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justin bieber brazillian interview 2011

Justin Bieber Brazil Interview 2011


They’re speaking Portuguese and I don’t understand anything.


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  • Lilly

    1st: He said he misses his family & his siblings but he loves doing what he does.
    2nd. He said his fans always get him candy. He said he wants to try some Brazilian candy. that’d be cool.
    3rd. Its doesnt matter if my fans are boys or girls. My music is for all.
    Love is something that his fans always give him. Anxeity is hard to deal with since its the idols 1st time in Brazil.
    Some ppl dont believe that he’s coming to Brazil so explain to them that you are.
    I am. i am coming in a matter of days. I cant wait!.
    Justin will sing in Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo & Porto Alegre.
    The structure for 1 of his Mega shows is being built at this moment.
    Girl: he came from a town with like 5k ppl & now he like owns the world.
    & it really seems like he does. His 1st album “My World” won over the world.
    Ive been to Japan, Indoneisia & a Ton more places he says. 1 more month to come here but i feel really relaxed. Im in LA working on my new Album.
    3 albums in less then 4 years isnt that a lot for someone your age?
    Im gonna be turning 18 that means i have more control over my life then when i did when i was 15.
    & now that we’re talking about the future, is it true your gonna be leaving music to be an actor?
    My music is ALWAYS gonna be first.
    We took the opportunity that he was here & we gave him a special present from the fans. A shirt from the Brazilian Soccer Cup with his name on it.
    He said he always has a brazilian flag on the stage no matter where his concert is.
    & u think the fans dont know that? The made sure he kept the tradition going & gave him a flag with all of their names on it. Maybe he’ll use it on stage for his fans?
    The first shows in Sao Paulo & in Rio are sold out already. The channel “Globo” will be showing the Concert on the 12 of October. Big present huh?!
    Bye!! (Tchao!)
    yea thats the INTIRE interview… Im brazilian so i can translate lol…

    • Patricia

      Thank you for the translation cause I can’t understand it either 🙂

  • larissa

    i’m Brazilian and i was just about to translate it but thanks 1st person for saving me the time 🙂

    • Lilly

      Ur welcome! & OMG my real name is the same as yours!!!! *Internet Twins* :OOOOO lol totally off topic C: