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Dirty Bieber Secrets: Sexual Fantasies of Justin Bieber

Took me a while to decide if I should make a post on this and even as I’m typing this I’m having second thoughts. But this is something JB’s gonna find out really soon so I thought you might be interested in what’s going on.

Alfredo Flores just posted a very interesting tweet to Justin:

@JustinBieber WAIT until I show you what I just found… OMG just wait. #DEAD -__- HINT: D.B.S

What Alfredo found was a blog on Tumblr called Dirty Bieber Secrets. There is no info on who runs it but it looks like someone who should be put in jail. What this site is is that it takes Justin Bieber’s fans submissions and posts them. These submissions are all sexual fantasies of what they want Justin to do to them. I can’t believe some perv would set up a website like this asking people to send in dirty thoughts of what they want from JB. It makes us Beliebers look bad if Justin finds out and Justin is gonna find out any minute now.

I want to post some of the things they post about Justin on here but I can’t find one that’s not so dirty. So what I’m gonna do is post just one example of what this site is all about. Warning to people who are young: You are gonna get grossed out. So if you don’t want to be grossed out do not put your mouse over the picture below:

I have a feeling this site will be taken down very soon. Either by the pressures of other Beliebers, by guilt, or by Tumblr themselves on the request of Justin.

UPDATE: I was right. Dirty Bieber Secrets has been taken down by Tumblr.

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    • Anonymous

      i totally thats the grosssest thing i ever heard..:(

      • Monica Phillips

        i agree!!!!! that is super gross

        • Anonymous


        • Kirstie

          Yes some well most of it is gross. But it’s natural, the person that made the site can’t be arrested or go to jail it’s not illegal. Unless they’ve got child porn on the site

        • dayana

          i agree u guys are not beliebers!!!

        • Shelby Hearts

          they r some beliebers who, no matter what, wanna f**k him so bad.. leave them alone, let them have their dreams..because everyone is diffrent.. so u gotta accept that whether u like it or not.. and this goes out to everyone too..

        • mayra

          omg he is so boom i will suck his dick

        • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          same here thats grody 😡 -Puke-

        • Anonymous

          Ya dis shit is nasty

        • Hether Underwood

          Justin Bieber doesn’t have to go through this kind of pain.:(

        • Anonymous

          I want to see his dick

        • Paula

          Got a magnifying glass?


        • glen

          yes i would like to see his dick to and maybe wank it

        • Anonymous

          With tweezers

        • Anonymous

          What da f**k?!?!?!?!?!?!? You nasty!!

        • Anonymous

          That is gross! … Yes I love him but not like that!

        • abby

          Yes me to I want to see his dick and have sex with him lol that will be the best thing ever!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          Don’t blame ya there

        • dayana

          wow!!!you guys are gross i hope justin bieber reads what you guys are writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Scott

          U suck. Y don’t u just suck his dick.

        • Anonymous

          Haha lol

        • Anonymous

          YOU R SICK!

        • Anonymous

          u r fuking descusting

        • dorisa

          how old are guys talking about justin biebers man parts i hope justin bieber reads this and arrest all of you for sexualy saying about justin bieber does your parents know you are saying this at night when you should be in bed and not on the computer or phone of tablet that late at night do i suggest you play hair games shop for clothes not saying nasty shit on the computer u guys should have brain the goverment sees this and u can get arrest for saying ths crap online

        • dejahboo

          this is so nasty some of yall dont even kno jb

        • anonymous

          didnt you here what nikki said its to small to see

        • Anonymous

          I HAT HIM HES A PURV……

        • AWKWARD

          shut up, jealous much

        • Anonymous

          what tha fuck is wrong wit yall
          dum asses

        • Kela

          How can u be the judge on if he’s a pervert. If you have nothing nice 2 to say about Justindont comment,and if you people dont like why do u waste ur time looking for him om the net.

        • Anonymous

          you better brake up with her now.NOW.or im going to get MAD do it now.so fuck you.

        • Scott

          Jutin bieber is the wrist person that sings. I hate him soo much. I hope he would be in jail for what he did. He punched kids in the face.and beiber fans I hope u enjoy this message u suck for justin.

        • DAYANA


        • JOE


        • Rosey

          I would want to suck his penus and have horny sex with him

        • chazy c.

          Ewwwwww un freaking belieb able I mean what nasty……mutha tucka would do that . Eeeeewwww some r kids 2. ………….very nasty

        • Nanawii

          Grossssss eww what kind of person would say something like that

      • Mercy

        What does it say? cant see properly

        • curtlynn

          u are so gross i us to like u but now i hate u for all my guts

        • Anonymous

          Got dat right..hah

        • sunshine

          ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats gross

        • anonoumus

          I love Justin Bieber

        • Anonymous

          Hey hey I think Justin BIeber is really Sexey and that he is a Telly Alsome singer so there also I think that everyone would like to have sex with Jim but I think that you should keep it to yourself I’d you really want to have fun look up Justin BIeber shows his butt I have lots of Picts of his butt on my photos a friend was looking at Picts of him and found a pict of him showing his butt and called me over

        • Anonymous

          Wow. Everyone here is nasty

      • emily

        peole need to leave the kid alone he doesnt deserve this some peole are really discusting

        • stephanie

          That is true everyone leave him alone let him be did JB ever do anything bad to you no exacly so there’s no reason

        • Anonymous

          I want his dick in me

        • abby

          Me to I want to suck that fucking dick but we should at least be nicer to him I ,mean maybe this could ruoun his corir

        • kk

          you suck

        • JB LOVER

          Who doesn’t he so hot. I mean u don’t know how many times I had a dream of him fucking me.

        • Shelby Hearts

          OMG!!! you said it girl!!!

        • justin fan

          Omg that would feel so good sperm on me

        • Butt

          Fuck u guys……..justin beiber must be really pissed off that you guys would even make a sight like this watch him call all of U nasty people out on all this shit……I mean yea justin beiber is really hot but that don’t mean you gotta say all this shit about his dick!!!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          If any of you found his butt then click the green box but if you dis not then pit Justin BIeber moons Instergtam Picts kk make sure that you put those checks

        • i like him but not in that sort of watyyeah id like to kiss him intill he asked to stop to breath but not like yall r putting it !!!! its alittle to sexual plus im sure there are little kids on this site so thats all i have to realy say about to yall and i love the bebs and id like suck his face off but not like the sexual stuff yall r saying

        • Anonymous

          You guys should be nicer to him

      • Anonymous

        Eww that perv! That’s y I Neva liked him!!!!!

        • Whatzitoya

          Ok dipshit it wasn’t Justin’s fault. It was beliebers. Talkin bout some “that’s why I never liked him!” Nigga puh-lease. SWERVE

        • anonymous

          omg so true gross i hope he sees half his fans see him as a fliping baby daddy but thx for entertaining me im never coming back to this site peace out gross peps

      • Shelby Hearts

        i have seen worst… this doesn’t surprise me

      • clionagh

        i caint believe that wat did justin do to deserve that thats just people who caint find a life and do something they should just take jbs advice and believe ! and everythings not gonna be alright u are soo mean u really should be locked up :0

        • dorisa

          thank you clionagh

      • cc

        Ikr he needs a life

      • Anonymous

        Wellllllll umm idk maybe not so gross

    • i have a public statement to make tonight , and that is just for the mexican gir actress named , miss selena marie gomez , i david conway , i love to see selena marie gomez just to be a care foot and prenant just with justin bieber , love david b conway

      • i love to see selena gomez , bare foot and pregnant , love david b conway

      • abby

        Anonamus shut up your a purge you don’t ever know how to write bitch so fuck you

    • Anonymous

      OMG that is soooooo discusting how could you even say that you nasty pervert

      • abby

        Well guess what you a bitch fat freak you slut butt hole

    • Anonymous

      Y’all honestly call urselves beliebers that’s sooo stupid. He is a boy just a boy. And yes I myself enjoy his music but to that’s all his personal life is his. He can be with j-lo in the bedroom for all I care. He craps just like me and you and wipes his own butt now y’all picture that not so hott is it. This boy yeah has an amazing story and background but like I said he is a boy with his own personality and ways I care nothing more about him than his music. If you read these post it makes you realize that there r millions of psychos out there.

      • Anonymous

        Psychos like all y’all bliebers or how ever you all spell it! Y’all over the age of 15 r pathetic

      • Anonymous

        I hate you so much abby is right your a fucking ho slut bitch what are you 85 you talk like you know every thing abby im on your side

        • kk

          hey lay off how would you like it if someone did that to you.Leave justin alone hes a boy for cring out loud so ya’ll leave him alone or your done

    • emily

      eople need to stop cause thats fucking gross on so many diffrent levels like come on people STOP hes just a normal person like the rest of us he doesnt want to be treated like this yeah hes a popsinsation but still how would u people like it if someone was doing this to u u probably wouldnt like i hope u wouldnt he doesnt like it so stop end it for justin

    • CONE


    • Anonymous

      I. Agree this shit is. Nasty

    • sam blase

      What is your favorite one direction song Justin Bieber from Sam blase

    • morgan


      • lexus young

        that is soooooooooooooooooooooo nasty and why would u like to see them have sex ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • Nanawii

      Ewwwww what uhh so gross

    • savannah

      U r sooo right, this website is horrifying.I feel so sorry for Justin right now. People these days. By the way only 12 and idk u sooo! ~bewares I bite ~

    • Zelayha Anaya

      I AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe this should be allegal

    • Anonymous

      I want to be fucked by him HARD. And long and I want him to suck my tits

  • belieber4life

    Wth is wrong with these people man? That’s not the way to like our idol. It just breaks my heart to see that there are some people out there having the guts to post all these and not knowing about the consequences. What if Justin finds out about this (which I believe he did now)? What will he think about us Beliebers? We are here to support his music, his career & not about this! This is such a disgrace!


      • D.V.N

        You are so right, cos I love him in a different ways too. My fantasy, as I’m sure yours is, is to dress him up as a civil war general, tie him to a giant redwood tree, then whip him with sticks of celery, right?


        • mackenzie e. r.

          nooooooooooooooooo not that leave him alone ass

    • You are totally right! I have the same opinion! I don’t understand how can they do these things!!

    • Sexy Bitch

      B arch there is nothin wrong with me or eny of the other B arches out there that fanticise bout Justine. Bet u eny money u do 2. so WTF do u have to say about that. Wat now!

  • Fjdksdiajf

    You all are seriously overreacting. Yeah, some of the stuff is creepy and weird but it’s all in good fun. Honestly, Justin would probably think it’s hilarious. He’s an average 17-year-old boy with REAL HORMONES believe it or not, because yeah, hormones exist. Unles you’re like 10, you can’t honestly say you’ve never been horny before in your entire life. So grow up some and quit hating on it. It’s fun. It’s hilarious. It’s entertaining. Leave it at that.

    • Besides. It’s not like this is the first time this has happened. There are tons of dirty imagine tweets about Justin on Twitter, stories on fun140, youtube, and other sites…The truth of the matter is, people will do what they want. Move on.

      • zrxdcfghv


      • RIGHT. I agree with you. Some people are overreacting and this is not the first time, NOR WOULD IT BE THE LAST, when someone writes a sexual fantasy of Justin Bieber. 

        I also believe that those same people who are overreacting IS some of the people who actually submitted their Fantasies to “Dirty Bieber Secrets”. Some is just overreacting because of guilt and they are ashamed that they had something to do with the site. I’m also sure that those who are saying “It’s Disgusting”, gets h*rny from reading the Fantasies, but their afraid to admit it. EVERYONE has Hormones and EVERYONE has Sexual Fantasies. I have some too and their is nothing to be ashamed of. 😉

        It’s not like those Fantasies will come true anyway, so I don’t know why people are complaining. That’s why the site use the word, “Fantasies”. 

        Some people just need to leave the subject alone. I’m tired of hearing beliebers complaining that it’s “gross”. I know some things are kind of weird, but TRUST ME. If you are a belieber, I KNOW that you have Sexual Fantasies of Justin, so don’t act ALL INNOCENT just because everyone around you is. 

        Don’t act Brand New, Be yourself, And don’t be afraid to express your true feelings. <3

        • Sarah

          No, People really need to stop being so sensitive, AND people should just focus on his music not all that imature stuff.

        • poop

          I AGREE

        • Patricia

          I totally agree with FJ and speak the truth. Justin is a 17 year old boy who Im sure has seen much worse. I bet that this site will turn him on 😉

        • Belieber

          im totally agreed with you!

        • Anonymous

          Not being funny beliebers may or may not think about fantasies or whatever, but they don’t write them that is just sick, I mean how would you feel if someone was saying all that stuff about you?!?!?! So no people are not overreacting, it’s a normal response. People who wrote on that website need their heads examined!

        • Anonymous

          OMG whats wrong with all of u?!I am 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • i wouldnt be talking u say nasty stuff all the time

        • Anonymous

          if someone said that about me i’d be pretty flattered, if you don’t like it then don’t read it

        • Cutiepie

          If u r 10 please don’t listen to to these conversation

      • cookieface

        i don’t think i’m overreacting it’s just that gross but ya gotta remember if people already think like that is easy thinking about justin doing things like that like most of his fans are teen girl or the pre teen like me or like 10,3 ,8 really he’s got all ages of girls and if
        your like 12 like me you problie won’t understand why people think
        like that and yes justin has hormones so he problie thinks junk like that too he’s 17 so you gotta remember

    • Anonymous


    • Nicole


      See, I don’t like Justin Bieber but come on guys, he’s a normal teen guy with teenaged hormones and so are his fans. So everyone calm down. A lot of fans do this stuff with other bands but you don’t see the bands or fans getting all butthurt about it.

  • GomezLOVESBiebs

    that is just disturbing! whoever made that blog needs major help! this just gives Beliebers and Selenators a bad rep. 🙁 WeRespectJustin & WeRespectSelena.

    • Chelsie Bieber

      yeah you are totally right!!!!!!

  • im going to see what all the fuss is about 😉

    • Anonymous

      I don’t really like JB that much but that site is S-E-X-Y! 😉

      • Anonymous

        What site

  • Lillie

    I hope the owner and everybody who posted on Dirty Bieber Secrets get at least or more hate than Selena, because they’re the people who actually deserve it.

    Follow me on twitter 🙂 @LillieTennen

    • No one deserve hate, what are u thinking. Can u think about want u saying? You don’t know does people or me. It’s like hate a random person that sitting next to u in a bus.

      Why think about hate at all? The world it’s wrong.
      What if each person would think “We should not hate anyone!” instead of “We should hate the person because he/ he deserves to be hated more than he/she!”, then the world should be a little more beautiful … right now it’s ugly in many ways.

  • cookieface

    thats discusting and just wrong i’m 12 and can see that ugly wrong crappy images with descibive words when i read that i saw a bad image in my mind

    • Karo

      I know right? I’m 12 going on 13 and i just looked at the website and read the 1st paragraph of the story, it was so gross, i couldnt keep reading.

      • iluvjb

        I’m almost 13, and i dont think that this website is gross, i think its kinda hot. Thyr not pervs, these ppl are honest and arnt afraid to share their oppinions, everyone has fantasies of jb. ove on, stop acing like ur all 6, GROW UP!!!

      • Anonymous

        U stupid

        • kayal

          one was a nasty comment to to say whoever wrote that

  • carly

    its not even funny dirty its honestly disgusting.. like no. i would be creeped out if this was about me like its bizarre


  • Bielieber Dude

    Talk about perv? This site has a section for freakin bulge pictures….. and even had a picture of his dick outline…. and that had to be taken down. Isn’t this like the pot calling the kettle black?

    • Bielieber Dude

      Not only that…… how many girls want to marry Justin for his personality? Really? You want him cause he is attractive, has money, and is famous. Now that is disgusting. None of us really know what Justin is like. So lets grow up and stop making a big deal out of this.

      • Patricia

        Amen dude. I totally agree with you. People need to take a look at themselves first before they judge others.

      • njbyy


  • CelineDionFan

    if Justin takes down the tumblr blog its just gonna create a HUGE uproar in the media! Celine Dion’s LAWYERS (NOT celine her LAWYERS) did the same to a blog on tumblr about crappy pics of her and she got so much shit talked about her by blog And if Justin did it the same would happen to him. (especially cause HE personally would shut them down) Everybody would go against him and he will have like triple the amount of haters he already has LOL

    • nick

      i am a girl my name is nick i would love to have sex with u justin

      • stacy

        i wolud love to have sex with justin ok kiss kiss julian

  • OMG !! HAHAHA !!! i read all the D.B.S i like this haha it’s just funny LOOOL
    (Sorry my english is not good)
    jjajaja esto es tan ajajaja no puedo creer que justin ya pudo leer esto

  • Celine

    you should let hat girl have her own fantasy,you don’t have to share it with us. sorry but you are a beliber,whrite about him,not porno! XOXO

    • Lilly

      What the heck? I’m going to go watch pewdiepie

  • Anonymous

    i am your great fan

  • claudia

    ive seen the blog before when i was on tumblr and its the grossest, sickest thing ever. its so stupid and weird. it makes justins fans look so bad and weird. its just wrong.

  • Anna

    It’s disgusting but justin is a guy. He’s gonna laugh his ass off.

  • Kaylee

    THIS IS SO STUPID. perverted assholes who daydream nonsense. PISS OFF! u think this is nice? This is pathetic, sweetie.

    • Lori

      I knows you Kaylee, cause you is the one what wrote the thing about the beeb be lickin off squirt juice at the start o this shit!

      Yo IP address check out sister, so give it up!


  • Joann Bieber

    i know her twitter shes a friend of mine

  • :)

    eww eww that’s gross why would anyone write this ?

  • Tayná

    Hi guys, I’m Brazilian:)
    Then I read, I think it’s a stupid thing, the girl (the) who did this is an idiot!
    @ Tasb04

    • D

      The girl who did this is a relative of Mort Huostonhouse the third. She got issues after her rap career went south. This whole thing hate speech on J because he’s got talent.
      Love you J. Drew.

  • Tayná

    Tem alguém brasileiro(a) aqui ? (Translation: Somebody Brazilian (a) here?)

    • hamed

      this web is for whole world, I’m Iranian and I’m stranger here like you

  • Karo

    The girls that write this shoudnt call themselves beliebers or bieber fans. They just wanna sleep with him, nothing more. This is so gross. Your fantasies should be kept to yourself , not on a website that someone can see them. Justin would probably get “excited” if u know what im mean. Hes a 17 year old boy with crazy hormones.

  • THE.biggest.Belieber

    ppl r perv… nuff said

  • Patricia

    This whole situation just pisses me off. First of all how old are you people that are hating on this blog? You must not have hit puberty yet, so of course you don’t understand this blog. All of us older fans love it! I’ve been following this blog since the beginning. The girl who runs it is 17 and a really sweet girl, so don’t talk shit about her! Theres nothing wrong with having sexual fantasies and sharing them with other fans. FYI I have Justins tumblr and he looked at this site a while ago. He said that it made him laugh and made him horny. He’s a dude so of course he’s gonna love this stuff. Once all of you little girls grow up and get your periods….. you will love it to. So until then STFU!

    • Anonymous

      okay, patricia.

      i am ususally not mean but what is wrong with u?
      i mean yeah we shouldnt be freaking about this but what you said is totally offensive. if you were a real believer you wouldnt type that, putting other people down on a JB website!!! hahah well anyway i love you justin!!!!!

      • Sarah

        Dude get your facts straight. Read what you say before you say it. And next time, try and understan what you are saying before you click/press the Submit button. I can tell that you are scared of us because your “name” is ‘Anonymous’.

        • sarah102

          you guys need to stop fihgting jb is just one peice of hot meat but he is still a human being so just stfu and by the way i have jbs real number i know it beacause i went to his concert and begged him for it and i am texting him while i speak he said he is really horny about this s*** and he just really want you guys to be nice to each other.

      • Norman. G

        Yeah, I loves him 2 right here from my cell on death row.

        I wish he was here right now.


    • Dana-belieber

      Nicely said:) u do have a point justin is grown now and he knows what’s right

    • Sarah

      Patrisha you have made a reeeeaaaaalllyyy good point here. Especially when you said what you said about the girl who owns this site. We should ALL apreciate what she has done for us. I go on this site EVERY day that I can.
      In regars to little people thinking that it’s gross, ofcourse it is going to be(for you only) I am 15, and I know that any girl that has gone through puberty or still is, would know that Dirty Bieber Secrets is actually fun, and is a great way to show other beliebers your fanticies without revealing your identity.
      You all need to grow up, and shut up! It’s as simple as counting to three. Oh wait, some people on this site might be to… uhmm… young? to do that even.

      Well anyway, byeeee<3
      p.s I love this site<3

      • Where is my facebook like button? :'(

      • Angel

        well I’m 13 gone through all the stupid puberty crap. I LUV THIS SHIT!!! and all u older teens u need to take it easy on the younger chillens’ cuz the dont understand how cool it is. i mean i agree with you bout them being too young and not understanding but take it easy on them.

    • Lance

      You are damned straight on that honey. I wanna stuff me some Beeeeber!


  • Dana-belieber

    Yo that’s not cool. If Justin found this out soon, he would flip and hate all his fans!!!! Who the FCK would right that!!!!!:s

    • Anonymous

      yeap agreed

    • belieber. i just love him

      o yeah i agree

    • Patricia

      Dana read my comment up there. Justin already knows about DBS and he doesn’t care. He even follows them on tumblr and thinks they’re funny. How do I know this? I have his tumblr and he posted about it this morning. He said he ain’t mad about it.

      • Mark Foley

        Put me in a dark room with his Venician barbecue, and I’ll have me a good time!


  • i love bieber and im his biggest fan and thats is minging everyone knows bieber wouldnt such a thing who ever wrote is the most dirtiest person ever the police should get involved

  • jbs number one fan

    ok i dont think that website is a good idea and why would someone make that?

    • Heinrich

      I wanna pump that unstuffed turkey like it was Thanks Giving!

      • Genesis


  • Eeew how could you do somtihng like that Eeew Eeew its nasty if i know you i will come and cick your ass and then i will put you in a hspital for the carzy people

    • Anonymous

      i know its grossssssssssssss ew

  • Belieberr4Life

    Okay, after reading the first sentence i HAD to scroll down. I think Justin will be just be like ok ew theres some weird beliebers but I dont think he will really care.. But thats site needs to be taken down its nasty and inappropiate… Hes only 17 and they want to do all these things and he isnt even totally grown!

    • Laura

      I really dont think justin will think this site is eww because if your a teenager (like me) you get turned on by this crap! Hahaha anyway he’s ethier gonna laugh his ass of when he sees this or get horny. HE’S A TEENAGER HE’S NOT GONNA SAY EWW I DON’T WANT GIRLS TO HAVE SEX WITH ME!!!!! Your propbally 8 so you dont get this stuff yet….

      • cookieface

        he’ll problie read that someone wants to be spanked by him and why and then laugh and laugh and think it’s really funny think about it look justin bieber horomes 1,2,and 3 and tell me he thinks it gross really? if he stares at people butts and stuff do u think he’ll be

        • Jerome

          I once had a dream about meeting him backstage at a charity concert for victims of some hurricane, tsunami, or some shit like that, then getting him to sign my manhood. But now I just have a wish that he will come here to my home state and be part of the occupy Brown Alley movement.

          J. Brown

      • Carmine

        I heard from a friend of mine, Ramone, who walks the ‘slow street’, if you know what I mean? That he has an abnormally undersized d**k, four nipples, and a birthmark right in his ass crack.

        And he once smoked a joint while on the ghost train at a famous amusement park.


    • Sharnell

      You are a god J.B who needs some care and attention from one of us guys here in the state pen. We’ll look after you honey.

      • Dman

        Hey bro! is you the Sharnell what’s held up the savings and loans in pony town? Shit, yo ass was all over the news!


        • Dman

          Hell no bro, I got sent here for some beef with a cop when I was at the ocupy wall street gig. Judge gave me a year for resisting arrest cause I was tryin to help a pregnant lady who was getting pepper spray in her face.

          Justice, huh?


        • Sharnell

          Hell no bro, I got sent here for some beef with a cop when I was at the ocupy wall street gig. Judge gave me a year for resisting arrest cause I was tryin to help a pregnant lady who was getting pepper spray in her face.

          Justice, huh?


        • Sharnell

          Sorry bro, I meant to write to the Dman in the name part, my bad.


    • Mo Jo

      I gots word he like playin for the other side if you knows what im sayin. Thats fine by me cause i likes a bit of the velvet eggplant if you know what im sayin.


  • THATS SOOOOOO GROSSS why do people think like that!!!!!!! what a bunch of pervvvvvssss

    • Marty

      You are so right, ’cause I would never want to chase his fox hound, goover his chicken soup goblet, or crash dive his pinapple twist.

      These people writing this stuff are sick!

      Bunch of green duba quombos!


      • Anonymous

        I think y’all all r obsessed and stupid belibers wtf
        He is a boy just a boy nothing special he craps and farts like all of us.
        And smells no better

        • Ramone

          True as the day is long dude. I met him at a hotel recently after a concert, and he crapped on my chest, and farted in my face.

          He never left a tip though, but he kept the video tape, which I’m sure he’ll release on the internet soon.


        • Anonymous

          u r truly crazy u need help

        • Oliver

          Hiya Ramone, how’ it going?

          I got the same treatment after his concert up here in C**** West L*******. He basically had drunk way too many sodas, and sprayed mud all over my chest, which was a pain, ’cause I have a lot of chest hair, and it took so long to wash out.

          Oh, and he didn’t fart in my face, but into a plastic bag, then sighned it for me. I still have it, but I’m waiting to enjoy the experience of sniffing it when I’m at his next concert.

          Love you Ramone, brothers in poop, Oli!

        • Carla

          I say this is wrong, and you should all have more respect for Justin.


        • Grenecio

          Hhe say he can fart out the tunes to miami vice in the tv interview on u tube. So funn, but he do it! Check it out.

        • Stacy

          Where’s the link?


        • Ivana

          Hey Grenecio, just saw the vid on U toob, awesome. He really can fart the whole tune!

          Ivana. (Kisses)

        • Beleeeeeeber

          What do you think his farts smell of? I gotta say sunflowers, cause thats what i like.


        • Kirsty

          His farts are non of your bizzness pervvvvvssssss.

          J.B is a person, so just stop this crap, okay!

          Kirsty M

        • H. Bomb!

          I bet he gonna let rip with a broccoli type tasty quack, cause I sure think he eats them greens.


        • Rick

          Hey guys, gotta share this story with ya about when I was in a restroom one time, and in walks the beeb hiself. So he looks over at me and smiles, then pulls down his pants, and says, “Watch this dude,” then sits on the sink and drops a brown trout into it. Then he just pulled up his pants and left. Dirty fuck never even washed his hands!


        • Kyle

          I bet if he squats down on your face and passes gas you can taste it! All that beef jerky he eats must build up a stench pocket in his gut, and when he lets that mother loose in your nostrils, it’s gonna take your breath away, litterally!


        • Anonymous

          O my god Really You guys need to like someone else What about Jessie McCartney he’s cute

        • Jonathan

          Can you imagine what it would be like to see him treacle his wash pooger, and then gorble his lot bubble in a tire stash?

          Awsome image!


        • Corey

          I would love to squeeze my man sweaty boobs on the sides of his face, then watch him eat a whole can of spraycheese in one go, which then makes him barf all over my face.

          Cool, yeah!


        • Clarissa

          I would reall like to feel his warm *** land on my ***** while he touched my *******, then put his other hand on my ******* at the same time so I could *****like a crazy thing.

          I love you J, Clarissa.

        • Elwin

          I dream of his hair, and him shaving it off with a sharpened spoon like back in the old days when I was a kid in Texas.

        • Anonymous

          No, you don’t understand.
          We love him more than anything. He means the world to us.
          So, if some of us want to share our pery thoughts we can.

        • Vladimer

          Excuse please, what is ‘pery thoughts’?


        • Yordell

          I love the thought of him being tied to the back of an ostrich which is on some mind altering drug, then shoot at him with paint balls as he screams for help, and tries to get free.


        • Anonymous

          I agree

        • Red

          I wanna fill an old bathtub fulla whale sperm an then jump in it with his photo clutched in my asscrack, then pull it out and fax a copy to my uncle who works for a major car manufacturer.


    • James

      I’d say that the best thing to do with him is dress him up as a giant hotdog, then spray him with your mustard while your girlfriend, whose time of the month it is, sprays him with her ketchup. Then, after that, you both watch some obese guy from Texas who hasn’t eaten in an hour lick it all off.


      • Bill Trueberry III

        I work in construction here in Alaska, and it gets mighty cold. I often like to listen to his music when I’m taking a hot bath, and scrubbing myself with a fragrant lotion made from local berries, wash myself off, then ram a jack hammer up my ass, and rev that sucker up as high as it will go!


        • Rodger

          I gotta admit to thinkin about an ice cold bath with him and a trained seal right now. Only problem is, I’m flying a Jumbo Jet over the Atlantic right now. Maybe I can give my copilot a little surprise instead when he falls asleep, and has his mouth open.

          Love the Beebster, Rodger.

        • Trobain

          I jus loves that way he moves. Give me him in a seafood bikini, if you know what i’m sayin, an I’LL give you aal one big locker extinction, if you know what i’m sayin, yeah!

  • ahhhhh grooosssss!!!!!! i agrreeeee


    Poor justin but he might not even care at all 🙁

  • Isabelle

    This is so f**ked up! Why would someone be so perverted to make it!

  • That thing written in the purple box is NASTY!

  • bieber123456789

    LOL! some people..

  • BelieberSupport

    gosh some beliebers r pervs!! i hope they take this down…if justin ever sees this he will be disappointed at some of u….

  • Anonymous

    Gosh was honestly some beliebers r super pervs :0



  • sara

    loooooooooool i dont think is grosss i think is actually funny and i think justin will love that 😀 looooooool cant stop Laughing

  • Maddie

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW gross these things make us look horrible !

  • selena gomez is da best

    some people are just gross. ewww

  • Bieber Fan....

    GROSS!! what stupid idiots wud just lay around at home and post things like dat on a website?? that makes us beliebers look real bad… although all of us love justin and dream of datin’ him y tell other ppl… i hope that they delete that website as soon as they can i dont want justin to find it nd be dissapointed in us….. :/

  • Anonymous

    What a perv !!!! I can’t believe how can somoene write those thing’s !! stupid idiots OMFG !

  • Ewwwwwwww!gross!!! Jelena nd Sustin

  • Anonymous

    …… this place is NASTY, please shut down this website!!!

  • Crissy

    EWWWWWW!How pervert can it be!!! It makes me vomit!That’s way to gross:( Disappointed of these type of beliebers,so disappointed:(( And i’m so ashamed if Justin would ever see this.I think he is going to be disappointed too:/

  • Belibeeeer

    OMG this is fking nasty ! you should keep your fantasies IN YOUR HEAD !

  • ....

    lmao, these virgins.

  • ....

    justin isnt gonna hate his beliebers for this, he’ll probly just get turned on, laugh & say ‘crazy beliebers :)’ so CHILL.

  • Emily

    I was kinda stupid and I went to the website.. I read like, three of them. And I kid you not, I am so grossed out right now that I feel like I’m gonna throw up. Seriously, what kind of a sick pervert does that? Ughhh I think I’m gonna throw up that was not funny at all.. That was SO FRIGGIN GROSS. Ewww 🙁

    i’m a fan of Justin because of his personality. I could care less about his money and fame. As long as he would respect me.

    P.S. I really hope that blog gets removed…

    • Anonymous

      ikr! omgggg! -__- uuugh! bllaaaah!

  • Anonymous

    Every celebrity has fan’s who make up fan fiction about them, it happens all the time. Justin would have been expecting this, and if he wasn’t, then he must be pretty ignorant. I love Justin too, but you all need to calm your tits, he’s not going to give two fucks about DBS.
    My Chemical Romance has some pretty graphic stuff written about them in their fan fiction too, but they dont complain and neither do their fans. Go google ‘Frerard’, ‘Baycest’ & ‘Waycest’ and then tell me that all this DBS shit is bad. Stop being so goddamn sensitive.

  • Georgia

    Every celebrity has fan’s who make up fan fiction about them, it happens all the time. Justin would have been expecting this, and if he wasn’t, then he must be pretty ignorant. I love Justin too, but you all need to calm your tits, he’s not going to give two fucks about DBS.
    My Chemical Romance has some pretty graphic stuff written about them in their fan fiction too, but they dont complain and neither do their fans. Go google ‘Frerard’, ‘Baycest’ & ‘Waycest’ and then tell me that all this DBS shit is bad. Stop being so goddamn sensitive.

  • ali vankurin

    Wtf people are so disrespectful, and fucked up in the head deadass.

    • courtney

      i know if they dident like why did they come on here stupid ass

    • iana

      this is so fucking weird people are so fuck up fucking lunatic

      • im so on your team im 10 year old so cool :):):):):):):)

      • I’m a TrueBelieber <3 Please! Respect Justin 🙁

        • i agree with you guys there’s screwed up in the head #respectjustin its a way to be a true belieber why write nasty stuff?? there just wanting to loose their virginity to him or something i have my moments too but not the NASTY moments were i wanna have sex with him maybe a date or something like hang out but i have a story going on right now but not really personal stuff but i don’t put it on the internet were everyone read’s it especially tumblr. i agree with everyone there screwed up in the head! and they really need jesus #respectjustin please <3

        • Anonymous

          you go girl stand up for ur man

        • Anonymous

          nahh fuck off and die or i will rape you up the arse………. i have bum aids

      • Anonymous

        did you REALLY have to say fuck that much?

        • Anonymous

          yes use another word

  • Anonymous

    I am sooo disgusted in the person that created Dirty Bieber Secrets!
    You call yourself a belieber?
    Justin would be soo disappointed!
    So glad i had nothing to do with that stupid site!
    #TrueBelieber #RespectJustin ♥ ♥ ♥

    • sexy

      they need to go to church



      • Anonymous

        relax..Jesus can fix anyone

    • Anonymous

      i now right i am so on ur side #truebelieber#respectjustin♥♥♥

  • Alycia

    I am sooo disgusted in the person that created Dirty Bieber Secrets!
    You call yourself a belieber?
    Justin would be soo disappointed!
    So glad i had nothing to do with that stupid site!
    #TrueBelieber #RespectJustin ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Anonymous

      thats so true

    • Anonymos

      who ever created this website should be ASHAMED OF THEIR SELF!!!!!!

  • wanye


  • morgan

    nasties ;|

    • Anonymous

      so gross they should be ashame of themself

      • Anonymous

        fuck you homo

    • lucy

      i think ill punch the dude who created this its just grooooooooooooooooooooooooooooss

  • Anon

    I made DBS by requests of fans. I unsderstand it was very innappropriate, but it’s not all me posting that stuff. I deleted it for my own good. I was getting over 1000 hate letters/tweets a day. I couldn’t take it

    • U are not the owner of DBS, lol <3 Think i died x'P



      • Anonymous

        what bitch loves jelena said its a proven fact

    • Anonymous

      wtf thats jacked up

  • Call me disgusting, call me fake, call me what ever u want, but if u do that you’re not better than the Bieber Haters -______-‘ I love/loved the page and u can’t blame me for that … or can u? If u think you can you can start to hate sex right now. We all wants sex and it’s normal. The most Beliebers are 10+ we all know that many people entering puberty then and begin to masturbate and get menstruation etc.
    We start to get sex imagines and maybe it’s hard for some of us. Many people probably read the blog because they had no ideas for sex fantasies. Who knows.
    I write many stories, novels and fantasies of Bieber and many of the contains sex. But if it’s your own imagination that you read, you know what will happen and you will not be as horny that of someone else’s imagination and thats why I was reading DBS.

    And yeah I respect that the blog is gone, but it’s not gone because it was “disgusting”, but because it was counted as child porn. And I respect that.
    You think Haters should submit their opinions in a respectful way? Why don’t you do so ourselves too then? 🙁
    I beliebed that the most Beliebers were nice persons … I think I was wrong ): </3

    • Allyson

      How old are you???..Im like 14 and it is still kinda weird for me just having sex and all…But i get that people have fantasies…Some more than others..Obviously..But arent you at all embarrassed to put this on the internet?

      • tildemoa

        I’m 13 🙂 and no, I’m not … I don’t think I should be emberrassed.

      • Steph,

        I love you’re point Ally.

    • Belieber

      I respect that(:

      • tildemoa

        thanks (: <3 I don't hate u if u think DBS is wrong but I want u to respect ^^ U know … like all off us want the Haters to respect that we like Justin and we want the Haters to respect Justin 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Most people aren’t that nice

  • iana


    • i know wierd

      • sexy

        so nasty you should be ashame what tpye of girl are you

        • luice

          you are the stupidest girl i have evr met so get you fat balls away from me

  • Anonymous

    Ohh my goodness. You all need to go to church.

  • Veronica

    WHAT ……. THE……. F**K ……….

  • Anonymous

    You should be ashamed think about Justin seeking these things so messed up

  • Dianepinimapie

    Curiosity killed that cat might i say,stumbled upon one of stevethgr8’s videos and so i googled DBS. its obvious some 40 year old man perv who sits in his boxers and watches kids play playoutside his window while eating cereal obviously created it. and no it didnt make you belieber’s look any worse. You guys already look worse just by obsessing and making these shrines of him on the internet. oh and viciously attackin and threating all of his girlfriends. this is freaking hilarious how any of you even ever thought you had any respect to begin with.Your saying that this child porn is nasty and it is. but you have a tease picture of justin beiber “naked” lol thats pathetic. your just sad you lot got caught. oh and yea i did just freaking troll this crap website. oh and yes i did go there and when one of you 12 year old girls say EXCUSEEE ME? in your heads: yea your freaking excused. point.spoken.

    • lovedubbypooh

      well said

      • sexy

        you go girl

        • Anonymous

          I’m with you!

  • Marie

    seriously wtf is wrong with yall ? yall need to get ur asses to a chruch you uys are whatching to much “revealing” scence ontv or “porn” this is digracfukll!

    • Allyson

      Ikr! THey are so weird..I have know idea what possesed me to be on this sight.

  • roseeee

    you kidss aree fuckinq gross!
    you should be extremely ASHAMED to put thaat kind of stuff on thee internet and bout a celeberty at that to! like wtf!
    nasty ass kidds these daays
    S M F H!

    • Anonymous

      does that mean Suck My Fucking Hole, coz that shits nasty girl. Take ur own Advice princess.

      • Anonymous

        It means shaking my Fucking head smartass. Shut the fuck up.

  • JollyJieber140

    Lol. People have dirty minds. Look I’m positive that lists of u guys have had dirty thoughts about him, it is kinda gross to put it on the Internet though. Justin is 17 he himself is most likely constantly thinking about sex, lots of the fans are round the same age, hormones and blah blah blah… Hes got a wrong mind, go listen to a couple interviews you’ll see that he has a wrong mind then, then the whole thing with him grabbing his crutch on stage, Selena’s ass at the beach, and pelvic thrusting on stage doesn’t help with the girls fantasies either. One if u don’t wanna see it don’t look it up and two it’s gonna happen. It’s not hate…

    • bexiiie

      i agree most of the beliebers that r say ‘im a true belieber respect justin’ r sooo rong coz 1) justin isnt even bothered by it coz he is a 17 year old boy that is going through hormones and 2) girls address there love for him in different ways

  • Justin4eveh

    omg!! Guys there’s another website like that!!!!!! It’s like called justin biebers little secret on a site called moonfruit or something…..it’s pretty messed up….

  • Allyson

    Waaaaaaaat?! What have u been drinking before bed?

  • Mel

    Thats just nasty and gross who would do this must be one of the fans you guys see why i am not a craze fan because when you get to obssed it brings that dumb s********t later love always mel

  • Anonymous

    Those people are sick -.-

  • Anonymous

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!
    that’s extremely gross :S
    people who wrote those disgusting things should be ashamed of their selves to think that way .
    you sick people make me wanna throw up ..

    • Anonymous

      yaLl neEd 2T shuT dah heLl upP yaLl doOin liKk yall daTein juStiN.. All of yaLl on hEre juSs haTein off datT manN swAgG, aLl of yaLL oN heRe neEd a booK r suMmtHinGg 2T reAdD.. anDd geTt oFf oF Justins azZ yaLl Lil 0 faCtoRs…. O boi i cAnN teLl u boutt haTeRs oN heRe miI nigGa!!!!!!


  • nicki

    This is nicki on my best frind’s mom’s computer (they know but they don’t know what I’m doin) and I just wanna let people who post know they are SICK AND DISGUSTING!

  • Your mum.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH Beliebers, you make me laugh so hard.
    You complain about this, and then you make a post named “Justin Bieber totally naked!! OMG so HOT!!” and comment with “I wanna fuck him” and stuff like that. Pathetic.

  • mira

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!
    that’s extreamly disgusting !

  • Tisre


    • And u think about what u are saying to a person u don’t know 🙂
      I don’t think your a true Belieber because Beliebers are a family and who calls someone in their family bitch and stupid? x____x

  • britney

    u have to think before u do something stupid selena is 19 while u are like 17.u can’t take any girl u want,any time,day,min,sec eg:me u will never get any girl u want ass!!!!!!!!!!!……………… my sis loves very much and i have no idea why.she doesn’t love u of ur money it is cause ur so cute and she is called britney she is 16.

  • miley

    i love so much i hope i could meet u tonight at the movies after we will go to the hotel.i lovvvvvvvvve u sooooooooooo much pls can we return again as a couple.i am waiting at the hotel pls come waiting for yah

    • miley


    • justin fan

      He is so hot it gets me so horny and I can’t stop I masturbate to the pic and video’s I also look on YouTube justin bieber having sex it is hot I like masturbating to his name

  • Anonymo

    I hope he reads this. And, like, sues you or something.

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe people would actually post that stuff. Its just WRONG! Seriously come to the real world where people dont think of gross things to post that wont happen.

    • justin fan

      Then I am way off I love it makes me horny I think it is hot I like to say oh harder I use a big black sharpie one time I got by 6n6f and started to get him horny and we had sex I like to image jb and me giving him a bj (blow job)

  • Anonymous

    I would be EMBARASSED to post that kind of stuff!!

  • juliana

    so i know every one is like this is diry i mean it is but y are you on here i heard about it on shane dawson and i wanted to see what it is ….well its dicusting and u people are lik GO TO CHUCH but why are you on here if these people need to go to church not hateing just saying

  • Molly

    That sick, who would do that whoever wrote that is sick in the head and if you want justin bieber to like you he loves all his fans but i dont really think much of the one that are writing these things :/

  • cutegirl12347

    i hate that group!!! 🙁 im a true belieber

  • haha

    you do realize then justin bieber is a little baby that needs attention from everybody like a little kid right? god he’s so stupid he will never talk to you ugly fat girls so get a life 🙂

  • *gag* I am sick,I read it. And I am 10 yrs. Old

  • bexiiie

    haha how funny would it be if justin red DBS and got a bonner…but it is a little creepy people ACTUALLY thinking this i mean i tweet stuff like ‘@justinbieber YOU.ME.BED.NOW and ‘ i would lick nuteler of that body’ but i only joke…but if justin asked me to have sex with him i would OBVIOUSLY say yes i meen who wouldn’t say yes lol 😉

    • Anonymous

      Fuck u slut get a motherfucking life

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah) why r u on this page if ur against it!
        Pfhh! Lowlife

    • Exactly 🙂 <3

  • This is pretty lowlifly:-(((

  • wise voice

    oaky, this website is cute and it obviously took a lot of work, yall are all un-CHRISTIAN and u obviously dont care, and for those of u that r Christian u better pray to God that ur sorry for some of the things yall are saying… like guys ur fussing at people for saying INAPPROPRIATE things but wen u fuss at those people u CANT CURSE cuz it totally DEFEATS the purpose! my goodness! thats all, think about it!

  • jackie

    ewwww! this is NASTY!

  • JB leave that nasty girl alone becase she’s SLUT & she even not LOVE you SORRY that the true bro ..,

  • leah Lorraine

    oh my lord! SHUT UP! you little fake people up there ^^ think you’re so cool for calling people nasty and saying that they need to go to church, I guarentee you that none* of you are better! stop acting like perfect little prudes! I luke jb but I’m not obsessed like y’all! your acting like just because you say “ahh that’s nasty ewww respect justin” the he’s gonna come rescue you and be all “oh I love you your my best fan you stood up for me and told people to respect me!”. WAKE UP, GROW UP, MOVE ON!

    • think u 4 saying that whoever u r but anyway just to tell u justin I love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I don’t care what people think of u or I don’t care what they say of u all I know is that I will always be on your side.

      LOVE,Loyalty Cannon


  • Taya M

    Ewwwwwwwwww that is sooooo Effin’Grossssssss 😮




  • Shae

    OKay thats sooo not disturbing !! O_O , Yea Right ! Thats nasty af

  • Anonymous

    I HATE JB!!!!! no offence

  • Anonymous

    you guys are sooooooo sick

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck says they wanna threesome with justin and selena its just groooooos i feel like barfing you people need to go see a doctor if you fantasize about this you are disgustingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    p.s. *gags and barfs*

    • Anonymous

      so true lol its like get a life

    • i agree wit u its time to put dem in deh place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • brebre

        real thing that is nasty i hope they use protection and dont go on maury and he’s the father,so hate JUSTIN 4EVR

    • Anonymous

      that is sooo true who even likes JB

      p.s but i do like salena

      • I do

      • Beliber01

        I <3 JUSTIN BIEBER xxxxxxx

    • susu

      who said Selena and justin even have sex . they are still young

      • nelson

        i think i’m going to agree with u susu but if they do so they , they would know the consecuencess that they would face. I hope they woun’t do such an awful thing . hope I havn’t spoke rudly

    • jb

      that is so nasty

    • Anonymous

      Ay, ay, ay; wat the heck are you lot saying
      Listen to yourselfs I like jsutin as much as the next person but the way people r talking about him on this site is DISGUSTING.

      Justin bieber is a normal human being like us with a successful career he probably gets really hurt when he reads this stuff so just stop it! Its just gross

      P.S. I agree w// you maddy
      P.S.S add me on bbm if you have a BlackBerry – 27719893

      • True Belieber

        I agree. People need to leave Justin alone. Just because he is famous, does not mean he deserves all this crap some people are determined to give him!

        • emily

          ur right

      • emily

        ur totaly right like come on people like grow up

    • sierra

      i no right i mean is is awsome n everything but reallly y u would u say something lyk tht

    • emily

      this is fucking gross people need to leave him a lone and stpo this is out of control

      • emily

        like for real grow the fuck up some people who write this are like 10 year olds and they fucking think its funny like dude grow the fuck up man im not just saying it because im a super duper justin bieber fan but its just nastey theres like thousands of these saying its nastey people

      • i just went to the website to see wat they were saying!They are sick!poor justin.JUst wanna tell u,true beliebers are not that way!

  • Yummie Bear

    I had a dream where justin and i were watching 2girls1cup and we enjoyed it so much we did it ourselves! My mouth was filled with so much delicous salty moist brown treats, it was so awseome!! If only it really happend, Im

    • Anonymous

      that is disgusting you people need help if u could really see what justin was then u’d relize that what u say and do is just wrong go to oprah or dr.phil someonr u people need help in severe ways and don’t take what i say as a compliment but as a warning heed it.

    • de man wit his gual leave him wit his ting.for the record do dream of de mun wit u PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its really disgustinggggggggggggggggggggg

      • brebre

        i agree this is maness justin and his gurl nee
        d to break up that the true

    • Heartless

      eww wtf? no need fo that shit

  • Sophie

    thats dirty infact thats gross

    • amean m,y sis preatch it to dem. finally some one realize dis is grossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • sorry to be rude but dont yourl hav nun to say on this stupid site..do yourll b***hes hav a boyfriend!! . yourll certainly need one. STOP being jealous of wat yourl cant get.youl fucking bitches want to try to get wat youl cant have .all youl sluts want is people man cauz no body do want youl so stop arassing de man get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1. put him down pal!!!!!!! lol

    • ANoynomis(i know i dont feel like spelling)

      you spoke the truth haha

    • Anonymous

      thats true get a life and get treatment 4 bieber-fever

  • ANoynomis(i know i dont feel like spelling)

    This is just sad….sad poor missrible people…. (I DONT FEEL LIKE CORRESTING MY MISTAKES)

  • david udale anyegwu

    Too bad,

  • madison shrader

    listen u guys justin is amazingly cute but i would not post my sexual thoughts online even if i did have some so u guys should really stop…. i mean what if justin sees these things… huhh? he would be really weirded out! 😛

    • Anonymous

      so true

      • Beliber01

        So, i agree he is cute an everything, I agree with ur whole post!

  • Corn


  • Combo Ninja Attacks!

    I’m 11 D: Help meee

  • omfg i swear who ever is out there and makes those bieber sexual thoughts OMFG!!!!!!! wat a sickkkoooo really! YOU need so much help!!!! What if justin saw that……… not looking very good now huhh?………………… and on twitter dirty bieber imagines..> poor justin>>>.. Why do people do that:/ he must see those and think ughh this person is sick they need help. Cuz seriously what would u say if someone wrote a dirty imagine bout YOU that WEIRD right so fuck it and STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JB you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo guy

    • nelson

      what do u mean h’s sooooooooooooooo guy

  • Anonymous

    you people who write these dirty bieber secrets are messed up!! THIS STUFF IS NEVER GUNNA HAPPEN!!!! so go find some better way to spend ur time!!! <3

    • nelson

      yea i agree with u , there is’nt anything that is going to happen. those are just gossip stories

    • justine

      soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo right find something to do with your life

  • Lexi


  • marila

    ilove u jb u are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

    • sierra

      he is but it dnt matter about the looks it matters about the music nd wats on the inside

  • Justin

    i hert you

  • keke

    Don’t post your sexual thoughts online. If you do you should think about it
    For a second and then decide if its a good thing.

  • Lance Portersmore

    I wish Justin would just come out, then I could get together with him and give him my love fat all over his butt cheeks. The I could give him a Wall Street atom bomb all over his chest. On the other hand, I could perform a pinapple hurricane in his hair.

    MMMMM Justin.

    • Josh Bartle

      You need help buddy.


  • justin

    WTFH?? . i cant believe this >.<

    • Lance Portersmore

      What can’t you believe? Justin has Sardinian plums ready to be picked. Lush pastures of mangoes ripen as we speak. The fig leaf should come off at once to show his Bohemian canoe for all the world to enjoy.

      Justin, show us your New Zealand steak knife set.


      • Emmee

        justin bierber kiss me on the lops

        • Lance Portersmore

          Sounds cool Emmee, if you plan on playing Greek chess with his antique violin collection in the back room of the Czec hat shop on a dry August night?


  • holl lizzy your justinbieber

    • Lance Portersmore

      Hey there Lizzy, I guess you wanna put a twisted nickel in an Equador parking meter, yes?

      Justin is the Vladimer Natovskiv of singers. His New Mexico longboat is the most regal one ever seen.

      Give me ten thousand Justin Biebers, and I’ll give you………



  • Beliber01

    I’m a beliber , but im shocked to see the stuff that he does! Xx

  • I love Justin bieber so much that he is so hot.
    Me and my friend think he is so hot.
    I do not think you want to see Justin and Selena have sex because it is so gross.

    • justin fan

      No I would be cuz then he would fuck me so hard and I would mone louad and scream so load oh get hard and hard sperm on me sick it I wish he would suck my tits and and I give him a blow job and suck him so hard I wonder how big his dick is don’t care if it is small but I perpfer long and big if anyone would like to talk about sex and jb send message

  • i love you justin you are so cute gess how old i am 8

  • hi jb i love your songs so much

  • Maddy

    Girls please stop! Think about Justin! He probably barfs when he sees this. How would you like to know millions of guys around the world think about you that way?! If I was a famous guy I would want my fans to think about me in an appropriate way!!! So again…. STOP the immature thoughts!


    • Lance Portersmore

      As it’s nearly new year I wrote a song for Justin.

      Here goes.

      You stand up there, before the crowd,
      your mike is turned up o so loud.
      You wear a hat, its front you tip,
      and then you reach down for your zip.
      The crowd goes wild, the place explodes,
      when you flop out your teenage load.
      Your shriveled plums come out as well,
      then your Trojan helmet begins to swell.
      The show goes well, and some fans faint,
      when you spray faces with your thick white paint.

      Love you Justalinio.


      • Heartless

        eeww wtf

  • Heartless

    You people make no sence. get a life and move on wih yo nasty self. nobody wanna hear about yo nast dreams, keep to urself.

  • Heartless

    wat if jb seen this. he would be so grossed out he throw up his guts, and quite singing so he wont be stalked

    • Lance Portersmore

      Heartless? Try senseless!

      Please use grammer when youze rights!

      We are here to dream about taking the Bieboy from more angles than an international publicity photo shoot. His Mr. Widgy has yet to be enjoyed. His tractor fuel injection system is still in the Asian repair shop. We want some Just ISS girl.

      Bring on the plum fest.


  • Leshaun

    Yo B bring on the plum fest cause I wants to slam tha white ass with my ivory violator. He gonna be unable to ride his bike till nex new years
    I gonna give tha unused gas tank o his a fill up with creamy white gasoline.

    Pump him till he turn green an shit

    Yo beibler, get that cornhole ready


  • C.P Driscol. PHD

    These fantasies, in my professional opinion, are those of twisted minds, bent on little more than acting out a mindless sum frotonic tromorial ipirism.

    Please stop.

  • alonzo

    You go shove it mister B*********R!

    Go suck my great granma’s granma’s R*****, and G******* too!


  • i went on that nasty website to see wat they were sayin, they are sick!!!!!poor justin.Just wanna tell u jb that true beliebers are not like that

    • Anonymous

      Just to say this shit is nasty all you pervs out there probably getting turned on by hearing this. Wtf is thus shit. Who made this?? Crazy chick!!

      • alonzo

        Yo, shut your bitchin!

        Justin is ready for some man love!

        I wants to get him in tha dugout an hit me a homo run

        He ripe

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to post on here that what it is that you guys are doing here is really perverted and it disgusts me! You need to get a life! You need to realize that Justin doesn’t “want” any of you. This whole website is a waste of your time because if Justin were to actually read this he still wouldn’t “want” any of you because he would also be disgusted. Just let him do what he loves without all of this stress. He has a girlfriend also and he seems like a loyal guy that would never do something like what you guys are talking about while he was dating someone.

    • Dr. Erwin Othwinde

      Anonymous, you seem unnerved. As a writing specialist, I estimate your age to be between twelve and fourteen, correct?

      I also sense that you have some history of sexual abuse involving violence by a foster parent.

      You are a bed wetter who is cruel to small animals.

      In the future you will commit sexual crimes involving sacrifices of animals.

      Later in life you will begin human sacrifices which involve drinking blood and other fluids.

      Please seek help.

  • Rianna

    Holy fucking shit! I met Justin on the fucking holidays at a fucking mall!

    He was so fucking cool about having a picture taken with me, the fuck, he even kissed me on the cheek!

    Girls, it was so fucking hot!


  • Come on he is a good guy
    So tret him with respect!;-) lov JB JB JB JB JB JB JB JB JB JB JB JB JB JB JB JB JB:-*

  • hy

    Stop Bien’ nasty

  • RUBY

    Oh…….wow that is just disturbing

  • 3-1-94 ,12:56a.m., Tue


  • Anon

    i found the creator, dirtybieber2423, they made another one

  • BelieberForever84

    That’s sick! I’m glad there going to take the site down, there are some crazy stupid Beliebers…I’m a Belieber but to me my definition of a Belieber is someone that loves him so much, enjoys his amazing music, and who supports him no matter what the situation is.
    That is just so sick!

  • EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW that is soo gross, its just so ewwwwie

  • :/

    ewww!!!! This is GROSS not only for young people!!I’m 18 and i can NOT believe what some ppl are thinking…this is sick,seriously.

  • Anonymous

    I think you all need to just grow the hell up. The site is hilarious if not really hot to some people. He probably wants to and DOES do all the shit that people post about on the site to selena and I bet he has seen it. He probably thinks it’s incredibly sexy. And another thing, why the fuck are you 12 year olds even obsessed with him in the first place? He’s 17 for christ sake, if anything you are the ones who he’s probably freaked out by. shut the fuck up already 😀

  • Clean Belieber

    Wow, what the hell. This is fucking nasty. Its one thing to be a belieber and one thing to be a pervert. Like forreal. Thats freaking disgusting you people must be old. Thats very disgusting Justin is only 18.

  • ABBY C.

    WHOEVER MAD THIS WEBSITE NEEDS SOME MENTAL HELP!!!!! AND I MEAN ALOT OF IT!!!!!! I loke justin beiber’s music and i think he is cute but i dont sit and think of nasty fantisy’s of what i would do with him i mean GROW UP people!! u guys need to get a life and wake up!

  • beiber hater

    Justin Bieber sucks! he sucks very big floppy donkey dick. him and selena love to have drunkin sex with donkeys at night. with there parents watching them. i hope selena gets pregnant with a beaver and it eats her from the inseide out. hahahah. fuck justin bieber and his whole life.

    The End.

  • curtlynn

    i take back what i said

  • Brittany

    ok. first of all this is soo gross. if Justin ever saw any of this he would be P.O.ed. this is not right. plus justin is christian so he would not like any of this. u guys r soo stupid. dont even talkabout crap like this

  • Anonymous

    thats cute

  • kashi

    justin like to selena gomez

  • anonymous

    thats cute

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous and disturbing. It’s one thing to have these “fantasies” its another to share them.

    • 19andsexual

      No. It’s not ridiculous or disturbing to express your sexuality. It’s healthy and natural and invigorating. Try it sometime when you masturbate alone in your room.

      • I couldn’t agree anymore. Well said good man, well said.

  • Shelby

    i want to have sex with you justin drew bieber

  • Marty

    I wanna shove my purple headed love wand into his fudge factory.

    I wanna suck his *******, and his***, at least twice a day.

    Marty S.

  • Marty

    I’ze got some man love for him


  • Wow…Ew.What’s the website?I kinda wanna see it for myself.

  • Anonymous

    this is the most nasty creation ever

  • 19andsexual

    Dear all you 13 year olds commenting on this,
    Sex. Is. Natural.
    As you grow and start to explore your sexuality, you will realize that fanfic such as this is very very common and there is a genre such as this for nearly any famous person, male or female. Expressing sexual fantasies is NOT disgusting. As you get older, I encourage you to become more at one with your sexual nature and stop repressing it and telling people they are gross or weird or terrible people. The example posted is not horrible, it’s not offensive to JBiebs (it’s a compliment), and it is like many many others that are posted by people with sexual urges. It’s not gross.
    Some day you will understand.

  • Anonymous

    jb woulld kiss me

  • jb i love misc i love you

  • jay

    whoever wrote dat is a nast stupid hoe cuz she bio homo and prob got aids and ery thing in da world i think imma troww up

    • You gotta be more mature then that. SEX IS A NATURAL THING.

  • Heinrich

    I would like to get his bald headed wrestler in a choke hold, and make him sick.


  • Kamran

    I Like You & Ur Lovly Style.

    • sunshtne

      What the !!!!!!!!what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Mishelle Bieber

    wow… pervs -.- that just makes justin look bad :/

    • Mishelle Bieber

      they should have the website shut down, just sayin

      • They will not shut a website down because of some immature people saying to shut it down. If you feel uncomfortable with this, why’d you read it?

  • Crystal V


  • Anonymous

    fuck u the girl who wrote this

    • Be nice. She knows that sex is natural. Obviously you do not.

  • Anonymous

    i am going to have sex with jb my self

  • Anonymous

    da girl who wrote this is lesbion

  • Justinlover

    justin should dump selena cuz he going to date me bitches

  • Justinlover

    justin is red hot

    • Justinlover

      he loves me

  • Roccy

    that is really disgusting

    • If it was disgusting, who the hell told you to read it? :/




    i love ju


  • Ruth

    THIS IS GROSS yALL NEED TO TAkE THIS SITE OFF…. SERIOUSLY … That will NEVER happen cause JUSTIN isn’t like that !!! But you aren’t a real Belieber cause you don’t care.

    • Anonymous

      If you learned to read, it did get taken off thanks to you immature little girls. So? The people that post these things do it for other people’s happiness, to write, and to express their feelings. Puh-Lease, hun, they’re probably bigger Beliebers than you will ever be.


  • Kaitlyn

    That Iz SICK!!! I hope Justin did not see that! 0.0

  • gracee

    he is gross no justin bieber teeth

  • anonymous

    personally you shouldnt post it online and if u do write that stuff keep it to yourself. no one cares if people write that stuff but again keep it to yourself in like a journal or something just to read to your self. i know alot of people like him alot and want to marry him and stuff like that but others dont need to know about your personal thoughts please dont post online those things. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER

    • Anonymous

      Listen up, most of you guys don’t know what Tumblr is. You need to grow up yourself too.





  • Camille

    wow. you people need too grow up, sure it’s a little provocative but, she is a DIRTY BELIEBER , and uhm, if you don’t like the post then why tf are you on a dirty belieber site ? don’t comment being rude and saying ” ew i used too like you, and now you gross me out” she is inlove with Justin, aren’t we all ? grow up, SEX IS SEX. and if someone wants too watch it, let them. Bye.

    • naomi

      What u gys think about dris

  • naomi

    so you can now i love jb bye

  • Anonymous

    Whoever posted this disgusting shit is not a true Belieber. Justin would be so disappointed. Get a life.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, you don’t know how he’d feel like. Stop assuming crap; he probably doesn’t like it either. They’re probably a bigger Belieber than you are, hun. Thanks for the proper grammar, though.

  • Anonymous

    You clicked on the link.

  • Tara Gabriel


  • Madi Bieber

    Im about to be sick,that is disgusting,who would wnat to do that?I guess Perverts

  • demi-leigh

    i like justin and selena xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx demi-leigh

  • mariah

    everyone made a BIG announcment to this stuff but all i have to say is simply put urself in justins shoes.

  • BieberKfc

    what did i just read.

  • Isabel

    I think that’s not necessary because why perves are just admitting they don’t have a life

  • i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

    Whoever this person is has to be bi bcuz they r disgusting for saying that about justin and selena
    Love, i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me!

    • Anonymous

      You don’t know for sure. Saying/Assuming they’re bi would probably make Justin not like you. Actually, you’re making it sound like what they did was disgusting, but hun, you don’t know what’s happening in their real lives.

  • khushi birjee

    i want to meet u justin .i love ur song and u

  • Ingrid

    Honestly… This is THE most DISGUSTING, PERVERTED, and GROSS thing I have EVER read in MY LIFE! Honesty, I am not a belieber and I HATE justin Bieber, but to people who enjoyed reading this PIECE OF CRAP, you guys are perverted and shouldn’t even be CALLED beliebers!

    XO… You know what, what you put doesn’t even deserve to have an “XOXO”!

  • asdfghjklasdfghjk

    stop being pussies y’all its not really the first time you guys are so sensitive and naive grow up

  • heather michelle long

    that is sick i may autally puke especialy the last part how would post that jb plz find out about it get this dude arested

    • Anonymous

      Grow up. There’s much worse things out in the world.

  • Adele

    Ferals. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER AND I ALWAYS WILL!! But thats gross. :/

  • Jazzy

    Stup a choobledog you spleeber!

    Jutsice Biebler is the rodfroster of our generation!

    Jazzy E

  • i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

    wtf did i just read

  • Belieber

    Holy crap what is wrong with people!EWW

  • Anonymous

    You guys are overly obsessed with him

  • Bill Trueberry III

    Ya’ll comes down here to Texas boy, and I’ll gladly lick that hotdog like all us Texans do!

    Bill Trueberry III

  • STFU

    If you don’t like this page then
    1: Why are you on it
    2: Your opinions won’t change a damn thing because people do what they want to

  • nun ya

    Yalla are freaking idots justin prolly dosent even read this shit HE DONT WANNA HAVE SEX WITH YOU leave him the hell alone!!

    • Anonymous

      How are they the idiots? This whole article is useless. They don’t want him to read it, or they could even careless. They’re just letting it out of their system; is that wrong? Is it wrong to let your feelings out? l0l, you should leave him the hell alone.

  • asdfghjkl

    I LOVE IT!!

  • anonymous

    im going to agree with the people who say get over it! ok for one if ur younger you wont be interested in this stuff so just get off the website!!!! but everyone has sexual fantasies

  • WTF

    Ya nasties!

  • Anonymous

    OK then

  • Mrs, R

    Wow this is just, stupid well then this person has a mest up mind

  • Anonymous

    I swear to God I had sex with jb

  • Kela

    Justin knows that some of his BELIEBERS ARE inapropiate but come on people he has feelings just like u & I,don’t u guys think he him self might get GROSSED OUT. People should use the internet wisely come on BELIEBERS.He loves his fans don’t make him shameplease people.

  • HelloKitty^.^


  • wilma

    eww that gross but it made me laugh thinking that someone would think that way! still VERY GROSS!!

    • Anonymous

      Tell me more. Newsflash, Justin’s eighteen, he’s not a little boy. Once you grow up, you’d probably feel the same way as these girls.

  • Anonymous

    You got to be kidding me. Who ever wrote this must be thirteen, immature, and hasn’t had puberty yet. Actually, they’re probably bigger Beliebers than you will ever be. Seeing all of your comments just makes me laugh.

  • Anonymous

    All of you are stupid. You don’t know about Tumblr, so stop assuming. Actually, stop assuming about everything. Be careful of what you comment, because I will seriously go back to this one article just to read your comments and fight against you about what you said. Y’All are not real Beliebers if you continue to say that this is inappropriate. I know that one day all of you are going to have all your sexual fantasies about him while other people like me would be standing in the sidelines saying, “I told you so.” So, grow up; get some boobs.

    • jb's girl

      You suck maby your not a real belieber. Plus I am only 10 and have already had my fourth period. So how about you get some boobs

    • jb's girl

      And I bet you just love the website so you are protecting it

  • fghjkl

    wat the fuck is wrong with u u perv

  • Madison Bieber

    That is unbelievably GROSS!!! Oh my god! Maybe you want to have sex with him, but watching him and Selena is sooooooo wrong!!!!!! I can’t BELIEVE someone would make this website!! I was seriously gagging!! I feel so bad for JB!!

  • Britt

    This scares me a little

  • Sari beiber

    dude this goes in ur diary not the internet

  • T

    This is well…um…gross.

    • Morgan

      i agree

      • jb's girl

        Me to

  • Grayshaun

    Shoot that poop, right through the hoop.

    Slam dunk your chunk, don’t be the punk.

    You are the beeb, not some dweeb.

    Face the system, like Sonny Liston.

    Peace out. Grayshaum.

  • Morgan

    Justin I’ve always hated you. Justin your stupid .You are gross

  • lissy

    i love jb it would be nasty to see that i would throup

  • cammy

    Justin I love u brake up with that crack head and date me
    hee hee

  • cammy

    that crack head is

  • lkjuoh


  • justin fan

    Wow that is so hot I love it it makes me feel so good oh yeah I love to read it
    Over and over it is so sexy hot

    • jb's girl

      You are freaking gross you are not a true believer.

      • liana

        ok first of all maybe u should go die in a whole no matter what ur age is ur a perver ok im inly 10 and evry thing but if u go to my school there is more to that ok so im just saying to shut rhe front door and go die in a whole

  • justin fan

    Hey anyone would you like to chat

  • jb's girl

    first of all this is freaking disgusting I am only 10 and I am about to be 11 . But I really hope this guy goes to jail and I know what alot of this means because of the boys at day care. And I am really surprised that this is allowed on this website. I think that we should all go and tell someone about this or try to get the website taken down before there is another discussting one like this one

  • Michaela Armstrong

    It just tell u that the person who did this is desperate and wants him.

  • brishea

    hi justin bieber me brishea moos

  • cupcake

    OK THATTT WASS F****** Nasty, am i hust dreaming or what

  • alexa

    beep you justin beaver

  • Sarah

    You people who look agree with this shit are sick in the mother effin head. Seriously go see a gosh damn shrink or psychiatric. Damn dirty ass kids.

  • liana

    how can people have minds like this how do these kids/ teenagers parents feel about this! my goodness Justin bieber is a inocen person who shouldnt be treated like this i absoloutly think that these people should pay more attention to why really makes sense and not what is at there dirty minds

    thank u!!

    aka this comment has been written by a 10 year old girl

  • liana

    oops inocent

  • macy boo90

    i love him stop talk a balty my boyfriend i love him$$$$

  • Anonymous

    So fucking hot, I’d bang him soooo hard it’d be ridiculous

  • tanisha


  • Christina

    U do know people look up I u so stop

  • RITA


  • Poop


  • Anonymous

    By do u guys do this jbs not ganna see this and some people of u don’t like him then do t look him up. Because I’m sick and tiered of see and reading about people want to have stuff with him gosh so just stop

  • Sharrell

    I wanna poot his risoto pie all over my face like Tuesday girl!


  • My name doesn't matter.

    I personally would really just want him to be mine forever. Those beautiful brown eyes are all I need, and my breath taking green blue grey yellow eyes are all he needs.<3

  • Mexican Lover;)

    Woah. Just Woah.

  • kate

    i love the thought of tieing him to a cross while i rip his body open with jesus’ nail and feed his intestines to the lepers. goodnight, guys. c: i listen to screamo so his music sounds like schitzophrenic giraffes dying.

    • Rex

      I love you lol although you did insult those poor giraffes by comparing them to that erectosaurus fucktard pisschugger of a lesbian.

  • amnoys

    dude no way he did that and u can’t jail for that . that her stories not ours

  • lol


  • Brooklyn

    Damn it guys i am 10 and in the fith grade i fucking read sex stories when i am bored i get horny sometimes and i like justin bieber and fantisize about him sometimes so that just dosent mean you can just call random people youve prbably never even met perves

    • unknown

      um ok that has got to be the sickest thing I’ve ever heard and wow for ur age to. I Have a sibling ur age AND imagining them that is just unbearable. Plus they have complete right to call this person a pervert I mean there fantasizing about doing it with two celebrities different genders at that so I mean I see where ur coming from but at the same time its totally sick and makes completely no sense at all

      • stefanie maywhether


  • juju

    ohh man i will have sex with him if i chould :3 he is so cute

  • juju

    if i get him i will kiss him and marry him on te spot haaaaaaaaaaaaaa god he is so cute and handsome

  • Anonymous


  • HannahBelieber

    Oh god i’m 13 all that pubertety shit still on and for god sake i love each and every dirty imagine if u said like grose then wait til u grow up. Everyone who understands imagines has sexual fantasies and be horny about it so shut the hel up justin is 19 now he would fuck every girl that moves. Grow up -_-

  • Anonymous D.

    Justin Bieber had decide to have sex with me and now he is my baby daddy.

    • stefanie maywhether

      no sweetheart, you are a very confused sick twisted kid.

  • ttt


  • Anonymous

    U guys ar dirty

  • jassy

    i would 2 im so hornyyyyyyyyy
    i fell like having sex

    • stefanie maywhether

      you spelt FEEL wrong shithead. -.-

      • Alexis Taylor

        This is not a matter of the right employee

  • stefanie maywhether

    a sex fantasy is supposed to be someone who is sexually arousing, not sexually demeaning, honestly, would you sex a guy who is constantly high and drunk and vomits uncontrollably, no, thought so. and seriously, half of you guys are like 8, 12, 13, EYE OPENER, he doesn’t want you, so go back to kissing your posters you lonely virgin…. -.-

  • Alexis Taylor

    now, jb for sure this site author abhors and is written and added everything wrong

    • Alexis Taylor

      This is not a matter of the right employee

  • Anonymous


  • Im to good to pay ..

    Wow …..ummm ? Uhhh I I-i need to chruch an it 4:10 am

  • Im to good to pay ..


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  • Rex

    I’d really like to see Justin Beibers body be torn apart by a gorilla, then boxed up and sent to all the fans of that erectosaurus fucktard pisschugger of a lesbian 🙂 Thanks guys 😉

  • MR$ I$$Y Bieber

    I Love U Bieber UR Sexy And your Soo Sweet Too 🙂 Love U Love Mr$ I$$Y Bieber

  • Hi there it’s me, I am also visiting this website daily, this web page is truly pleasant and the users are truly sharing pleasant thoughts.

  • scarlette

    My fantacey would totaley be me and selena fucking bieber like there was no tomarrow i would be moaning like crazy oh and it will feel so good

  • just want have fun





      Jk but I luv him

  • Anonymous


    • lol smiley


  • Anonymous

    That sounds great I wAnt to do it too

  • Someone

    ew that is just sick who would ever think that about Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez just stop posting dirty minded posts about JB

  • Spooreen

    He got some award so you just shut your damm oie hole!

  • CM

    Life here in Washington can be boring, but with Christmas just around the corner, Republicans like myself can get to play Santa, get certain ‘Of Age’ performers, (who shall not be named ,JB) on my knee, and give him a present which some might say is a little like an oil rig, but this one only shoots out white oil with a salty aftertaste.

    CM (Rep)

  • SHAMe

    what the fuck is wrong with all these people? SICKOS!

  • jaelyn

    you r all so fuckin sick justin deserves someone who doesnt just want his d*** or his damn baby you should just accept that he is sexy but im just bein real it doesnt matter how much you love him let him do his thang and you wont have to be a shame

  • beleiber


  • hhh


  • hi


  • Rick

    I just bought me this great inflatable doll on ebay, JB hiself!

    Humped that thing ever which way til it burst after corn holeing without lube.

    If anyone has interest, I put it back on ebay, repaired over the corn hole, but otherwise functional.


  • Vern

    I’d like to dress him up as Santa, then make him sing Jingle Bells!

    • Cristie

      EWWWWWWW UR sick!

  • poopyhead535

    I saw a man look at me, then I looked at him. I guess he followed me home, cause he was at my door. Then he looked at me. I called the cops on him, but he looked at the cops. Then cops looked at me, and I looked him. Mother arrived and she looked at him, the cops looked at me. Then I found myself looking at him again. It has been a rough eight hours of watching, as if we were suspended in time. My father came and looked at him, my looked at me. The cops looked at father, and I looked at YOU.

  • aubrey

    You guys are tots gross u shouldn’t say that about ANYONE!!!

  • deybjell

    what is this!

  • deybjelly

    Im confused…like is this legal!!

  • Faquisha

    Umm eww

  • Belieber

    You guys are nasty

  • cutie

    I want 2 fuck the shit out of him

  • Laila

    I agree it’s nasty but why
    are u on this site anyway. You knew it was gonna nasty once u saw the name.

  • fanta bioh

    i love you beber

  • diva.ove14

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  • Anonymous

    I think that was gross i mean EWWWW I could throw up right now like GROSS

  • Max5683


  • amelia

    This is disgusting I can’t believe what I am reading

  • yhug


  • Tairell

    I done went to that fools concert here in Alabama

    cost me $500 just to get in with a promise of meetin him backstage.

    I gets back there, he says hi, rear entrance, right?

    I says, you racist mofo, then walk away.

    Then he drops his shorts, points to his ass, then says no, this rear entrance.

    What this world comin’ to?!

  • Jim Cartrell

    Ya’ll better leave that boy alone.

    Us down here in the south don’t like that talk.

    Come down here with your Piers Morgan, an I’ll shove an AR15 where the sun dont shine!

    Jim Cartrell (Used cars from $1500, call now, or email)

  • Karl

    I swear this is a true story guys, I picked him up one night when he was walking back from a gig in the rain. I asked him where he wanted to go and he gave me THE LOOK, and said, how far are you willin’ to go?

    Next thing I know, he had my pecker in his mouth, and hoovered my walnut shells all the way to Alabama. Only bad thing was when I let him out the car, he insisted on kissin’ me, and I mean tongues! Damn, that tasted salty.


    • Weirded out

      U just did a D.B.S u gross perv!

  • anonymous

    What the actual f that was so ewwwww

  • Indiana

    How weird would it be if these were some of the beliebers that requested stories from D.B.S!


  • keyaira

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  • James Longhorn

    Best expeiriences ever!

    Justin gave me an autograph after a concert.

    Justin let me have a selfie with him.

    Best of all, Justin gave me a rim job.


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  • Soph

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  • Charles Parsons

    I first looked at this site with utter disgust, but now, when I think of Bieber soaping his body before sliding his body into a Turkish bath filled with hairy, bearded men, I I just…

    I jus…Ijust shot my load.

  • Akbahr

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  • madi

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  • mad

    Justin you are so sexy

  • John Manfelt

    Given his current driving conviction and other stuff he done, one feels an increasing level of dismay at what shit he been up to an’ shit!

    Jus my fifty cents!

  • Montrell

    Followin his arrest on the drinkin drivin thayg we shared a cell toozgether. Due was all shit talkin about us gettin equal rights and shit. So I bend that puppy over the wash basin, pull down his pants and that boy got like a two inch pecker max. I’m talkin fully boned up too!
    Anyhowz, his fraggle rock was tiny, but his chocolate funnel had seen enough sevice!
    Next day he was released, went home, played on his game consul while I played with mine.
    Countin the days now, well years, all 23. Note to self, drive by shootin ain’t a good career move guys!

  • Anonymous


  • Sister Clarise

    As a woman of religious faith I find this site offensive. Remarks involving immoral deeds regardingsuch a young man disgust both myself and my husband, a priest for over thirty years. The words used in the comments here are those which in normal conversation neither myself nor my husband would ever use, including: ramming that skinny fuck up his shitter, blowing a wad in his mouth, giving him a taste of the purple headed love wand, etc.
    Because of this filth on display here, I even had to explain, in the company of fellow church goers, what a rim job, a chocolate starfish and a reach round were!
    Please end this sin against humanity.

  • G

    I wanna jus think about him on his mobile phone!