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Justin Bieber sings “Mistletoe” in Rio de Janeiro [Download MP3]

Sorry guys. I’ve been in California for a few days for a family wedding. I am back but I’m in class right now. Just dropped in to post the first ever performance of Mistletoe. Justin played it live during his Rio de Janeiro concert. Enjoy.

[ Download Mp3 ]


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  • Steph,

    Oooh, ok that’s alright I still love you! Lol jk, just glad you’re back now! Btw who got married. 😀

    • Hey just come soooooon…… I just can’t wait any more ……
      Byeeeeeeee tc.

  • Karishma

    He sound soo amazing!!! The song is really AMAZING TOO!! <3 Can wait for the album to come out now!! I'm more excited!! 😀 <3 Love you Justin!!! *UnderTheMistletoe* <3 <3 <3

    • Anonymous

      hi karishma i m hassan from algeria here my facebook ( hassan fever ) please i want to get know u

  • Patricia

    Its amazing, I love it! Can’t wait to hear the studio version.

  • Very amazing song! As expected from Justin Bieber. Can’t wait to hear the studio version. Hearing this makes me wanna know more songs in the album xD

  • Meli

    OMG this album is gonna be amazing! I’m soooooo excited♥ 🙂

  • Anonymous

    NOVEMBER Y U NO COME EARLY? lmfao, this is amazing. <3

    • anonymous

      why dont u want him to come early
      why dont u talk in english not spanish i know what u are saying

  • oi justin bieber sou victor sou de recife pernambuco queria muito te conheçer pena que moro mt longe e não tenho condições pra ir pra um show seu queria realizar esse desejo por que faz muito tempo que eu sonhava coom isso e não vou realizar to muito triste ‘ mais te admiro muito , SOU SEU FÃN ‘ abraço e boa sorte na sua carrera ia fica muito feliz se eu te conheçesse ,

    • Maria de Fátima Azevedo Santos Souza

      Mas algum dia seu sonho vai se realiza

  • Hi I’m Justin Bieber victor am from Recife Pernambuco really wanted to meet you sorry I live far away and have no money to go to a show that wanted to accomplish his desire for a long time that I dreamed about it and I will not hold to very sad ‘you most admire, I AM yOUR FAN ‘hug and good luck in his career would be very happy if I knew you,

  • This album will be amazing. 🙂 Can’t wait!

    • anonymous

      who is this can i get a sneek peek of this album i am a biggggggggggggg
      justin bieber and would loooooooooovee to meet him my friends always have to tell me to shutup becuase thats all i talk about is justin bieber

  • shelby

    this song will be even better on the new album!!!!!!!! wish it would come out already.

  • Rhiny

    hi, Im rhiny and I’m from Indonesia I like your song,your style,your voice,your dance,and everything about
    so,I’m waiting your album

  • I just had sex with the song and i raped the reply. Lol :))
    love the Song!!

    • Anonymous

      You are sooooooooooooooooo gross woman!

  • Prakash Raj

    I like this song
    Justin bieber rocks

  • mary

    only 1day till MISTLETOE hits iTunes. lets make it #1 beliebers!!!!!

    love you forever justin

    • Deena

      I am also a beleiber too i memorized most of his songs. I just adore Justin beiber and your right. We will HAVE to make this a #1 song Beleibers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      S2 u Justin beiber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    well Justin…………you are an amazing rock star…………….this is the one song that can undoubtedly prove it……………..with lots of wishes…..i do promise to spread this song across my friends……..

  • i like and i want a phone no. my febbrit j.b justin beber

  • mary

    that is riely amazin

  • kiss kiss love you

  • vishu

    i m so glad to see this so i can’t wait

  • vanessa

    mistletoe yes e love me todas as musicas super maneira