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Justin Bieber disses back Eden Wood of Toddlers and Tiaras

That Justin Bieber sure is a heartbreaker. A source reveals that when the teen pop star was leaving an NYC office building at 11:00 AM yesterday morning, he ran into Toddlers and Tiaras star Eden Wood, who was with her mother.

Said a source:

“Eden completely freaked out. She really, really wanted to meet him. She went up to his chauffered car and knocked on the door and asked him to please take a picture with her. He shook his head and his bodyguard told her “Sorry, no.” She was really upset. She kept asking her mom why he wouldn’t do it. She couldn’t understand.”

Ummm maybe Justin didn’t want to take a picture with her because she dissed him? Duh! She said about Justin:

“I would punch him. He’s stupid!”

She even made a song for JB even though she thinks he’s stupid:

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  • Mackenzie BIEBER

    I LOVE JUSTIN AND EDEN.! i feel sorry for eden. but justin could of just had a bad day…or he had to go somwhere and didnt feell like taking pics with a 6 yr old

    • faith

      or he is mad that she dissed him and he chould have thought that why would i take a pic with someone that dissed me!!
      p.s. i love u jb

    • PrancingRedPandas

      Yes, I agree with Mackenzie!! 😀 I love love love Eden!!!

      • mimi

        That is so man of him i would slap him now she is 6i mean come on she did not mean what she said im mad at JB

      • So Lame

        I’ll bet you’re being paid to say you like Eden Wood. Lol, so freaking funny. I’ll bet 1 million dollars this is some lame online marketing company being paid to seed and promote this stupid article. No one in the entire world likes this pathetic, no-talent girl enough to say they “love her.” It isn’t real.

        The mom should just be in jail. I hate to tell you, but you and you’re daughter aren’t going to make it. This is the end of the end, and you better get used to your white trash life again. Its going to get awful familiar.

    • kayla

      how can you like eden wood shes a brat and Justin bieber is like over rated besides how can you even feel bad fo r her she gets her way almost have of time well I hate eden wood and Justin bieber besides I would love to punch eden wood and her mother child super star brat .

      • kayla

        Am sorry I didn’t mean to call eden wood abrat and justin Bieber overrated and how shes gets her way and how I said I wanted to punch her and her mom which I dont I donot hate eden wood I just don’t like her and justin Bieber also for calling her a child suber star brat also can please add a delte button so I can take this commet off this mean comment and can you also take the page down its probablya prproblem thanks

    • Pathetic

      I’ll bet you’re being paid to say you like Eden Wood. Lol, so freaking funny. I’ll bet 1 million dollars this is some lame online marketing company being paid to seed and promote this stupid article. No one in the entire world likes this pathetic, no-talent girl enough to say they “love her.” It isn’t real.

      The mom should just be in jail. I hate to tell you, but you and you’re daughter aren’t going to make it. This is the end of the end, and you better get used to your white trash life again. Its going to get awful familiar.

  • Lilly

    are you kidding me?? She said he’s stupid yet she got to see him and KENNY?!?!?!??! NO. why is it that only FAKE beliebers/fans get to meet Justin but the REAL ones have to wait years and YEARS just to get a chance to see him!!!?? im glad he didnt take a picture with the girl #noh8 but she made a song saying he’s stupid. EL OH EL BITCH BYEE, GTFO OF HERE.

    • Anonymous

      like wat u said i been waiting for years

      • hey justin for my birthday prestent can u come to my house and surprise me that your here in my house. your the bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttt

        • mimi

          Hey come to my b.day party

        • mimi

          Hey come to my b.day party

    • Biebfan4ever


      • i no what all of you mean! like my friend hannah her mom died this year and justins songs have helped her get over all of it and she is still waiting!!!

        • Valerie

          aww so sorry to ur friend

        • kennedy

          Hey lea its kennedy

    • Anonymous

      omfg she is 6yrs old and she talks about licking his balls in her song WTF thats some crazy shit

  • OMBitstheBiebs

    He didn’t even diss her, he just said no. And to be honest, this kid has no right to be able to meet him when there’s so many true beliebers and beliebers who have had there lives changed by Justin who still haven’t even seen him. Whether he declined because he knew who she was or he just wanted to get going, I hope that gave him so more time to spend with real beliebers who deserve that experience.

    • Jo

      I totally agree, if that body guard would have said yes… he would be surrounded.

    • PrancingRedPandas

      Well, I see your point, but if you’re a TRUE belieber, you’d actually do something about not seeing him, instead of just sitting there, lisening to his songs, feeling sorry for yourself and hoping he’ll appear. Also, Eden is only six, and even if you wern’t a fan of a certain celebrity, you would still freak if you saw them. I mean, I freak when I see an old teacher! Lol…. 😀 -Prancin’ Red xD

  • herpderp

    …her song sucks…

    • seriously

      song is garbage, sorry 6 year old “/ gotta produce an exponentially better song if you wanna hang with the biebs. stick to the pageant world cause you run ish!

      • gerbana

        fuck eden

        • mindless_nini_mackenzie

          hey hey hey hold up shes just a little kid dont be like dat gezz and besides NOBODY LIKE JUSTIN BUT HEAD BIEBER

        • Anonymous

          I hate u

        • Anonymous

          Well just kidding I don’t know u but seriously that’s not nice and I don’t understand how she dissed him

  • Shiny

    She’s the cutest thing eveeeeeer

    • mouaa

      shes the creepiest thing eveeeeeeeeer

      • shaaykayy

        haha nah shee aint.

        • PrancingRedPandas

          @ Shiny: I agree! I mean, for a 6 year old!? Adorable!!
          @ Mouaa: I TOTALLY disagree! She’s 6! AKA Not a 20 yr old super-model!! Cut her some slack!!
          @ Shaaykayy: IDK What you mean..so…..XD

          -Prancin’ Red xD

  • Caitlin

    wow she’s only six and she’s singing bout having babies

    • Chelsie Bieber

      thats what i though!

    • Biebfan4ever

      I know rightt?! she shouldnt even be thinking about having kids or getting married! like really.

      • mindless_nini_mackenzie


        • mindless_nini_mackenzie


    • PrancingRedPandas

      I haven’t listened to the whole song(s) of hers, only snippits. And, she isn’t Ke$ha, or Eminem, or anyone like that! She’s a six year old little girl! And remember: SHE’S ONLY HUMAN. Also, what song is that in??

      – Prancin’ Red xD

      • kennedy

        If you like jB LIKE WHAT IM SAYING

    • kennedy

      Lol If you like jB LIKE WHAT IM SAYING

  • Hiba

    more like little bitches in tiaras.

    • PrancingRedPandas

      @ Hiba: Well, the mothers are…but the kids? Nah…they’re just kids. Don’t be so harsh. :l

      -Prancin’ Red xD

    • mindless_nini_mackenzie

      dos lil girls are not female dogs i bet they got way mo doe dan u n luk betta so talk wat u no n stp talkin wat u dont o ok gott u on hush mode

  • Anonymous

    Lol he only takes pictures with people he wants his name associate with. He realizes his fame boasts others fame. Apparently he didnt want to boast her fame. Lol

    • PrancingRedPandas

      Agreed, JB is a little bit self centered fan-wise. He would die to be seen with Jhonny Depp or something….but…IDK.

      -Prancin’ Red xD

  • Aly

    He could’ve taken ten seconds out of his day….. I’m slightly dissappointed.

    • TOTALLY AGREE! It’s sorry for a boy who is always under scrutiny to take a little girl’s words in an interview so personally. He needs some anger management.

    • PrancingRedPandas

      @ Aly: TOTALLY AGREED!
      @ Happy Happy Joy Joy: XD Yah.

      -Prancin’ Red xD

  • Patricia

    I know she’s a little girl but I can’t stand this little stuck up bitch and her dumb show ( and her annoying mother ) If you go on the Perez Hilton website, you can see her interview on there where she completely hates on Justin. It was like 3 months ago. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit and Im glad that Justin didn’t take a picture with her.

    • PrancingRedPandas

      Well, it’s not HER show & she’s not a b****. She’s a six year old, and her mother is HI-LAR-I-OUS! I <3 her! She is so loony!!!! XD So funny! Little Eden takes so much abuse……….. 🙁

      -Prancin' Red xD

  • Biebfan4ever

    Ok, so first of all Eden is only like 5 years old and that means shes spoiled if she meets him at a yound ago…. most of us been waiting our whole life! -.- nuff said.

    • PrancingRedPandas

      Yall beleiber fans are insane! XD Nothin wrong with that though! 😉

      – Prancin’ Red xD

  • he must have had a bad day, plus who would want to take a picture with a person that said they ‘would punch him, he’s so stupid’, sorry i know she is just a little girl but come r u serious?! i must say, i love both but come on.

    • PrancingRedPandas

      That is a very good point, but I feel that he should of just done it! Poor little Eden. 🙁 I kinda feel bad for her…… :l

      -Prancin’ Red xD

  • wow that song sucks

    • Biebfan4ever

      yes, yes it does! – shes so wrong…. shes a spoiled brat, and probably just jelouss of him! well first of all I dont think justin would wanna get married to that(eden). i personally think shes a show off. she thinks she is cool just because she is part of a beauty pagent stuff. and btw she has a annoying singing voice, AND SHE CAN NOT SING! kbyee.

      • PrancingRedPandas

        She’s 6 years old, and she’s not Ke$ha, Eminem, Katy Perry, or whoever’s famous that you like!!

  • samantha

    dumb kid

  • NEliza

    Stupidest song I’ve ever heard!!

  • @kirstenvcc

    Suck it biotch haha

    • Anyone who says that to a six year old is a sorry biotch herself! You are pathetic Kirstenvcc!

      • PrancingRedPandas

        YAH HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!! You go girl! (At least I think…lol.)

        -Prancin’ Red xD

  • I’m a Big fan of both but here’s the thing – Eden Wood is SIX years old. She isn’t supposed to say she loves boys – she is supposed to say she hates them, which is what she said in that interview about Justin Bieber. You jealous beotches would be angry if she said she loved him, you’re jealous if she says she hates him. Justin Bieber should have been the bigger man, since he is ten years older than her, taken the 10 seconds out of his life and had his picture made with Eden. Who’s the baby here? I say the Big Headed Biebs! Sorry excuse for a “teen idol” as far as I’m concerned!

    • PrancingRedPandas

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU HHJJ!!!!!!! I love all your comments, they state both sides of the arguement!! 😀 Such a nice commenter…and not a crazed belieber!!!

      -Prancin’ Red xD

  • Woogie Boogie

    Also worth noting, they weren’t “coming out of an office building” – they met as one was leaving a television set and the other was going on the television set. It’s not like they were just passing each other on the street and she stalked him, which is how this story reads. She is a star so she has opportunities that you jealous girls don’t have. Deal with it.

  • aqua

    well…….that kiddo is creepy!!!!!!!

  • jjtag101

    ha ha ha 2 bad this never happened first eden hates justin 2 eden’s mom said then never ran in2 him

  • PrancingRedPandas

    Well, this is my opinion….FIND YOUR CATEGORY(S).
    All of the crazed “Beleibers” out there are a little too phsyco.
    All of the Eden haters (people who think she’s a b****) are too harsh-she’s only six years old.
    All of the Eden lovers out there….Keep it strong!
    All of the people who think Eden can’t sing have to remember that she’s 6 years old, and she’s not Ke$ha, Eminem, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, or whoever you like.
    -Prancin’ Red xD

  • lillian smith

    i like it dont be meaneys

  • lillian smith

    i do agrey i shaved off my eie braws from walching this show reallyi did by the way im 9

    • lillian smith

      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i rote a bunch of kays

  • lillian smith

    you dont need to call her cuss words you r road and self sentered

    • PrancingRedPandas

      I am not sure what you mean, but if it’s what I think….YAH YOU’RE RIGHT.
      -Prancin’ Red xD

  • bueno ningunas de fotos que estan hai estan vien de esa chica pe justin medijiero que quieres hablar español yo te puedo hacer ese favor

    • PrancingRedPandas

      Hai guyz! I’m back! 😀 Miss me? Lol! ……
      @Winifer: In english, maybe? Sorry!

      -Prancin’ Red xD

  • i hate you JB.she is only 6! i am so so sorry sweetheart.you are beatiful. i do not see why that ugly jerk would be so mean to someone as cute as you. keep up the great work eden! i love you cutie!

  • i am not trying to be mean to you JB. but she is only 6 years old. you can’t say no to someone as sweet and beautiful as eden.

  • robyn

    i love Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden wood wood she soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I love her but Jb I am not trying to be mean she only 6 you are not going to say no to a cute sweet beautiful as Eden I love her so shold you

    • PrancingRedPandas

      Haiii guys! I’m back! Miss me?

      @Robyn : I agree 😀

  • that is right!i love you so much sweetheart.you look amazing in that beautiful skirt.i am so sorry darling.you are so cruel JB. i do not care if you were late to that stupid meeting or whatever it was. YOU DO NOT SAY NO TO A LITTLE GIRL THAT IS LIVING HER DREAM AND WANTS TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOU! I will do what eden said and punch you.I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much darling!

  • Valerie

    Shes the biggest stuck up bitch on earth, and I don’t care if shes 6. She is a self centered little brat and her mom too. Her future looks sad. Her voice is annoying, and she was horrible to JB on Perez Hilton’s interview with her. She said numerous times that he was stupid, so I dont see why she wanted a picture with him. She is a little whore, and its her mom’s fault for condoning this type of shit. Can you just imagine what she’s going to be like at 18? Lindsey Lohan won’t have anything on this creeper (aka a pedophile’s delight). Shame on the mom for putting her girl out there for the world to see.Don’t you think it is cruel to tell this kid she is a superstar? She has been a big fish in a very tiny pond – that of kiddie pageants. In all likelihood, her career will go nowhere and she will be one mixed up frustrated little girl who only knows how to wear makeup and pose provocatively for adults. Her future is really scary – I wish these pageant people would just stop contributing to the ruination of these children. Normal intelligent people don’t go around promoting stuff like this. Toddlers and little children dressed up like Barbie Whores, prancing around and posing like a sex kitten is shocking and disturbing to any healthy adult. Gotta question why that its. Only pedos, or those who’ve sold out their morals to fluff their bank accounts would encourage and promote it. I mean COME ON!! 6 years old people…. 72 months on this earth…. every moment of every interview, every job, every interaction in Hollyweird is a part of her mental development. You feed the ego, posturing, self centered conversations, superficiality, the physical image…. how do you think that might turn out? If that doesn’t speak for itself than I don’t know what does. Seriously, look at Taylor Momsen. Just watch the Grinch that stole Christmas, and then check out her current activities. The only difference is that Taylor Momsen is making money, these girls will be lucky to survive HIGH SCHOOL without problems!! They’re parents are paving the way to a very horrible and lonely life for these kids. PEOPLE SHOULD BE MENTALLY FIT IN ORDER TO BREED!!! And the fact that Perez Hilton is sooooo into why she doesn’t like Bieber is creepy..and why this little girl has such hate in her heart and mind at 6 is just sad as well. AND TLC, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR PROMOTING AND LIKING THIS HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE TRASH SHOW! Those “mothers” are pieces of trash and they are only hurting their kids by putting them in these horrible pagents full of IGNORANCE AND VANITY. They should be in school, READING, socializing like KIDS, not competing with them, especially this young. These horrible parents are breeding a whole lot of problemed individuals! GOOD LUCK TO THEM ALL, THEY’RE GONNA NEED IT IN LIFE! And this kids mother is sick! Ive seen her speak and she is vile! Do not give that woman a platform to further abuse her child!!! No wonder she acts how she does. If i were her parents id be ashamed of myself, and her snooty little brat attitude! her parents just want fame and attention and are using their daughter to get it! i think a lot more people might like her if she didn’t come across as such a little brat. you know by her, she thinks she better than everybody else!!! And everything about that show, toddlers and tiaras, is creepy. Her mother sounds like a bitch and she shouldn’t be wearing any makeup at her age. Its just sad. And whats with her shaving and tanning her grandpa? That in itself was super creepy. And watching you wear a tiara and a sash was gross too. The girl is a product of her mother and they are both self centered brats! UGH! Child exploitation.

    • Anonymous

      ikr and how they put kids on that show and strut them around um…. right now their six years old and on toddlers and tiaras next they will be on 16 and pregnant and they get on stage and dance around like sluts

  • hola comoandan

  • Christy

    Eden Wood is almost 7 years old and can not read a word. Plus she is rude and her mom thinks it is funnny or cute. Most of us think she is just a spoiled brat. The child has no talent and her mom is doing her a great disservice.
    Eden feels enitiled and that everyone should be glad to meet her. The truth is when she was 3, she was cute, not pretty or talented. Now that she is 6 1/2 she is just a very very chubby rude spoiled child. Nobody but her mom calls her “:Americas Sweetheart”
    There are pretty, cute kids everywhere, even beautiful kids. Eden is not one of them. I guess since she is 6 her mom can get away with not really teaching her. But by the age of 7, don’t homeschooled children have to betested to see where they are and to be sure their parents are actually teaching.?

  • Anonyperson

    Um…seriously? She’s like SIX YEARS OLD. She’s a six year old hopped up on pageant go-go juice, and probably has the attention span of a gerbil and swings moods from incoherently hyper to crying about not liking the weapons-grade levels of hairspray her mother and stylists dump on her head. If she dissed him and stuff, that could’ve just been what she thought AT THAT MOMENT. For all we know, she could actually really like him and was just parroting what her hysteric publicists are telling her to say (what would she know? She’s SIX. She has no control over where her life is even going.)

    Seriously? I think he has more class than to actually “diss” back a little girl who probably hasn’t even lost all her milk teeth yet and just recently admitted that she can’t read. You all like him so much, you know him well: Don’t all of you think he’s a bigger person than that? Or do you /really/ think he’d stoop down THAT low just because some little kid said she didn’t like him?

    Calm down.

  • EsteeDarla

    I’m glad he dissed her cause she sure dissed him and acted like she didn’t even like him and now shes jumping like crazy wanting a picture Eden you got what you deserved on this on..

  • eden fan

    shes 7 not 6! and i love eden all you hatters need to stop dissing eden wood i would freak if i meet eden wood and im not a big fan on justin and its not about that she is only a little girl she is a nice girl at heart(love you eden wood ) and eden your songs are amazing

    • anonymous

      thank you finally someone understands Eden over jb

  • friendlybuddy778

    I mean yes Eden is spoiled,selfish,self-centered,and a brat,but that doesn’t mean that Justin should say no to her.Eden can’t sing at all and is such a bad girl.I am very mad at her.

  • Moi

    Valerie! I love you. <3 hahaha you said it all!

  • Emma

    Well, shes only 6 guys.

  • anonymous

    forget all you Eden haters you guys are just jealous that your not her and you cant be her so lay off the haterade

  • Eden Wood.

    Hello people, It’s me Eden wood and I’d just like to say please stop with the hateful comments towards me as I am only 8 years of age Justin is 20 However all I wanted was a photo with Justin because I really wanted to meet him yes I dissed him in one of my interviews but I wanted to meet him badly I know he didn’t want to because I dissed him but still I got really upset when he’s bodyguard said no also one of the comments I seen was that I was a show off I am not a show off I am just following my dreams Of acting modelling dancing and singing so please stop hating on me. thankyou -Eden

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