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justin bieber caught kissing model argentina

Justin Bieber caught kissing a model from Argentina

wow look what the Daily Mirror out of the UK just wrote:

Justin Bieber seen kissing South American model – not girlfriend Selena Gomez

I WASN’T aware he’d even hit puberty – but has Justin Bieber been playing away from home? And I don’t mean the guitar.

According to reports out in Argentina, the Canadian foetus heartthrob, 17, has been seen kissing a girl – and not his girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Contrary to initial claims the singer had been caught sneaking out of Macarena Lemos’ hotel suite, the South American model insists the pair simply had dinner, before sharing a chaste peck.

She says – with the help of Google Translate – that Justin complimented her, er, cagoule, telling Macarena: “You are very pretty, I love your windbreaker.”

She adds: “After greeting it [yes, ‘it’] I returned to my table. I continued eating to a pair of meters of him [possibly ‘two metres away’.]

“He seemed me very pretty; to his side I felt a truck driver.” Really.

But evidently Selena wasn’t too phased by the rumours about her man boy, as she posed for this saucy MTV EMA promo shoot.


I don’t know what to think of this. Is the Daily Mirror in the UK the same thing as The Enquirer in North America? In other words are they known to make things up? Or could this be true?

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  • Gabby

    That is messed up.. I love Justin. But if this is true, i’d break up with him if i was selena! All boys are jerks… 🙁

    • kayla

      you caint believe everything you hear.

  • Ali Vankurin

    Is that really true? I find it so hard to belive he would do that, thats crazy ass news ;/.

    • Steph,

      Well… real or not it sureee makes me i bit giddy, because I’m gonna become a model. lol

      • Steph,

        Jesus crist people seriously? I f you don’t have fun coming to this site what do you have?!?!?!

      • that is true im glad u put that

    • Anonymous

      I agree D;

      • Steph,

        Thank you! 😀

  • Natalie

    what does “to his side i felt a truck driver” mean?

    • She means that even tho he said she was really pretty, compared to him she felt like an ugly truck driver.

  • Sigh.

    this is a Lie. Of course some Random person would start a Rumor about that. He is A Multimillionaire. I doubt he would do that. He said He couldn’t even leave the damn hotel. and His Mom is There. Lol He said he would Never Cheat. I believe Him.

    • Anniizdevine

      shes not a random person. she a model and was the girlfriend of LIONEL MESSI. i dont think that justin have more money than he does!!!!

      but whatever… i belive it. JUSTIN IS A PLAYER!

      • Sigh.

        First Of All. Messi’s Girl Ex-Girlfriend is 30. So FAIL. and Second of All She doesn’t even Live in Argentina. Trust Me. What’s your Point He still has Millions. and I know how much Messi Makes, Justin is Just Behind Him. Haha.

      • tay

        he is not a player he is in love and he didnt cheat hes in love with sel

        • kayla

          i agree.

    • tay

      yha i don’t think he would ever cheat they adopted a dog this is unreal and i think its a fake y would justin do that he is a boy in love with sel he wouldn’t cheat i know he wouldn’t i have proof that he is if he is

  • Shannia

    I think it could be true! Because they are reporting news from their country, so it has a good chance of been tue.

    • Anonymous

      Justin you are going down

  • Um that is SELENA GOMEZ.

    • Anonymous

      i agree with u. it does not look like someone else.

    • Zaiga

      that is just a picture /…lol

      • lol justin bieber lover

        IDK but if it is im going to kill her because thats my BF I with if JSTIN BIEBER IS MINE BUT HIS ISNT.wow she is ugly.but there is a movie that has selena in it and a other girl that looks like her but dont talk like her.

    • its just a pic…it doesnt mean anything! its the story that theyre talking about! lol

      • Anniizdevine

        hahahaha you guys are funny. THIS IS SELENA GOMEZ on that picture! that picture is not connected to the story at all.. its just there… to make it look better.
        macarena lemos is a blonde!

    • Patricia

      Um all you guys are wrong. Thats not Selena, thats Carin ( Scooters girlfriend )

  • christy

    we will just have to wait and see so don’t say its real or fake rumors until we find out, we ALL dont know justin personally, whats with the picture of selena in the mirror trying to look all chola 🙂 plus why is she wearing push up bra

  • Jessica

    thts SELENA GOMEZ no dought about tht justin would NEVER cheat

    • Natalie

      never say never lol

      • Anniizdevine

        hahahaah WORD!

      • Anniizdevine

        hahahaha WORD!

    • Anonymous


  • Stephany

    it is made up totally

    • christy

      you dont knoe that

  • christy

    that picture is photoshop of them

  • It looks like Selena.. I guess?.

    • brandy

      That is selena

  • Jordan

    I can’t see Justin cheating on Selena. Not by a long shot. There’s very FEW girls prettier than her, and I’m SURE that he’s faithful. After all, they are so in LOVE. 🙂 So, I’m going to label this as “RUMOR.”

    • christy

      you dont know if their in love or not

  • Lucy

    The Daily Mirror is bad journalism, they make things up all the time… but you never know

  • hkv

    omg selena wears 2 much makeup how do u noe shes beautiful? give me a link with her not weraing makeup?

  • nonono

    Selena is probably : tell me something i dont know. Leave them alone , guys. They are fine. And lol at the picture at the top.

  • bieber fever

    I hope this isn’t true! Justin wouldn’t do something so cruel??? Especially to Selena. I think this is untrue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    lol the photo is photoshopped to be selena, its actually a photo of him and carin 🙂

  • belieber baby

    well, first of all, that photo above the article… im not sure whether it’s related or not to the article, but that is photo shopped. it’s actually carin, scooters girlfriend, and they have put selenas face on her body. second of all i do not understand that article … haha, but i do not believe justin would cheat. he really doesn’t seem like that type of guy, at all. i love him too much to believe that anyway.

  • @lollipopie11

    i’m from the UK and the daily mirror write true stories but it sorta depend where abouts in the paper it was written, for example if it’s in the kinda gossip section it will be fake, plus, the picture looks like selala who is always doing that pose anyways 🙂 me thinks it’s fake 🙂

  • xKathi123

    come on! not another stupid rumor! and let me guess wahts next? they all say justin and selena broke up – and then they go out together and everyone is like they are dating again? .. getting on my nerves.
    I bet he didn’t makeout with another girl. we know justin he wouldn’t do that.

  • Monica Phillips

    i think that this story is fake! justin loves selena and selena loves justin

    • hay monica a yem justin you have sow rite a dont love selena selena loves me bechoz a yem much fames dent her dis story is fake a whana breachoup with her bed really a dont have the perfect moment /…./

  • i know everything

    i’ts scooters girl friend in the picture
    look at the mole on het wrist the look up the article about
    justin licking ,……………. and there you have it prooves that your not right
    otherwise ask him in a ineter view

    selena gomez 🙂

    • Anonymous


  • gais a wana say something really a dont love selena a love a girl not fames bechoz dhat girl is sow sweet selena is like jasmine is sow false my story with her a hate selean and a wona brokup with her bed a dont have the perfect moment gais you wona toc too me coll me in my number 00018723489 COLL ME GUIS

    • Anniizdevine

      huh? are you drunk or something? pahahhahah

  • mollie

    how could he have been ‘caught’ if there is no picture to prove it?! but if it is true then poor selena 🙁

  • angela bieber

    omg !!!!!! can’t believe and that girl look totally like Selena Gomez… but i heard in news that JB and Sel broke up . idk if it’s true…
    anyway I LOVE JB but kissing another girl.. i can’t believe… :(( but that girl is veryyy lucky 🙁 A Belieber 4EVER

    • johail

      omg, really? you guys have to stop believing in everything you hear its just a another stupid rumor, most rumors are fake if havent noticed, plus justin would never cheat he is not that type of guy. i believe in justin <3

    • Anniizdevine


    • Anonymous

      omg… I dont think that justin would do that but i heard on news that Justin and Selena broke up… but i think all this is just another bullshit.. Justin aint like that but still if it is true then poor Selena…:(

  • Anupam bisht

  • Anonymous

    It’s Selena

    • i know right….. it looks just like her

      • Anonymous

        I think its her…

  • Ashley

    umm..thats deff selena

    • elly

      its just a picture the model is a blonde dumbass

  • 2 things…1 the pic has nothing to do with the article!!! duh its photoshopped of justin and selena together…yes its selena bc ive seen tht pic it was of her and victoria justice, but its not her arm…
    2 justin would never, yes i said it, do that to selena! im pretty sure justin is not that kind of guy! he has so much respect for all girls, yeah, he might have kissed her but it doesnt mean that it was on the lips, it could have always been a cheek peck bc that really doesnt mean anything. the daily mirror usually makes up so much rumors about justin anyway, they said that justin and selena broke up like 20 times now, no joke… i highly doubt that this article is true….thats my opinion, and its probss righttt:) just saying:)

    • i dont think justin would do that he is better than that if i was selena i would beleve him but just incase i would follow him lust to be shor i would make shor frist or she will do the wrong thing …. i know how she fills about justin couse i had that problems like that i hard rummers to about my boy frend wich it turnd out to be lies if i was her i would not beleve it into i get proof

  • Anniizdevine

    okay once again:
    its NOT macarena lemos and NOBODY TRIES TO MAKE IT LOOKS LIKE THAT! this picture ist NOT CONNECTED TO THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    macarena is a blonde model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i just said that….. lol

      • Anniizdevine

        yup.. just saw it….and you are so right hahaha

        • haha thanksssss

        • Anonymous

          The person that named him/herself justin beiber … I dont think anyone understood the first thing you mentioned in this whole chat because it doesnt even make sense

  • Hope Bieber

    wow… who cares! he just kissed the model cuz he wanted to! he still loves selena with all his heart!

  • Hope Bieber

    and that model is selena!


  • elly

    wow ever since selena started dating justin she starts hosting stuff, i bet justin be setting her up with all these people so she can start hosting stuff. smh -.-

    • Anniizdevine

      right! its not that i dont like her… shes really cute. but WHO WAS SHE JUST A YEAR AGO??? nobody.

  • misssy

    Okay so if your a Jelena fan… do NOT hate. YOU bought yourself here. so please no BS. anyways. If you think Jelena is real… you must be shitting yourself and living a lie! — ive been wanting to do this for a while but after that pic on instagram ( http://images.instagram.com/media/2011/08/18/54f193f2dc35402a92625cbe9d3d0107_6.jpg ) that Justin uploaded, i couldnt handle the drama anymore. When they met, scooter KNEW Justin would make it out big and to make it bigger he wanted a girl… that isnt as popular out of what she does. So he directly thought of Disney. so miley, she was famous by that time.. wont him anywhere and demi was too. so Selena was there answer… why? she wasnt as popular. why he chose selena? to be fair and give both publicity. so scooter talked to Selenas mom ( her manager) and told her the plan. they agreed but off course they wont make it just when they met so every now and then theyd take a pic at the awards together and all. and remember how Justin always said ”selenas pretty but NOT my type?” well how the hell did that change in a blink of an eye?! oh… wait a second… that didnt change…. its just an image. selena always said ”she would date him if he was 2 years older” . so by what selena and justin said they made people believe they wont date each other. on new years she gets to be his OLLG… alright cool. people thought it was cute and theyre getting involved with each other and all. blah blah blah *pics at awards and all* then we get to their meeting in miami and iHop. well, they wouldnt walk out in the open when they know theres papz would they? bcoz thats some attention so they would defiantly do that! iHop… cuddling when THEY took a seat that can be SEEN from outside. so papz went crazy and took those, they made them even more crazy when selenas hand was hooked through his walking out of iHop. or at the Caribbean… okay… theres a pic of them all over each other and a pic of them leaning in… why isnt there a pic of them actually kissing?! and i believe the carribean was private same with hawaii (well get to that later -_- ).skipping to the awards…. u should be kidding me if you thought that all that was real. i mean seriously?! that photobooth thing was BACK STAGE! You know… a place w/ only celebs friends and celebs… NO PAPZ!!! and when the pics from the photo booth was in selenas hand… why was there space between them? you know… enough space for someone to stand behind them, take a pic of Justins shoulder and selenas face ( http://www.loopycomments.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Justin-Bieber-and-Selena-Gomez-Kissing.jpg ). that was taken by either scooter, fredo, kenny or anyone from their crews -_- and then they would leak it. and while they were leaving, selena was looking around.. when she saw the papz she starred at them for like 2 seconds and then she looks at justin… please tell me, isnt a boy supposed to CLOSE his eyes when he kisses a girl?! even if its a peck! coz apparently he was looking STRAIGHT at the cam! ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8fi4e-1G3g ). when people asked them they were just like… ”nahhh, it was like a prom date”or some shit! moving on to the billboard awards. he won… when he stands up… usually if he has a gf or not his mom is FIRST to hug. not any other person!! and plus… he pulled her up with him and i think she forgot the plan since she had a confused look on her face but she quickly changed that into a smile and all that fake stuff. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDNF7wgxiIo ). skipping to the next day that was in hawaii. they were at a PRIVATE beach… how in the 7 heavens did pics leak and how were they so close to them!?! (and no its wasnt zoomed in. if it was it would have only showed from their waist and up and it would be obvious.) ooohhh thats right! selenas crew was there!! they obviously took pics and the vid of the parasailing thing and they wouldnt have kissed up there if they didnt know someone would be filming! and knowing Pattie… she would NOT allow her son having her sons hands on some girls ass (which looked like he didnt want to do since he was looking forced) and having her all over him. and remeber the ”if im a bird your a bird” tweet that justin tweeted right after the pics got leaked? well, that tweet is a line from a movie (the notebook)! and selenas moves and his were all copied from a movie too. (heres the vid for proof and the person who made it put justin and selenas EXAXCT moves in them and justins tweet for proof. please watch this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDuq-Vrnjpw ). and why are ALL their kisses with their eyes open and looking at a cam?! ( like this and btw she forgot to kiss him so she had to kiss him AGAIN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRXY3vbszxA )when theyre together… they ALWAYS look at the cam and when Justin and Selena are holding hands… its either that selena is in front of Justin or hes in front of her, they NEVER walked NEXT TO EACH OTHER! theres always distance and when theyre holding hands, its either selena or justins hand that isnt really intertwined with the other —__— like are u disgusted from each other or something?! And this is selena GOMEZ were talking about here! you the same chick that dated nick jonas, david a. , david henrie, taylor lauther, cameron and everyone in the spotlight! and u must be kidding me if she JUST decided to date, she has a rep for dating guys DO NOT deny it coz u know that too! and whats up with her outfits for her concerts?! THAT IS MILEYS TERETORRY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! cant she just do something and be unique in it instead of taking peoples songs ( an example out of many: a year w/o rain… its originally sung by leona lewis, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWsLIA2skwU ) or ideas and clothes? /// anyways that all i gotta say now. if u want more proof ask for it and ill give u proof. if you think im jealous, no im not. why would i be if i KNOW ill never date him?! im a belieber not more not less. and if im a belieber that doesnt mean i should be a fan of whatever he does! so dont go and tell me ” im not a true belieber” or such stuff. i honestly dont care what hate u might be giving me. if this didnt knock some sense into you, you must really be living a lie since its too obvious. no offense but this shit is pissing me off. Just leave a comment on my wall of what you think.

    • Patricia

      I actually agree with you. Theres more proof of Jelena being fake than real. Good job on your post 🙂

    • Zaiga

      Amen !! lol
      .100 % agree

    • ur sooooo right!!!! anyone whho doesnt think that its fake now is just in denyal!

      • and the weird thing is, selena was just watching the notebook! how do i know?? she posted a pic on instagram of her watching the notebook and im pretty sure that it was the beach scene, and she said “watchin a movie”
        how many times is she gunna watch that? holy crap! its like she freakin tryin to study up or somethingg!! hhaaha

  • zrxdcfghv

    pics or gtfo

  • Belieber4Life!

    To me, that looks like Selena Gomez.

    • misssy

      it is selena, the picture doesn’t go with the story its just there

      • Belieber4Life!

        Ohhhh…….ok, i’m caught up now.:}

  • savanna

    Look Beliebers and watever the crap selena gomezs fans are Jelena’s fake its a publicity thing

  • Anonymous


  • gianna-leigh swinton

    i wont belive it untill i see it >:\ but if its true …. i guess i will still love him anyway, but be a little dissapointed with his actions. :\

  • Patricia

    Its ok if he hangs out with other girls cause Jelena is a fake publicity thing, meaning that Selena is NOT his girlfriend. And Im not really surprised that he would go out with a model. All guys like models! This isn’t a big deal. Who cares, he only went out with her one time.

  • nicole

    its true saw the ad on mtv for her hosting a tv award show thing :L shes saying a rap thing and she not really good at it to be honest nd curses in it

  • lando

    i want to see them have sex

  • if its the girl on the pic then can u see its selena and why should justin do that.
    he wouldent do it 2 selena and 2 god i dont belive this

  • Ellie

    I’m from the UK and the newspapers tend to make stuff up to get people to buy them!! They are probably doing it because they know Justin is coming to the UK soon and they want his fans to be annoyed about it or something :/ haha 🙂

  • 'Miss Crazy Belieber.-

    I think if justin bieber is also what I will be happy for me that I smile back at me let him live happily. So if in that picture of selena gomez found it very off-world, these types of photos are the small fans disappointed.

  • Hope Bieber

    Who cares? I still love Justin and I always will. Even if he murders 100 people and does drugs and crap like that I’m still gonna love him. Cuz I am a true Belieber. Like this comment if you are a true Belieber 🙂

  • Maryam

    OMG, That chick looks like exactly like Selena

  • Chelsie Bieber


  • Milagros

    Im from Argentina and that girl is a whore!

  • heaven-lee

    boyz litsen up im lookin for a bf replyand include you age

    • d

      ill be your boy friend, im 22. my names derek.

  • Anonymous

    Tht is really Selena she Tht pic as her fb or it was idk if she still has it on there

    • Anonymous

      I meant she has

  • natividad lopez

    thats selena gomez you know those people they like too make a big blbber about everything right or right

  • KYLY


    • gwen

      that model was selena you dummy

  • Justin Bieber

    Shes hot.

    • Anonymous

      well that makes you’se a good couple then dosent it 😉 love ya

  • Mimi

    i loved how yo crossed out foetus

  • TrueBelieber

    Hmm, model looks like Selena…



  • the model should be your girlfriend shes pretty and i hate salena gomez just break up with her please use my advice im your fan your my future love u justinbieber im 19 years old im in college so please i believe in you trust me with your sexy body boy your so hot.

    • ilovejustin

      dud thats selena just look at her nose an her shape of her fece seurslly

    • Anonymous

      Im justin only real girl not like you

  • i love you please break up with selena and go with the model okay trust me okay boy your sexy okay trust me your the man i believe in you. thats from my heart i will beat somebody up to get to you and i will cry if you dont text me back text me bieber

  • love my sexy bieber and that is toataly selena gomez


  • Anonymous

    Justin you know that u can have sex with me when ever you want

  • anaam aka wennie the phoo

    Anonymous you said that jb can have sex with u.u a hoe then get a life he don’t like u he love Selena ok i love him but at least i have a life.

  • well justin doest like me as a girlfriend

  • Anonymous


  • Almas

    Do you had a sexxx with her justin

  • marzena

    u are a fucking show offf bich 😀

  • ariana

    the first pic is so cuit <3 i hope u will be happy toghether :p

  • justin bieber

    selena i am breaking up with u fucking show off 😀

  • Damii

    Holaa 😀

  • Damii


  • serena

    u stupid people the picutre is selena gomez becasue justin would never do this to selena he love he so much it selena gomez u stuipd people look omg

  • crystal collins

    I think Justin bieber just staying single right now its better

    he need be maure date some one maure not acting maure.

  • selena b