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Justin Bieber “Mistletoe” performance at 2011 AMAs

21111221411 by YardieGoals
Justin performing Mistletoe at tonight’s American Music Awards.

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  • Allena

    I can’t watch the video, it says that it’s “private”

    • Anonymous

      I have the same problem, Allena. But I did see the performance so I guess the AMA’s and ABC has copyright laws and cannot publish it.

  • Roxanne

    This is just bad. AWFUL live performance, and this IS coming from a Justin Bieber fan. He sings it a key too high for his voice – a key higher than what’s even in the recording! What the hell?! This video will be used as ammo by Justin haters who want to say he can’t sing. Justin CAN sing. But this was just … just cringe-worthy. SING IN YOUR KEY, JUSTIN. And I don’t want to hear any “you’re hating on Justin,” cuz I love JB and think he’s great, and that’s not what this is. This is criticism, NOT hate. It’s what Mama Jan SHOULD be telling him. Fellow fans – don’t be afraid to admit when JB didn’t do his best. It doesn’t mean you’re hating on him. It means you’re acknowledging that he’s human, just like us, and needs work and correction. I hope he never performs this song in this key again.

    • Anonymous

      I do agree, Roxanne. I think they (the AMA’s) goofed it up. I saw in the beginning of the telecast that the voices were going faster than the tape – so I think ABC made a mistake there.

      The next Justin Bieber performance will be from Rockefeller Center on NBC on thier Christmas special. Let’s hope the next performance is better than what Justin did on the AMA’s.

      • Roxanne

        I wouldn’t say this was the AMA’s or the channel’s fault. I’d say it’s his fault for singing it a key too high.

        & yeah, I hope he does better at the next one.
        But yeah, you and I are DEFINITELY not wrong in saying this was a bad performance.

    • ashley lazenby

      I am a justin bieber fan and i just watched the video of him singing and he was amazing!!..not being funny but justin is a 17 year old boy so that means he will still feel a bit scared performing infront of all them people! and anyways i would like to see you try singing infront of all them people, its not easy!!. give justin bieber a break yeah:). I think justin bieber did really really well, hes an inspiration to everyone especially to his fans:) love yaa justin bieber<3

  • Big T

    I’m not sure what’s going on with his voice but this performance was bad. It might be that he’s not comfortable with his new vocal range. It looks and sounds as if every note is a struggle for him. I doubt it was the sound system because his performance on DWTS sucked too. I hope the fans hang on til he gets used to his new voice. Some of the costumes he wears are questionable too. Those big floppy collars do nothing for him because he is small statured and most likely always will be.

    • Roxanne

      I happened to think his performance on DWTS was actually quite sound vocally. He hit his notes. And they did it in the key the songs were supposed to be.

    • Roxanne

      DWTS was at least definitely better performance than this one. :/

  • Roxanne

    I think the main problem here is that he keeps singing “Mistletoe” a key higher than he recorded it … I just don’t get why he’s doing that. At all.

  • Anonymous

    Thank god I am not the only one that thought he sucked. I just put my fingers in my ears and headed off to bed.

  • ashley lazenby

    Justin bieber i love you soo much!!<3

  • anon

    watched j bieber omg what a joke! he was almost jumping up to catch his high tones, so silly the moves he makes, it’s lacking credibility as an true artist
    and those outfits??he’s a young boy he should dress like that.
    he is not all that!

  • Wazim

    I NEVER SAW the AMA’S but it seems that not only Justin Bieber sounds different or BAD live, as with many other artists.

    But when he performs “boyfriend” in the first rap verse he sounds like he is struggling for air. I am not sure why the record studio sees this and still makes him go on stage without any improvement.