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Justin Bieber’s OLLG Monterrey, Mexico: Debhani Guzman Torres

The tradition continues in Mexico as Justin once again picks a lucky girl from the audience to serenade his classic “One Less Lonely Girl” to. And was this one ever lucky. Guess who the OLLG is in Monterrey tonight? Yes, the one who cried so hard after finding out Justin’s concert was sold out that she couldn’t stand up – Debhani Guzman Torres.

I’ll post the video once it’s up.


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  • Izzy Bieber

    I . AM . JEALOUS . D;

  • Totally envy to that girl!!!

    • christy

      what the hell?!?!?! you guys are pathetic, i bet justin envy’s YOU!

      • Anonymous

        Shut the hell up!!

    • Anonymous

      It is OK to the envy, the opposite if you’re Belieber have to be happy that thanks to Justin that could fulfill his dream girl … I am very happy that is able to fulfill his dream ♥

      • christy

        you “beliebers’ want justin to date a fan but there will be MORE drama then it already was with jasmine selena and caitlin. YOU guys just want justin to sate a fan but the fan has to be you. but we never know he probably did date a fan already




  • Lilly

    I find that really cute!!!! I LOVE it how much Justin cares for his fans!!!!! ♥♥

  • elo

    How is singing about this music

  • Elle

    wow. this just goes to show how much he truly cares about his fans! <3

  • awwwww!!! she is so lucky that justin saw her in that video!!:) she got concert tix, got to meet him back stage and she was his one less lonely girl!! i am kinda jelous, but i am also so happy for her at the same time:)
    this once again proves that justin loves and cares about us, his beliebers!!!
    people that are saying that he doesnt are just crazyy!!!

  • Anonymous

    how the fuck did he find her?

  • Des

    Aaaaw!!:) this is the proof that Justin loves,truely loves his beliebers!!! aawww:) i’m soo jeaklous of her but i’m really happy for her at the same time cuz i think everyone deserves to be treated like that by justin!!..i just wish this will happen to me too someday:)!!!! Muchlove to Justin and this girl:)..and if haters keep saying justin doesnt care aabout us,they should try to know him better before they judge!!!

  • Holly

    Luckiest belieber ever.

  • awwwww he is sooooo sweet. he tracted her down and gave her wat she wanted

  • Paola

    the tradition don’t continue because she wasn’t chosen random like the normal and true tradition

  • Paola

    and i was so fu*** sad when he hug she 🙁 was tha only thing that i don’t like of the concert

  • Sarah

    awww,, this gives me goose bumps. I’m so glad they found her. She is very lucky! And Justin has a great heart! xx

    • #1 bielieber

      Im so happy that the lucky girl got picked to be his one less lonely girl i wish i knew what it felt like someday my time will come love you with all my heart Justin I HEART U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t close the fact that everybody can say or has the right to say what they wanna say. But please be careful of everything you say because you might hurt somebody else. If you don’t like Justin, Then there’s no need to say bad things against him. And if you like him? Then good. If you do hate, just wanna know why? IT’s because he famous or what? Does he did anything bad to you? Nothing right? May be people should open their eyes from the reality that the Canadian boy are now living his dreams in his own way.

  • Yamii

    Yo Tengo Qe Estar En El Lugar,Solo Por Llorar ,Y Ella Sola No Lloro xD Mas Falsa! Jajaja

  • Anonymous

    guerca llorona para que lorras por justin bieber si nada mas lo ivas a ver una vez mensa

  • Anonymous

    jajajajajajajajajajajajajaa stupidha!
    jajajajaja ahora todas bann a llorrarr para ke la pasenn !

  • anahi

    i love JUSTIN you are my live ! ♥

  • leslie

    no valen madre-.-

  • andrea

    mugre wercaaa chillonaaa se ace pendejaa ella solaaa q mzaaa ni que justin la pelara a la mzaaa ya ose byee con ella -.-

  • Enily TORRES

    JUSTIN BIEBER love you come a meet me please in Waco tx LOVE YOU

  • Enily TORRES


  • memuero yo fuiiiiiiiiiiii justin averte aca en argentina juss te amo
    auque no suvi al esenario no inporta mi amor lo que inporta es que te vi
    y sivenis de guelta yo voyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy te amo

  • Danii D' Biieber

    Me encantaría se la próxima OLLG de My Boyfriend JB♥