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Justin Bieber bulging underwear in public with Selena Gomez

justin bieber bulge undewear

Justin Bieber's bulge shows in Paris with Selena Gomez

Sexy! <3333 I hope this fashion trend catches on. lol. Do you like this new style?

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  • Christina

    LOL i wonder if they were doing something 🙂

    • Kayla

      Thats what i was thinking too.

      • arianna

        they were leaving from a restraunt lol

        • Anonymous

          they maybe did it in the bathroom

        • niggaplease

          lol they probably did

        • mee

          woww ppl

        • madison bieber

          no. omg you ppl are so grosse they had dinner

        • Anonymous

          Thank u finally An un negetivve thinker they only had DINNER

        • anonymous

          nahhh they did it in the bathroom

        • Pink

          HmM what is the meaning of Cum? ^^

        • olivia

          you r very very very discusting omg theres like 9-13 year old kids here have some respect

        • Mikayla

          no 13 year olds don’t

        • Anonymous

          If there are young kids searching up bieber boners then they should know damn well that this would be like that

        • candy bridges

          haha probably

        • Anonymous

          Yea lol probably

        • Pink

          haha Maybe.. LMFAO.. ^^

      • Anonymous

        Or maybe, just maybe they went to the RESTRAUNT to eat food.
        Just a thought!

      • Anonymous

        Same here i thought of that too… LOL 🙂

        • u guys are haters i love his songs and him but still its not true ok so stop

    • Anonymous

      Lmaoooo I wonder lol they way Selena is looking down on it lmaooo

    • Gingee

      Lhh, thats not a boner and Selena isnt looking at it cause shes behind him.. Its just big ^_^

      • olivia

        eww its like sticken out

        • MeowRuff

          Duh, that’s a boner!!

    • ...

      your so bloody immature

    • Stop hatin

      You think wrong

  • cindy

    nice u always post the good stuff keep it up!!!! 😀

    • TyraLynn

      haha this is classic they probz did it in the washroom hah roffl <3 I love justin bieber I wish he was holding my hand and getting a stiffy from me 😉 😛

      • Anonymous

        Imagine if Justin made a porno0.o

        • Anonymous

          yeah your right i wish justin make a porno movie

        • nora

          STOP!!!! If it was you wouldn’t it make U emberessed cause that’s pretty much what you are doing, U ARE CYBERBULLYINIG! He has given up his friends and family for us, you should be ashemed of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chelsie Bieber

    lol SEXY!!!! i think shes looking at it, lol, jk!!!1

  • what is that,is that a boner

    • Shiny

      Yep <3

    • Michelle

      No it’s not a boner. It’s just his bulge…

      • n

        no its nott

        • Mackenzei Lyn

          i belivie its a boner

  • Lilly

    unfff… motherrrr of gawdddd …… my ovaries just exploded… i just had a biebergasm…. lord JE-SUS.

  • mega

    OMG…. muhahahaha. shes looking…. XD



  • :) laura

    Big boner shoot if I were selena gomez I would be looking at it too lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Every one saying gross stuff yall are weird

  • arianna

    thats not a boner guys, we all saw justin bieber boner’s before and thats not one of them 😉 lol but that thing is THICK

  • Baabiebs

    OMFG ! I don’t even know what to say !
    I’m so chocked !

    • JameeyBieber

      Your so ‘shocked’ that you can’t spell it?

  • Anonymous

    He’s trying to hid it with his t-shirt ….

  • Anonymous Stranger

    he has a big .. mhhmm .. just saying c;

  • Anonymous

    i just noticed it was a boner xD

    • Anonymous

      its not a boner lol

  • jessica almader

    omg hes got a boner haha selena is looking at it if i was here i would have done the same thing i mean he is so hot

    • Ever seen a boner? Well, that isn’t one.

      And how could Selena see it when she’s standing behind him? Makes little sense! 🙂

  • Emm

    woahhhh -dead-

  • Hope Bieber

    wow… interesting…

  • sparkaii

    :O that is not boner but wow hes thing must be thick and selena is totally checking out, i think i’ve just had a biebergasm <3

    • im done with comments just for now on justin bieber and selena gomez , but i will continue later this week , but i need break , right now , love david b conway

  • hahahaha i love how selena is just like looking at it and checking it outt!!! hahaa shes smiling about it too! 🙂

  • yolanda

    omg diosssssss hhaahahahahahaha porque no guarda eso jajaajajaja

  • cookieface

    just a funny play i made

    justin: ohh stay up
    selena: boy what r u talking about
    justin: my pants
    selena: what about your pants
    justin: you know selena: what r talking about
    justin: you know see your starring at it selena: put a belt onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    justin: i don’t have one stop smiling hey i know i’ll hide it wit my shirt
    selena: you got a lot of junk in your trunk
    (justin looks up at selena then at his pants)
    justin: i bet you like that
    selena: yeah i do
    justin: well stop liking it cuz it a pants crisis
    selena: ohh crap pap taking pics of you play’n wit your pants

    • kaya


    • bieberchick

      selena is so lucky!!!!
      hey i would’nt stop looking either
      and i did’nt know it waz that big

    • bella

      lol xd

    • Anonymous

      justin wanneer kom jo volgende song of albam uit

    • livie

      lolz good play

  • TyraLynn


  • is selena gomez trying to be pregnant just with justin bieber already , love david conway

  • OMB!!!!!!!

  • courtneyw

    thats not a boner, its just his bulge lol

  • Anonymous


  • damn!!!!!!!! j-boy Always gives me a “Biebergasm”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! jus had one!!!!! love u justin, baby, luvvvvv ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fuck selena gomez, shi is a bitch, justin love you

    • dion

      iKR!!!!!!! SHE IS A F’N B*TCH!!!!!!

      BUT I WUV JB!!!!

      • bieberchick

        stop hating on the poor girl. damn!!! it’s not like justin waz going 2 fall madly in love withu, ok. i like selena she’s nice be happy it wasnt some golddigger. now would you like if you where in selena’s shoes and someone said some crap to you 4 falling in love.

  • Patricia

    You guys are dumb if you think thats what a boner looks like. He’s not even hard in that picture. All you little girls need to grow up smh.

    • Michelle

      Haha I was thinking exactly the same thing… I mean c’mon, have you even seen a boner before? lol… Stupid little girls… That’s just a normal bulge, not a boner

  • kayla a

    soooooooooo cute fine hot sexy no words to describe how cute he is

  • Wow thats the best shot ever!

  • Anonymous

    just leave the guy alone GOSH !!!!!!!!!!!

  • don’t tease justin drew bieber’s girlfriend Selena Marie Gomez is one of my fans and my best friends

    • JBL

      my middle is marie

  • casey guerrero

    you r all r stupied and leave them alone

  • ....

    this is not a boner, and she is not looking at it, she is hidding her eyes from the camera flashes.

  • n

    why is she looking?

    • bieberchick

      cuz it’s her boyfriend she can duuuhhhh!!!!!

  • It looks like they’re both smiling

  • CamiiBieber♥

    Ahh Bueno , Que Atrevido Que Estas Justin … Y Me Gustaaaaaaa!♥

  • Anni

    i think its just the tip of it, whatever it is BIEBERGASM!

  • Anonymous

    je deteste selena gomez

    • meat

      regular progress?

  • Anonymous

    obviously you little girls have never seen a boner before..
    but this is sexy! dang

  • Anonymous


  • H-H-H-HAWT!

  • Garrett Hall

    Im sick of everyone here saying that it NOT a boner, of course it is!!
    A guys thing doesnt stick straight up like that when its soft.
    Trust me on this ok? Im a guy. Im 14. And I know
    Want proof? Just email me and I’ll show u what a BONER LOOKS LIKE!! Hehehe

    hmm i might 🙂

    • Dasia

      aint nobody ’bout to email you, you is nasty!

    • Anonymous

      whats your email then.

    • Anonymous

      i’d like to see. what’s your email then ?.

    • Anonymous

      id like to c 2 whats your email then

      • colinluvsblk

        Let me see ur soft or hard boner…mmm. Justins is a boner and its straight up. He’s prob rushing to get to a place where he can pull it out and release his stuff. Looks bigger than I thought. Wonder if he’s hairy. Cut or uncut?

      • Anonymous

        I’m a 17 year old guy and that’s def not a boner. I have no prob proving it. lol. But now I see why Selena dates him… he’s fucking bigger than me and all my friends.

  • youaresocuteiWANTTOMERREYYOU


  • biebers girl

    Does anyone else notice that in this pic ecsipally and others lately,selena look like she has a HUGE stomic hmmmmmm (real bieber baby)


    haha ppl theses days lol haha

  • Wow

    They totally did it in the bathroom that’s why Selena’s stomach has been big!

  • Malia

    You can totally tell Selena was looking at it

  • Have you ever actually seen a “bulge”?! 😀

    Well, that is just his underwear that’s flashing!

  • Angel Bieber

    That is hilarious! Everyone is laughing and he is probably like “Oh crap”

  • Anonymous

    Jocelyn. Mrs tune

  • Anonymous

    MRs. Tune

  • No I do not! He looks more mature with is pants up …not walking around having to hold them up, he needs to grow out of that mess, and be the young man he is.

  • trinity

    i will kill selena for me i am rich

  • trinity

    jestin beber i love u

  • trina

    i love u

  • Shawn

    Damn, that’s so fucking sexy… Lol. Selena’s a lucky lady 😉

  • Kayla

    omg justin beiber is hot but has nothing on austin mahone!!!! i love u austin!!!! he loves his mahomies!!!!!

  • cool…i like it

  • man ya’ll need to stop talkin bout the poor girl so ya’ll not datin him stop bagin on the chick and think even if she wasn’t datin him do you really think that you would have a chance to go with him common be real

  • Mary

    he’s got a really big d**k for his age !!:O

  • CUTEE 😀

  • Nicole

    Yeah like really he’s just so hot and it’s just big. But he’s looking at it and touching it lol haha I wish I was touching it

  • DomoniqueBieber

    damm iytt lett mee ramm iytt

  • i think he found some doughnut holes lol

  • tiernan loughran

    I wud tap that !! :*

  • Now selena gomez is 7 months pregnant with justin biebers baby. She is due to have the baby in april. The couple have already appolagized to there parents and family. The couple are only late teens and no that this making a baby was a total accadent. The couple have decided to keep the baby because they thought that it would be cruel to get rid of the baby and the couple think that they will be good parents and they are ready to take on adault responsabilities. So there you go thats the truth about it all.

    • Amber

      Y’all need to stop lying she ain’t pregnant if she is attach a pic I wanna see

      • ist sie wöglich schwanger oder seit ihr einfach nur neidisch

  • Amber

    I think it is a big cream filled boner , I want it

  • grace

    i love you jb sooooooooooooooooo mach from gracie

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  • was soll man ganz erlich zu diesen jungen sagen der ist einfach giel er hatt eine schöne und simpartiche ausschtralug und hat so schöne model hahre sie styl gefählt mir mjb stimme ist und ich stehe seirt 444444444444 ega hammmmer und seine stimme liebe ich wiel es nur

  • Anonymous

    U guys r gross and BTW we all know that Justin’s pants r always falling down
    so that’s exactly the same case here!..And as far as I’ve noticed he never pulls his pants up but pulls his shirt down n that’s what he’s doing here! 🙂

  • hiany

    love you justin bieber name is hiany

    • hiany

      justin bieber mistletoe

  • nicolebelieber

    well at least we can show the haters this picture and say fondly “he’s male” XD

  • from candace and shay

    i just dont get it y is someone like selena with some one like justin i just dont get y he is all over her butt and y he dont do a thang about people being mean to selena and me macks her cry all the time she dont need that he has a ot on her mind i would think and plus justin keeps saying he dont know if he is with her justin just be a better men to her and selena dont let him put you down like he does and forget what the peolpe say about you because you are a sweet girl not that i meeted you befor but i want to justin plz dont losse her because she is sweet and you have some one good in your hands and you dont see that or you just dont want to see it dont loss her like that becasue i lost my dad because he did this stuff to my mom and hit me in the face all the time and i just lost my boyfriend becasue he said that he wants to be lik you and i dont want that beasue you are mean to selena some times and he hit me befor i have not told my friends because i cant so but stop beliveing just keep trying and just rememder that you still have her will i hope this helps you jutin just think a lot about it bye thang you

    • from candace and shay

      o and we are 16 and 15 so we know what to do lets just hope you do to

  • cat

    no hey would never do that not until he is like 25
    he said so
    he cold want to look hot on frount to her bet they would never do that
    his panit were falling down
    he just went to the bathroom alone

  • Anonymous


    That link has a very similar figure to just ins body. Im pretty sure its an old photo of him! i don’t care it looks similar enough for me to imagine ! 🙂

  • i-think-she-was-lookin!!

  • Sam

    Justin says….”It’s just about being honest with one another. You just have to be honest, that’s the first thing, because if you’re not honest, then the relationship is just not a good relationship. At the end of the day, your girl would appreciate you being honest more than lying to her and vice versa.” That’s what keeps her happy. Not the sex for sure. I’m pretty sure Justin doesn’t know “how.” He’ll love it when he learns.

  • Anonymous

    i bet they were having dinner and selena was rubbing between his legs under the table with her feet

  • thats sick i like justin bieber love him bur i love selena gomez more and like i dont think soo them two should go outt with each other

  • On This Picture Selena Gomez Looks Like She Was Haveing A Baby Look At Her Brlly Lol** SERIOUSLEY**

  • juju

    AMMMMMMMMEEEEIII ESSEEEEEEEE NOVO ESTILO!!!!!! só me pergunto o q eles tava fazendo minutos antes dessa foto? ( malicia atacando a mente mais uma vez kkkkkk)

  • Anonymous

    i so wanna play with bieber’s snake!!!! i wouldnt mind getting whacked in the face with it a few times 😉

  • @_MrsBieberSwagg

    Really? Wow!
    I love you Jelena(:

  • andrea

    do you think he masterbates????

  • Anonymous

    omg ! is it edit?

  • Anonymous


  • alisha

    ummmm………. ok then

  • alisha


  • alisha


  • JazzyVillegas

    Wow guys, I’m looking through all these comments and I’m realizing how many of you are fantasizing about a boy when you are youngsters. I understand Justin is extremely attractive, but that doesn’t mean that you have to start talking all sexually about him. He’s a boy of course he’s going to have these moments but that is NOT a boner. Just saying you girls that think you know what a boner is… DON’T! Because I bet you don’t know a thing about them. I’m not trying to send hate or cyber bully but if Justin or Selena were wanting to come to this site and check it out I bet that they would BOTH be extremely disappointed in the Selenators and Beliebers. I am a true Belieber and Selenator we are very close. And all this stuff about Selena being a bitch just because she has Justin to call her boyfriend. This makes me very sad. They want to look at their fans and think of how supportive they are but all you guys are doing is making up stuff that isn’t true. In the pic they are clearly just enjoying themselves and having a good laugh and like usual justin’s pants are riding a BIT LOW 😛 he’s just pulling up his pants and you just so happen to see something. Don’t accuse that they were doing it in the bathroom cuz that’s just stupid guys. Think about this beliebers… 🙂

    xoxo Love you all.

    • belieber4eva

      I agree they shouldn’t get bugged about this so much.

  • christiano ronaldo

    emmmmm jb bulge? why would u like to see it ur nasty

  • anonymous

    why his dick is not fully seen through his underwear

  • anonymous

    justin beiber’s dick is very beautiful.it is big and attractive.he seems to be shy because of having an erection and he covers his dick by his hand.the presence of his girlfriend causing him erection

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if they were having it!!!

  • Kayla

    That is what I thought!!

  • Chelsie

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