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Justin Bieber Rockefella Center Christmas Tree Lighting

Justin Bieber at Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

Paying a return visit after performing on the “Today” show earlier in the day, Justin Bieber took the stage for the pre-taping of “Christmas In Rockefeller Center” in New York City on Friday night (November 23).

The 17-year-old Canadian sensation sang out alongside Usher during a rendition of “Chestnuts” while joined by Busta Rhymes for “Drummer Boy” during the mini-set.

Tweeting to his millions of followers upon winding up the show’s taping, Justin wrote, “that was a great day….HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!”

As for “Christmas In Rockefeller Center,” the Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie co-hosted the celebration also features Tony Bennett, Michael Buble, Cee Lo Green, Faith Hill, Carole King, Katharine McPhee, Javier Colon and The Radio City Rockettes while set to air on NBC next Wednesday, November 30th at 8/7c.

More pictures at Celebrity Gossip.

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  • love you justin mnogo si gotin

  • Melissa

    I love Justin but… His voice isn’t as good as it was in 2009- 2010.

    • Anonymous

      Mary- I think it is deeper and better!!

      • courtney

        her name is definitely melissa.

    • Bieber_ImYourss

      NO,both sound is good !

  • glamgirl108

    That was amazing but why’d he keep pronouncing dope like ‘doip!’ Lol.

  • Anonymous

    He should really learn how to pull up his pants. Someone should tell him where this trend comes from and what it means when you sag.

  • justin es: genial,un gran cantante,gran persona porque ayuda a los demas ,
    te amoo justin sos unico …

    <3 <3 <3

  • gabb

    taking days off again?

  • Bieber_ImYourss

    Justin Get Well Soon #AsthmaAttack

  • brisbaneee

    Is Justin playing live again on November 30? or is it just a recording?!

    • TrueBielieberBabe

      Justin will not be there on the 30th. His part is pre-taped.

    • TrueBielieberBabe

      Justin will not be there on the 30th. He is taking a vacation with Selena.