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Justin Bieber Christmas music video being filmed in Franklin, TN

Hundreds of teenagers, mostly girls, are chanting and cheering for Justin Bieber in downtown Franklin a few hours before the start of his video shoot.

Teen idol Bieber will prowl and swagger his way through historic downtown Frank
lin tonight as part of a music video shoot.

Girls took turns squealing and chanting his name while holding up camera phones as police and security cordoned off his tour bus parked behind Gray’s Drugs.

Rumors of Bieber’s appearance have bubbled all week but finally burst Wednesday afternoon when the 17-year-old pop star was spotted getting out of his tour bus late this afternoon in Franklin surrounded by his entourage. Actress Selena Gomez, who is dating Bieber, was seen by passersby as well.

Bieber confirmed his appearance in Franklin on his Twitter account posting

“on the set of #mistletoe. christmas is coming early this year.”

Bieber is set to release an upcoming Christmas-themed album, which is also slated to feature The Band Perry.

Details about the video were scarce, though a city film permit application says the production is called “Mistletoe.” City officials are being kept in the dark about who the musicians are. Milissa Reierson, city spokeswoman, said the city was told someone “relatively famous” was in the video.

In downtown Franklin, news of Bieber’s appearance brought out onlookers this evening.

Haley Hall and Ansley Waller, both 16, were across the Main Street from the former Gray’s drugstore hoping for a glimpse of the musician they heard was shooting a video.

“Big fans,” Hall said. “I feel like I’m gonna cry if I see him.”

Hall’s grandmother, Elaine Thompson, owns a business on the street and texted her granddaughter to tell her the big news. She’s keeping her shop — coincidentally a Christmas-themed gift store — open late to give her granddaughter a place to hang out.

“She was on top of it like a duck on a June bug,” Thompson said of Hall’s enthusiasm.

Thompson said she received an e-mail from a downtown business association depicting a wintry scene complete with faux snow. No one ever confirmed for her which star is at the center of this production, but Thompson said everyone in downtown Franklin is buzzing. Her so-called confirmation of Bieber’s presence came from a bank teller.


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    watch the album be sold out wen it comes out nd wen i go to a store or somethin……. does anybody noe WHERE his albums r sold in NYC???? i need to noe ASAP

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    holy sh** it said that selena was there and um it might just be me but i think hes gonna do the song with selena………….. imma gonna die if it is

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    i wish i went ihad no idea!

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