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justin bieber dna blood test mariah yeater

Justin Bieber will take DNA blood test to sue Mariah Yeater back

Justin Bieber will take a blood test in two weeks when he returns to the USA to prove he is not Mariah Yeater’s baby daddy  and after that, Justin and his team are going after her in court, sources directly connected with Justin told TMZ.

Justin is in Europe right now so he can’t take the test until he returns but he is determined to put an stop to what he says is a bogus scandal.

Our sources say Justin’s lawyer, Howard Weitzman, contacted Yeater’s attorneys Friday and said the blood test will happen no matter what. We’re told Justin and his team are so serious they directed Weitzman to find a lab to do the test and he has already selected one.

Once the test shows Justin is not the father, Justin and his team will sue her. We’re told Yeater’s lawyers appeared “nervous” when they heard the news. This may explain why Yeater’s lawyers went underground yesterday and did not return TMZ’s calls.

Sources say Bieber and his team think it’s important to file a lawsuit against Yeater to show there are consequences when someone makes up fake, hurtful allegations against a celebrity.


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  • SwaggaBieber94

    But I believe him 🙂


    • Anonymous

      Fuck off will you he is mine !!!!!!

    • Sarah Johnson

      FUCK OFF DUDE COS HE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!


      • stephanie guzman

        who the hell she thinks she is!!! Later we will see her making porno movies!!!

  • Ashley


  • Lilly


  • Chloe Bieber

    Hell ya! Go Justin! Sue her Ass!

    • yea buddy your right go justin! sue her ass

      • stephanie guzman


  • quiero conocer o tener como amigo justin bieber

  • wait why is he gunna be out of the US for 2 weeks????

    • chelsie bieber

      probably concerts, interveiws and all sorts!!!!!

      • chloe bieber

        well he was in ireland for the emas 😀

    • $exy @nd ! kn0w !T!

      he’s out in the US for 2 weeks becuase he’s in Europe

  • Anonymous

    Bammmm!!!! That’s what happens , when you’re ( sorry being rude) a Crazy Bitch !!!!! When you tell stupid things !!!!! And didn’t she realize that she could go to jail telling the word she had sex with minor ?! She’s so stupid !! Oh , poor Justin !! I can’t stand people like her !! So happy he’s going to sue her !!

  • Samantha

    HA, SSUUUCCCKKKEERRRRR. Told ya’ this bitch is going down ;D #DontMessWithBieber

  • TrueBelieber

    Yeah!! You go Justin!! Bring this whore down for making stupid crazy rumors about you!! I dont even get why she would think of doing this. Mostly all people dont believe it. Go Justin!!! 😀

  • Alejandro Haro

    Hell yeah!! JB should definitely sue her ass.

  • yay bitch u are going down !!!! GO justin bieber

  • hell ya! that bitch maraih yeather going down go justin ! sue her ass and plus maraih yeather guess what! don’t mess with the biebs.

  • cher

    Its a shame when rift raft tries to hurt celebratires,Justin is a great sweet and honest guy! I can’t wait till the test is done and over so this can back fire in her face and Justin and Selena can continue their happy lives together and have a blessed holiday season! Love ya guys god bless cher!

    • Anonymous

      ur so right slena if u r reading this forgive the guy its not true shes a hoe n i love u guys . great couple. dont give up on him now

  • WHAT A B**CH!!! :@@

  • Sarah Johnson




  • The JUSTIN lovers

    Fuck Her

    Justin Bieber is AMAZING

    COME COME JB! WE LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    • The JUSTIN lovers

      You are right, but weird?

  • jennifer

    she is so crazy that she is going to look stupid when the blood test proofs that isn;t justin biebers baby. she should just leave him alone. because he has a girlfriend and they make a good couple.

  • maddy

    go bieber C:

  • annonamus

    wouldnt it be funny if it came up that he was the father?

    • The JUSTIN lovers

      nooot really, i would cry :`(

  • that would not be funny

  • This is so stupid. she is trashy and Justin would not want that over Selena. I’m not a huge fan or anything but I’m just saying he is a great singer and a cute guy and a crazed fan, like herself, who ‘got backstage’ at his concert would do this. this is so dumb it’s not true these rumors are ridiculous. Does anyone know when the testing will be done?

    • AlyssaDavidson

      in like a week.

  • AlyssaDavidson

    i belived him the whole time and will belive him.
    im his number 1 fan(:
    i love you justin drew,

    • kk babee1121

      no bitch i am nd i love justin more

  • anon.

    I have a statment, justin did his concert October 25 ,2010 at the staples center. if you actuallydig down , the baby would been born in june/july, BECAUSE she said she had Trystan 36 weeks and 2 days after the incident. a full pregnancy is 40 weeks. she she had Trystan at about 8 monthes pregnant, alil over that. that makes no since , because she is saying Trystan is 4 MONTHES old. i may be wrong. but this is how i look down at it .

    • AlyssaDavidson

      That is ture, now that i think about it.!!(:

    • Anonymous

      that bitch just want money

    • xavier

      that bitch just want money

  • Hahaha I hope he is the baby daddy he deserves it not all celebrities deserve more then regular people to idiots! The “there are consequences when someone makes up fake, hurtful allegations against a celebrity.” is so fucking stupid it should be ” there are consequences when someone makes up fake, hurtful allegations against a person” celebritys don’t deserve more fuck off!

    • The JUSTIN lovers

      i hate you “Bieber sukz”

      • xoxo

        fuck all you he is funking mine you basters

  • kk babee1121

    you dumb bitches need to leave justin to leave justin alone cuz he is stressin aenough over dis hole baby mama drama ok he aint da father he’ll prove that let him do dat on his on aight bitches cuz he stressed enough

  • kk babee1121

    oh and one more thing even if he was the father not sayin he is it wouldnt be funny cuz how would you bitches like it if it was u nd people was actin dis way towards u nd sayin dis shit bitch ass hoes i got yo back justin

  • U go Justin sue her ass

  • (............)

    well even if it is or isn’t truue there is always some truth in a lie you just have to read between the lines he has done some awful things like hit that 12 year old and everyone he dates something bad happens to them like demi lovoto she talked about how he was a good kisser than a few weeks later she was caught doing crack that victoria girl or what ever her name is before there brake up she got messages from someone threatning to rape her and kill her family and we all know what happen to slena her facebook acocount was haked fake pictuers were sent fans threanting her and peopel evern said justin hit her when they where caught walking and she was spoted with a black eye and now this i think it might be a sgin that he should give it all up but let’s see the test results i know this a lot to read but if you want i will keep coming back to put my own twist on this whole thing and please keep a look out for thins name because your going to see a whole lot more of it

    • anon.

      justin never hit a 12 year old , ? he never dated demi lovato?

  • Hunny you so wish he was ur baby’s dady , You must be one of the biggest sluts for going after like 10 Menn &Still unshure who thee Father of yuhrr’son is . You shld’like hate you’re self , do Us all a favor [Especially Justin]
    &GTFO’His spacee . You wldd’accuse him . , ohh &BTW’i was at the concert that u ‘claim’ He called you backstagee , Yahh tht didn;t happen cuhz’iwas front roww . So Sweetie STFU’&Gett ahh’lifee &Go Give yuhrr’baby to someone that actually take caree of himm .Ibet Justin Hates Ur Diseased Guts -.- Baii(:

  • Bitchh Youu Izz’Ugkiee’af'[x Lmao , Justin don’t wantt no Diseased Mamall . Lmao GTFO’his shiett Hunny .

  • (............)

    well we all have are own opnion and are own sides to choses during something like this but intil then we should not pick sides i’m not defending anyone but you shouldn’t write all this mean things about Mariah Yeater she has are reasons and you shouldn’t take justins side just yet eather because even if she lied about what happen like i said last time theres always some truth in a lie so maybe something might have happen so reveiw the story she got alot of things right but some parts at the end were a lie but some must be true so we should what for the test before we start things like these comments thanks for reading

  • justin i want you to sing with me in the talent show on friday at mayland!!!!