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willow smith birthday happy willoween

Happy Willoween! Halloween is Willow Smith’s birthday!

Willow Smith is partying twice as hard today.

The “Fireball” singer combined her birthday and Halloween into one big holiday called “Willoween.” Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, Pharrell, Justin Bieber, The-Dream, Mindless Behavior, and Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas all joined in wishing the pint-sized pop star for her 11th birthday by holding up signs that read “Happy Willoween.”

Her “big bro” Kid Cudi, who is working on new music with her, hand drew a sign and her siblings Jaden and Trey also showed love to their lil’ sis.

You too can wish Willow by dressing in costume and submitting a photo on her Tumblr page.



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  • happy birthday willoween to you i hope you inenjoy your birthday today tell your brother to give you a hug and a kiss for me.

    • willow i am eleven like you i born the same mounth as you jaden i love your song never say never . willow i like your song whip my hair, rockstar, fireball, 21st century girl, epiphany.jaden i think that you are great dresses than justin bieber. willow i want to see you in real life and your brother jaden too.

      • jaden i love you i am your biggest fan in the hole wild world. xoxoxoxoxo love you Jaden Smith

        • leah

          i love u justin bieber

  • willow what is your custume for you birthday. i am your biggest fan in the hole wild world.

  • happy 11th birthday and happy holloween to you willow

  • that,s willow smith birthday

  • Alex


    • @mainy loves bieber

      i think he did it looks so hot!!!!
      happy willoween willo smith i hope you have a great day.

      • Anonymous

        he is always hot… nomatter what his hair looks like

  • hate u fake bieber

    • claire

      shut up fatin

    • sophie

      he’s not fake you are here the fake person

  • Patricia

    I don’t get why all these big stars are making such a big deal about her birthday. Its just a little girl…… who cares! Fuck Willow and her birthday! Its halloween not some dumb willoween.

    • sophie

      and do you now what you are ….. a BITCH

    • Anonymous

      willow i love you im 11 born 2000 los angules favorit color is red and black will you go out with me.

    • Elezabeth

      U bloody bitch

  • Sol

    hi what did u get for you b-day wilow

  • ho tell you people to come on my thing. ugly people i can sing b than u.
    so catch your self.

  • patricia what de fuck you.i cares adout willow birthday. fuck you and your ugly birthday. its not a dumd holloween.

  • sophie you are a bitch. willow is my bff.so bett watch your self.

  • jadenatorwilloween

    hey guys,hey willow ,jadenand the others,happy willoween and happy fireball video willow hope you have fun,jaden please sing more songs,haters of jaden and willow fake the hell off bips

  • Ho, justin bieber how are you today

  • Claudia bieber

    awww his so cute !:) qnd HOT !!!!!!

  • justin bieber how are you

  • allyza

    hai justin this is ur fan chaira

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss want to meet English Deaf talk alone like Alejandra Magana

  • tanya

    happy halloween justin bieber,,,love ya <3<3

  • Bootylicious Bianca

    jay i jst wanna tel u hw much i love u n hope to be mrs smith one day if u dnt mind …..oops luv u luv u luv u !!!

  • Lara

    Happy willoween willow smith

  • Lara

    And happpy b day willow smith

  • lexus bieber

    Hi justin bieber how are u and I love u.

  • lexus bieber

    Hi willow how are u sweetie ?