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justin beiber ellen degeneres

Justin Bieber full interview with Ellen DeGeneres on Nov 1, 2011


“It seems like you and Selena mind mistletoes everywhere you go.” lol ikr?


That’s so awesome he matched Target’s $100,000 donation and to perform for the kids in December. Read more about it here: Justin Bieber donates $100,000 & concert to Whitney Elementary School

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  • Bella

    I think Paige plans everything. Seriously, the wedding, this, and etc.

  • dear justin bieber shrine blog 2011 , hi my name is david conway and my comments to here is that , and my frist one is do,nt push it justin bieber , just about asking selena gomez , just to get married next year 2012 every one know,s that selena gomez has a,lot off haters out there and plus with selena marie gomez , she did not start to have her career yet , i know that i just can,t not speck for selena gomez , by my self, my not in her life , and i will never will be at all , but selena gomez , in the past post she is the one stating before that she is not getting married to the one that she is in now justin bieber , love david b conway

  • Ellie

    Justin is so amazing and he just makes me cry everytime I hear him. I have his Christmas album and it’s his best one yet. I cannot wait for his next album Believe to come out. Justin, don’t focus on the Gossip just keep focused on your music and you are my hero!!! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER
    Ellie <3


    • ju

      thanks for loveing justin bieber he really dose rock

  • Mellieha

    Ivee pre ordereeedd 🙂 xx ! ilyou justiin

  • hey justin my name is Asha You are a wonderful person I do not know you but I Lysne to your songs, I saw when you were on the Ellen show, you gave homeless children money it was so great to, don’t listen to what people say them few people are your enemy. you’re a good person,”

    When I listen to your song you it makes me cry. Special Pray”J’B”continues that way. I love you, you are my star ‘you are the best in my world,’ My dream is to meet you, you have a nice girlfriend”com to Sweden. love love you***** <3 <3 <3

  • Belieber

    he is so giving! <3