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Justin Bieber @ 2011 EMAs performing Mistletoe & Never Say Never

Justin performed “Mistletoe” and “Never Say Never” at the MTV EMAs and yes he did screw up.

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  • bridget :)

    ah-mazing ! can’t wait for the next tour 🙂

    • Mony

      yes i love him he so HOT!! xoxo @justinbieber i love u!

  • beliber101

    im so confused when did the first live ema come out on the 6 at 5 how did u already get this vedio?

  • he wasn’t actually supposed to sing the line “word’s on the street that it’s coming tonight”

    you can tell because the “shawty with you” kick in.

    it proves how even professionals can mess up but make it sound good 🙂

  • cant wait to see him

  • alyssa

    i hope you guys noticed he did the illuminatii in the background, jay- z did beyonce rihanna -.-

    • Anonymous

      where did he do the illuminatii

      • alyssa

        during never say never, where the fire is on the screen, jay-z did the same thing its the illuminatii pyramid

        • Chelsea

          Believe it or not,he isn’t illuminati its just a move.

        • belieber baby

          it’s not really illuminati? it’s just triangles haha..

        • alyssa

          no lmfao tmz is already talking about it

  • Terri

    he’s so effing cute.

  • Mrs.Bieber#1!

    Justin Bieber’s new song Mistletoe is amzingg!!! i love that song so much!!! i am his #1 fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Biebersgunnarbemine,somehow

      Don’t make me confused if he went past you now and he was just a normal person you would carry on walking anyway him and Selena are getting engaged so good luck on getting him first, oh yes it’s not a competition by meeting him and marrying him, I take notice of every1 and your type before Justin bieber could of been ginger and blue eyes but some how it’s changed to brown eyes n brown hair, that’s not just my type that’s every1s type now, okay. Also I’m 11 who is talking n I also love jb but u don’t feel the same way as I do, when he sings I don’t screaammm jjjuuussstttiiiinnnnn, or biieebbbeerrrr I look at his personality inside of him whilst he his singing 🙂 so next time think before u jink

  • blah

    why is there a baby on his jacket lol

  • :D

    Someone needs to give him a damn calender

  • Kirsten

    How long into the show does he perform? Does he perform near the beginging or the end ?

  • y0


  • 4real#1bieberfan

    he is so ho and i am totally his #1 fan btw. i bought his X-mas album on the 1st day it came out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!which is 11-1-11

  • jenna

    why does he keep singing Never say Never live? he can’t sing that song live. he only sounds good when he sings acoustic and balled

  • Kaitie

    Whens His Next tour and the dates? preferable the ones in brisbane! Omgssssh Hes An Amazing Singer,So INpirational And HOT!!!! Justin |Drew | Bieber | Your | Amazing <3333

  • Baabiebs

    Pffff ! Illuminaty …. Can’t someone do a dance move anymore without people saying it’s illuminaty ?! Please ! And Kristen, he performed more at the end of the show 🙂 He’s amazing as always ! And it’s never say never sounds better acoustic , it’s weird live … Bit it doesn’t matter he’s wonderful !

  • Biebfan4ever

    I love him!!!!

  • cute!<3<3

  • Chaaarr bieber

    He Is Sooo Cuteeeee !! <3 <3 <3 <3 xxxxxxxx

  • caaaarlaay bieber

    he is so sexy i just wanna rip his clothes off …. the things i would do to that !!! ;D daaaamnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <

  • Illuminati pyramid in background.

  • Jb is so sexy

  • Ashreya West

    looooooooooooooooove u J.b

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