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Mariah Yeater’s ex-boyfriend Robbie Powell is likely the father

Still no proof yet Mariah Yeater was anywhere near Justin Bieber around the time she got pregnant but what we can prove she was with her ex-boyfriend.

TMZ has obtained photos of Mariah and her ex-boyfriend Robbie Powell from last September. And she gave birth ten months later. It’s not exactly nine months, but it might be close enough.

As we first reported, Mariah texted friends after giving birth in July begging them to tell Robbie “how important it is for him to be in his son’s life.” She later asked her friends to please delete the texts and that she would give them money once she gets paid (by Justin).

And if the pics aren’t enough law enforcement sources tell us, Mariah and Robbie were questioned by police TOGETHER just last month in connection with some drug bust in San Diego.

Neither was arrested or charged with a crime — but it proves the two are still hanging out.

Four days after the drug bust, Mariah filed a paternity suit against Justin Bieber.


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  • Brooklyn

    I dont get why she keeps trying to blame justin when he obviosly didnt do it!

    • dachseb

      money, money, and more money. If Leving can get Bieber to settle without proving he’s not the father, then she’s got what she wanted. I don’t think for one minute she was smart enough to foresee this scandal getting this big. she has been paid for a couple of interviews, probably more money than she gets in a year from social assistance.

      Now Leving is so desparate, he is now claimning TMZ may have doctored the photos (totally rediculously) and that the text messages may not be legit…

  • AlyssaDavidson

    What a drugry WHORE!

  • Kirstie

    She dropped the charges a few days ago and with the texts proof she is full of shit… This is over with.. But I did hear soccter in a interview and they plan to charge her so.

  • BlieberLuva

    Haha mariah u thought you could get money u fleebag didnt you?well Ha u thought wrong.everyone knows justin didnt do it!!in ur interview u “cried” to get people to believe you.well we didnt its fake tears cuz after trying to cry u finally did “cry” you really think you can get attention and ruin justin forever huh?? WELL CUZ OF U HE THOUGHT ABOUT QUITING SINGING I SWEAR IF HE DID QUIT YOU WOULD BE HATED FOR THE REST OF UR LIFE AND U WOULDNT GO TO HEAVEN I BET UR STILL NOT !!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU MARIAH!!! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!

  • BlieberLuva!!!!

    I hope she goes to jail and i know im 11 and all but im pretty mad at her

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