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justin selena 2011

Justin Bieber spending too much money to impress Selena Gomez

Reportedly, teen singer Justin Bieber is spending money like it’s water! I guess he might as well, it’s not like he can take it with him, right?

A pal of the singer’s said, “Justin has amassed a lot of money in a very short time, but he’s not good at managing finances and he’s constantly trying to impress Selena. It’s mind boggling how much he’s spent in just the past few months.”

Do tell!

The snitch revealed,

“Justin regularly charters private planes to fly Selena and a few of her friends to meet him at various stops on his tour. When they can’t be together, he buys out florist shops and sends her enormous bouquets. During a shopping trip in New York City in late June, he treated Selena to tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothes, accessories and jewelry. Then he whisked her off to the Hamptons for a cruise on a luxury yacht.”

He also snatched her up for a trip to Maui in May and then forked over $10,000 a night to stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. And when she was hospitalized, Justin went all out, buying her a $30,000 diamond encrusted Cartier watch to boost her spirits. Must be nice!

The source went on to say,

“Justin also spends up to $15,000 a week on dinners and entertainment for a huge entourage of friends and bodyguards. One false move and Justin could become a pop culture punchline like so many teen stars before him.”


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  • K Selena is practically just as famous as him. She has millions of dollars as well. She thinks Justin is buying her to many things[a different article said] but she still never manages to say ill pay for it myself. Unless Justin insists… than thats different.
    Justin is making like a million dollars by the minute probably anyway so i guess it dosent really matter. Treat your girl right! ;)) I love him. He should treat me to that!! ;D I wonder how much he makes :s

    • Jokoya

      Actually dumbass. #1 She is NOT as famous ad Justin and the only reason her soared has soared is cause she us dating him. #2 her ass is only worth 4 million dollars. Justin is worth over $66 million. So do the math #3 ur whole paragraph…u stepped over every word u said. Selena is riding and loving this shut and I can’t wait till they split. Cause im tired of their asses.

      • I WOULD KILL SOMEONE TO BE SELENA RIGHT NOW but he’s in love Justin dosen’t care how much she is worth (shes worth everything to him) and his ex girl friends must be very jealous right now because all he could spend on them was his weekly allowance ;p

      • Georgiana

        exactly Jokoya! ur right…she’s more famouse since she’s with him! and she’s not stupid to leave him! thats why she is with him..MONEY!!! ALL THE TIME I WATCH HER AND I DONT SEE ANY PASSION! IN THE PRAYER CIRCLE AT HER CONCERT JUSTIN WAS NEXT TO HER…SHE SAYS THANKS TO ALL LESS JUSTIN! IT WAS HARD TO SAY :” AND THANKS TO MY BABE FOR BEEING HERE AND SUPPORTING ME!” ? i dont like her! i’ve never liked her..when Twilight became very very wanted..she was with Luatner, then Jonas Brothers were very wanted! she was with Nick..now Justin is the best for everybody! course..she just wants to go for the richest and the famoust!

        • yay

          agreed she completely avoided saying thanks to him on purpose…she informally said thanks to him she said her babe? lol wtf for all anyone knows her babe could be her bf back in texas…i bet she sits around with her loser mom and step dad laughing at justin bieber bc he thinks she actually likes him…SICK!!!

      • Mariah

        That is SO true. good to know that someone thinks the same think as me.

      • Anonymous

        i agree!!

      • Anonymous

        Well #1 She is famous Duh! and #2 If you don’t like them shut your mouth about it.. #3 Look at your paragraph before you you talk about some one else paragraph… And you tired of them I’m tired of you leaveing nasty comment and you dint have to say rude Comment either.. and Yah i know im leaving a ride one right now but thats because i dont like you….

      • Anonymous

        Actually dumbass, Selena’s ass is worth 4 million and Justin’s ass is worth 112 million so think b 4 you say something

    • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

      I wonder the exact same thing LOL

    • Anonymous

      Just saying selenas supposedly worth 5 million while justins worth supposedly 66

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    • im just crying just for selena gomez to much , love david b conway

    • Anonymous

      he does not make millions of dollars per minute you are wrong he makes 1 million per song but anyway he does not have to pay that much money

  • Tsk tsk. It’s not good that Justin does that. Selena might just be pretending to date him when all she really was is his money. It’s really nice of Justin to do that for Selena but once in a while he needs to tone it down a bit. It’s not good to spoil someone like that. & if Selena breaks up with Justin, he’ll be completely heartbroken after he did all that for her. Just my opinion.

    • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

      IKR it would be a waste of money for him to do all this. Ugh he would be so sad if they broke up. And selena better be doing something for him too not just wanting to recieve its give and recieve not recieve and recieve. Hope she understands that.

      • yay

        lol oh u know she doesnt give him gifts at all…shes one of those ppl that gives a little before they take alot and she pretends to like him so she can get more attention and him to spend alot of money on her ugly ass he needs to read these comments and come to his senses his ugly gf is just using him and he needs to dump her
        she doesnt give him anything shes so pathetic omg

        • Anonymous

          Okay, ΰя comment Ȋ̝̊̅§ like super rude. Selena was in the biz way before him. Its also very possible that he was a fan o̶̲̥̅̊f Wizards o̶̲̥̅̊f the Waverly place and all the other movies. Besides, what’s so ugly about her? Huh? If U̶̲̥̅̊’re a guy, ў☺ΰ will NEVER date a girl as pretty as her. If U̶̲̥̅̊’re a lady, aint no make up in the world that can make U̶̲̥̅̊ look quater(1/4) as pretty as she does. I’m a fan o̶̲̥̅̊f Justin, and I’m also a fan Selena so I’m not being biased. All U̶̲̥̅̊ bad bele people. Onye ara.

        • Anonymous

          Anonymous thts just rude sayin even if we put make up on we wont b 1/4 pretty as her ppl r actually tryin 2 b pretty n ur just makin thm feel ugly so STFU ur so far the on UGLY ASS PERSON n if guys dont actually wanna date her thn they dont y do all guys want 2 date her ur just so STUPIT n so ppl think selenas ugly some ppl dont some ppl think justins ugly some ppl dont its on how they think or thm so stop bein cuz u say others r rude but ur the only rude 1

    • brianna

      exactly. i know he probably loves her and everything but that’s TOO MUCH.cause if they break up, he’ll be hurt 🙁 i just hope he knows what he’s doing

  • Just a fan

    that what happened when 17 y.o guy have all that money ,, what do u expect !!

    • Sweet_Elegant

      Right!? Folks want him to be a boy when he is trying to grow up, but he’s got GROWN MAN Money now~ Somebody once said that the only differnce between a man & a boy is how much they pay for their toys..! #ThinkAboutIt

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    Wow its nice that he would think of doing such a thing but no need to go overboard like that…i mean come on $10,000 a night for 3 days? I think 3 days but it said 10,000 dollars for a hotel stay. But wow i hope he is doing this from his heart and not just to please her like that. And she better be thankful and not wanting everything and ungrateful and keep on wanting more and more.

    • yay

      come on its pretty obvious that she isn’t grateful for anything he does for her. She acts like shes entitled or something which she is not at all. He comes to her concerts so ppl will like them she doesnt thank him….He buys her stuff…she doesnt even act interested in it…he wants to spend time with her she doesnt want to look at him let alone touch him unless the cameras are there….she has way more ppl following her on twitter and facebook than she could ever dream of getting on her own…bc of him and she acts like she’s done it all on her own lol im like bitch ur the only “celebrity” wait i mean no body that has twitter followers and likes on facebook bc of the person ur dating not bc ur talented at all. Justin Bieber deserves way better and someone way better looking that this fake ugly bitch.

  • Anonymous

    he letting money get to his head !

  • A fan

    I don’t think justin should be spending that much but it’s not selena faught for HIM spending that much. All the stuff he does for her could be gift or surprises, she probably didn’t ask for it. However I do think selena should tell him to stop spending so much if she hasn’t already which she probably has already done.

    • its ok i love heu bot do you want me to cheat on heu do you want to b my girlfriend i love you if you do

    • yay

      lol what????? u know shes probably asking for this stuff….and why would she ask him to stop her and her mom loves this….its just like her sayin of i dont like the camera’s being all in my face…but i want to jump to dating guys that are really famous bc i want to be in front of the camera’s all a publicity stunt she loves the attention but its about to come to an end for her. 🙂

  • Geace

    Dude cut the spending or u could b the next most troubled pop star

  • Martim

    well, he’s worth 120 million dollars, so I would not worry… he can spend $100,000 in a week and not be less richer… i believe his money is very well taken care of by bankers, investors… and he has also earnings from Someday, his cds, a LOT of publicity….the tour in south america…so i wouldn’t say he is spending a lot… now he discovered what’s yves saint laurent, balmain and louis vuitton and he’s wearing it…i guess he’s growing

    • brandy

      Someday doesnt give him money it is donated to chatity


    I dont believe that okay 😉

  • awww how sweet and when was that pic. taken

  • Anonymous

    that’s toooooo much money, don’t u guys think? maybe he should slow down with the money thing, js.


    okay well she probably is say she dnt feel like being bought its a weird feeling but lik i meant to say is tht if he loves her he should steal her heart away with something plain and simple tht would make her day instead of him buying nice gifts

  • Anonymous

    All i gotta say is that justin needs to chill with all that money spending on selena, i mean it very nice to pamper your gf like that he going way over the top. plus no offense to selena but she should know better than to let her bf spend all that money there are many other ways he could pamper her other than buying her exspensive gifts. dont get me wrong, i love selena and justin but dont want them to lose sight of things.

  • Anonymous

    That is probably interest he is spending. If he has all that in a bank I guarantee it is making interest. Even at the interest at 4.25 % that is about 200,000 a month. If there is months on tour where he didn’t spend that than he is well with budget of not losing any money. He has not even bought house or houses yet like other stars.

  • Maria

    I don’t think that everyone should hate on Selena for having Justin buy her gifts. He really cares about her and he is just being a good boyfriend. I’m not saying that he should continue showering her with expensive gifts, but he should tone it down. He is a boy in love and trying to prove that he man enough for her. Think about it: most of the things he got was for her safety. The private jets, the $10,000 per night at a hotel, etc. Whether you think Selena is using him isn’t up to you. It’s Justin’s decision. Respect it.

    • we get it there in love….. but come on u shouldnt have to buy someone something to no u care and love them … we all no the biebs a heartthrob pop sensation ..he is 17 year’s old with all this money personally i wouldnt no what to do with it all..and selena im a fan of her to but ppl have there oppions and if they want to say she is fame W***e or she is using him let them ..there is’nt anything we can do about it so i’ve learned..there aint nothing out there that can tell these bieber fan’s to take it down or these selena hater’z( me im a bieber phyico and justlena hater and selena fan) to stop hating on the there man the bieb’z this is a very big world with a lot of bieber fan’s , justlena supporter and selena hater’s and there will always be war between them all they wont listen to anyone so just give up

    • Anonymous

      when u fans start attacking her, at some dont u think jb is gonna to need to protect her. plus jb loves her n money dosn’t matter

  • Leah

    It’s not like he doesn’t have the money! I mean, like he’s constantly making money. that’s not going to stop until the day he dies. But I agree, spending that much on a girl isnt worth it. I know him and Selena are very close and probably will be together for a LONG time, there’s a point where it becomes too much. I don’t think it’s wrong. I’m not saying it’s the best thing to do though.

  • jennifer

    selena already said that she doesnt likes wen justin spends alot of money on her cuz it realy doesnt impress her, i dont realy remeber if it said that,that it doesnt impress her but thats wat i think and that justin jjust should stop spending so much money on her like u,justin could spend money on her but not soo much cuz i think it realy dont impress her cuz she said that she doesnt want justin to spend soo much money on her soo i think that it doesnt impress her soo if u wanna save ur relationship wid selena just listen to me ur # 1 FAN!!soo pls just listen i dont want anything wrong to happend bettween u guys u guys are sooo cute together and i lve u justin and since selena was in the show wizards of waverly place i loved her too:) soo pls justin listen….LOVE U JUSTIN AND SELENA!!!!:)

  • Jessalyn

    He’s spending so much money on her its really sweet but if i was her i wouldnt want him to waste his hard earned money on me esepcially (sp) when i have my own. He’s acting like him & selena are gonna get married or something.

  • biebs

    Wow ? he obviously SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY for selena ! ;0

  • love love love him but .. when did he start having to impress girls??? i mean really look at that face…. i love selena gomez to my just a fan and that is it )no haterz when i say this) she is a fame w***e and that is enough said

  • Seriously when I look at his face I feel like he’s like “Watcha think of this, Selena?” Haha

  • Georgiana

    I dont know why but all the time when i see them both i watch her eyes and i dont see passion…its kinda she doesnt pay attention! And Justin…spends really to much money! i’m sure..the count goes over 150,000! Sure she’s not stupid to leave him! And she became more famous since they are together everywhere i got i see :’ selena broke up?’ selena & justin and all this…

  • scary! :S

  • anthony

    wow what are you all kids who cares its justin rumors justin and selena are bost great k

  • anthony

    i hate how people say o justin got more money or selena got more money or like they say who makes more money who cares like for real just be happy justin biber is happy if people was justin true fans they would support him and selena. I think justin and selena are both great andi support them both 100 percent.

  • grg

    i personally think selena’s got him wrapped around her finger. She says that shes at the point in her life where she just wants to go crazy in her relationship and that she has a crush on shia laebouf which tends to put pressure on justin and being only a teen himself she is expecting way too much from him.

  • melissa

    wow justin i guess u really love selena i think u guys look really cute 2gether

  • billy

    i wish i could mary selena gomes

    • Anonymous

      you got it!! >.<

  • ana lucia


  • MellyBoo

    wow you guy are a really good couple but justin what if selena breaks up with you you have a GIAGANTIC bill!! hahaha 🙂

  • justin's mate=)

    Justin bieber is actually worth almost 90 million dollars and he earns arownd between $250,000-$350,000 per concert

  • Selena is a no good bitch

  • KKMags

    Justin is trying 2 be a gentlemen so wat if he is trying 2 spend 2 much money on Selena at least he is spending it with his love 4 her.

    P.S. I love u Justin so nuch even ask my friends like u wld even kno i exist or where i live but i love u anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chompo

    Ever think that all this money he blows on her could be donated to people who actually fucking need it?

    Idiots. Blather on about how Selena is ungrateful so you won’t have to face the realization that you’ll never be pampered in this way. And while you’re at it, grow up and realize that materialistic bitches like yourselves are what’s wrong with this country.

  • -A

    Selly recently said that justin is a hopeless romantic. so he wil do and spend anything for it to be romantic. Also selena has said that she doesnt feel comfortable with him buying and spending a shit load of cash on her. Thats why he toned it down to subway at the park, movies, mall,.and beach dates. Jelena support