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Justin Bieber as Harry Potter & Ryan Butler as Ozzy


Justin Bieber as Harry Potter & Ryan Butler as Ozzy

“Me and @itsryanbutler getting our Harry potter and ozzy on” – Justin Bieber


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  • jenniferdy

    hees soo funny he still looks sooo cute though:)Love u JUSTIN!!

    • jenniferdy

      My name sopposed to be jennifer

  • Gabriella

    what a HOT WIZ 😉

  • some nigger

    appropriate shirt

    • justinbiebergul

      i know i was thinking the same thing… i never seemm ever wear anything like that… he is growing upp soo that whyy!(: i guess but i still love him forever and alwayss he is sooo sexyyy!

      • sweener

        same here! that shirt gives kids a great message *sarcasm* he is really smart!!!! NOT!!!!!!! :/

  • Cortney

    Has anyone noticed that the only person biebs follows on instagram is Selena…cute 🙂

    • Patricia

      Why do you selena fans always have to bring that bitch up? gtfo with that shit!

  • Ti Ti

    Aww…..they’re so cute. 🙂

  • Honestly I don’t like this lOOk but whatever when you turn 20 Justin i want to see you in FILMS looking hot!

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    aaaah so cute (:

  • courtney bieber

    seeriously you people are making a big deal about that shirt?? its just part of a song. sheesshh! lol

  • Patricia

    Im not a Harry Potter fan at all ( I prefer Twilight ) and I’ve never seen any Harry P movie, but if Justin was in it…… hell yeah I would go see it! But I would prefer he pretended to be Edward instead lol.

  • so funny ..but it’s still so cute ..

  • ecenaz


  • sweener

    Harry Potter will always be better than Bieber, Justin ain’t got nothing on Harry Potter!!!!! Even Voldemort is better than Bieber, and he has no nose!!!! that’s just sad!!!!

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