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I know what Justin Bieber is staring at….

Selena posted this picture of Justin on her Instagram…

"He's staring really hard at something" - Selena Gomez

I think I know what that something is.

Apparently parents are mad at Selena for posting this picture saying she’s not a good role model anymore and that Justin would take her to Hooters on a date because he disrespects her.

Do you think this mom is overreacting?

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  • sarra dreha

    i love them both but i think thats a tad gross i don’t understand why!

    • O

      It’s not that bad like I love that place and I’m a girl but, they have good chicken wings lol

    • Anonymous

      You wierd like he

    • Melanie porterrrrrr

      me too!

  • belb

    omg that mom is crazy she doesnt even know why theyr at hooters, but she just asumes that justin is an objectifying jerk, wen they wer probs just having fun

  • jELeNaToR_21

    whaaat? selena is a good role model. xD & justin did not make even a little mistake. they’re having a date & both of them were happy so selly posted this pic to show her happiness… LEAVE THEM ALONE! xD

    • NeverGuessMe

      Yes. Lying for fame, going through boys like water, abandoning friends, sucking people’s throats every 5 minutes… she’s a good role model.

  • nonono

    I think its an advertizing and Selena probably got payed for this.

    • O

      What how!? Lmfao

    • Dasia

      wow hi hater

    • pau (de bieber)

      soy paula I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER no me gusta q este con Seleboba pero si el se siente feliz yo tambienn

  • Katie


    • SAM


  • name

    really. c’mon. thats all bs and rummors. ok? justin and selena have both been to hooters before. their on a date nd their having fuuuun. SWAG. love them.

  • Courtney Bieber

    okay.. im not saying Selena is dating him just for publicity. BUT she sure LOVEESS to start it! thats what i notice, like, why does she feel like she has to advertise the fact that theyre dating?! cant she just go on a date like a regular person and NOT post any pictures!?! i just think shes a B*tch..dont judge me..

    • SB

      I agree, hate that girl. She obviously posted this just to imply hes staring at boobs (if he is thats ok with me XD ) but as a kid idol she should not be implying that, but in general she is not a good kid role model anymore which is stupid since she is still a kid idol and not much else

      • hahaha obviously!!!! she always tries to start something with the press…or even us!! the beliebers!!! i think shes trying to start it with us, to show justin how we react, and say that she didnt do anything!!! B1TCH!!!

        • SB

          I always think she is so obnoxious. She loves to rub it in everyone’s faces that she is with him who is too hot for her. She was supposedly given hate from bieber fans yet she does nothing to make them like her because she loves flaunting it more than needed.

    • O

      How could you still believe there fake? You might as well just call Jutin a retard if you think he would blow of half his money on her for publicity like seriously. I’m a girl I like to go to Hooters cause try have great food. And Justin and Selena have gonna there on dates before.
      Just saying/letting you know

      • Davina

        I don’t support Jelena I just support Justin and Selena but I hate Jelena hooters is a fine place who care where they go to eat but he stares at boobs o well so does every other 17 year old boy

    • junebug

      i think da same shes such a BITCH and SLUT i never liked her and never will and im NOT jealous!!!(dont judge me)!!

  • Terri

    Sometimes I think people should just grow a set and yank that stick right out of their asses ….

  • Anonymous

    please! The half naked girls is on the outside of the broshure. He is really looking at the food. If you dont believe me go look at the menu on the hooters site. You see only one panel that has the Hooters girls on it. If you look closely at the picture you will see that that one panel wit the Hooters girls is on the outside of the menu. He is staring hard at the food. lol He is a teenage boys. Teenage boys love to eat!

  • ali vankurin

    wtf who cares, they went to eat im sure he didnt even look at the bitches that worked there, selenas a dumbfuck for putting this on though bc she knew he was gonna get publicity for it.

  • stfu

    omg u are dumb bitches, going on about nothing, shes just joking around. They arent little kids any way, so get the the fuck over it

    • SB

      You adore selena so much, why are you here?

      • stfu

        um? wtf i do too, hence why i was sticking up for her and justin

    • NeverGuessMe

      Joke around? She does it to get publicity. She’s a famewhore.

    • SAM


  • christina

    come on pepole its a picture get over it,i think selena and justin are the best role models for my kids.

    • NeverGuessMe

      NO. DO NOT buy into Disney. I repeat DO NOT. They want you to believe that everyone and everything in their company is “innocent”. Don’t believe that.

  • Anonymous

    oh now they cant even had a little joke.. what the hell is going on to the haters??? are they …??? as if theyre too perfect in this world.. dun u ever had joking around or even do sumting lyk this?? wht a pity oh please *an opinion, peace*

  • Anon.


    He’s a boy. Who cares. He’s joking around. People need to lighten the eff up.

  • Miss.Bieber

    I think this mom is crazy he is just at a resterant big wooop

  • Lilly

    umm this mom must be a FREAK!!! ive been to Hooters before & yes the girls do dress like skanks there but they are very nice & dont try to show off their boobs or something at the table.. & he’s probably just think weather or not to get a plate or something.. i mean… he maybe may be a little perv (idk if he is 1 tho xD) but id think he would be staring at that in front of his gf.

  • jbs number one fan

    ok that is weird.
    and i bet justin doesnt disrespect her

    • NeverGuessMe

      why? He’s not a saint. Just saying he does normal teenage stuff like swear, watch inappropriate things, and stuff. He’s normal.

      • aNoN

        hey NeverGuessMe go the hell away. your just hating. yes hes normal. but look. you commented on everything loving justin. if you dont wanna love. you wanna hate. so go away. your annoying

  • nonono

    I bet she took him there. Its’ her favorite restaurant and she knows what she is doing. obviously its not hard to figure out why 🙂

  • shut up!

    crazy mum! it sells food and i bet the mum wouldnt judge a normal non-famous girl for going there!!!!!

    • belieber. i just love him

      agreeeeeddd man!


    really selena making him look bad saying he isnt a good role model wow ur being a good girlfriend ……

    Boyfri(end) Girlfri(end) never last cuz it has “end” now fam(ily) they last forever

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please explain what hooters is ?
    Sorry beeing so dumb ..

  • belieber. i just love him

    its just a restaraunt that has pictures of women in tight clothes on the menu.

    guys stop freaking. stop freaking at selena, or justin hahahha bieber 4evA

  • JelenaLover

    wow, some of you people are overreacting …..she problay joking around, you always take the smallest and make them bigger then they need to be…..and to the people that think shes dating him for the fame ……..dont you think she would have broke up with him now if she was, shes already more famous then him.

    • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

      exactly. hate people who over react and make jokes so serious.

    • dont use hashtags, its not twitter…

  • Natalie (Future Mrs.Bieber)

    that mom needs to chill. they’re just having fun. who said they cant eat at hooters? and maybe he is reading the menu. he doesnt care about how the girls look over there since he has Selena anyway…:/

  • jbiebslover

    honestly yeah i think its nasty that selena took him to hooters but really, like this picture could be him looking at the menu, if he wanted to c boobs he could look at a waiter like its common sense. y would he stare at a printed photo when he can stare at a real women?! he is clearly looking at the menu WICH U DO WHEN UR IN A RESTAURANT. honestly everyone is making a big deal for nothing they r teenagers and they probs thought it would be funny, im younger then them and even i can see that.

    • Ashley

      agreed. and also, even if he was staring at boobs, HE IS 17 WHY IS IT SUCH A HUGE DEAL.

  • Anonymous Person

    Stupid girls, can’t you all see that he is simply an ass? He wants publicity!! He doesn’t care about you!! This is for Justin, and all you dumbass Beliebers, go back to Canada, and take your fans, music, and hair style with you!!!!!!

    • aNoN


    • SAM


  • That Girl

    what i dont get it that why did She go there? like seriously, taking your boyfriend to hooters? cmon wth. i think its just awkward.

  • cutegirl12347

    omg! i theyre just regular people (with billions of fans each) except for justin cuz hes amazing! they can go to hooters if they want because they have food there and you need food to survive

    • SAM


  • Shae

    Whats the big deal ?! Hes 17 for gosh sakes ! almost 18 hes not going to be 15 forever !!! Hes growing up and going through puberty and the hormonal teenage boy stage so of course hes going to be doing things like that , staring at girls body and crap and Selena probably posted it for fun , thats probably why she posted it to instagram not twitter because little kids should even have a instagram because its only for Iphones & Ipods and what are little kids doing with those ?! SO the mother who overreacted should chill & let the both of them BREATH !

  • junebug

    tht mom is not over reacting she isent a good rolmodel and i dont judge justin cuz hes a dude… but selena I HATE HER and im NOT jealous!!!

  • belieber4ever

    dude chill, they are in love, GET OVER IT