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justin bieber billboard cover nov2011

Justin Bieber Billboard Magazine Cover November 2011

Justin is on the cover of the November issue of Billboard magazine. The feature story will be on Billboard.com this Friday where they’ll discuss this new music, growth of an artist and a philanthropist.

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  • vie

    oh god.. cant breath…
    im still confuse to ppl who hate him.
    can u see him?? hes really hot.

    • hey justin bieber my name is courtney payant ok i like seen for every i was a fan and hoestly i love ur music and all ur videos i was wornding how long have u wanted to ur dream a then it happend i am try to be just like you you are very amazing singer and some day i well just live my dream just like you did cuz i sing seen i was 2 years old and some day i well trean out just like you i just want to say a few thigs about me i love dance and sing and my fave culro is pruple and i love big macs and mc donolds and i love ur song one less lounly girl and i love the song baby i love ur videos i fold u seens day 1 on tweeter and facebook and i like u what my wish is to meet u some day jb the true is i am a beliver and i think ur a really good preson one and a few things about me is i love romatice movies and dinner at a nice place and i love floowers and i love when a guy listen to me and sees what i feel about him and the true is i am a down to earth girl and my eyes are blue and my hair is brnet and i love when a guy says do u want to dance with me and maybe go to a moive and awlays get now that guy like ask him what he likes to do and i love hockey as well and baseball too and i love football and i love saccer as well so there you go you now a lot a things about me oh and one more thing i love when i guy makes me laghe and makes me smile oh and i wish i would have concert tikets cuz i am being trying to win some oh and my b day is in april its the going to be 20 years old i wish u could be there jb and my bff loves u too anyawy i love you jb and ur really cool and a sweet guy and honset to lets just say i a big fan as u can see from ur fan courtney payant ok love u jb

  • Ermm.. well.. Justin won’t read this message! 😀 Not justin’s website xD oh well……. ….