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Justin Bieber – Under The Mistletoe [New Christmas Album] out Oct 31, 2011

Shhhhhh! This is a JBShrine exclusive. Justin’s new Christmas album is called “Under The Mistletoe” and it’s out October 31, 2011. This is not fake. This is guaranteed real.

justin bieber under the mistletoe christmas album

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  • Lilly

    wasnt it “My Wish” ?

    • Lilly

      & wasnt it supposed to be out after “Believe” ?

      • No to the first question, and it was always supposed to be before. Believe is scheduled to be out two weeks later as far as I know.

        • Lilly

          ohh ok thanks for informing me! :DDD

        • shani

          nice haaaaa

        • samantha weston

          hya <L3

    • <3 anna luna l<3ve justin bieber <3

  • Sascha

    It is strange that nobody is talking about believe any more although it should be much more important that the Christmas stuff, maybe it has really been rescheduled or something

    • its only cause the christmas album is coming out before believe….

  • Patricia

    Good job Daisy for creeping and finding this stuff out for us ! 😀 Im so excited now. Now I know where I’ll be on halloween 😉 At the store buying his new album.

  • Emily

    if it comes out on october 31st why did justin tweet the other day about the album coming out in less than a month? that doesnt make sense?

    • Emily

      the tweet i’m talking about is ”oh yeah…and i think LESS THAN A MONTH…Im gonna give you some #newmusic”

      • Kailee

        HE SAID I THINK he didnt gurrentee it.

    • Anonymous

      tua mae de causinha

  • carly

    Believe is coming out sometime early next year. so most likely sometime in january

    • Anonymous

      believe comes out november 15 this year.

  • nonono

    This is a joke. Its not real Justin Bieber albom. someone photoshopped it , lol

    • its real. not photoshopped

      • nonono

        He wouldnt call his christmass album like that. ahaha And its under rock ? What is site address ?

        • Anonymous

          zune. That is zune theme colors. lol That is showing UK prices. So it may only show under the UK part of the site.

        • Anonymous

          This is HMV, an English music store. I would know, I lived in London for 10 years. This other guy who’s saying it’s zune has no clue what he’s talking about, the dog listening to the record player is HMV’s logo.

        • nonono

          Found it, thank you .

  • Katie


  • belen

    OCTOBER 31 , MY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Holly Davies

      Haha you birthday is on Halloween!! 😀

    • silin

      can t will the albom hahaha

  • sophie

    OMB! im so excitedis that release date for australian residents too??

  • Syahilah

    Released on my birthday!!!!!!! <3

    • Holly Davies

      haha your birthday is on halloween!! 😀

  • Pamulovesjb

    What’s the website U found that? ;O I don’t believe that’s ture if u don’t give me the website –‘

  • ilyJUSTIN

    wats is the site called ?

  • this is probably when it comes out in the uk, not the US, so it probably means that it’s coming out EVEN EARLIER in the US!!!!!!:D

  • Henny

    It is real – I went into my local music shop today and pre-ordered it!

    • AmberBieberrr

      OMB you can actually pre-order it! What am i doing here then! Haha, how much was it?

  • BieberLoverr3194

    its real. i went to a taping of a show and justin was a special guest and sang a song. happened to be this amazing one:)

    • Patricia

      What show did you go to? You actually heard one of his Christmas songs??? :O

      • AmberBieberrr

        It wasn’t a show. He waas recording it and his fans found him.

  • AmberBieberrr

    It actually gets released November 1st, 2011. You were one day off. Haha, surely you knew that as he tweeted it about 12902382935729384520359 times.

  • Holly Davies

    haha it comes out on Halloween 😀

  • Holly Davies

    are you guys blind!! it says on the picture HMV!! so thats wat website its on, DUH!!

  • Jasmine

    The album comes out in the US November 1st which is November 2nd in Australia as well as the UK so it comes out in Australia November 2nd which is US November 1st 🙂 he said so on his twitter 🙂

  • Can’t wait I needs ta pre order it 🙂

  • tara

    omb omb i can not waitt whooo…. 2 more days untill the dayy 😀 soooo excited xx

  • i luv u and i luv this album

  • shani

    i like it<3

    • shani

      me tooooooooooooooooooo dear:)

  • shani

    oh i like this album bz i lve jbbb
    jb your the best:)

  • shani

    meeeeeeeeee tooooooooooo

  • i love justin bieber and my friends too and my family too so yeah and my boyfriend

  • enkhyrtunts

    im from mongolia i love jusyin biebier singing my love justinbiebier

  • Ayu Bieber INDO


  • I Lovw You Justin 😀 I Love You Selena 🙂

  • FN

    when will BELIEVE come out ?

  • hey waiting deeply fr it!!!!!!

  • hey waiting fr it……….

  • i want justy to come in pakistan???????

  • Najma

    Hey…Any one have twitter??? If ya’ have please follow @NAJMAkensihas and @BeliebrsFrvr promies they will follow back ya’ 🙂 😀 Thanx ya’

  • demie

    cant wait till this chritmas album heard some of the songs already seems good so keep going justin <3

  • gulnaz Perikon

    weeee loveeeee you justin))..from Kazakhstan

  • Perikon Gulnaz

    weeee loveeeee you justin))..from Kazakhstan

  • Perikon Gulnaz

    When you come to kazakhstan??????pliz come pliz come. we are one of your fans.)))) with love….fans from KAZAKHSTAN.<3 <3 <3

  • Perikon Gulnaz

    i think justin and selena very beautiful couple….plz leave their alone…they merit be happyyyyyyyyy

  • tyrnitee

    oooooohhhh just dont kno it came out today and im i skooll fenne go get it somebody say hallelujah!!!!!!!LMBO!!!!!!!

  • i love u too JB

  • diana lopez

    te amo justin biber

  • ily jb <3 you are special

  • quien de ustedes aparte de mi sabe a q hora y aa q minuto nacio el hermoso de JB y en q sala del hospital? da like si sabes
    who of you besides me knows what time minutes as JB was born beautiful and that hospital room? like if you can give