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Preview Justin Bieber – Under The Mistletoe [featuring The Band Perry]


I know it’s a bit hard to hear but this is our first glimpse of Justin’s new Christmas song with The Perry Band. It’s slow and should sound country-ish. When a music video is being made they play the song so that the singer can lip-synch to it so it matches. This video must have been taken by someone who was right there at the video shoot in Franklin, TN as the song is being played so it’s hard to hear.


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  • Lilly

    u can barely hear it but i ALREADY LOVE IT!!!!!!! his voice is so amazing!! & yea i creep on ur site 😉 lol CANT WAIT SOUNDS AMAZING!! ♥♥ 😀

    • Anonymous

      R u Lilly blanco

  • Love

    I know you can’t hear this much but I listened to this enough to know that it sounds nothing like country music. It’s more R&B or Pop. You can tell from the chorus.

  • kASSI

    WOW.. i CANT WAIT. CHRISTMAS IS COMING EARLY. YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • sammy

    omg i love this song! 🙂

  • meme

    This Is NOT the song he did the duet with The Band Perry FYI…this is just JUSTIN.
    THAT is a FACT!!
    It may have been in Tennessee …but NOT the video for the Band Perry duet…

  • Anonymous

    is that selena hiding from the camera?

  • Patricia

    Those guys talking is so annoying. Its like stfu when Justin’s song is playing. The song sounds amazing….. I can’t wait to hear the full, finished version.

  • david b conway

    dear the justin bieber shrine. my name is david b conway. i love the holidays and justin made it so special. i cannot even wait. he sounds fergielicous for christmas! xoxo as always
    david b conway

  • barbara norton

    shut up idiots ha ha ha 😀

  • barbara norton

    i hate selena only because shes dating justin bieber

  • barbara norton