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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez sculpture [Updated]


I had to take out the picture of the full sculpture and the story behind the sculpture down as it may not be appropriate. Sorry guys.

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  • britt


      please!!!!!!!! 🙁

      • Thanks for the full picture

    • Ashley Bieber

      thats to gross justin and selena have fans that are like 1 threw 50

      • LOVE


    • Anonymous

      i want act sexy ith him

    • megan miller

      you are sexy like my privet

  • MoreBiebs

    OH GROSS :O That’s wrong…

    • forever

      i know right

  • Lexi

    that is sooooo wrong…disgusting.

  • Sedona


    • Jelena

      Are u a pervert or something!?

      • Sedona


    • Anonymous

      your disgusting

      • Christy C.

        Agree with Anonymous. U r a BIG perv. 🙁

        • Sedona

          OH FUCK YOU
          YOU’RE NOT COOL
          I’VE HAD SEX 103 TIMES

        • Anonymous


        • jennifer

          eww ur such a WHORE!!

        • megan miller

          i had sex 70000 tims

        • Anonymous

          omg! whats wrong wit everone!??? justin would be shocked?!! i kno i am?!! >.< *gags*

      • KELLY

        are you a boy or a girl and i agree with you

    • no u don’t.

  • selina

    omg… thats just discusting. Stalker muchhhhhhh!

  • Nicole

    put the whole picture up i wannna see, and i know thats weird but i wannna see!

    • Anonymous

      thats so gross u little horndog

      • Anonymous


    • well sorry girl


    just wondering what about her breast is it coverd and why cant u show us if it has that in the bottom ;0

  • Christy C.

    This is SOOOO wrong!!! EW!


    ohh and people please fallow me on twitter im RealCarmen_M if u dont ull regret it just wait like a couple of years and ull know

    • did you do a disconnection to my comments here just by david conway ,,,,,,,, and did you also blog me not to make any more comments here just yes or no please love david b conway

  • Creepy and gross~~~

    • realy gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!girl u are good for me………..

      • omg ikr this is disgusting i like jb and sg but this is just EWW did they want the artist to do this i dont think they did but just wonderin this artist has some serious issues

  • all wrong my goodness create stories :-O 🙁

  • :)

    who’s the perve that did this ?

  • gabz

    O.O …. da fuq?! something is very wrong with this dude…. wow. just wow.

  • Patricia

    WTF??? Why would someone sculpt them naked? But saying that I still wanna see the full picture 😀

  • great thats just wat we need more naked sculpture of couples

    • Melisa:):)

      Is he really going to sculp a nude photo of him and everyone of his gfs?? Wat a perv!

    • shut up hahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • what website is the full pic. on

  • brianna


  • Anonymous

    For the people asking for a full picture of this naked sculpture there actually isn’t a full length. So there is no picture out of the full naked sculpture. Why would you even want to see it you little horndogs? Perverts.

    • Anonymous

      go to hell

      • lexi loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss jb 4ever

        u sound like a hater wich im allergic 2
        btw stop hating

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    Hhaha cant help but laugh at how gross and weird this is… !!!

    • what ahahahah!

      • selena

        he is my boyfriend im selena gomez we did not breakup

  • Sam Marie

    LOL!!!!! That looks so freaky xD

  • cookieface

    who would so somethings so gross
    thank you for not showing the bottom it would have been to much for me
    i’m young and friends with the guys and i never would i even think about it

  • issy

    Um…this is super creepy.

  • Naomi

    Oh my gosh, there are some crazy-sick people out there! If that was me, and some guy just decided to just make a naked sculpture of me I don’t know what I’d do! D:

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    Ok..now i wish i didnt see it..!! Gross dude just gross….

  • Ashley

    What The Cheeseballs

  • errmm.. wtf, who would do this??

  • Katie

    omg and the animals fucking at the bottom omg

  • claudia

    what the fuck??

  • anonymous

    oh great! i bet they’re parents will love that lol

  • Anonymous

    Sure it may be a bit weird and disturbing for someone to do and done like that but there is meaning behind the art beside getting a look at what was thought there body looked like it shows there connection beyond a material wealth going more physical and spiritual i would deduct points for the artist needing to depict the body more to his liking though as it shames the person but the human body was seen as art in the old days some people are still into it

  • Mrs.Bieber

    thats sick the dude who made that is a perv!!!!

    • what realy

    • japaul

      i love justion beaver

      • Brittany

        you spelled bieber wrong Japaul.

        • Brittany

          and Justn wrong Japaul.

        • Brittany

          Japaul it’s Justin Bieber.

  • Rissa


  • mizz bieber


  • Lauren

    What in the world is this?????

  • lucy

    ew thats creepy…

  • jennifer

    ok this is weird and i think akward for selena and justin this thing is STUPID y would somebody make some’n like this?and atleast they should of covered selena’s boobs i think that this i s realy akward for both like seriousely ?

  • Anonymous

    this is disgusting. they are only kids! they don’t want adults sculpting them fully naked!?!?!? ewwwwwwwwwwww

  • it looks computer generated. it doesnt have a background and it looks created on a computer, not sculpted

  • this is called art???????? I like Justin Bieber an Selena Gomez but this is just gross. Did they want the guy to do this sculpture,or did he do it without them knowing.

  • courtney bieber

    so what if we wish the maple leaf wasnt there!?!?!! jeez… anyway i think this “artist” has some serious issues….

  • courtney bieber

    o wow and the duck is fking the armadillo……ughhh

    • did justin bieber and his girl frined selena marie gomez just do,nt what me here just at the justin bieber shrine blog did they blog me not to be here just at the justin bieber shrine 2011 , , love david b conway

  • @BelieberzQuotez

    You guys are pretty immature. It’s kinda usual for sculptures to be naked, it you’re so scarred then google “Ancient Greek Sculptures.”

    The ancient Greeks actually carved their sculptures naked, privates and all.

    So the idea of the sculpture being naked isn’t wrong… but the fact that they are teenagers and some 50 year old dude should not be carving them that way. That’s obsessive and nasty. He needs a life. It would be appropriate if they weren’t actual people.

    People are weird, period.

  • belieberrr.

    this is just a stupid sculpture. like what if one day they break up? this thing would become even MORE awkward than what it already is; like who would just randomly decide to do this & WHY? thats just stupid.. & i love both of them. but this statue is pointless & just has CREEP written all over…

  • Sogoinwithgomaz

    Mmmmm it diffidently describes them – awkwardly but if you….. lol nvm that’s so retarded lol?!?!?!?

  • Sogoinwithgomaz

    I mean I like seleana Gomez anall but this is either hilarious or gross (either one works)

  • Katie

    so obvious it’s photoshopped.

  • justin

    Wow that guy has some amazing talent to sculpt me and my babe ! Ive seen all you guys comments and it doesn’t look good :/
    So what it mabey a bit wired bit I mean come on. If that guy sculpted you and ur boyfriend then you wouldn’t think it was so wired then …. Would you ??

  • Anonymous

    Thats destubing man and is that illegal is`ent justin like 17

  • selene

    so gross.why did daniel edwards do this/

  • Kelly

    eeeeeeeeewhhhh i dont like the picc is is gross!!! though it doesn’t mean i dont like him steal!!! I love jb 4eva

  • Victoria

    well…..this is awkward…..

    • Anonymous

      it is so cool that slena gomez and juston biber are dating each other

    • Anonymous

      This is asom

    • Anonymous

      Dont you think justin beber & selena gomez look cute to gether

  • ewww. GROSS

    • Anonymous

      okay you are i hate you bich

  • i want to go out with selena

    • Anonymous

      she is a fucking babe

    • selena gomez

      Hi its Selena. Gomez. Do any of you want to fuck me

      • Love

        Are you and justin maryd?????

      • Love

        Are you and justin mariad

      • Anonymous

        hi selena im a big fan of justin bieber and my name is belen i really love u and justin bieber but i really want to know if u and him r going to get married 🙂

  • selena rox

    this is a bit desterbing!!!!!!

    • Kezia


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  • Justin&selena

    Umhh !? wtf

  • Hi

  • Kkbrown

    I think I puked a little.

  • aom

    i don’t like selene she Arrogant i wanna justin in nlove with miley cyrus,,she good sing and she of one’s own

    • I hate Miley Cyrus she is a bad influence. She is a alcoholic she smokes and she drinks.FUCK u stupid ass. You can kiss my ass.GO TO HELL BITCH.

  • omg

    (cuts off the piece of selena throws in trash and keeps justin half)

    • Anonymous

      He got big dick

  • LoViinG BEliiEBer

    ewww … i don’t liike tht’ selena goo out with him bacouse idk he is kinda different .. and she is not the perfect giirl for him

    • Anonymous

      o….m……….g! EEEW! *gags* >.<

  • selena is good for him. even tho i would rather be with him. but i don’t want to break them up. i want Justin to not love her anymore. that would be perfect 🙂 and its not gross, its interesting.

  • Mrs.Bieber

    well thats really really creepy i wonder what justin and selena thought

  • dj sex machine

    i would rather have selena fuck justin

  • tiffany

    thats creep really really really creep

    • Anonymous

      whats your guys selena has amazing tits i dont know why they covered her vagina they covered justins dick because his PENIS is so small 8===========D (.Y.)

  • Anonymous

    That’s sick..Whoever made that needs mental therapy.


  • gross!!!!!!!! what happens when they break up????

  • Angel

    THat was gross but i cant quit laughing hahaha

  • Noah

    I don’t think they put Justins leaf in the right spot, it should be in between his legs a little more; I’m not sayin Selena’s a lesbian; but, yeah

  • makenna norton

    has anyone ever been pushed to the limmit at want to kill them selves

  • Anonymous

    i know i have and when i seen that i flat out died

  • Anonymous

    I lov

  • 3awalii

    wtf thats grosss!!!!

  • assy

    where is his dick

    • Adam

      REALLY , YOU HAD TO SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Haters be hatin, Niggers be trippin

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  • hot mama

    i wish i could see it in person maby i can tacke a pic or. join in l.o.l

  • amma

    i want to have sex with jp

    • Adam

      REALLY! O.M.G ! YOUR GROSSING ME OUT!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amma

    right f me jp 100 times

  • leanne birrell

    im oly 8 years old i have a crush on someone in my class but idk what to do oh and idk means i dont know

  • Adam

    O.M.G. ! OH GOD , OH GOD , OH GODDDDD ! THAT IS SO GROSS! KIDS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE INAPPROPIATE THINGS LIKE SOMEONE NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam


  • BEN


  • Adam

    totally Ben

  • caelib

    I think its so not cool. I am a huge fan of Justen and Selena but that piece of crap is hell bad. I love. Justens new songs like as long as love me but that rock. hlip bad.

  • taylor

    selna you are cool but justin bibber is not

    • Leonie

      Taler you Schuld be happy that selima is cool but you have to Look Out that you dount hurt Other People Feeling People make mistakes and of they are fames it comes from Stress it dosest matter of you dount like vom Even of he is an jerk it still hurts his fellings

  • Ass Licker

    You’re all fucking niggers. Burn the jews. Heil Hitler.

  • justin

    hi mn thatwas cool

  • Leonie

    I think justin and selima go Good toterer but i also think that sometimes they shust dount fit but the Real anser is that they Shood bemlive in all the Suff they can do. Thugether and they Shood be happy and live live.

  • Leonie

    Shags up geies i think justin is cool and nich but he can be an jerk evrebody can be that and selima is sometimes a littel overtight but that Happens sometimes and it is okay to make mistakes and they fit together

  • Rita

    Oh my god I have not not! Have sex at all”” but I thing justen is cool but you can do that %