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Justin Bieber arrives in Paris, France Nov 7, 2011

Justin took a private jet from London to Paris last night. He’s there to promote “Under The Mistletoe” and to meet 3 kids from the “Make A Wish” foundation. He is expected to visit NRJ Radio studios today to be interviewed by Nikos Aliagas like he always does everytime he goes to Paris, France.

UPDATE: I didn’t think Selena went with him but apparent she is with Justin. Here’s a pic.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in Paris Nov 8 2011

Justin & Selena in Paris Nov 8 2011


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  • Belieber

    Aww JB u look so tired get some rest 🙂

  • Lilly

    awwweeee my poor baby….. 🙁 he looks sooooooooo worn out…. the things we do for him, the things he does for us. It amazing how he does this for us even when he’s tired or sick. 1 of the millions, and i mean millions of reasons why i LOVE him as more then just an Inspiration. I LOVE him as if i actually knew him. That’s how he changes lives :’)

  • Claudia Elena

    She is with him in Paris!Check out on Hollywoodlife!There’s a story about this!+pics to prove this

  • christy

    jeez, she’s always with him, clingy

    • ginger swag xx

      I know right its getting annoyingg….
      But im still haappy for them ..

  • I am in love with selena gomez too JB

  • Karo

    I hope she doesnt come with him to Spain:( That would ruin my life:/

    • Angel

      No it wouldn’t. You need to grow up and go find a boyfriend of your own. Gosh, stop being so jealous and get a life. -_- I’m sick of you little sh*ts saying that SHE is the one you hate… No, SHE is not, you just hate yourselves for not being her.

  • Sarah

    I love Selena, because she makes Justin happy. That’s all we need, a happy Bieber (:
    Thank you Selena!

  • Karina Hernanedz.

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