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justin beiber kissing under mistletoe

Justin Bieber – Mistletoe [Music Video Behind-the-scenes]

The video comes out in 6 days.

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  • belieb

    WOAHHHH!!!! wish i was tht grl he’s all ovr!!!

  • Milane

    I would to be THIS girl ! She is SO lucky !
    & Justin it’s bad to do this… You are in love with SG, haha. 😉

    • nonono

      SG was there.

  • abby

    damnnn justin, why can’t you kiss selena like that huh? he kissed next 2 you girl with passion now this girl…why can’t he do that with selena lmfao

    • Anonymous

      he probably does maybe more passionate behind closed doors.

    • annika paigeebieber

      who is it?

    • Zaiga

      maybe he dont like her ..or selena dont wanna kiss him….!

  • wow is that pic from the music video for mistletoe


    Woooowww I deff with what was me!!! Sucks 4 Selena lol

  • jelena all the wayy!

    so jealous of tht girl lol but i cnt waiit for this album n music video and for those tlkn abt how he doesnt kiss selena like tht , im sure he does , its just you arent there to see it so you wouldnt know.

    the weird thing is, i teared up during the dancing scene…and i dont even know whyy!! lol

    • Melanie Bieber

      omg same here i was in tears i think cause somewhere in there you wish that was you. like i wasent jealous or anything it was just how he did it :l

      • i know!! i wasnt jelouss….i just wish it was mee…..

        • Anonymous

          What’s the girls name?

        • Anonymous

          Ikr? What is her name? She’s hot!

  • Anonymous

    my face when they kiss -> ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD lmfao.

  • nonono

    Yeah, it is catchy. And gives me chills, you still have it …
    Who is the lucky girl in the video ?

  • doesnt she look a little old for him tho?? im not hatingg, im just sayinn…

  • Sweet_Elegant

    I just love how it is freakin snowing on the dance floor & he doesn’t even offer the young lady his jacket:D Why she gotta be cold?!

  • Rebekah

    i wish i were her….. but seriously if justin gets bad comments from this peple should back off. its a music video! its not like other stars dont do this or worse in theirs. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER xx

  • nisha bieber

    i hate all those gurls whom u touched ever .. 🙁
    ..i wish some day we ‘ll be together ..walking on the roadside hands in ur hands ..u try a bit to kiss me and hold me tightly ..but i knw its just next to impossible.. a humble request from my side when ever u’ll come to india pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just for a while meet me 🙂
    take care of urself and best wishes for ur video 🙂
    loveeeee yaaaaaaaaaa….
    nisha bieber
    pls message me .. (hatelovestorysnisha87@gmail.com)

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but thats never gonna happen

  • OMG he is so hott i love this song Pplzzz justin come to israel and pick mee in the next songg Pplzz Love you too justin Wo0owW

  • ilovejb

    i just noticed she is threading her fingers in his hair
    she is touching his hair AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they make a very cute couple don’t they?!

  • Meli

    Hey could you please upload another link to the video!!! this one is not working here in Germany 🙂
    btw the song is AMAZING and the video too?? ♥

  • Zaiga

    like he kiss this and girl from next 2 u ..he never kiss selena like that!!! ..(and don’t say .how do you know that?! ..because if they were in love .thay will kiss like that in publick .!

  • wish i would be d girl in dis video . d girl is soooo luckyyy . i want to be der n i m too exited to listen n see d music video WISH I WOULD BE DER ON BEHALF OF THT GIRL

  • Anonymous

    i know ima be under the mistletoe;)

  • Marni

    Dam she’s one lucky!!! She looks so much older like
    20 or something

  • Lizi

    [AAAAA] Justin Bieber eu te amooo s2′