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justin bieber batmobile cadillac police

Justin Bieber’s Batmobile Cadillac pulled over by police

Justin Bieber narrowly dodged the cold hammer of justice this week, getting off with just a warning after cops pulled the 17-year-old over in his Batman-themed Cadillac.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Bieber was cruising around L.A. in a ridiculous 3-car motorcade, with Biebs up front in a murdered out Bat-illac CTS-V, flanked by his friends in a Range Rover and a black Rolls Royce with Sean Kingston.

According to law enforcement sources, JB cut off a CHP officer and was pulled over, along with the other two cars, but fortunately for the Biebs and his perfect life, the entire gang was sent on their way with just a warning.

To add insult to injury — JB’s car is maddeningly awesome … with a custom “JB” logo on the side panel … and twin Batman symbols on the front and back of the car. Oh yeah, and the word “Batmobile” is emblazoned on the trunk.


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  • joana

    i love justin!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Why do you love him

  • ..

    I love the car but i think it would look better silver 🙂

  • BelieberNo4000000

    The Pics on Ben Ballers BlogSite dont have the annoying TMZ logo and the link to his site is on the TMZ homepage. Btw his blog site has some pictures of Bieber with this strange arm and stuff, where he is recording a video, do you know to what song the video belongs to?

    • it’s from his christmas album & the title is “santa claus is coming to town” & it will be featured in the movie “arthur’s christmas”. & the music video will be shown before the movie starts.

  • i love the car

  • Anonymous

    This car is ugly as hell

    • Anonymous

      you’re ugly justin’ cars hot as hell

    • chelsea

      anonymonus you’re ugly as hell justin’s car is hot and so is he

  • Anonymous

    Being this rich i thought he would of bought something better than this ugly piece of crap

    • Anonymous

      So what car would be better than a 2 door Lac with a corvette motor! m

    • karla

      umm no its not ugly! maybe he doesn’t want to spend money on something way expensive.

  • Jumboadam

    this car is sick. so jealous.


    omg look at that car just look at it *moment of silence* THAT CATAYYYYY IS FRICKEN AWZOME

  • Anonymous

    that car is SICK! and Justin looks like such a little asshole in that pic with the clown suit on ….

  • annon

    Just wanted to let everyone know he was NOT pulled over. He was on Kiss FM in Dallas this morning and laughed about it letting everyone know that the story is false and this picture was posed for. (The fact that there are no police in the picture and or Fear on his face should say that !)

  • chelsea

    That is now mty future car.

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