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Justin Bieber Argentinean fans go nuts outside Faena Hotel Buenos Aires

OMG! This is the craziness outside the hotel Justin is staying at in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would say leave him alone and give him some privacy but one thing is clear, these fans are excited out of their minds that Justin is finally in their presence. Us in Canada and the US have it good but for fans like these in Argentina this is their one in a lifetime chance to see him in person and for that reason I think it’s ok. So you go stalk JB Argentines! Can’t you just feel their excitement?

Justin watched what was happening on TV while trapped inside his hotel room. He tweeted:

“MY FANS go HARD!! ha. #EPICFANS !!! wait..but dont break into my room. that aint cool. this is still epic. lol. these girls do army crawls. hahaha . #EPIC [sic].”

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  • Jb lover

    They are super excited! That’s crazy. But who wouldn’t wanna get a glimpse of justin 🙂

  • anonymous

    I wouldn’t say i’m a crazed fan. But isn’t that a little to much. Cause i saw a security guard trying to block the exit and i’m pretty sure he needs to go to the hospital now. And those fans even broke through the thingy that leads to the parking lot or something.No wonder justin needs security everywhere he goes.

    • anonymous

      I agree. I mean i get that their all major fans, but they can just be calm and wait if he comes out to give autographs. I mean seriously crawling through the fence