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sean kingston justin bieber miami 2011

Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber getting pulled over by cop [VIDEO]

This is a video of Sean Kingston and Justin getting pulled over in Sean’s Rolls Royce in Miami this past weekend.


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  • Lilly

    Dont they get a little uncomfortable when they do something normal & the paps catch it on camera?!? I would get pesst off if it was me. I mean who doesnt get pulled over once in a while? Like rly i am sick of the paps catching EVERYTHING he does on camera. Leave him alone for awhile he needs his space.

  • True BieberBabe

    The first time I saw this photo it said that Justin and Sean called the off duty policeman to help them with a group of fans, but I don’t see a crowd of fans around the car. So, I guess the first story was not true. We still don’t know why the cop pulled them over. Was the Biebs going too fast? Well, he wanted to be normal. This is as normal as it gets. This will help him in his guest to grow-up. Nothing says adult… like being pulled over by the cops and getting off with not ticket or arrest.

  • Beliebin_Selena

    Yeah I hear he got a ticket for being to sexy..aparintaly yuuh need a license when yuur as sexy as him.

    • THE.biggest.Belieber

      AHAHAHA agreed

  • Patricia

    awww poor Justin 🙁 I heard that he got pulled over cause the cop thought he looked too young to drive a car and asked for his drivers license. No big deal, it happens to everyone.

  • Patricia

    I love Justin and Sean to death but that picture you posted looks kinda gay. No offence.

  • Hey im so sorry i commeted or talked 2! U guys and havent made youtube videos there will be more vids soon im recording for my new songs i hope u all enjoyed Never Say Never & Someday fragence i remember the day i got pulled over i felt embaress btw i think i spelled that wrong lol they thought i was to young to drive LOVE U ALL THANK U LOTS LOVE U LOTS

    • We love you too!!!!

      • Love u heaven <3

        • Mrs.doc bieber


      • hanan

        it Okey but you still cute love you jb

    • Anonymous

      i love justin bieber so much he is a hotty

  • sophia

    NO he wasn’t pulled over! Justin actually wanted the cop there because fan girls were surrounding the car, so Justin called over the cop.

  • Hope

    wow he’s sooo hot!! lol the cops pulled him over!!!

  • Hope

    i feel so bad 4 him!!! i mean don’t the cops know that that’s Justin Bieber????!!!!
    He definelty doesn’t look to young 2 drive to me!!!

  • Arielle

    If anybody confirms it plz let me know! O.O

    • We did not brake up ° ° y )

      • Mrs.doc bieber

        People say that

  • Anonymous

    i love justin bieber<3

  • regtrs

    i love justin bieber<e NEVER SAY NEVER

  • Mrs.doc bieber

    I luv u justin

  • Rebekah


  • Loren Bieber ;)

    i love justin more than anyone

  • Anonymous

    whos the dude in the back seat

  • lovebug

    you are to cute!

  • Beibsy Fan 101

    OMG! JB if I could meet you that would be the coolest thing that ever happened to me after birth! Lol Hopefully I get to see you at a concert someday! <3 😉

  • i love u justin bieber u r a hotty

  • WOW i never saw justin stoped by a cop he drives good sooooo wat the hek and he was fighting in la with two boys and i dont know why but i love him soooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.