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Justin BIeber Thinks He Can Dj Part 9

Justin rehearsing for the ITV special in London UK.

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  • Esosa Bieber Enagbare

    We all know Justin can do almost everything! <3

    • maria

      JUSTIN BIEBER IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kirstie

      Lol sorry but no jb can’t dj

    • Biebfan4ever

      no he CAN do anything<3 he's so perfect!!

  • cookieface

    ha ha look at the dude in the background

  • cookieface

    wow justin looks like a girl with a toebogin on hair in the front

  • Anonymous

    when is the itv special ?

  • Anonymous

    when is the itv special ? like aired on tv?

  • Emmababe

    I WAS THERE AHHHHH IT WAS JUST LIKE AMAZING! & its aired on the 10th december(: