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Justin Bieber furious Chile paparazzi attacked his car

Justin Bieber has lashed out at members of the paparazzi trailing him in Chile after they allegedly attacked his car.

The Baby hitmaker is furious following an ugly encounter with local photographers on Friday (14Oct11), a day before his concert in Santiago.

In a series of angry posts on Twitter.com, Bieber writes,

“dear paps…i walk by you very calm and then some of u decide to kick and punch the car we are in….show respect you get respect in life… some paps are real cool and chill. i dont feel crazy talking to them. it is cool. acting like a maniac…yeah i love talking with u. really?”

Bieber’s tour across South America has been quite a drama-packed trek – he had to beg fans in Argentina not to break into his hotel room after crowds of devotees were filmed attempting to storm the building he was staying in earlier this week (begs10Oct11). Police were called to the scene in Buenos Aires to help keep the screaming teens under control.


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  • Aussie bieber

    Go Justin, they go to far some times. Yes it’s there job but your right there is a way to conduct yourself. Show these hard working stars some respect!!!!

  • Davinarocks

    Biebs I would have ran them over u go boy

  • Anonymous

    ahaha the pap should learn to show respect or learn what it is like to never get another photo of Justin Bieber again. We all know he has ways to getting from one place to the other without being noticed.

  • Hope Bieber

    Poor car…. Love u Justin!!!

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