’ Its needless to say that lots of people think that he’s the main reason for all the publicity surrounding the couple, alot of evidence points to this, but we can never be sure.
    Yesterday, Justin tweeted his first picture on a fairly new photo publishing site, Instagram. He tweeted about LA traffic, which is not only a pretty useless and irrelevant tweet, but would definitely cause thousands of Beliebers to make an Instagram account and follow him. Which is what happened, and 6000 Beliebers made accounts and followed him. So, 6000 Beliebers would then see the photo that he’d later publish of him kissing Selena, with the caption ‘Happy bday baby’. Not only does the photo look very posed and fake, but he knew that these 6000 Beliebers would then tell others and it’d soon spread all over the internet. If he was going to post it on his Instagram, why not post it on his Twitter to? After all, he does have over 11 million people following him, so more people can see the photo. I’ll answer the question for you, because by posting it on a less popular site it actually causes more drama, which is what they wanted in the first place.
    I bet you all remember an interview earlier this week with non other than Selena herself. She said that Justin wouldn’t be with her for her birthday and that she had no plans and would just hang with family and friends. Well, what a load of bullshit that turned out to be. In actual fact she’s spent the past couple of days with Justin, and went to Disneyland, bought donuts and had a huge shopping spree for her birthday. And I bet we can all guess who paid: Justin. Fair enough, he’s her ‘boyfriend’ and its her birthday, so why should she pay? But, everytime this couple seems to hang out, they are 99.9% of time shopping, or finding other expensive ways to spend Justin’s money. Seems abit weird, don’t you think? Why don’t the just hang out privately at each other’s houses or whatever, without have to hang hundreds of photo’s published? A relationship is about 2 people right? Its about spending time with the person you love, and just being together. Well, not with Jelena. They’d rather cause a whole load of drama and hang out in public places, when they haven’t even actually admitted that they’re dating.
    This is what annoys the most, fair enough i’m slightly jealous of Jelena, and i’d love to be in Selena’s position. But I do respect the couple. Although, you have to admit that the sneaky photo’s, the private photo’s getting ‘leaked’ and the fact that neither one can admit their relationship is a little odd. It also upsets me to think that Justin would post a photo like that, when he can’t even admit to his own fans that he has a girlfriend. Remember us, Justin? We’re the people who got you where you are today. Without us, you wouldn’t have even met Selena. Remember that.

    All the credits goes to the person who wrote that.
    I found this on tumblr, it makes A LOT of sense and weather you think Jelena is real or fake, this makes really good points.

    • Anonymous

      WHOA is all i can say

    • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

      soooo true its weird how whenever they are hanging out they are either buying stuff or shopping and posing for pics. hmm…and its funny how justin wont say out loud tht he is going out with selena he always says “umm thats personal” real relationships you scream and tell everyone how happy u are together. they dont do that. ever.
      pretty weird if u ask mee. im tired of selena dating him for publicity. its annoying alot of people would love to date him but NOT for publicity. ugh so annoying. i respect tht he is happy…at least tht is what it looks like but im annoyed by selena being so shy in the camera whenever they are together. so weird. i better yet recommend Jaitlin other than Jelena…

      • hi my name is david conway and i love to discard my old comments and to start all over again and please tell me when my old comments all gone , and i will start all over again later this week , love david b conway

    • Patricia

      I love your post and agree with it 100%. I’ve been telling people from day one that Jelena is a fake couple for publicity. Theres so much proof out there. And yeah Scooter did write that tweet, not Justin.

    • Alicia

      Ok I respect ur opinion and u did make some good points but I disagree 100%. Listen, they r famous now and there is nothing they can do about that but try to think of this situation in a normal couples point of view.
      Ok so, most couples go to the beach and canoodle and kiss, most couples go shopping and the boyfriend buys his girl lots of goodies, most couples go to the park and mingle with each others siblings, most couples go out for dinner, most couples stay at each others places (or hotels), most couples do something special on either of their birthdays (ie go to Disneyland) and most couples post pics of themselves kissing on the net. The thing is, why should jelena be restricted from all these things just because they r famous? ur saying that should stay at home, but how is that fair on them? And of course I dot doubt they spend time at home together anyway. Their relationship seems fake because of one thing- the paparazzi. Normal couples catch up and go out once a week at least, and when jelena do the same they r hounded by paps, making it look like they r purposely going out to get photographed (whih they’re not!).
      Anyway moving on, the reason that they have never edmitted officially is because it is their private life and they deserve to keep some things to themselves. Also if u have seen the most recent interveiw of Selena on Ellen; she basically edmits anyway. And all his publicity is the reason they tried to hide it in the first place.
      I believe they r truly in love (puppy love maybe) because you can just tell by the way they look at each other (ie vanity fair Oscar party or Maui) it’s impossible to fake that deep look into each others eyes <3

      • u dumbass how is it there private life when they posted the shit themselves. Lmao everything u said made u look dumb as hell. U don’t know these people worth a man in a moon and u don’t know how they feel. Stop kisssing ass.

      • wateva

        • keshonda

          thay shodint go out

    • Anonymous

      Tht is so true!

      • christina

        actually it can be possible to look that deep into eachother eyes, he did it better on next to you video with that girl 🙂

    • shut ur mouth u don’t know that

  • someone

    they always shope -__-

  • dear justin bieber shrine fansite , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i do agree 1000% every thing you said here , i known some thing was not right just about selena gomez , i just hate her for that i was hurting my slef about it just from last year , i just hate my self about it ,, love david b conway

  • mary

    OMG. i have had enough of Jelena. It is fake. Just admit it to the cameras!!

  • mary

    admit it to the cameras!!!!!!

  • Tyani

    When did he post the pic of him kissing her cheek? Was it on twitter? Because its not showing up in my news feed

    • Omg ur slow. It was twitter posted on twitter it was posted on his instagram account I swear y’all fans are late as hell.

  • Cloud Pauler

    ahh .. WTH… Jelenas fake i think .. no guarantees.. but i think it is :-/

    hmm Nicki Manaj is Awesome

  • I used to be a regular Justin and Selena fan, but now I’ve read Pretty Litt’e B@tch’s and BieberHeiress’s articles just today. And my whole world crashed…I see a whole different side of them. A scary, deep, weird side.

  • camryn who?

  • U don’t know shit. U don’t knwo.shit about hollywood. U don’t knownif their in live. U just some dumb person brainwashed and blinded by facts. Face it ur just a kiss ass.

    • Anonymous

      stoooooop cussing

  • Anonymous

    i never thought people would like Justin Bieber his just a normal person like u.

  • i wish my so called boyfriend did that for me i’m jelous lol

  • olivia

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  • Anonymous

    david conway got annoying

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