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justin bieber bambi awards 2011 mistletoe

Justin Bieber performing “Mistletoe” at the 2011 Bambi Awards

Wow he did a really good performance of Mistletoe here. Ok he messed up on some spots but he’s doing like a different version of the song. Love the ending too. Pictures here.

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  • christy

    this made everything worst. at the end he met to fans and everyone saw him take 2 fans backastage i don’t that’s a good thing he did with the rumors that are going on right now.

    • ashlyn

      i dont think this is a bad idea because i think what he is doing is making people happy and making their dream come true because some girls dream is to meet him and i think that kenny his body guard and his mom and his supporters would let anything happen backstage….i think its sweet…he is a good guy…

      • christy

        yea but at a time like this….no

        • Anonymous

          actually its not like he’ll do anything i mean he’s smart an apparently some of you believe the rumor cut him some slack he was havin some fun and there were people backstage with him duh!!

        • arianna

          I Agree With Christy Chick

    • Anonymous

      i agree with you…. that made it look worse.

    • Anonymous

      Going backstage with the two girls was planned. It’s poking fun at the yeater thing. Made me chuckle.

    • Kirstie

      Hahaha! It’s pretty clear why he did it. He did it because he’s making funny of the rumors. Also it was a live show so they probably needed him to get off the stage and continue on with the show. But no it’s pretty clear he was moking the rumors there.

    • Anonymous

      does not matter if i love you..???

  • ?

    I love JB, but this was just an AWFUL performance.

    • Anonymous

      your just mad you werent one of those girls if your a true fan you woulda said something less harsh asshole

    • arianna

      Wtf This performance was AMAZING

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think taking them backstage will make a difference in this whole baby mama drama. he did a nice thing for some fans, and there are plenty of people backstage who are going to see them. no problem, just sweet 🙂

  • Claudia

    naw poor justin, he messed up his words really bad, but his voice sounded really good. Those fans were soooo lucky!!!

  • Woow His Sound So Amazing and the song everything is amazing even he looks so cute and beautiful wish You Luck Justin <3<3<3

  • Claudee

    Please try to upload the Backstage Footage; and also i agree with Christy.

  • Random Person

    The fan part was totally staged…

  • Claudia

    but what was he wearing in the picture. eww. the jacket is a little weird

  • Emm

    awwwww. i love how he always tries.. even if he did mess up, hes just trying to make the fans happy by giving us something new to listen too. He tries to please everyone, who cares if he makes the occasional mistake.
    And as for those fans, he was lovely with them, hes so cute how he makes their night, he shouldnt be forced to spend less time with them because of that attention seeking whore making false claims.
    The things she said arent even true, he isnt encouraging rumours, hes making two girls happy, theres nothing wrong with that so just leave him alone

  • I wished i was there but i wasn’t even there.

  • Fanny

    This was an AMAZING performance! He’s voice souded so great and I d’ont think that the fact that he brings 2 girls with him backstage will make things worst with the rumours (that I think are FALSE, he said it himself). That was just a nice gesture. He made the dream of this two girls come TRUE! I admire him for that, he’s a really good and sweet person and I would LOVE to meet him and hug him like those girls did!! I will always be a BELIEBER, NO MATTER WHAT!!! LOVE U JB

  • i loved the video, but he looks sooo tryred in the pic, poor justin.

  • xxx

    Did anyone else notice how he jumped off stage like those two other girls..? lol gotta love Justin.!(:

  • camila lara

    hola justin soy fans de ti te amo
    y no quero que estes con esa selena
    te quero justin eres mi todo

  • muriel lara

    I love you justin you are my quite thank you for aver come to this world I am charmed with that not daria for conoserte but then it ploughs it love your video mistletoe and all the truth I love you very much

  • does noT matter if i love you….???

  • Does noT matter if I Love You

  • doeS noT maTTer if I Love You…?