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selena gomez justin bieber london nov 2011

Justin Bieber acting strange in London. Will appear on X-Factor

Jelena is back in London now. The Daily Mail says that the reason why they went back is because Justin will be making an appearance on X-Factor UK. He’s also been acting rather strange since landing back in London. Hiding from the paparazzi behind anything he could find. Selena. His hoodie. And even a cereal bowl!

It’s thought that Justin Bieber will be a surprise guest on the X-Factor results show tomorrow night alongside already announced acts One Direction and Lady Gaga. Or he could be in London to pre-record his performance for next week.

Justin also acted strangely as he left the Radio 1 studios earlier in the day, leaving the building and heading to the car with what appeared to be a cereal bowl covering his face.

As he and Selena landed at Heathrow Airport in London, Bieber kept his head buried from photographers and fans. Walking through the airport, he kept his head hidden beneath a black hoodie and held onto the edge so it didn’t fall back onto his shoulders.


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  • Anonymous

    bet he’s got a big spot lol

    • LMAO hahahahahahahahah hahahahahah! You do mean a big zit right? funny comment but I don’t think he has a zit.

      • ahahhahahah i bet he has a HUGE sopt lol…..i mean just look at it lol haha :)…..yummy

    • Anonymous

      or a love bit ahahaha!! 😀

  • you are always beautiiful justin drew bieber

  • Baabiebs

    What’s wrong with Justin ? He never hides …
    Maybe he got a piercing and he’s waiting to show it ….

    • joahail

      i hope so lol 🙂 talking about piercings he should get a few but not like a bunch just like 1 more or 2 thats it and it has to bein his ear lmao 🙂 if none of you dont like my comment then to bad ,this is my opinion.

    • Maybe? or maybe he just wanted to be cute and funny lol

      • dear justin bieber shrine blog , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that i do have one question to ask selena gomez , my self , i was wondering what does she think off the kids just from the headacape kids just at the age off 49 year,s of age , love david b conway

  • katie

    he’s doing some show here in london

  • Random Person

    I dont think hes hiding on the first and third pic, it looks like theyre cudling…

  • Sascha

    I think the X Factor appearance is the German version, he will be in Cologne on Tuesday!
    Daisy have your read my tweets? I have seen Bieber! Maybe I frightened him so much that he hides now…

  • urgh

    hes turning into an idiot now

    • Lilly

      How ??

    • NeverSayNever

      Urgh, your turning into un IDIOT OU BIG WAIST. OF TIME

  • Lilly

    ok so we are totally different Lillies lmao ^^^^^ but i kinda think the hoodie was to not be seen, but u gotta admit, the cereal bowl thing is effing hilarious! i peed my pants when i 1st saw it on tumblr xD

    • Cassidy

      can u give me justin bieber’s tumblr page

  • herpderp

    hes hiding? oh hey look who hes with! the girl that wont stop hiding from the paparazzi herself! GEEE I WONDER Y HES ACTING LIKE THAT? OH YEAH! CUZ HIS GIRLFRIEND DOES IT TOO AND HE FELL INTO THAT HABBIT! justin… dont hide from ur fans. dont be pathetic like selena. who do u think sees those pictures? FANS.

    • Me:]

      Selena Gomez just doesn’t like grown men with camara’s in her face. Now, can you blame her for hiding?…..I would do the same thing!

      • arianna

        lol yeah but she likes little guys touching her lmfao

  • Alex

    i like the chain on his belt.

  • Kay:}

    I thought it was pretty funny!

  • He’s here for his own TV show tonight! I get to go! Ill ask his wassup for yall! <3

    • cool wish i could go, but im stuck in australia |:\ oh well have fun ^_^.

      ILY J.B 4 EVA!!! <3

      • wish i could go but i stuck here in Canada.. 😛 its pretty awsome but i would love to go to london

  • SmilyFaces(:

    Ok the hoodie is because hes hinding and obviously isnt in the mood for his pic to be tookin, the pic with Selena i think there cuddling just like and normal cupple would do, and the bowl…. thats just Justin using his humor, and bing his old self!!! Love the biebs

  • i heard hes doing a show called this is justin bieber and i also heard that hes pre-recording his performance for next week.

  • I honestly believe he’s got a zit or a piercing that he doesn’t want us to see yet. But I’m really disgusted though. I mean does Selena really have to go EVERYWHERE with him? Come on! It’s annoying! Anyway, I love Justin no matter what! Zit or no zit! He’s gorgeous! 1-4-3 Biebs!

  • hi JB that’s good u will be on x factor

  • LMFAO, oh justin your soo obvious.

    ILY J.B 4 EVA!!! <3

  • gabby hernandez

    i think he copying from selena gomez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • I love you more than anything in the world do not care what they say the day of your concert was the best day of my life that I love you tube very serca despite everything they say I love you justin bieber drew are the best nobody surpasses all are unique and incomparable I LOVE YOU

  • ramram bieber

    loooooool hahahaha
    if you look closely at the one with the cereal bowl the corner of his eye appeaars to be BRUISED

    • Cassidy

      yeah thats what i was thinking you can see on the first pic where he’s hiding behind selena

  • MehnaazxBieber

    I think he got a spot.
    I last saw a pic, where he had a spot, soo.
    But the Cereal bowl ? Haha, so funny!

  • supergirl21

    wow, he is really going to be on X Factor.

  • Sarah

    justin wasn’t on x factor i watched it and he wasn’t on it

    • Anonymous

      He was.on xfactor UK on the 4th of December and he sang.mistletoe and was amazing as usual.

  • Anonymous

    hate selena

  • Anonymous

    i dont want selena with justin

    • levita

      why not

  • Sarah

    How do you have the nervs to sit like little nerd behind the computer and write that you hate people? Do you know justin or selena? idts! They have feeling just like you do! so stop all the hating and if you “hate” them sooo why write it on the internet? i just don’t get it you are bullys and im just saying think about when you have kids and they ask you if you ever bullyd someone and then you answer is gonna have to be yes.. and when your parents give you presents and tells you how proud they are will that feel good? you need to stop all of the hating you dont wanna live a life when you are the bad guy trust me so stop it now! im not saying you have to love justin bieber or what ever but why hate him has he done something to hurt you?

  • levita

    omg justin is so hot i know ever thing about him=) i just want to see him ever day in person=p

  • David

    That is the coolest Hoodie!!!!

    I got one of those from S.wear its a new hoodie store in Westfield in Stratford City!!! Loooooooove iiiitttttt!!!

  • gabriella

    Wow what a great hoodie… is that from the S.wear store in westfield???
    they are amazing i got one my self…..

  • Cassidy

    i think he’s got a black eye

  • they’re such a good couple:)
    Teehe belieber forever.

  • secret

    i love u Justin u are always be beautiful.Please come to Greece.Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin bieber I sweetheart hug kiss meet deaf like Alejandra Magana

  • Haley

    I ♥ you get better Justin!!! #TRUEBELIBERINMY♥

  • beatriz

    love u selena in justin bieber

  • Tynita

    Theres nothing wrong with his eye and stop hating on him and Selena their and so should u if…..your a real believer he just doesn’t want to be in the spotlight at the time just like any other celebrity