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Justin Bieber supports Teleton charity in Brazil

Cutie Justin always gives his support to charities whenever he can. Not too sure what Teleton is because the website is all in Portuguese but Justin lent a hand in support of this charity while he was in Brazil. You can check out Teleton here.

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  • Mayela

    Daisy Teleton is a charity for sick children many countries put it on tv and ask people to call the number and donate some money.

  • Hannah

    OMG Justin is soo cute. Watch at the beginning when he hits the dolls with one another bless him; he doesn’t even realise :’) x

  • Patricia

    Justin you don’t have to bump the dolls together twice to make your point hun lol. But anyway its so sweet of him to participate in another charity.

    • Anonymous

      You rock jb keep it up

  • ahoj jusnine jaksemas jasem t voje fanynka sem ceška ach něla bich ně někdy vinět