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Mariah Yeater & Justin Bieber on Star Magazine cover

Mariah Yeater & Justin Bieber on cover of Star Magazine Nov 14, 2011

Wow. That’s the first time Justin has been on the cover of a tabloid magazine.

Some more details are coming out….

Yeater told a California court that on Oct. 25 of 2010, Bieber asked her for sex backstage at the Staples Center. What you’re about to read is incredible and is part of the court documents…..

“After waiting for a short period of time with several young women, Justin Bieber appeared and engaged me in conversation. Immediately, it was obvious that we were mutually attracted to one another, and we began to kiss. Shortly thereafter, Justin Bieber suggested that I go with him to a private place where we could be alone. I agreed to go with him and on the walk to a private area, he told me he wanted to make love to me and this was going to be his first time.

After walking away from the other people backstage, Justin Bieber found a place where we could be alone — a bathroom. We went inside and immediately his personality changed drastically. He began touching me and repeatedly said he wanted to fuck the shit out of me. At the time I asked him to put a condom for protection, but he insisted that he did not want to.

In his own words, he said that because it was his first time he wanted to feel everything. He was on top of me with my legs around him. At the time I was on top of some type of shelf. The sexual intercourse itself was brief, lasting only approximately 30 seconds.”

She went on in court to describe the aftermath of that fateful night in a backstage dressing room and why she’s so certain the boy is his.

“When I later realized I was pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby, I tried to contact him through his representatives but no one ever called me back…. On July 6, 2011, I gave birth to a baby boy. That was exactly 36 weeks and two days after the sexual encounter with Justin Bieber…. Based upon the timing as well as the fact there were no other possible men that I had sex with that could be the father of this baby, I believe that Justin Bieber is in fact the father of my baby.”

Is this girl completely delusional? She has to know that the blood test will prove Justin is not the father for sure right? Right? RIGHT????!!!

A couple of hours ago Justin tweeted:

so Im going to ignore the rumors…and focus on what is real. an opportunity to help by doing what i love. Judge me on the music! Love yall!

I wished instead he would have tweeted: “I did not have sex with that girl. She is lying.” :/

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  • Gabbi

    I really don’t believe that Justin is the father and I won’t change my opinion until I see some evidence that he is in fact the father!

    • hOpE

      Yea me too i want to see some evidence from that bitch totally right

    • hi love Justin bieber i love this site and justin song i love the song bye molly mccracken

    • Anna

      personal i think this whole thing is out of control.

      • sonia

        hey this is a stupid rumor no more Jb is the best he’s an angel really and the truth is very clear hain

    • sonia

      go get a life u R not a belieber so why don’t u just forrget about him he’s completely innocent he’s an angel

    • mika

      I’m going to need some evidence that justin bieber is the father of this baby and I won’t change my opinion

  • Monica

    God i hope Justin isnt the father i mean i will back him up and say the girl is a lying ho that wants money and fame but i mean if nothing is true in what she says then why would she take it to court and put herself in jeoprdy of being killed by beliebers lol and the media i guess for fame right idk please dnt b a daddy Justin i always thougt him and selena would hav a teen pregnancy lmao

    • Bella

      lol, i agree with u totally for fame. i bet she raped him. Snuck into his dressing room, gave him drugged water. Had unprotected sex or something

  • justin is not the fahter

    justin isn’t the fahter >.<

    • chelsea

      true that

    • He is actually the real father. It said it in magazines,internet,and the news!!

  • Monica

    i have a feeling this story isnt gonna die down i have feeling its only gnna get biggger and worse for him hopefully he can handle it and not put a gap on his relationship wit selena

  • Natasha

    I really hope its not his, this could mess up hiss career and he seems to be a smat kid to blow everything away for some girl. But its 2011 we have paternity tests. Crazy ppl! It took long till someone brought this up lmao

  • Bella

    I think she was dreaming. Ps i hope Justin isn’t the father, that would ruin his image and let down his millions of fans

  • Isabelle

    Oh hot damn; well I hope this isn’t true. Justin bieber would’ve been dating Selena then wouldn’t he? He wouldn’t cheat on her. This is very unlikely. He wouldn’t of had time to have sex with her; and wouldve gotten caught, what a lie.

  • lucy

    i really don’t think it’s justin’s baby, as justin and selena have been together a year now and tbh i don’t really think justin would cheat on someone he loves. even if it is true then i’ll still support him im 100% a beliber

  • Bedia love Justin Bieber

    I HOPE Justin isn’t the father
    the girl is stupid!!!

  • abc

    I hope he isn’t the father.

    But I fear the worst….

    I think Justin is careless of having unprotected sex….don’t be mad at me…it’s my opinion.

    He’s not virgin…that’s a fact!

    • chelsea

      how you know that?

      • Anonymous

        word.I mean,it’s not a fact if that’s what they think.It would be a fact if he came out and admitted he wasn’t one.

  • alyssa


    • Kirstie

      I agree with you, but still don’t know like urggg. Why would she lie because ass soon as the test results come back the truth well be out and if she’s lying then she’s just gonna look psycho… And because she was 19 & him 16 see is also looking at statortory rape charges….

  • Anonymous

    justin bieber is the father of this womans child. when the girl first got pregnant justins representatives rang up magazines and payed them not to print it as it would ruin his career. i got this information from a friend who worked at a magazine who said she spoke to the representative over the phone so this information is true. i think it is bad of justin to deny it if it is true but if he is so sure it is not his then he should take the test unless he has something to hide.

    • chelsea

      In my opinion I think the wacko lady is lying!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Technically,he didn’t “deny” anything.He said he wasn’t gonna focus on “rumors”.He didn’t say if it was true or untrue.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely an attention whore.. Literally. Justin knows better than that, ad Justin IS better than that. Much love biebs!!!

  • Jess

    It doesn’t matter if he is the father! I still love him! And is she stupid! He was underage…his lawyers will have her on statutory rape within seconds! I can see the headlines now! Just bieber raped and fathers a child! Haha silly girl! Shoulda kept ya mouth shut! And justins and depends parents had kids so young Justin isn’t stupid he said he didn’t want to follow in their footsteps! Come on fans! Unite! It doesn’t matter what the outcome is! We still love u biebs! Xxxxxx

    • i know this just doesnt make sense to me because he was underage at the time anyway and she is 3 years older than him, so his lawyers can just go on very easily and say that it was a rape…even though it probably isnt true…i doubt it is…

  • LucyyBieberr

    attention seeker much!

  • glamgirl108

    Dude this is BS! Shes LYING! She just wants money! Its all over everybody knows,and they think hes a dirty kid.Like seriously!
    Watch the blood test be like Maury YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER.! Then that lady could go to jail if she had sex with a 17 year old who was 16 when they ‘had sex’,and she was 19/20. And if not jail,she will be fined big time!

  • abbigale towles

    I D O NOT believe this. If it really Happend paparazi would have seen the 2 walking together.

  • hOpE

    What a bitch i don’t believe a word she is saying…. she knows that justin bieber is rich and the whole thing she wants is his money

  • Lol

    Haha. All she wanted was that Magazine Money, for the exclusive, she probably got payed thousands. She will get Sued for this. Justin would never jeopardize his career. and His Legal team said that they have proof that he isn’t the dad. She just wants money. The baby doesn’t even look like him..

  • Anonymous

    That’s called

  • rose

    i think that this is bull because justin is with saleana and that girl just wants fame and money

  • Sarah


  • con

    That’s called pedophiliac, if you meet a celebrity your not going to just have sex with them. Seriously Bieber doesn’t wantsto destroy what he’s worked for he’s whole life for a TWENTY YEAR OLD RAPIST.


    if this is true that would be really really bad for his career i think but i would still be a fan :PP and if i would be him i would do immeditly a test to prove that she is lying i mean if he dosnt have something to hide why not doing the test :OO that would clear all that romors :PP lets see how the stroy goes on

  • Anonymous

    I just wanna say…isn’t it just a LITTLE fishy how she decides to come out with this JUST before his new album comes out??

    Just a thought.

    • that is excactly what i was thinking! like if the baby was born in july, then why didnt she file the lawsuit in july august or september??

  • Random Person

    Imagine the following:
    You are at the Staples center for a Justin Bieber show. The stadium is packed with 100,000 people and a security guard randomly comes up to you and asks you if you want to meet Justin Bieber. You follow him backstage, where Justin randomly starts talking to you, then starts kissing you, then, without anyone noticing, you both leave to a private place, in which he tells you its his first time and that he doesnt want to wear protection, you guys do it, then he randomly leaves and youre perfectly capable of leaving by yourself. You dont go after the guy until a year later exactly when his new album came out!

    Let us all be rational and laugh at this. His mother and security guards were there, he is NEVER alone, there are always cameras backstage and someone would have noticed SOMETHING!!!! Peace!

    • Lol

      And He is Tired. and Has Cameras Following him, because they where filming Never Say Never. Stupid BITCH. Sorry, but when they mess with this i get pissed.

    • Anonymous


  • im sorry and i dont usually swear on here….. but THIS IS TOTAL BULL SHIT!!!!! lets just say this, hes never alone at a show!!! hes always with security or his mom or scooter hes never alone! and if the baby was born in july, then why did she just file a lawsuit right before his christamas album comes out in november????? wouldnt u think that she would file like right after the baby was born in like july august or september??? and that would be considered rape since he was 16 at the time, he was underage and still is underage! justin even said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that he didnt want to have sex with someone unless he really loved them….so Mariah im pretty sure hes not in love with you Bitch! shes freakin 3 years older than him, and 19 at the time! shes probably just another fame whore that wants money and fame cause she knows that justin has money. and im pretty sure if he really did do it with her then they would have at least kept in contact and he wouldnt have started to date selena…..so people come on, lets be real, a normal person wouldnt file a lawsuit it they had someones baby, shes just doing it because justins famous and on top of the world now and for all the attention that its gunna get! i hate people like her, so desprate to get famous, and have to make up some rediculous story like this!! Mariah Yeaters you are FREAKING PATHETIC! GET A LIFE AND GO RAPE CODY SIMPSON IF YOU WANT!

    • lol he was filming never say never at that time too so he had all the cameras around him!!! lolololololol that stupid bitch!

      • brandy

        Also when she found out she was preganet she should have filed a law suit!!!!!!!!!!That stupid bi***

    • slightlyobbsessedwithcody

      WTF !!!! haha that girl better go nowhere near my Cody!!

  • Anonymous

    He is not going to say anything. The first time he says something he will have to talk about it instead of talking about his music and his career. Don’t expect him to talk about it. It also creates less drama this way.

  • name

    Aaay this lady literally, i mean literally, is and asshole. I mean, the only thing coming out of her is bullshit.

    Thummbs upp?;)

  • Becca

    Justin bieber os a chrstian and im sure he has said or i have heatd that he does not belive in sex before marriage.. Even of thats not true im aire hes the typw of person who would want to give something as big as that (verginity) away to someone he loved not to someone he just has little feelings for

    • kat

      i hate justin bieber i just wanted to know if it was true boooo u justin!!!!!

      • gill

        why boooo justin biber

  • Becca

    Sure* type*

  • vanlouisbel

    but it is sad for what’s going to happen next, like we all maybe know that it isn’t true. but the people on the next intverviews with justin for promoting his album will def gonna ask some things about this baby thing. and that would suck so bad for justin with his new album.

    so i think the best idea is for that strange lady to take a freaking pregnancy test. and keep the drama away.

    • vanlouisbel

      i ment an test for looking who the father is 😉

    • Anonymous

      ur so stupid. u said pregnancy test while it should be paternity test… hahaha

  • she is a bitch justin is not the father this rumor is just shit !!!!! sorry for words

    • justinlover


      • right como on justin knows better than that

  • ABC

    OMG,he looks so cute in that picture 😀

    Oh & that’s bullshit..Pure bullshit.

    • Dasia

      Lol i love how there’s a whole article about Justin maybe being the father of a child and the first thing u write is how cute he is in the picture lol 🙂

  • Belieber

    The story cant be true, the girl said they had sex for 30 seconds but if it was true they would have had sex for 30 minutes because bieber is sex god

  • Lulu


  • Paige

    Okay first of all @Belieber, it doesnt have to last 30 minutes. most guys last between 30 seconds and like 5 minutes their first time. so it was nothing to do with his being a “sex god” because he’s never had sex before. I don’t know if she’s lying or telling the truth but honestly why would you be trying so hard to get a test if he wasnt the father? i think she might be telling the truth. But we wont know til there are actually facts! either one of them could be lying.

  • hnun

    i think shes just some crazed fan…. who wants justin and selena to break up … also this same thing happend in like one tree hill this girl clamed to have sex with nathan and said she was pregnant… anyways justin and selena were dating at this moment so why would he waste his time with her …. selena is obviously waaay better..

    • Justin and Selena werent dating then but , he wouldnt fuck a random chick.

      • exactlyy! especially not one that looks like her…..yikes shes creepy lookingg!

  • Dasia

    What i wanna know is why did she wait a whole year to come out with this? why didnt she say this earlier like when she first realized she was pregnant. why wait all this long time? She said in the article that she tried to contact him but couldn’t reach him, um if you’re pregnant with his baby, you would’ve tried everything to reach him and you would’ve kept calling him. Not call him once or twice and then just give up, like WTF? Well i dont think this is true, i wont change my mind until he takes the test proving he’s the father, but until then this lady is stupid and probably hooked on some type of drug.

  • kylie sok

    i will love if he really is a father so he dosent have to be with selena

    • justinlover

      your dumb why dont you like selena what did she do to you gosh i hate people like you if you really liked justin you would let him be happy. I bet your just races cause she is mexican

    • yeah really, i usually dont like selena that much but in this case i actually feel really bad for her…..

  • KeepinSwagAlive

    Something about this whole thing makes me very skeptical. There are too many questions unanswered at the moment to make any real decision or have an opinion. But let’s look at the ‘facts’ we know so far:

    1. Mariah Yeater has filed suit against JB for being the father of her son Tristyn.

    2. She claims they had sex after a show in LA that JB 100% attended.

    3. JB has previously been photographed making out with other girls after shows.

    4. JB’s ‘people’ have claimed that this is all false and slander – exactly what any decent PR team would do in the same situation. Deny. Deny. Deny. I believe the phrase innocent until proven guilty stands here.

    5. JB, as mentioned by other, has not out right denied these events either, he has simply stated he will be ignoring them. I find this hard to take seriously as I know if I was in that situation and I knew 100% I was innocent then I would be screaming to the high heavens. He has already acknowledged that the rumors are out there…why not dismiss them outright?

    6. In the case that JB is the father, Mariah Yeater will be prosecuted for statutory rape which carries (I believe) a minimum 7 year prison sentence and will be added to the nationwide sex offenders register, not to mention the loss of her child. Lose.

    7. In the case that JB isn’t the father, JB’s ‘team’ has ‘confirmed’ that they will “vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.”. I have no doubt that they would sue Mariah for slander and anything else they can do. My argument here is that unless her lawyer is an utter retard they would not put forward a case (unless they too had been deceived) that had no standing in court.

    8. She claims she has spend time trying to contact his management but have been unable to do so. That’s understandable with 13 million Beliebers out there.

    I think there is going to be a lot to come from this, personally I hope JB is not the father as it could greatly affect his career, image and relationships with those he loves and are close to him. However as I mentioned before I am skeptical. Alternatively, and even more far fetched, this could just be a publicity scam…who knows. I hope for the best.

  • Fork

    Oh Justin. What have you gotten yourself into? I wish I could believe you when you say that it’s not your baby. But you’re so different from the cute 15 year old that appeared in ATL a few years ago. Your faith has been crushed and you’re ruining your life. I am no longer your fan and all my friends and family have left you as well, you’re not a good example for young children and teens any more. I wonder what would have happened if your video camera broke that day back in Toronto. Would you still be a firm Christian that was well away from all things bad? Yes, I think you would.
    Sorry, Bieber, but you don’t have my support any more. I think that goes for your millions of fans under thirteen and your Christian fans too.

  • latifa

    omg i hear rumor sayin justin is a daddy.I dont know what to believe but i do know if she is lying she i bad but if it is true ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Heather @hotbodybieber

    The only thing funny about this is how she said that he lasted for 30 seconds… the bieberconda could definitely last longer 😉

  • glamgirl108

    My mom just goes ‘Alondra! Justin Bieber is a Dad!!’ I said ‘No he isnt!’
    I wanted to say ‘NO HE AINT THAT CHICK IS A LIER!’

  • :)

    She is a (LIER) because if it were to be true she would had said somthing before the baby was born

  • justinlover

    I think the chick is saying the true because why would she put her self into so much trouble

  • Linda

    I dont believe her but if he is the father that is his problem not us beliebers ,and I won’t believe it till there is proof , that is his problem he knows wat he did and did not do

  • Justin wouldn’t say something like “I want to fuck the shit out of you” . Seriously, Get some proof before you make a big reaction like this.

  • Justin has 2 high tec securtiry to sneek away without someone noticing backstage of a concert? hunni if your gonna lie please make it make some sence thaanks!

  • Some Girl

    Woah….people OPEN ur eyes! like woah…. Dont be so disillusional! everyone has the potential to be good and bad. And justin, well he is a celeb, this was BOUND to happen. C’mon, the girl must be dumb enough to ask for a blood test. & im sure JB is sweating his ass off trying 2 make of all of this.
    plus what he tweeted….he could of used different word choices like saying: “woah these rumors…i cant believe people nowadays, its not even true.” SOMETHING along those lines. but no, he doesnt. i quote, “….Judge me on my music…” which HINTS out that even if the rumor is true, dont base his music on his mistake.
    whether u love him or not, face the fact that this COULD & most likely did happen.

    but hey i could be wrong. all that publicity could be rolling CASH to that chick’s pocket.

    • Oscar

      Girl! Yous gon’ N sayd stuff that’s done been sayd. We all know that ugly girl with that piercings ain’t nothin’ and yous jus ramblin’ on gurl. ‘Nuff sayd.

    • Anonymous

      People this is Justin child, he NEVER said he did NOT have sex with this woman. This BOY because that is what he is …… will have to MAN up and take care of his responsibilities! He has enough money, and he can share it with his baby mommy. Do not feel sorry for him, this young lady said she ask him to use protection instead he wanted to feel his first N-T.

      • Taylor

        ok dont mean to sound dumb but what exactly is N-T?

    • come on now he is not the father of this baby and even if he did do it how is she going to get pregrent after 2 days people think about it

      • Anonymous

        its possible. my brother got his gf prego the day he got outta jail. i didnt believe it was true till the blood test came of the baby

      • Taylor

        um it didn’t say 2 days hon read it again and look closer it said 36 weeks AND 2 days. but i believe u on tha other stuff all this crap may just be a lie.

    • Mariah come on now u know justin did not fuck the shit out of u and can u just tell people the truth he is not that kind of guy and how the fuck r u going to get pregnent after 2 days come on now 2 days just get yo facts straight hoe

      • Justinl

        You’d be surprised how people act when they’re horny…

    • Anonymous

      Omg enough said

      • Anonymous

        Come on mariah r u sure that this is all true or r u just doing this just to get some atention.u dont look that atractive anyways and im not crazy over bieber but we all gotta wait and see what happens.it gonna be on the real news if this all actualy happened

    • Anonymous

      I adore you. You’re comment has given me hope that not everyone in this world is ignorant and bitchy.

      • are u male or female i just can not figure ur name out, but i love ur name any ways.

      • Taylor

        well i’m not!!!!and that’s hurtful. sadface 🙁

  • Cortney

    You can’t just assume that it’s true because she is perusing legal action. How else was she supposed to get his (and the medias) attention. People do things without thinking them through. And if she was so concerned about providing for her child then why is this just now coming out? And I’m pretty sure that Justin’s team is always with him and they’re not going to allow something like that to go on. Bottom line, people do dumb shit for attention and make false accusations all the time. The truth will come out eventually and she’ll be sorry. Bieber doesn’t seem phased by any of this. He’s not the type of person to draw attention to unnessasary drama. If he really did sleep with her he would be panicking that the truth would come out and cause problems for him. He seems unphased by all of it. Hold your heads up sel & Justin. Things will blow over eventually

    • Angela and oscar

      Angela- Im Not A Fan Of Justin Bieber But This Mariah Girl Is Lyinq Her Baby Is Already 3Months Old And Now She Tryinq To Say Its Justin’s Baby Really All This Girl Wants Is His Money And She Was The Stupid One For Even Havinq Sex With A Minor She Obviously Wanted This To Happen This Is Probably What She Planned So People Gotta Stop Believinq Her And Feelinq Sorry For Her Cause All She wants Is Attention

      Oscar-in my opinion both of them are held responsible but people think a year past and till now she brings it out ? also if bieber knows he not the father he should had taking the test asap to get this situation to a resloution but he might just be making it longer so he can think of what to do ? and what to say to people

  • Riri

    So Stupid this gurl come on Justin Bieber had sex with her and got her pregant come on that gurl just wanted to get the attention and is jealous don’t worry sel and Justin it will all be over soon i love you guys i am such a fan 😀 Muahh <3!!



    • jsnjsnj


    • Miranda

      For sure!!

    • Kylie

      Damn…I agrree DAT bitch needa get on. She jus lookin’ fer attention. Get the hell on hoe!

  • Shanicious

    Hey shit you , get away from justin !

  • Shanicious

    please Mariah it’s so yuck , don’t blame justin with tht way you’re totally sucks ! I think Justin felt yuck with u ! Follow me @Shanicious 🙂

  • Christina

    I don’t think its true cuz
    1. He would of been crushing all Sel hard at this point in time cuz they were photographed like 4- 6 days later and Jaden’s brother basketball game.
    2. He’s waiting to have sex with someone he loves.
    3. Judging on the pics of her that we could find, would security be really that dumb to let someone who has all sorts of piercings on the face backstage to see Justin?
    4. She met him in march at a M&G and she doesn’t look pregnant which is like 5 months after she says they have sex. Don’t have a baby bump by then?
    6. He isn’t that stupid to do something like that.
    7. She looks like an attention seeker.
    and Finally. he really doesn’t seems like he gives a shit since he’s ignoring the rumors. Wouldn’t you do that to if you were a celeb, someone claims you dere baby mama or daddy and if you say something mean and really upsetting cuz your pissed off about this false accusation wouldn’t they just flip a shit on you and make you look bad and you get a bad rep? Exactly.
    Think people.

    • Sarah

      I think that you are so right, I don’t love justin beiber like his other fans but I know he wouldn’t do something so stupid. This chick probably screwed someone else that night then after she found out she was pregnant she came up with this story, granted she probably was at the beiber concert. I hate bitches like that just cuz you screwed up and weren’t smart you try to bring down others, Again the truth will come out and when hes inocent you know hell be grateful to all his fans that stuck by his side and believed he was telling the truth

  • Christina

    ohh and its star magazine people they always making up shit like diz 😐

  • True_Belieber_For_Life

    Mariah Yeater is an attention seeker and I agree with christina. She shouldvr had a bbaby bump by them. Its obvious that the rumours are not true. And Justin would never even think about doing this type of this. Don’t Judge him by his appearance. He’s an Amazing person with an amazing personaltiy. End of. People, Have some Sense!

  • essa puta nao tem vergonha de faser isso

  • Chelsie Bieber


    • hey…. chelsie bieber. do u even know justin bieber, do u even know who, and what the hell he does everyday. the on thing hy u like j.b is coz u think is cute, whatever who cares coz u wish that girl was u don’t ya…. all i’m saying shut the f up and wait for the test, it’s the only proove and stop talkin like some damm asss….” oh how he do that, take a fan then jus kiss. do this, do tha blahh b lahh blahhhh” shut up……. stop caring so much just coz u want to be in a relashoin with that guy and like him for who he is. f beautist well have a good day…….bit*th

      • Anonymous

        exactly why you got no likes and that gurl did…thats all i gotta say.

  • OMG she is a lying bitch justin would never do that to selena. She just wants fame and money i will support jb




  • Anonymous

    That awkward moment when Mariah Yeater admits that this was all just a crazy dream of hers….

    (Hasn’t happened yet,but it will lol)

  • I know justin didn’t do it, I just know it, he would never do this to us. Hes not like that. And good 4 selena to not believe the rumors, u go girl. This lady is obviously crazy and or evil. So don’t belive it guys, I sure don’t. I LUV U JUSTIN!

  • Mary Alisson

    Justin promised he would not have sex until he is married and that girl just wants money it’s obvious !

  • Anonymous

    You are all REALLY sad, why do you even care? hahaha LOL

    • Taylor

      ummm have u ever thought that the reason we care is because we LOVE him and/or want to support him??unlike you probably. Why are you even on this website or commenting on this stuff if you don’t care about it? Just sayin’ dats kinda dumb. Ya and maybe some gurls care because they care about JB or they want to be his gurl or smthn. Y does it matter anyway? Don’t get on this sight if you’re against it. Don’t post a comment if you don’t really care what it’s talking about. that would be tha smart thing to do…

  • pol

    i sdewar if thet ids justins baby i will kick that dirty sanchez mariah in the ball sack

    • Taylor


  • pol

    i swear if that is justins baby i will kick that dirty sanchez mariah in her ball sack

  • pol

    she can go to hell with her stupid fat ass besides wil never do that ugly ass bitch he is not that stupid

  • Anonymous

    now thats bullshit!!!

  • joanne

    not ture

  • Loganmarie123

    This is so stupid!

    A)He’s dating Selena, They have been dating for like what 2 years?!

    B) Shes how much older than him, if it WAS true she would be going to jail.

    C) He said he doesn’t believe in sex before marriage (But we all know who he is having it with) None of our business really.

    D) I’m sure he wouldn’t have SEX with her when she has nude pictures EVERYWHERE.

    E) Justin is down to earth and sweet, all of us beliebers know he would not do that. Yeah he wants to be a young dad….But not with her.

    I’m sure if he could take all of us beliebers in to court with him in December, he would. Justin loves us, and we love him.

  • Anonymous

    i feel bad for the girl because she is getting death threats and people are calling her ugly and stuff when no one knows the truth yet! i am going to start judging them both when the truth comes out and we find out whether she lied or not!

  • OMG People open eyes .is lier:P omg i’m not belive.Look Read youu .
    1. Say it is 51 years old and have only lost to fame??
    1.is really??
    for me NOOOO for you I don’t know 😛

    2.justin bieber has become a father???
    2.Is really??
    Nooooooo he never becomes a father so young 🙁
    I’m Crying everydayy for hee <3<3 me not belive …….


    okay well honestly some people really want money who doesnt and tht wont be the first or last big drama to justin imean hes a star alot of people r going to try to take his money so for justin u keep on being the good guy u r and dont let stuff like this beat u down cuz theres goin to be haters cuz they wanna be u so keep being happy and keep that face of urs above the ground and never look down

  • Kyisha Syray

    Dat bitch is F’ckn dumb. She needs get the f’ck on for sure. Who the hell dose she think she is!!?

    • abcdefg


  • abcdefg

    Okay, this girl obviously just wants attension, and most likely got knocked up by some other stupid kid while she was intoxicated.

  • i don’t believe it so muchhhhhhhhhhh 🙁
    mariah yeater is crazyy!!

  • Omg She Is Asshole and slutt fuck her what she want from justin he dont even know her

  • Krystena

    So she’s 20? She’s stupid for even going forth cause if it actually happened she’ll end ip in jail for having sex with minor. I personally don’t think this happened this chicks delusional.!

    • ZOE

      IKR! why would she make something ike this up when if it is true she will get sent to prison! lol

  • Justin is not a virgin… Please he was a super star like any other person in high school. However I dont think its true but who knows right?


    is Justin Bieber bisexual?

    • ZOE

      get a life!!

    • Popcorn!

      Why would you ask such a dumb question that doesn’t relate to the topic?!?!

      • Taylor

        seriously no such dumb questions gurl. wow. he not bisexual

  • TrueBelieber

    I seriously hate this girl for causing all this

  • ZOE

    None of this stuff is true because when he was on the ellen she he said he wants to find the right girl so peoples leave him alone and Mariah, we all hate you so go out and get a life, stop messing with his, ya BIG slag. All his belibers are sticking by him and trust me there’s a lot of us!!!

    • Popcorn!

      Go girl!

      • Taylor

        ikr!!!u go gurl we love ya 4 saying that. btw im tha person that gave you a thumbs up. the 1st thumbs up.

  • Emilina

    WTF! first of all, Justin is with Selena…why would he cheat on this girl that he is obviously in love with? Second of all, have you seen Justin? And have you seen this Mariah? Why would this amazingly hot and talented super star lose his virginity with this slut? It makes absolutely no sense! I beliebe that Justin Bieber is NOT the father of this chicks baby… Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to fuck him, but I’m not gunna go around saying that I actually did and saying he got me pregnant! She is a liar and a slut.. I have one thing to say to her… GET A FUCKING LIFE AND KEEP TRACK OF THE MEN YOU SLEEP WITH AND MAYBE YOU’D KNOW WHO FATHERED YOUR KID! kthanksbye 🙂

  • K. Reezy

    All yal sound so stupid Im a bieber fan too but im not going to say he didnt do it. U know how hard it is to be a 16 year old virgin with millions of girls wishing they can sleep wit u?Im just sayn no one knows but dem 2 .Just wait for da test


  • lena

    justin idk if u really did or not but im not mad at cha we all are human and make mistakes but if ur saying u didnt then i believe u and if its true u should of did it with a good looken girl that bitch is smaked and u can do way better but i hope u the best i love justin bieber..!

  • Courtney

    I don’t believe to her at all. She only want to make a sensation and popularity. Justin Bieber will never do that. A bathroom sex? OMB!! It was impossible. Like what I say Justin Bieber will never do that. Maybe that girl is dreaming and she think that her dream is come true? NO! That must be a baby from another guy. And how can she get in to back stage?

    That was absolutely wrong!!! And I don’t believe it at all…

  • makayla peral

    justin is not the father y would he have sex for only 30 seconds

  • that f****ing bitch just wants he’s money and justin have said many times that he havent even met her and i believe him! and by the way why should justin want a baby when he was 16 and when he’s trveling so much?! he was also dating selena at that time soo….well she just wants he’s money!!!!!!!

  • hey yo man im lyke thaaa biggest fan of you sexxxyy..lol::) well ur going down hard mariah..lol haha fuck you too..lol

  • This is me and i kno you all think that the baby well you kno i really dont think it is but then agin we wont kno till the blood test lets just hope for the best but i have only seen her once and my mom was there she can tell you every think but he is cute the baby and i will talk to you guys l8tr luv yall

  • megan bieber

    jb i love u i do not no if it is really you but i just wanted to say thank u

  • plz every body if u wana help jb dont gudge him let him leave his life the poor guy is sad with every thing going on and the last thing he needs is bad comments from u guys. am sure that girl only needs financial suport.



  • Karen

    You no what some of you guys are right that bicth girl is dum I dont think that baby is his and how is a woman is going todays she is a hoe and if he got a girl pg thats his age then that ok but she is not his age in that is way she is a hoe and a slut.

  • Karen

    Well if that baby is his then he needs to take responsibility to that baby

  • so far ur a lucky guy jb cause wit ur fans by ur side, ihope u don’t turn them down men i knoe that baby is not ur’s men it does’nt evan look like u evan though its cute.

  • Sophia

    your just making yourself look stupid. cause you know its not true…and in interviews you cant even answer some questions..get your head out of your ass and tell the truth no one believes you at all.

  • what do u guys think selena should do believe jb or not. and wha do u guys think should jb take selena back after she obentened him.

    • ur mom


  • thax every one for suporting me especially

    • Amanda Buono

      You should know that I think you are not that stupid to do something like that I know you are innocent. And I fully suport you in every desition you make in this. I hope you get this soon and get through this well.


    • Anonymous

      this is not justin because you don’t spell his name with a e stupid BITCHES

    • fuck of we realy wanw give our suport to jb fool.

  • Sara

    Stop tryina be JB, He wouldnt spell his /own/ name wrong.

  • Danielle

    justin why did u get her pregnant?

    • Anonymous

      stupid that is not the real jb

  • Katie havs

    I just want to say that we should all support justin and what he is going through. I think that he is innocent, he did not have sex with her. From what I hear he sounds like a really nice guy ( even interviews I watch and read). I really do not think he would do this to Selena. If you think they broke up i don’t think so because, in this month mag. Of M and tiger beat there are pics of him and sel kissing at the beach. If you ate reading this justin, I am really sorry what you are going through. I’m a huge fan and I know good will one out of this. God bless you and I know him and jesus will help you through this.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree justin is a Christian man and in the bible it asked to wait till ur married and I hope and believe justin did not get this girl pregnant and justin I have liked u for a long time and believe that you will get through this and I hope I can one day meet you in person plus im not one of those crazy stalker girls I dont like them and remember god will be here with you through all of this an if this mariah girl is lieing god willave a punishment waiting for her because this whole situation has caused you lot of trouble I love you justin!!!!!!<3

  • Taylor

    Justin hon look i love you too but why would u do such a thing? u could have at least waited until you were 18 or 19. Maybe on your 18th bday or something.I still love you though I hope one day we can meet I want to become one of your friends.but ill be a belieber foreva honeeeehhhhh!!!!!!!u see i found out you got this guh pregnant and I still love you so there’s not much else that can really make me mad at u like that. I will always love ya no matter what. xoxoxo P.S. I love Mistletoe dats my song homie!!! lolz.

  • Taylor

    hmmm so he apparently had this “sexual intercounter” with this chick mariah on october 25th. of i believe 2010. That is if he even DID get tha gurl pregnant.

  • Anonymous

    I think Justin is NOT the father because why would Justin have sex with another girl when he got Selena

    • Devlin

      It’s a proven fact that men cheat on their girlfriends, even if they appear to be a true and caring boyfriend. The chances of Justin cheating on Selena Gomez is a 50/50 chance.

      But still, I don’t think Justin has the balls to get a girl pregnant. /:



    • Anonymous

      why did you say that

      • Anonymous

        Cuz resse felt like it


    Justin is not the father of your baby because he is the father of my 2 year son named Justin Christian Bieber Jr……………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RESSE

      I was just playing he isn’t but he is not the father of her baby

  • Peanut butter

    Fuck you BITCHES Justin isn’t the father

  • Selena Gomez

    Mariah Yeater is a lier because my baby will never do that to me he means the world to me and if he ever have a baby by someone it is gonna be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Selena Gomez

    Mariah Yeater is a lier because my baby will never do that to me he means the world to me and if he ever have a baby by someone it is gonna be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he is SEXY

  • ahhh here we go again. justin did have sex with her just acppect it damn shut the fuck up ok.damn selena you know justin but yeah he did.call if you need me ok thanks luv you

  • Some Girl

    All Fake. Mariah blah blah blah. Its a PUBLICITY STUNT. I dont buy it ONE bit.

    • Anonymous

      i know i when people say they dont no

  • Anoymous

    Just give up people make fun of u

  • Anoymous

    just tell the truth your rich so well us poor people are struggling to bypass life you have life just given to you my mom says if becomes rich she was going give poor peeps some money to live on why don you send some to poor like my family it is hard for us to live on if gas is high and our truck does not get good gas mileage so generious

  • abbey

    i thnk we should just wait untill he geta dna test ok and if it is his i am going to be sad cos i look up to him

  • Anonymous

    mariah yeater just wants attention. lets wait til the dna test is done, and then we will see… i dont think justin needs to be worried at all – all mariah blah blah blah wants is attention and shes gotten the attention she wants , now she wants the money for the baby (and herself)… and btw mariah – that’s not how you get a boyfriend if thats ur goal. i went to stratford central with justin and he is NOT that sort of guy… and honestly what is taking her so long to get the test done??

    its just a scam to get her attention… so there mariah yeater… f.u.
    and by the way justin doesnt date stupid, annoying people 😉

    • Anonymous

      what year were you??

    • Anonymous

      what grade are u in ???
      are u still @ stratford central??
      wanna date me ?? <333333333


  • tyra henderson

    i when people talk stuff about people they do not know couse whoever talks about me i will come at u like a spider monkey

  • aiysha

    i love justin bieber and i think it’s all fake.

    • victoria

      Yeah all this is fake all this girl wants is attention andd she is doing a good job of it… people these dayss smh

  • aiysha

    she is just doing it to get attention publicity act.

  • all haters go away

    she is doing it to be a bitch, like she is. so no one believe her ok …………….dont hate on justin bc he didnt do it .and u haters just go somewhere and leave this awsome boy alone

    ps:i love you jusin

  • samantha Lacroix

    i think she is faking, i think she just wants your mony like everyone of your fans but im not one of them because im not tht crazy for you. i love your music and your cute and everything but i would not date a pop star for thier money and not even that i wouldnt date a pop star because it would be to crazy meaning to much work to handle. just believe in your self and keep fighting and get it over with because she is just one crazy b***h that just want money to bye drugs . so good luck love you justin bieber.

  • Someone Somewhere

    This is all fake and the mother is screwing up her child’s life. The child is going to grow up with a mother in jail and getting teased about what his mother did. The mom is a bitch.

    • ur mom

      where are the test results????

  • Justin Bieber

    Good job spelling my name wrong.

    • myname si kellyaspelin ilove you and live in oh and you er sex and i wnt to marry you

    • Anonymous

      YA UR DUMB THIS IS NOT EVEN JUSTIN BIEBER HE WOULDNT SAY ”good job spelling my name wrong” he wouldnt care

      • nelson

        i don’t think h even cares about his fans or even does h cares of selena gomez

  • Anonymous

    why does everyone hate jusin beiber he did nothin wrong to u guys plus it’s not really does have anything to do with us just saying it will be very hard on him if it didnt even happen at all and i’ll hope everything goes ok and just heard that selena got pregent is that true

  • Anonymous

    What 17 year old guy would say “make love” wouldn’t he just say, I want sex.????

  • justin!!justin!!what r u doing!!selena is ur gf!!but y u should go w other girl!!n better u fuck a cow!!bettter than a girl!!isn’t it?!of course i’m right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!haha

  • Anonymous

    thats stupid. that mariah chick just wants to be famous but she is a total fake. what kind of person would go that low? she needs to get a life and stop pretending justin got her pregnat. besides have you seen that chick? he would never even touch her especially not DO her. EPIC FAIL!

  • All of this is a lie. I really don’t like Justin all that much, but Mariah is a liar. If and I am just saying IF Justin did have sex wit her, he wouldn’t say let’s make love. He would just say I’m JB I want sex and I want it from you. But, he was dating Selena at the time. I don’t think that Mariah’s baby is Justin’s. Because, at that time, he was dating Selena, and he wouldn’t cheat on her, especially since they have a lot of pictures in magazines and on the Internet together. Just sayin’. But, IF he was the father, he would step up since he has jillions of dollars, he wouldn’t have a problem, and I think he is mature enough to take responsibility IF the baby could be his, but it most likely isn’t.

  • Anonymous

    so it is true someone tell me.

  • Beiber hater

    I hate him. 🙂

  • Ummm....a person?

    What came first the chicken or the egg?

  • Ummm....a person?

    I named my cHicken after him! I named him ugly:)

  • Ummm....a person?

    Soooo I was curious what does
    the bird and the bees have to do with sex?

  • Ummm....a person?

    Soo Justin do you know the answer to my question?

  • Tree

  • La la la la la la lala

  • Justin’s song “baby” makes so much more sence now

  • hey justin bieber why do sex with women 20 year old fucking selana gomez

  • Raiya

    That is just a bunch of BS!!!

  • its not true you guys need to lay off kay(:

  • i hope justin is the dad he needs some responsibility and structure selena justin was never the one for you let him go. PS : have you seen the picture of the baby when he was a new born he was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the baby is not justin they don”t look nothing alike. she is just doing it for publicity. I know that because i know her.

  • Abbbss

    Honestly, this is bs. Justin Bieber is a well known popstar with millions of OBSESSED and CRAZY fans! They would do anything & everything for him. She’s just another nobody who has absolutely nothing better to do than make up fake rumors & lies. Forreal, get a life! She just wants some attention. Geez, grow up. & stick to the facts. Justin must have alot more important issues & doesn’t need to be bothered with THIS!

  • mango

    Soo what’s gonna happen to the baby and the lady if justin isn’t the father??

    • Heather

      Nothing. Life’s gonna go back to normal and the girl is gonna get in trouble for false accusations.

  • Heather

    I’ll be honest, if this is true and he actually lost his vCard that way, it’s pretty pathetic. Who the hell would fuck a whore backstage in the first place? Obv him. He’s a fuckin manwhore. She claims he drastically changed, yeah. How about you take a look at him when he was back sending vids to his grandparents through YouTube.
    Also, no offence, but I believe that some of the girls who don’t want to believe it (it is definitely your choice) however… I feel like you choose not to because you want to believe bieber is not a whore.
    I feel bad for those of you who don’t want to believe it if its true.