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selena gomez deaththreats thomasbrodnicki

46-year-old Thomas Brodnicki threatens to kill Selena Gomez!

Justin Bieber’s girlfriend Selena Gomez has received a death threat that is so serious … the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit is on the case, and Selena has obtained a restraining order … this according to court documents.

46-year-old Thomas Brodnicki — a man with a criminal history of stalking — allegedly told his shrink he was going to kill Selena.

According to the declarations of Selena and her lawyer, Blair Berk … Brodnicki told the shrink he traveled from Chicago to L.A. to meet her, visited her workplace at least 3 times and has told people he had conversations with God about killing her. Selena says she is in “extreme fear,” believing he will carry out his death threat against her if he isn’t stopped.

Selena and her lawyer claim Brodnicki was picked up for mental evaluation last month after he allegedly threatened to “scratch people’s eyes out on the street.” Brodnicki allegedly made the threats against Gomez during his mental evaluation.

According to court docs, LAPD detectives are taking the threats “extremely seriously” because of Brodnicki’s history of mental illness and making criminal threats.


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  • Anonymous

    Everyone should kill that slutt bitch ..

    • BieberStar16

      Nooooo cuz if u hurt Selena, u hurt Justinnnn!!! If ur a Belieber, don’t do that to Justinnnn!!!

      • BIEBERFEVER230


    • fdgdfgdas

      LOL slut bitch?
      Listen Hun. How is she a Slut;? Explain that to me. You call your selfs FANS of bieber? I call you physco.

    • #1 bielieber

      hey don,t say that about selena u hurt her you hurt justin and me

      • mary

        she shouldn’t be killed of bieber? helloooo? SELENA gets a death threat and all you can think about is bieber? i can’t believe it. I hope everything will turn out as a joke<3

      • yup true that that man is such a stalker dont worry selena gomez:}

      • no do not kill selena gomez. She is my favorite fan

        • Anonymous

          mine to

        • Bob

          Are you people 4 yrs old.Selena has more body guards Than you got time to count.What in the hell has she done that anyone would want her hurt for.I see a lot of sick people here go get some help fools.

      • Anonymous

        Justen I hop selena and you are safe from pepel that is stumped because I em a big fane so tell her she will be safe and she will not die please

    • Mela ;DD

      So true >:DD

      • dear web site , hi my name is david conway and just do,nt blog this messages please i do what your reply to this please , i use to love selena gomez , just before she was dating justin bieber , just since i came here just on this blog here you made me to hate her selena gomez , , love david b conway

    • Anonymmmm

      You are so much physco. When you are a true fan from justin you would accept that selena and he are together. They love each other. So accept it. you are really stupid.

    • suzy


    • JelenaRoxs101

      How would you feel if EVERYONE wanted to kill you,bitch?! Leave Selena Gomez alone. If Justin is happy,every Belieber should be happy. I think Selena&Justin are the CUTEST couple and you are clearly blind NOT to see how cute and how she makes him happy.

      Good Day.xoxox

    • Jesika

      Calm your tits down,your just hating cause she has found love and you havn’t found crap so why don’t you get on with your life and stop hating on her. Just because you probably tried spitting some game and swallowed rejection. HATING ain’t gonna get you nowhere,you shouldn’t call her a bitch or slut i mean think about it she’s talented,amazing,such a good role model,and has a boyfriend. Things you DON’T got.

    • Anonymous

      u is de bitch

      • david duck

        I thtink that selena should be happy im9and im david and im in kentuckand my teacher said u would come to our school at farelly elementy and i wont t o marry u i will be waven and smilen i c nt wait to see u i love u a lot i ehope i can hold your hand when iget there write back please im in 3rd grade

    • lercy

      all of ya people dont need to kill selena because it will hurt justin and the person that we need to save is selena and the person we need to kill is that person that is trying to kill selena gomez

    • u freaking crazy bitch every body should kill u then every body in the whole l wide world would b e happy as fuck so shut your freaking mouth u slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kat

        Your sick

    • Anonymous

      na ya just some big lyers

    • no if u hurt selena u hurt me]:

    • Mrs. bieber


    • Anonymous

      u guys should leave selena alone she diserves to alive as much as anyone else does she is everything to justin and she is a human being and if she died it would be an absolute trajety even though i love justin bieber selena gomez should be with with him if god didnt want selena to live she wouldnt right now sh is georgeous and a beutiful singer things around this mizerable world wouldnt be the same withought her it would just feel empty and anyway that mental person was just being stupid he wasnt really going to kill her and even if he tried justin would protect her and she has bodyguards

    • Anonymous

      u guys should leave selena alone she diserves to alive as much as anyone else does she is everything to justin and she is a human being and if she died it would be an absolute trajety even though i love justin bieber selena gomez should be with with him if god didnt want selena to live she wouldnt right now sh is georgeous and a beutiful singer things around this mizerable world wouldnt be the same withought her it would just feel empty and anyway that mental person was just being stupid he wasnt really going to kill her and even if he tried justin would protect her and she has bodyguards

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I dnt think that’s rite mhmm u guys juss Haten bc u ain’t her ppl dese days r so condescending lyk gt real Selena I wish I could met u

    • Anonymous

      Mhmm I u haven’t notice who ever hates Selena must b stupid just sayn bc u guys juss Haten ain’t no one perfect so back off Selena she makes her life how she wants and if u lyk her then u would understand bc I dnt think it’s rite u haters keep Haten ;)) Ty… Signed Alyssa!

    • Reshmi Bieber

      nooooooooooooooooooooooo….. Why shud ?? no way !

    • Anonymous

      i dont she should die shes fucking beautiful and innocent and if u dnt like her well too bad for u. She doesnt deserve to be killed right now. She should live her life shes very talented.

  • Anonymous

    i agree haha shes so ugly and deserves to be DEAD!!!

    • Jesika

      your freaking sick,you have no heart just because she’s dating Justin or cause she’s ugly doesn’t mean she suppose to die in a way like this. THINK before you speak. Im pretty sure you wouldn’t want this to happen to you.

      • Anonymous

        I agree

      • yo justin your a dick i mean it

    • Anonymous

      Go screw your self, Kay? I dnt give a fuck if ur a belieber, so am I! But u dnt never EVER say that about a person that is scared half to death! What if someone told u when u were being threatened ” She’s so fucking ugly!!! I hope she dies!!! ” how would u feel?… Exactly so STFU!!

      • Anonymous

        not to be rude 2 u or anything… but do u mind not swearing.

      • i agree with u

    • Anonymous

      u know who deserves to be dead u i bet u r soo ugly and soo fat and people r always judging you so you r just jelous so get over it and join a gym

      • @mainy loves bieber

        how would u know if she is fat???? maybe ur fat… im not saying u r but don’t jude a book by it’s cover…

    • Anonymmmm

      OMG your so stupid! Noone deserves to be DEAD! You are just a fan (who never met him in real life and he never met you!) which is very jealos. !OMG! If u wish anyone the dead, then you are so sick and psyichic!

      • alyssa

        yeah keep saying

        • shot the hell up what the h***

    • meee

      you sad person…you don’t even know her get a grip!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      in my opinion U should died you fcking asshole -.-

      • alyssa serena

        u should be ashamed of ur self selena is my idol

    • Anonymous

      Reallly! Ur CRAZY, UR Stupid. Go and Fuck Youself off! HATE YA! I Think your just jealous because your an ugly btch and fcking pathetic -.-

    • ill kill u if i see u….
      selena is cute and cool and shes havin a happy life with justin
      u better not ruin

    • killerfuck

      You haters would never kill selena u fucking bitches!!!!! Get a life!!!

  • De'ara

    Oh my goodness…
    Why would someone want to kill her? Some people are so horrible. She is so beautiful. She hasen’t done anything to any of us. SHUT UP.

    • i agree selena is so nice and kind and she loves justin

      • Anonymous

        I also agree

    • Anonymmmm

      thats so true! They love each other, and i think they are sooooo cute together <33

      • Courtney Bieber

        UHMM NO.THEIR.NOOTTT!! OMG that couple couldnt be more horrible than that!!! and dont pull the jealousy card on me cause i liked his old girlfriend(s) they were all sweet 🙂

        • Ashley

          Yea and SELENA is sweet too, Courtney. So get a grip.

    • i know agree with this person=}

  • no he cant kill selena. justin and her are meant to be together i hope that guy gos to jail think about how justin would feel

    • mary

      * how SELENA feels

  • Beliebrkatie4life

    fair enough i hated her because she got justin but i think shes got a good voice and she is actually very pretty. tbh none of us would of got him, he is happy with her so if your a true belieber then if hes happy then be happy for him. 😀

  • azalamelikaretituafregiz

    i dont like selena, but this is fucking scary and i wouldnt wish this upon anybody. and those who say she should be dead you are sick! and disgust me

    • Steph,

      I’ll pray for her. And Justin.

  • Anonymous

    This shit is going way outta hand ppl like this need committed thrown in jail or shot… She a fuckin human being like everyone else she beautiful inside and what kind of fuckin would do something like that ridiculous someone better step in do some thing… If not might as well kill jb too cuz him and Selena are in love package deal he wouldn’t be the same without her noww… Just saying….

    • @mainy loves bieber

      well the article above said that this guy might have a mental illness.. if it is a illness he can’t help it. that is way he can’t go 2 jaill.

  • first of all the haters should stop hating its onlt because your jealous!!!!! > (
    second that is crazy selena is young and beautiful. she dosnt deserve to die in any way if she is dating justin or not!!!

  • anonymous

    omg jasmine villegas got a death threat then justin and now selena they on some other shit

    • Anonymous

      what does that have to do with anything

      • lol

        • Steph,

          hahahaha!!!! (rolls eyes)

  • Keke

    I hope u dumb ass 9 yr olds no there not going to be together for ever they will break up just saying and that’s sick selena don’t derseve to even no some ones actually plotting that.,….. WTF

  • nonono

    Justin and Selena will marry. Dont kill Selena, it will kill Justin.

  • Monica

    omg that so scary ima pray for her to b safe like thats wha Justin would want us to do if she get hurts it will hurt Justin …..and no matter how much u hate or dislike a person if they have never done anything to personally hurt u then u shouldnt wish bad on some1 especially death cuz karma can come behind u and take away some1 u really love and i very much doubt it selena has done anything personally to any1 here

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful inside and out she a beautiful soul and a beautiful all around…. This guy needs kicked in the balls and shot in the head!!!

    • Anonymous

      A Beautiful person all around**

  • abby

    i feel bad for selena and all but why is this on a justin bieber shrine?

    • @mainy loves bieber

      i care about her and all but i think us beliebers should start a http://www.theselenagomezshrine.com to post everything about her on that website.

      • @mainy loves bieber

        that i not an actual link…

  • christy

    i dont know why people are making a big deal out of this. every celebrity goes through this, vanessa hudgens stalker broke into her own house, WOAH why isn’t that big -.- i love selena but come on now, i bet no one will care if she wasn’t with justin

    • Zaiga


  • Hannah

    seriously haters? seriously?
    you all should just should your face. it’s not funny or else if she gets death threatens! you dont like her? fine! then why the hell do you waste your time on reading this?
    She might be in big trouble and I totally understand her fear! everyone would be totally in fear, especially when her family is also involved.

  • Anonymous

    its sad how jasmine villegas got death threats and people were like “omg thats messed up who would do that” but when selena get deaths threats some of you guys are like “oh she deserve to die, shes ugly”. just because shes dating justin dont mean she deserve it …………… dont get me wrong all death threats are serious but selenas threat was out of hand because the guy left chicago to go to L.A. to kill her.


    I love Jelena!! i reckon the death threats that she is getting are disgusting but this one is pretty damn scary !!!

  • It’s sad that something like this happend but she is a celebrity and every celebrity has at least one stalker.
    And this is a Justin Bieber site not a Selena Gomez one.

  • truebelieber

    God, please protect Selena.

  • Jesika

    Selena Gomez is a young talented amazing star and NO ONE deserves to go threw any of this. She hasn’t done anything bad to no one so this is how she gets payed back. And i think people here are dumb wanting her to die cause shes dating Justin Bieber you just mad. Let’s face it you’ll never get to him.

    • Zaiga

      never say never !!! lol


  • BieberLover

    Stop being such pricks. If you were a true Belieber, you’d want Justin to be happy. Just get over the fact you won’t be his girlfriend. I got over it!xxx

  • Danielle

    ha you are perthetic everyone loved selena becor she got with justin but now you all hate her, i think she is fab and gorgeous, whoever calls her a bich or a slag, have you heard yourselves you are the bich or slag what has she done wrong….. nothing imagin if you were dating justin you wouldnt want death threts sent to you like you are on this page or any other time or if you got one less lonly girl you are all sending death threts to the people you are really jelous of it probley feels terrible i feel sorry for selena she is probly a lovley person if you knew her<3xxxxxxxxx

  • Amanda

    NO ONE should be getting death threats. NO ONE should be agreeing with what this man is doing. Weither it’s Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, You or Your pet. You should encourage it. This man has a mental illness, you don’t need to encourage it. She is a person just like us. She has feelings, she has family, she has EVERYTHING anyone else does. Wishing death upon anyone just makes you look like trash. I support Selena Gomez in every single way. She is my role model, my inspiration and I wish I could be just like her. What you people are saying is disgusting, and you all need to get a reality check. Just because she is dating Justin Bieber means NOTHING. It’s absolutely non of your business. Also the people addressing her as “Justins girlfriend” or “Jelena” is wrong. Her name is Selena. Don’t refer to her as anything other then who is she, and telling people to like her because if you don’t “It hurts Justin too” It hurts her, it hurts her family, it hurts her co workers, it hurts her fans too.

    • Amanda

      One last thing, Don’t hate her because she’s dating Justin. It’s not like any of you had a chance.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope he’s not dead serious :/

  • ann

    Selena i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are praying for you,sel!!

  • glamgirl108

    I am not a fan of Selena. But no one deserves this.
    She gets enough threats already from some ‘beliebers’.
    She doesn’t need more.
    If she gets hurt, Justin gets hurt.
    And I we don’t want justin hurt, so don’t get his girl hurt.

    • anonomous

      i totally agree with you, no one in the entire world deserves this kind of torture

      • Anonymous

        if you kill her i will kill you an tell the cops you killed your self stupid you t.b. anonomous

  • OMG!!!! NO SHE DOES NOT…. SHE IS THE BEST SINGER IN LIKE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love herr soooo mucch i DO NOT WANT HER DEAD.. like seroulsy?? i love her and if she did i would cry beacuse that would be sad.. all thoses freaks who say that she should, should go die beacuse like ligit SHE IS THE BEST SINGER/ACTOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVEE YOUU SELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont listen to anyone


    -Erynn 🙂

    • jelenaisamazing

      eyrnn i agree i totally love selena she is my role model and i don’t want her to die either!!! 🙁

  • no dont kill her she is a really nice person your just jealous that shes going out with justin bieber!!!!!!!

  • all the people leaving comments saying she should die u have problems with ur self im not a big fan of hers im a huge fan of justin but i will support him no matter what and this is NOT A JOKING MATTER if u think it is. this has been on the news how would u feel if someone was trying to kill u i dont think u would be very happy get over the fact that there dating because justin is happy and if you dont support him your not a true FAN

  • i like selena gomez a lit bit but dont killl selena gomez kill joe jonas

  • Anonymous

    how u been selena

  • shay

    listen y kill selena just coz shez datin justin. itz nt her fsault u people hating selena iz so uglt that he chose her nt u ppl. gt a life ans btw selena be carefull nd i like watchin wizards of waverly place.. love u nd justinxxxx

  • Justin ill kill you when ur asleep u better dump salena

  • Rachel

    Hahaha this guy is awesome! I will want wish he would have already killed her! I hate her guts!

  • buddy 3000 games

    selena gomez is the only thing i care about, i really love her yeah i know thats embaressing for a 10 year old BOY actor to say so, bye, anyone who hates selena is an idiot, ok.

  • Selena Gomez

    Guys, I read the comments and I would like to thank all of you that supported me, I am much better now. I have a restraining order against him and we will go to court on November 4th. To all you haters, both Justin and I see what you write on Twitter, and honestly, it hurts my feelings. Justin doesnt like it either. He’s a lovely boyfriend and has been supporting me through everything, and he’s been calling me nonstop since he found out about Thomas Brodnicki. Love from Selena!

    • here welcome from @ly$$@

    • my phone number is 261-13-31 call me

  • lolo

    shut the fuck up thomas !!!
    u cant even touch a hair out of selena ! dont worry selena u got ur fans right next to u and u got ur friend family and ur boyfriend next to u 🙂 i swear if something happened to selena i will cry :'(

    love you selly gomez

  • Anonymous

    “U hurt Selena, u hurt Justin.” I’mma belieber, but who give a fuck about Justin in this story? This is insane, I’m really sorry for Selena? U guys try to be in her place! Alot of girls wright they wanna kill her and whatever, U GUYS A FREAKIN DUMBASS’ES YOU KNOW THAT? She a normal girl, with a great job and a (in this case) HOT boyfriend, chill guys? Leave her alone, just try to imagine, if it was yourself? I would fucking scaried, wouldn’t you?

  • dgfref

    There are some crazy people here. God people, we are talking about an actual person. Even if you don’t like her, it surly doesn’t mean she should die, so watch your tongue!! idiots…

  • Nobody

    I frekking hate selena but i dont think that someone would kill her. Its true she does not have that big of singing talent and shes not very pretty but she shouldnt be killed cuz of that, she should only be shuted up.

  • Uniqueeex4

    SeLenaa Did Nothingg wrongg Jusst ‘Cuss She qoin Ouut w JB Doesnt Mean anything -____- Let Them Bee She did Nothing wrong Shes Jusst a human Like Yuu & I So people Should reaaly Stop writing Shit & grow Up -.-
    Know One knows her Lifee Story But her .

  • Bieber Fan


  • Anonymous

    why cant there be peace!

  • Unknown

    They shouldnt kill her they should kill beiber

  • Selena 1# fan


  • Selena 1# fan


  • jana

    come on guys u cant say like this on selena i mean what she did she is very sweet and lovely and i love herr tell died and i love jb to much thats nt fair y u want to kill herrr

  • jana

    belive and never say never 😛

  • alyssa serena

    my birthday is oct.17 selena its my wish to see u my phone number 819-10-10

  • cheryl lash

    I love Justin Beiber I pray that he have all the blessings he deserve in the world and beyond!!!!!! 1

  • Maiva murchison

    who would try to kill justinbieber thats so sad i feel so bad 4 justin

  • Anonymous

    these comments gave me cancer

  • Anonymous

    Some of y’all don’t have a damned hart hoaly shit