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justin bieber belfast ema after party

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez topless @ LMFAO EMA after party

Oh look Selena went topless to LMFAO’s MTV EMA after party. How daring. lol. Justin tweeted:

went out and celebrated at the @LMFAO after party and did a little shufflin with the fellas. #goodtimes

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  • Anonymous

    what in the world are you sure this is real?

    • bhabiesel

      it’s real but the fake one iz selena gomez isn’t topless bitches!

      it’s just her backless dress on the ema lozerss i hate when my idol iz being underestimated!

      • chocolatethunder!!!

        backless or not, u should stil have some public decency. i mean come on! ur dating jb! when u act like that, u reflect jb. geez, hometraininng much?

        • pengyuin

          yeah, but she is allowed to wear a backless dress so just shut up and stop arguing about what she was wearing. support her and be nice to her. you need to think about what ur saying and think how selena feels about thos stuff. me and my sis luv u selena dont listen to those haterz

    • Anonymous

      u dont have to call people bad words but, yes that is FAKE!!

      • bhabiesel

        well im sorry with my bad words but i really hate it when selena gomez got hated !

    • steschka

      wow this is terrible! and the worse part is…… its real!!!!

      • Anonymous

        its not real its backless people selena isnt stupid enough to do that

  • Sandrav

    She wasn’t topless! It’s just tht her outfit wasn’t covering her back! It was res jumpsuit thing tht she wore for the MTV EMA’s

  • she not topless it just how it make and the back

  • Anonymous


    • bhabiesel

      yeah well that’s her job..being a role model izn’t always gonna be her jod and btw she need to grow up too okay? so get lost!

    • Amy

      Why are you even on this website if you’re a hater?

      • Anonymous

        because its a website about jusin bieber not the slut selena.. she should fuck off

        • Anonymous

          all yous calling her a slut.. well how would you know? you dont even know her:L your so pathetic!! your just jel cos shes with the guy that you all wanted! if you were true bieber fans youd be happy that hes happy! and not treat his gf like shit! cos its just gunna make him think less of you:)..not like he know you are anyway:L!!!!!!!

        • Everyone has already heard that before. Ur not starting some great revolution or anything. U are the dumbest person ever.

          F U!

        • brandy

          I thought she was a good role model but her butt cheeks were falling out of her dress or shorts (it was a combineation i for got was it was call) 🙁

        • chocoholic

          totally agree i mean justin doesnt know you and probably never will. if you say mean things about him or his girlfriend hes gonna think ur a mean girl and never like you. plus u guys r alll made that he might propose to selena and ur all made cuz you think he wont like u after word but he says he loves his fans and tht wont change cuz hes mrried unless ur hater about it all.

        • bhabiesel

          oh really? well if you love justin u should love selena gomez too cuz she iz his life not you okay??

  • Anonymous

    She isn’t topless. She was wearing that red jumpsuit thing she wore earlier at the EMAs itself.

    • Justin Bieber

      it was the multicolored shorts and yellow top.

  • Bella

    it’s called backless, not topless

  • LiaaanneKylaaa

    OMG.You guys are really stupid.She was wearing her red backless dress.

    • bhabiesel

      yeah they are stupid LOL! HAHAAH

    • i’m not stupid bitch

    • pengyuin

      selenas not that kind of person. if you think that she is the kind of person, you dont know anything about her se has to have some self dignity. so of course she was backless. i mean seriously just cuz ur not brave enough to wear a dress like that doesnt mean everyone is. get with it.BACKLESS not TOPLESS

  • Anonymous

    she is not topless. there is a part at the front that conects to the pants.

  • Anonymous

    u guys r dumb as crap!

  • alyssa

    wow how does justin go from caitlin/ down to earth/ shows passion for god/ beautiful/ doesn’t wear slutty clothes/ strong/ sweet/nice from selena 19 years old. /beautiful/kinda slutty, probably why justin likes her/ down to earth/shows off ALOT of skin….im a fan of selena but cmon her ema’s performance was good…her outfit eh, her butt cheeks were hanging out and EVERYONE said cute outfit, i bet if someone like miley wore that they would say ewww so slutty -.-

    • bhabiesel

      hahaahaha yer not a real fan of selena if you were judging her in that way .! fuck you! really? REAL FANS ARE LOYAL not like you!

      Selena gomez iz way better than caitling lozer oopxxx i mean caitlin beadles! pufft..

      • christy

        Actually A Fan Can Say Anything. Selenator Doesn’t talk Crap lmfao. How IS Selena Better Than Caitlin. Wow Just Because Selena Sings And Acts Doesn’t Make Her Better. Fame Doesn’t Make Anyone Better

        • bhabiesel

          well did i say fame makes her better more than caitlin?
          well baby i told you selena has a personality that no one can ever judge or whatever it iz!

      • I’m a real fan, Real fans are not loyal there Bitches of badguys locked up in Jail. Right JB girlfriend Selena Gomez.

        U hate everyone else except selena gomez and JB.

    • Anonymous

      haters just shut up and watch selena and justin moments everyday ok if you are hated selena sorry coz justin loves selena so much

  • Baabiebs

    Didn’t you guys see the EMA’S show ?!
    You’re always trying to find a way to make Selena look bad !
    I’m not a fan of Selena that doesn’t mean i’m always saying she’s a slot !
    Selena is 19 ! For god sake ! She’s not a kid anymore ! Leave her alone !
    Alyssa if it was Miley Cirus everybody would say she’s a slut because she’s always acting like one !
    We don’t know Caitlin and Selena , we can’t say they’re better than the other one .. They’re different …
    Why do you hate Selena so much ?!
    I think you’re all just jealous of her ! But shouldn’t we be happy that JB is happy with her ?
    I’m not saying you have to like her … But stop making her look bad and respect her ..
    She has feelings too , she’s human .. What do you think she feels when she reads this kind of thing about her ..
    Just imagine you were her before insulting her … What would you feel ?

    • I wasn’t trying to make her look bad. It’s a joke obviously. As if SELENA GOMEZ would go topless on the dance floor and JB be ok with it. lmao. I thought it was funny. just look at it. She looks topless.

    • brandy

      Didnt she break up with justin because of the rumors him being a baby daddy???? Thats what i heard 😐



  • ebba

    she had a jumpsuit that was open in the back, just so you guys know 🙂

    • niggaplease

      lol ikr everyone is freaking out

  • Anonymous

    You really think Selena’s gonna be topless ?!

    • cameron

      no way, even i know that people that arent her fans would say that

  • Julie

    You can be a selenator and a belieber. I love them both! Seperatly and together <3 And she's not a slut, she's beautiful and you're all just jealous.

    • im jealous about there presonal relationship just because , i do,nt have one off relationship my self with girl,s yet im still singel at the age of 49 years of age , im not jealous just for there fame and talent , love david b conway

    • Kay;]

      I agree i love them both, their amazing and im happy their together

  • Anonymous

    Okay okay? Relax guys! It could be a mistake, if I saw that, without knowing, I would think the same “Omg she topless!” But she’s not… Every single one, of u guys, have wrighten on the comment, that she isn’t topless, WE GET ALREADY? 😀 And why shouldn’t she be a good rolemodel “4 kids”? I think she’s better than Rihanna, who run naked around in her videos? (I love Rihanna, no offense, she’s freakin’ awesome.) Some of u guys, really just hate her? And can’t understand why, she’s just like us? 🙂 So please shut the f*ck up, I’m sickin’ tired of haters! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    For them who jealous of Justin and Selena… You guys, would never get Justin anyways? And if it wasn’t Selena, it would be another girl. Crazy bitches. I love Justin too, but I know I never get the chance to be with him in a relationship, and I really don’t even care.

    • well i must attmit i am jealous, but i love both justin and selena, and i am happy for them. if they are happy, i am happy ^_^

  • justin love only selena is very luky girl the both looking soooooo cut selena is backless not topless.

  • i mean they both looking soooooo cute

  • Selena wouldn’t do that its just a topless dress, duh. But it doesn’t mean u have to call the person who wrote this articale a bitch. When ur making a website u have to use everything u find.

  • Even if its a backless dress what kind of role model is that for kids. Little six year olds look up to her, and there she is wearing slutty outfits, and making out with justin every chance she gets.

    • lol she is an adult, i get what your saying, but kids ain’t there…well…they shouldn’t be at least. i of course would never wair something like that but hey, she can wair what makes her happy i suppose.

      • that was so dumb question just about deffening them justin bieber and selena gomez , her parents might be watching this by selena gomez , right now , and plus ,just from me , i just wish that selena gomez , was not 19 year,s of age any more , love david conway

    • mandy?

      Ummm……..that outfit is super cute ……and just because shes wearing a shirt with no back doesnt make it slutty …..because i guess half the people in the world are slutty because i can guarantee shes not the only one wearing clothes like that,

  • lolo

    she wasn’t topless her shirt is like this but it is covering in the front 🙂

  • Baabiebs

    Sorry Daisy , I overreacted ..
    But the thing is , you guys are always insulting her ..

  • she’s not topless its her outfit there’s like that so its the point that it doesnt have a bag and why should she dance topless????

  • selena gomez

    omg they saw that im am so imbarresd

    • Me O.o

      you can tell that your not the real selena consider the fact that shes not topless that outfit just doesnt have a back
      p.s. selena gomez is 19 im pretty sure she knows how to spell correctly unlike you

    • cameron

      i feel so sorry for u they cant judge u like u said in who says dont judge a book by its cover

    • bhabiesel

      stfu ur not real overacting !

  • JelenaLover:)

    …….She’s not topless. You should really do more research before you post stuff. That’s the same outfit she wore to the EMA’s it just doesn’t have a back. If you don’t believe me go to her twitter; she has a picture of herself wearing that outfit and it doesn’t have a back on it!

  • A person

    She isn’t topless but there is a line between appropriate fashion and indecency.
    Not saying she crossed it but she is slowly getting closer as she tries to appeal to older audiences. plus why would you wear a back less outfit to a party what if there were a wardrobe malfunction now that would cross the line.

  • Anonymous

    she’s not topless it’s her dress is backless but if she is why would she be topless at an after party

  • Anonymous

    u r not selena cause the real selena won’t go topless at an after party that everyone can see her topless

  • Rolling?

    Wow, people should really leave her alone!

  • soo maddd!

    you know what?!? i’m getting FUCKING SICK OF THIS!!!!! selena changed justin, she thinks shes the queen of the world and she keeps finding ways to get more fame and i just can’t take it anymore i know this doesn’t have to do with her at the after party but i just need to let all my anger out bcz i just can’t take it anymore!! shes a total bitch and justin is falling for her little tricks i doubt it that she acually “loves” him cmon shes fricking 19 yrs oldd! hes a kid who pulls pranks everyday she needs him for FAME i hate her and u know what? i don’t fucking care what u idiots say to me bcz i have every rite to say my opinions just like u so shut up and don’t argue with me. shes fakke and needs a boy who likes sluts not justin she needs to leave him alone, and HE needs to realize hes in trouble thats all. it’s ridiculus. this relashionship is shit and selena is a bitch. remeberrr, don’t comment back.

    • Anonymous

      lol so what and justin is very happy with his loving gf and maybe you jelous lol hahahaha now fuck off ok

    • shayla

      for one selena is not a bitch for two leave jb and selena alone he never goin to date u so what if u like jb u would want him to be happy i know thats what i want.

    • Anonymous

      bitch selena is not a bitch u are so go suck a dick bictch

  • Anonymous

    i love selena and justin in future they had a wonderfull happy family…and to the heaters just watch go selena bcoz justin loves you so much dont be affected to that many bitches hated you ok smile always love youi both

  • y is she topless thats weird i bet justin liked it lol

  • Cassidy

    she is nat topless is she was that would have been ALL OVER THE NEWS!!!! Plus the peopl around her aren’t freakin out sooo SHE’S NOT TOPLESS ALL YOU GUYS DO IS WANT TO MAKE HER LOOK BAD LET SELENA GOMEZ LIVE HER LIFE SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS YOU GUYS CRITIZ HER 24/7 LIKE IT’S YOUR JOB OR UR HER ARENTS NEWS FLASH UR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gess what justine bieber just called me

  • I love selena gomez! I’m a huge fan! But this is a backless dress ya goof.

  • Lexi

    She’s not topless guys, she’s just wearing a backless shirt or something that has ties

  • i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me

    Omg i love lmfao and juctin when they started shuffling on stage! <3
    Love,i.m.p.e.r.f.e.c.t me