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Kidd Kraddick miscarriage wish for Selena Gomez’s mom

Again I just got back so I might not know the whole story to this but I think this is what really happened.

A radio DJ by the name of Kidd Kraddick had a rather bad conversation about Justin and Selena this morning on his radio show. They discussed Mariah Yeater and Selena’s mom’s pregnancy. They were joking around trying to be funny but it is understandable that Selena didn’t like what they were saying, especially given the fact that Kidd Kraddick personally interviewed Selena just this summer. They said Selena would be embarrassed because her mom is too old to be pregnant.

So Selena tweeted:

Kidd I used to look up to you. Talk about me all you want but my mom or my family is crossing the line.

That tweet has now been deleted. Apparently Justin made his own tweet which is also now deleted. I don’t know how it got this far but Beliebers and Selenators started saying how Kidd Kraddick wished Selena’s mom would have a miscarriage or abortion.

Below is what was said.
People just kinda blew it out of proportions. He never wished she had a miscarriage.


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  • Lol

    Even though everything got blown out of proportion. I am still disgusted by these people. They say they where just “playing” you don’t play around about a baby, specially not to that extent. It wasn’t funny and it was disrespectful to Justin, Selena and Her Family.

    • Anonymous

      yah ur right….i agree

    • taylor

      i agree with you i also understand why she deleted it too. That’s so rude of him to say about her mom. It is crossing the line my mom is pregnant but she is not to old to have kids.

  • JB

    uhhhhh…dont diss my bieber..that is unnecessary.. kraddick, i love listening to you but never..ever diss justin! He is a respectable young man. He doesn’t need you saying this stuff about him!

  • makenna norton

    wow harsh

  • annon

    They both removed the tweets after finding out that it was a fake site that was reporting this. An apology was made as well.

    • Anonymous

      so did Kidd say this or not?
      i saw selena’s tweet but what did justin tweet?

      • Anonymous

        justins tweet said ” smooth kid. real smooth smh”

  • Anonymous

    Justin tweeted something along the lines of “smooth kidd, really smooth. smd”. The fact is that though kidd and his crew did not say anything about a miscarriage or abortion, their comments were “crossing the line”. They need to try and upgrade the class of their jokes. They were distasteful and just very disrespectful to anybody, let alone someone they claim to “be fond of”. Even if she’s not talking about the miscarriage or abortion rumour, I think she took a very mature stand for her family. Even if someone was joking about it, how would u feel if they said that the step-brother/sister ur mother is expecting is your boyfriend’s child? If u still find it even slightly amusing, u need help.

  • i dont think selena mom is old to get pregnant i sport selena and she is right am agree with selena after all she is selena,s mom but i think selena you made a mistake to share your personal family news on twitter if you cant posted it so your enemies dont got any chance to say something bad about your family

    • Anonymous

      Selenas mom is the one who told her she can share the news with everyone.

      • taylor

        that is true too

  • am agree with smile you smile i smile.

  • abbey

    woooww, first she got pregnant too young and now too old haha irroonnnyyy

  • belieberforlife

    selena’s mom is not to old to get pregnant. What about that 19 kids and counting woman how is she older than selena’s mom. I dont hear him talking about her.

    • Warlock

      Yes, the show has talked about the Duggar Family as well. If you were a regular listener you might have known that. No celebrity is off limits, no matter how adorable.

  • and how old is selena gomez , mother is may i ask , love david conway


  • taylor

    yea so Selena is pregnant and its a cover up….ugh………WHAT IS GOING ON IN THERE HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abbie

    omg, they r so disrespectful, when they said about justin is making babies all over and w/ selenas mom, they should all get their big noses out of their bussiness. those BITCHS!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I know right they need to shut the hell up