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Justin Bieber – Mistletoe [Romeo Remix]

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  • I love J B he is so hot i would love to go out with him. i love this song it is so cool. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol.

  • Gabbi

    This song wasn’t good at all! Mistletoe isperfect just the way it is. No need to do remixes

  • I love J”B, I love your songs.

    I’m dying to meet you Justin Bieber. please please”I ask that you came to Sweden Orebro. Bb.

    I could go out with you ‘, if you’re not dating Selenium Gomaz”but unfortunately it is not’ goodbye I hope you see the love you

    • You can also call me here +467494841 love yaa kiss on you Justin bieber” <3 <3 <3. good song misteletoe****

  • I absolutely Love Jb!
    Hes likee soo coooll!! this song is absolutly brill jb is uniqe wondrful nd ive alwaysd dreampt of meet justin biebs xx:D

  • Hola Justin yo soy Maria Alejandra Muñoz, yo soy de colombia, te escribo para decirte que yo te abmiro mucho por la gran persona que eres por esa gran simpatía que tienes ante las personas siempre he soñado con conocerte y nunca dejaré de perseverar por conseguirlo aunque estes tan lejos y tal vez ni siquieras sabes que eres mi idolo.

  • jb your new song mistletoe is the best.
    and don’t forget i love u