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X-Factor’s Drew Ryniewicz covers Justin Bieber’s BABY


She is amazing!

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  • maddie

    Shes really good, but i like JB’s more!! No offense 2 Drew!!!

  • carly

    why am i crying from this… lmfao

  • biebers girl

    this gave me chills…omg shes sooo amazing <3 her dreams are coming true

  • Monica

    this made me cry a lil for her cause it really true what Justin says lol keep dreaming and never say never Drew is one step closer to her dreams coming true lmao she puts the Drew in Justin Bieber … If she dreams of doing a duet with Justin someday.. im sure her Someday will come true She was amazing … natural talent

    • Adriana

      i like how you said she puts the DREW in justin bieber! thats amazing! =]

  • Ola

    Wow. <3

  • this was soooooo much better than justin bieber’s lol no offence to him!!
    great job Drew

  • Chelsie Bieber

    She just made a horrific slow song of that!!!! Shes freaking AMAZIG!!!! I like her better! I still love Justin to peices but I like hers alittle better!!

  • despoina

    do you know what’s the song that plays after she sings baby?? !!

  • Jade

    OMG IS SHEE AH-MAZING!! Am i the only tht was cryingg?? she awesome… i wish i could sing and have a chance likke tht in my life. :p

  • Marco

    Anyone thats following Drew knows she isn’t technically a perfect singer, but it is that little imperfection and rasp in her voice that seems to in some mysterious way reach in and squeeze everyones soul. Her presence is really magical and I dont think if it would matter if she came out on stage in rags and bare-feet … once she starts to reach out to you and sing…. its all over.

  • Adriana

    i like how you said she puts the DREW in justin bieber! she was amazing…this put a smile on my face! so sweet…the dad was all emotional…sweet!

  • rachael

    can she make the whole song so i can get it on my ipodd!! <3 it