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All Mariah Yeater wants is $12,000 a month from JB

The woman who claims teen pop sensation Justin Bieber is the father of her baby hit back at his denials through her lawyers Thursday, and called again for the “Baby” singer to take a DNA test.

A day after Bieber told fans on Twitter to ignore rumors he fathered her love child, lawyers for 20-year-old Mariah Yeater said that “evidence” of the 17-year-old singer’s paternity would come out in court.

“Mariah Yeater is pursuing a modest and rightful claim,” Yeater’s lawyers, Lance Rogers and Matthew Pare, told Star magazine. “There is credible evidence that Justin Bieber is in fact the father of her baby. The evidence will be revealed in court.”

The lawyers said that Yeater had not made any outrageous demands of the Canadian heartthrob and was going through the proper procedures.

“She is not seeking a huge compensation,” Rogers and Pare said. “She merely requests that Justin Bieber provide a DNA sample to verify that he is the father of Mariah Yeater’s baby, and if so, to help provide child support as required by California law.”

Bieber’s representatives earlier told ABC News, “It’s sad that someone would fabricate, malicious, defamatory and demonstrably false claims” and said that they would “vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.”

Yeater’s lawyers pointed out that the singer, who is dating 19-year-old pop star Selena Gomez, had not denied the claim.

“It is noteworthy that Justin Bieber himself has not denied the fundamental fact that he had unprotected sex with Mariah Yeater following a concert in Los Angeles,” Rogers and Pare said.

They added, “If Justin Bieber is willing to voluntarily undergo a paternity test Ms. Yeater welcomes such cooperation and will be happy to resolve this issue in a less public manner.”

Yeater claims in court papers that her rendezvous with Bieber — which she alleges took place backstage at the Staples Center following an October 2010 show — was “brief, lasting only approximately 30 seconds.”

She added that Bieber “was clearly embarrassed about how the sex did not last very long.”

Unemployed Yeater claims that the singer, who is famed for his squeaky-clean image, confessed to her that he was a virgin and insisted he did not want to wear a condom, “because it was his first time he wanted to feel everything.”

The encounter, she claims, produced her son Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater, who was born on July 6. She is seeking $12,000 a month in child support from Bieber.

Because Bieber was 16 at the time of the alleged sexual encounter and Yeater was 19, she is open to prosecution for statutory rape in California, where the age of consent is 18.

Bieber has been ordered to appear in court on Dec. 15 to respond to the allegation.


This is what I don’t get. Justin has always said there is a bond between him and us fans. He said that he’s able to talk directly to us through Twitter to clear up rumors and scandals. Why hasn’t he said anything about this? This is the same thing I was talking about when the “dating Selena” thing started happening. But I can understand why he might want to hide his relationship with Selena from the fans.

But this is different. I know he has managers and lawyers telling him not to talk but if this story is not true (please do not let this be true) then what’s the harm in saying right out that he did not do it? Why only speak through lawyers and managers?

The longer you wait the more it hurts everyone no matter what the real truth is. Speak directly to us. Tell us you didn’t do it. What happened to that bond? This is not the time to ignore. We need you.

And what is this “credible evidence” they’re talking about? What can be more credible than the blood test? Pictures or a video?

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  • Carly

    I think bieber’s lawyers have told him to keep his statements to himself, because everything he says about this issue could be used against him in jail. He also probably wants to keep his privacy to himself and try to keep this rumour between himself and those close to him. He’s probably going through a hard time and I truly hope that these are false claims by Mariah Yeater!!! #believe

  • Jb lover

    You’re so right Daisy. I’m getting kinda scared now 🙁

    • Chelsie Bieber

      me too!!!

      • mik

        my friend i where working it out and all the evidence appears to be against jb 🙁

        • Anonymous

          She’s ugly, he only goes for the pretty ones now. Take Selena Gomez for example. We do NOT need to be scared because Justin has said himself that you should only have sex if you are married or truly in love. He is also a Christian. I’m pretty sure most Christians would know what is right from wrong in this whole situation. And also, why would she make those comments about him being embarrest about having sex for only 30 seconds? That doesnt sound like someone who does NOT want attention if you ask me. She is clearly only wanting one thin. Fame. This is all made up by a immature person who just happened to have a baby at a young age. I am 15 and I atleast know that our Justin Bieber would NEVER do that to us. That is the only time I will say “never”
          BELIEB IN HIM

        • Anonymous

          By the way my name is Sarah, not anonymous 😛

        • i know he wouldent do that to us and i belib him okay 🙂

        • Katrina"S a Belieber

          she looks to old fro him if he dnt kno her than how he goin to get her pregnate and if justin really had a child he wouldnt abaanded him immeean lyk seriously all she wants is his money and if ther were ppl with him than wat is she tlkn bout bieber dnt get down lyk that shes dumb for that she just looks lyk a gold digger but i wonder wat selena thinks about this?? but im always team bieber

        • Anonymous

          YO don’t forget christian or not he is a star, being in that position is much like politics it eats at your humanity being honest in this business is like trying not pop a boner while watching porn… not gonna happen whether he is the nice innocent little boy or he is a cocaine snorting partyholic we’ll never know till he get’s dui(caught). now I believe Justin is a good hearted kid but that’s appearance, if you don’t know him personally than don’t be ignorant and say Justin is nice cause he looks like it on T.V cause anyone can put a smiling face on T.V look at Martha Stewart. but yes this junkie chick mariah is ugly and don’t think Beiber would be messin with that hoe, and he probably lost his virginity to the KArdahsa-slut kim 😉


          AGREED bro you don’t know less you him he could be a prick. but hopefully he knows better than to mess with that ugly bitch. she creeps me the fuck out.

  • chelsea hernandez

    ughh hope is not true i would be heartbroken if it was truee

    • Anonymous

      why you’ll still live your own amazing life, his business shouldn’t affect no one cause if it does than us americans are more screwed than we think bigger fish out there besides beiber love story.. how bout the fact were hitting a more severe economic crisis, Presidential elections… a possible U.S soil attack people wake the fuck up!!!! your youth could be in jeopardy an justin bieber is the story for fucks sake. that’s why I hate civi’s I used to be one but fuck I rather sit in a 4 ft tall bunker getting shot at than hear your stupid cele shit

  • jazzy bieber

    i am gettig really scare now and really sad

    Follow me @itsbiebersquad

  • Nadya :)

    Totally agree w. you. If he didn’t do it he just have to say “it’s not true, she is lying”

  • Lol

    They tell him to now say anything because of the Rumors people Start. She is completely lying. Kenny would never leave justin alone with a fan. She will be sued for trying to mess with his image. Its just not believable. She just wants magazine money. and Stuff like that.

  • jess

    guys he probably isnt allowed to talk about it.he said in his own way that it wasnt true in one of his tweets..I am willing to bet on everything I have his lawyers and the bieber team told him not to talk about it…thats what he has a pr guy for..just for these types of issues..his pr guy said it was not true and we need to have faith in Justin that if he could talk to us about it he would. Trust him guys he really needs us right now. I bet you anything he feels like he is letting us all down as it is..i guarentee you he feels terrible and is very upset..lets have faith in him and support him and rally AGAINST this crazy girl and protect justin!

    follow me @lilbutt28

    • exactly! its probably like when scooter had to be in court and they werent supposed to talk about that eitherr! so he probably feels bad that hes not telling us, but hopefully this whole story is a sham in the end!! hopefully…….

      follow meee!!!!
      @iLoveBieber_72 🙂

  • i LOVE JELENA POR VIDA!!!!!!!!!

    i support him no matter what happends and will always be a belieber.. im also scared but also i have faith on him

  • jess

    guys he needs our help who is behind me in making a new TT on twitter to support him against theses rumors send me ur thoughts via twitter


    He needs us and I know he would appricate it! we can let some girl tarnish is image even if it was true and she was a belieber she would never have taken it public obvi she doesnt care about him at all..please help me with this TT so justin knows we still love him and support him and get this girl to shut her mouth!

  • this iss sooooo stupid i hope this girl is just a fake!! i love selena and justin together! she changes her story first she claimed it was in abbthroom now in a washer machine….if your gonna lie dumbass then keep the same story!

  • Kirstie

    Yeah I think it’s true because on twitter he keeps telling everyone to judge him only on his muisc… So he’s pretty much saying don’t judge me on my actions but on my music…

    • Katrina"S a Belieber

      he could have refused to take the dna test if he was lykin because he did not have to take the dna test becaz yu have rights to do that

  • Anonymous

    Guys when someone is suing you and you’re that famous, whTever you say will be used against you. Stuff he says may be misinterpreted (people even judge his silence) and taking a DNA test is not that easy, if he does it now he will have to do it for the next crazy girl that comes along. The odds are crazy, but either her story is true or she thinks that she can just drop the charges after he has given it enough attention. If she wanted to settle it quietly, she would not have sold pics and copies of court documents to Star magazine. When a person is being sued their lawyers always tell them to stay quiet. Good luck Justin

  • Norah

    I think its fake. Why would he have sex with that slut. Shes really not that pretty and shes 20. I support justin and i hope its not true.

    • jess

      if your beind him please help me find a way to make him know we are rallying for him and that beliebers love him and this slut is not going to change that..ps I hope she is freaking out and checking all these sites to say what people are saying about her maybe it will make her stop..purple ninjas will attack her if need be! beliebers are no joke!



    it is hard to be a fan right now!!!!!!!!!! and I think about how had would be to him… 🙁

    • gabb

      girl dont worry, she’s a fucking bitch that just wanna have 5 seconds of fame, BELIEBERS WILL PROVE JUSTIN’S TRUE!

      • Kirstie

        And all of you are giving her her 15 minutes of fame! Don’t even give her the time of day.0


    what evidence? a photo and an autograph? is she has something like that, could he get in trouble for this?

  • Chelsie Bieber


    • Anonymous

      She wants 2.6 million overall yeah she’s not asking for much.,. NOT

    • Kirstie

      Actually that’s about right. Baby’s are expensive

  • Belieber

    Bieber should not respond to this, he should not even have mentioned the topic on twitter, if he talks about it then he will descend to that low level of that girl and that is what must not happen. He stands above such insanities! And if he responded, the girl would have achieved her goal and then every girl might start suing Justin just to get attention from him and others! So Justin ignore that stupid trash!

  • gabb

    sorry am really mad

    • haha me too i was like that in the first story about thisss!!

  • hey guys follow me on twitter @iLoveBieber_72 🙂 i follow back!!! we need to take this chick Mariah Yeater down so follow me and we’ll come up with something to take her down:) Justin needs us the most now, and i want him to know that we r here behind him for every step:) Please for Justin:)

    • the last thing that justin wants is to lose more fans, my god it seems like this poor kid is under a freakin microscopee!!! just stay his fan and it will pay off in the long run i promise:) can u only imagine how he feels now? ive been thinking about this for the past 2 days and ive been feeling really bad for justin, it was supposed to be a happy week cause of under the mistletoe, now this came up, and all ive been feeling was depressed, only cause of this so i can only imagine how justin feeels…….justin i just want u to know that im here for u for every step of the way!:)

    • jess

      followed now follow back so we can help justin!

  • y0

    i think he should hide this more than hiding his relationship with selena ..

    this is a little more serious and he prob doesnt want to share it for that reasons. its not our business. we are his fans but his sexual life is none of our buisness, even if this is false.

    • Sarah

      hhaaarrrdddd.. <3

  • Bel

    Well he probably hasn’t said anything because Scooter says that he shouldn’t and even though it might not be because of the right causes, Justin will get publicity out of this.

  • alyssa

    i dont think justin should ignore this, why? because 1. HE COULD LOSE SELENA 🙁

  • kaylen

    you guys are over-reacting. you can’t call this women a liar just yet. innocent until proven guilty, on both ends (her’s and justins). the paternity test will tell the truth, and everyone should leave it at that.

  • jbbeliveangie#1,000

    look if its true (which i hope not) then jb will never be which her.She is 20!!why would he be with here

    • Sarah

      Age means nothing…

  • Millie

    Justin is refusing to take a paternity test because than us fans will believe it is true. Mariah Yeater obviously just wants to be famous and in the press. She wants everybody to believe it is true. Justin is not saying anything because everyword he says can be used against him in court. She could go to jail for rape as Justin was only 16 and she was 19. Kenny Hamilton wouldn’t have allowed Justin to go backstage with a fan and lose his virginity. Justin is not the father! This is the most ridiculous rumour I have ever heard. We have to support him in this hard time for him and his family. Belieb forever <3


    Millie is right. This is so not true. He is told not to say anything because he was told not to. Justin would never go with Mariah Yeater. She is not his type at all. Look at the difference between her and Selena. I hope she doesn’t ruin Justin and Selena’s friendship!!! This is a false accusation!!!!!!!!


    I hate Mariah Yeater. She is a liar who wants attention. Justin would NEVER be with her. She is so different from Selena. She has ugly piercings all over her body. ewwww 🙁 hope this rumour is NOT true!!!!!!!!!

  • claudia

    they should just get a dna test and then end this whole thing

  • Anonymous

    He might have been raped by her!? We wouldn’t know would we?

  • Shannon C

    if it is true she’ll get done for rape, if it isn’t true she’ll get done for something else so either way shes still going to get done for something 🙂

  • HatetoMariahYeaterrr

    i think this girl is crazy and need cheap publicity… Very low self-esteem of these women! And Mariah Yeater is ugly and It is not possible JB was do with this woman!

  • Anna Biebs

    hey thats imposible! I know himself. Mariah Yeater is crazzy girl. if you’re real BELIEBERS you not believe it issues or rumors!

  • Anonymous

    One comment above I agree with she is UGLY!!!! I don’t think he would go there, if he wanted random sex he could have had sex with a pretty girl!!! Also he was on the Today show this morning and denied all aligations against him. He said some good things come with fame. Like his fans and his charity work, but bad things also come (such as these aligations). Some people will come up with anything for their minute in the spotlight.. SO SAD!!

  • nikol

    is she crazy or something ? at first i took it as a joke i though that she really wants to meet justin but now she has gone to far this time i really want to see what evidence does dhe haves !!!!!

    But i will tell you me opinion justin will never do something like that to a fan !! he is not that kind of person !!!!! She is crazy !!!

  • Hannah


  • xxx

    kso, i’m confused here. the reason i say that is because i think he isn’t the father but… at the same time i do. my reasoning for that is because look at her, then look at selena gomez, selena is pretty so why would justin have sex with Mariah & lose everything fame, respect and selena. but on the other hand why would mariah want justin to get a DNA testing done if he isn’t the father. i mean if he isn’t the “father” then why would mariah want to get proven wrong and get embarrassed. i mean come on. theres something going on over here. i just really hope justin isn’t the father.

  • Cocodutch

    He couldn’t say he dIdnt have sex on twitter because he has younger fans. Also everything he says could be used against him. This Mariah slut just wants the fame. She’s immature and retarded can wait until December 15 when she’s proved wrong ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!:D

  • Mariah Yeater u a lying bitch u r trying to ruin justin bieber’s career u r just trying to get money and fame justin bieber would never do this to selena so just leave justin alone

  • hehehehehhehe :)


  • I can not stand this girl she is a big fat liar, quite seriously, I can not believe she can start such a lie round, I have great hatred for the girl, she’s just a big fat liar.

  • gianna-leigh swinton

    even if this is true, justin can get her locked up for ‘pedifiler’ IF it is true, i highly dopt that he did, i have seen this sort of sitchewation before between one of my best guy friends and his ex-girlfriend, she is only using this to get money. plus if this was so important to her, why dose she decide to do this now insted of when she was pregnant.

    i dont think its true.

  • gianna-leigh swinton

    that poor baby is gonna get so much bullying when he is in school because of this, it is not fair on him or justin i think she should stop while still possible.

  • jakayla wilson

    she is lieing io

  • jakayla wilson

    she is lieing io

  • Ellie

    This is so stupid that chick is dumb and needs to get a life Justin is wit Selena not no Mariah chick.
    I love you Justin and we all now (your fans) you do not have a child

  • Chandra loves justin

    omg i dont believe it ai he would neva do that. And she just wants attention from tha press she is a F^*%khead tru god. Piss off s(^*t and leave justin alone THANK UE </3

  • Mary