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justin bieber ludacris ludaday basketball

Justin Bieber playing basketball at Ludaday Weekend Celebrity Game

Justin took part in Ludacris’s Ludaday Weekend Celebrity Basketball Game earlier today. It was Team Justin vs Team Ludacris. Justin’s team won and raised $10,000 for charity.

Looks like JB had a good time:

we made a lot of money for #charity today at the game. thanks to everyone who supported and to @ludacris for living as an example to others….felt great winning 2day. felt even better knowing we did it 4 #charity. thanks 2 all the fans who came out 2 support. #muchlove


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  • Dolphin

    yay! go TeamBieber! =)

    • Anonymous

      U know wat I was there for all that i took a pic with him right after that pic with Luda. Funny thing is he tried to get out of there quick after the short interview if it wasn’t for Luda who pulled him back I wouldn’t have got a pic with him. This all happened because my dad works for 11 Alive news!!!!!! When Justin tooknthe pic with me he put his arm around me and said he liked my name. But I was playing with my iPhone 4 the whole time!!!!! And he was watching me!!!!!! Also this is sent from my ipad 2 !!!! I luvvvvvvv Justin ( see were on a first name basis!!!!!)

      • Anonymous

        Oh sorry I forgot to say my name is Storey!!!

  • yay go #teambieber so proud of everyone who took part to raise 10K for charity amazing people they are! if you want follow me on twitter @loubieberfan <3

  • PAT


    • i use to play in the baskeball game just when i was part off the special oymplics just when i was 18 years of age , love david b conway

  • CLena

    Cool, i think i just saw a video of Selena cheering Justin playin basketball, did u guys saw it?^^

    • annika paigeebieber


    • 5yy

      he stupid ffudge u andyour family u leave a discrace

  • cookieface

    yeah go team bieber ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah i’m singing in my head yeah yeah team bieber yeah yeah team bieber yeah yeah team bieber
    that’s my boy

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    teehhheeee LUDA ya knw i just like sayin tht LUDA LUDA LUDA LUDA hahahahhaah itz sooooooooo watz tht word dangit OH GOT IT CAUGHABLE NOOOOOOO DANGIT im out of wordz but thtz great makin tha world a better place smilez;)

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  • go luda day