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Bieber & Gomez: Dinner Date in Beverly HIlls

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber embarked on a dinner date in Beverly Hills last night (September 15).

The “Never Say Never” stud and his “Ramona & Beezus” babe tried their best to go unnoticed as they exited Mastros Steakhouse, but to no avail.

And it was a busy evening for Selena, who also made a stop at Grauman’s Chinese Theater to lend some support to pal Taylor Lautner at the premiere of his film “Abduction.”

Gomez looked absolutely fabulous in a short and flirty black dress with a pair of sexy black single-strap heels.



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  • I wish Justin Would be MY BOyfriend 🙁 ….and treat me like dat.

    • doesn’t everyone?:) I know i would:)

      • i just to blog me on this comment i did today please ,,, love david b conway

  • Lilly

    anyone notice how in all of these photos where they are seen together shes always covering her face? its either 1: she hates being seen with him or 2: she never has makeup on. O.o its weird

    • i know!! i always notice that!! she obviously has makeup on cause this was after the movie premiere, so that just leaves one thing, she hates being seen with him!! i figured because like when they started dating, she told perez hilton that their relationship would be “like illegal!” so shes dating him for publicityy.

      • Squeeky

        Oh come on don’t be stupid she hate the paparazzi being in her face she really does like Justin so back off ok………….
        you would do the same so just shut up!!!!!!!!!!111

        • @squeeky like i would know that!!!! i dont even pay attention to any crap that she like or doesnt like!! and u dont even know me, i would just ignore them and care less!!

    • Patricia

      I always used to say the same thing about Selena, until I watched her E channel special where she explained that the flashing lights of the cameras hurt her eyes and thats why she always covers her eyes in pictures.

    • Anonymous

      she said she covers her face BC of paparazzi and she she said that way b4 she dated Justin Bieber .

  • Patricia

    I feel bad for Justin cause he looks so sad in these pictures and in the pictures from the movie premier. I wonder what happened? Selena does look nice.

  • i have the same shoes as her!!!!! except mine are all solid black:)

  • Anonymous

    selena gomez go a life

    • Anonymous

      i know rigth

  • Anonymous

    i love u justin bieber

  • That Girl

    why is she hiding herself?
    justin sure isnt!
    daaaang if I were her, id be smiling like an idiot all proud being with him. 😀

  • i luv hem together so cute